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How to be a Supermom of two Superstars


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7AMELIA JANE GREEN The Future of Broadway


Ciena Hick's: Aspire to Inspire

12 COLLAGE Season IV State Finalists 2013

13 EVENT CALENDER: 2014 Colorado You Got Talent Audition Tour

14 PLASTIC MOJO Fairlight DeToITes and Joe King

15 KENNY DAVIS Father of the Year Spotlight


How to not bomb at Colorado You Got Talent

Pictured Above (Top to Bottom): Photo One: Chris Dorman, Photo Two: Dan Carpenter, Photo Three: Breezy Oltman, Corel Reiff Photo Four: Kenny and Breanna Davis

How to be Super Mom of Two Colorado Superstars, Richie Law and Gracie Lawson By Melanie Lawson "Mama Mel" I heard a 4 years old cry, "my costume ripped".

"Not an issue, sweetheart, Ma-

ma Mel's got you."

Backstage, I'm no longer a

threat or Gracie and Richie's mom, I am


cally comfortable as Mama Mel. I have graduated from stage mom to seasoned professional.


purpose of this article is solely to share with you the pitfalls into which

parents of extra-ordinary

children fall. 1. It is your child with the talent, not you. Pride in

Gracie, Richie and Melanie Lawson

your children is so easily transformed into encouragement for your children, but they are two different things. Transform it in your head and you will forever transform your children. I'm direct in the tone of my voice. I have to be careful to watch my children and make sure they keep their heads up. Your children are use to your discipline. Artistic children need discipline too, but you can easily tilt the scale and discourage or damage your artistic child's psyche. Watch for a change in their mannerisms. Are they positive and up or is their head hanging low. Watch your words, be encouraging and loving; a lovingly grounded

artist can take on the world. Give

them what they need from you. Be strong. It's not always easy not to say what you feel. 2. Don't set your artists up to fail.

I really pushed Richie hard.

Some of the

performances he took on were way over his head. "It's good for him", some would say. "When he doesn't have the lead in everything or win every competition, he'll learn he has to stretch."

Be careful.

Constantly reaching for the crown makes

anything else seem lack luster. A well known LA agent told me early on, "Especially with young children, make sure every audition or competition is prefaced by, "We're only here to show them what you've got. If they choose you for the part, that'll be

icing on the cake." It sets every performance up to be a success instead of a failure if they don't get the crown. Constant growth is good, but just as with anything else, interests change. When it becomes forced, you and your artist need to re-evaluate and decide to take a break or to perk up and push onward. RICHIE LAW

3. The media: It comes along to everyone if you

stay in the industry enough. USE EVERYTHING,

positive and negative to your ad-

vantage. Don't take anything personally. It's all business with them. Take a notebook with you everywhere. Any media contacts, write them down. You may need them later. Jump at every opportunity. With American Idol, Richie was not shown in the most favorable of lights at all times. When I complained, reality slapped me in the face. My son got 14 minutes of airtime on the number one show in the nation. At about a million per minute in advertising, I got a great deal. The problem is that I didn't know how to work it. We received quite a bit of press and quite a number of appearances because of his success, but I missed a lot of opportunities as well. Write every contact opportunity down. Send hand written thank you notes and keep the ball rolling. Richie has opened for Darius Rucker, Jewell, Sawyer Brown and appeared by special invitation at Mohammed Ali's 70th birthday party.

Doors open

when they know your name. One note: Explain your child's success to others that might be a little jealous like this: You play soccer, you cheer, my kid sings. It's just what they do.

Be proud of your child but avoid appearing arrogant.

4. I grew up in pageants and I have judged them for years. Fortunately, I was one of those kids that actually loved them. The pettiness of stage moms is ridiculous. My mom, thank goodness, could have cared less. I attended an audition for a major TV production this Saturday and witnessed two moms almost coming to blows. Believe me, I've seen casting directors that didn't cast a child for a part because of their parents. It works that way in competitions, too. There are cameras in the waiting areas. 5. Know when you are making decisions as mom and when you are making decision as manager. They will conflict at times.

Be mom without being Momanger. Be

manager without the emotions of being mom. Let go of the management when it gets to be time. With all the emotions of being a mom, managing becomes impossible.

Richie's manager does so much more for

him than I could ever do. It was tough to let go. You'll know when it's time. Richie has had a manager for a couple of years now.


Gracie is now

booking appearances of her own almost every weekend. Even now, I feel myself holding back on letting her go. It's just human nature for mom's to be that


way. Especially if all your children aren't entertainers, do your best to balance your attention. I have an 18 year old son, Chayce, that is an accomplished athlete and now works for me in my

company. He's an awesome musician and vocalist. He

just chooses not to perform. Having talent that puts one kid in the public eye can be overwhelming to your other

children if you don't handle it with tender loving care.

They miss you. Maintain family time. I think joining a good church is a perfect way to keep your family close and grounded. 6. Love your kids. Support your kids. Coach from the sidelines, not from the field. Be a cheerleader and let your child be the talented exceptional child that you know them to be.

You're their best asset.

You both have a job to do.

Your child is not a

manifestation of your ego. They are unique and awesome all by themselves. Here's hoping you true success and an real relationship with your children. This is a tough industry. Hang in there and lean on others. We are all in this together and can help each other move toward success.

With the stage name of Mr. Puff, lsmun Tucker. hit the Colorado comedy world by storm, winning the new faces competition at the Blue Moon and making it into the state finals of the Colorado's Got Talent. Currently he is the producer and host of an internet radio show called The Sunday Funnies which airs on on Sundays from 1-3 pm MST.


him out!

Amelia Jane Greene The Future of Broadway

Thirteen year old Amelia Jane Greene

whatever I did,


is as passionate about her music as she is


ambitious. From an early age, Amelia has

when I want to back

loved singing.

"Emilia is always singing.

down, I don't. I try to

She sings constantly all the time since as

have fun with it, be-

long as I can remember." Said Kelly, Ame-

cause this may be

lia's mom.

my only

By the time she was eleven, she had already decided that she wanted to sing on




portunity." Recently, Amelia


Broadway. "When I sing, it makes me feel

joined her fellow finalists from the Colo-

weightless and no matter what is happen-

rado You Got

ing outside of me, it doesn't exist as long

America's Got Talent auditions in Denver.

as I keep singing." Said Amelia. She sets

"I loved meeting everyone. It was great

unusually high expectations for herself and

being surrounded by so many artsy

demands perfection in her school, music


and personal life. She noted, "I sometimes

people watching. I had a few butterflies,

set my expectations so high, that it is diffi-

but when it was my turn, I was ready and

cult to reach them, so I have learned that

excited," she said.

when I make a mistake, I just act like that

Talent and went to the

I think the best part was

llrrllllm1 lllll11 Ill f lt.1111111' 111


llilllJ11lrrlllll'I_. 11111111 wllll lrlr .... IHI

is strong, passionate and a force to be

reckoned with. She believes that

God put on this earth to inspire others through her singing and music and whether or not she page 2)

(continued from

becomes famous is of no matter

one way or another.


Cierra and her family are working along side Colorado You Got Talent to build a state of the art


center in Colorado Springs. Cierra is excited with the project and wants to become a mentor for other aspiring singers and performers. "Like many other teenagers, I feel I am


ly awkward, so I don't hang out much. If I meet up with a group of friends, I

Cierra winning the Colorado You Got Talent 2013

always feel like the weird kid or the odd man out.

I think because I feel

that way, I could impact some


kid. Tell them to 'Just do it and even if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to be, you still did it and you can

and everything else just becomes part of the moment." Recently Cierra,

along with


Colorado You Got Talent state finalists had an opportunity to perform at the

say to anyone, 'at least I tried.' Don't


think too much on it, just

Denver. "Getting ready was crazy. My


do it." says Cierra. It is ironic that Cierra feels this





mom and I were in the mall for hours over three days just to get clothes.


awkwardness, because on stage, she

got two completely new outfits. Then

radiates the confidence of a seasoned

we get to the hotel and in all the

performer. "On stage, I feel way more


alive than when I am off stage," she continues. "I am lost in the music

something completely different. Then,





when we got to the auditions, people


"My mom is a saint. Wait, scratch saint

brother and I tried to lighten up

and put angel. My mom is the best per-

everyone's mood, standing up and

son on the planet. She is also a little

acting crazy trying to make them

on the wild side, but she is

laugh and relax a little. I was so busy

and is everything a mom should be.

trying to get everyone else to laugh I

Just a fantastic person. And my Dad?

forgot to be nervous.

When they

Well, he is this loving generous, kind

called my number, I was ready to go."

guy that I know if the time ever came,

Overall Cierra felt she was the best

would protect me from anyone or any-

she could have been at the audition

thing. I got dope parents."

were nervous and freaking out.

and has hopes to go on to the show


Cierra is anything but boring. She has a personal motto that seems to

next year. In her personal life Cierra prefers to

sum her up, "My motto is a quote by

keep it simple. She is focused on her

Sara Henderson, 'Don't wait for life to

music and loves to read. When asked about her love life, she said, "Ew no, I am not like that. The dudes in high school act so ridiculous. I am in to older guys like 20 and older because they have some sense. My parents will not let me date anyone older, so I would rather be by myself.

It's not

that I am into girls, I am not, but I am so tired of immature boys who have no idea how to act or treat a girl. I do love me some gay people though. Maybe






(laughs) Now hiring gay boyfriend who does laundry?" Cierra's




reading, her dog Sage, her brothers Jordy and Ramsey and her parents.

Will and Kimberly Hicks, Cierra's Parents




·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·-


·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·- ·-



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:~_or;a~ _C()~_i:i_tyL~o!.~ .~()~g_ai:i ......:~~t~~d_ay,_~_av.~( ~9.'.l:4 ...............: :Logan County, Sterling :sunday, May 4, 2014 :-··--·-·-·-·-·-· ·-·-·-·-·-- ·-·-·-·-·-·-·---·-·-·-· ·-·- -·---···-···-···-···-···-···· ~~~~".'.'!c.~ _C()ll".ltx•.~lll.~~~llr;_ ...... __:F'J!?!.'~~Y.'. ~~Y. .~!.?~1~ ................ . '. P~iUiP.s <:.ol!nty! H_oly_ok~. .. . .. ..l':Jes~_ay1_ fV!ay _ 6, ?Ol~ .. ..

'. G_r_~~~ <:°-u11~Y.•.C3~'!n_bY. .............. :~~-~~e~~ay1 .f'.v1~~c!1 _51 .?~1_4_ ....... .

;Yuma County, _Wr_'!Y ..

;V!~l~_ C:?.':l~tY., ~o~t. L_uP.~°-n......... :S_a~~r~_ay,_~a~<:h_ 1!.?.~~4............. , !L~r_i_'!l.~.~ c;~u_n~y,_ ~~~e!a_n~ . .. .. .. .. :s_u!l~.~y, ~-a~~h- 2, ?.~1:4_ .............. ; 'J.~c_k~()n_ <:o_urity,_'.v"aJ~e_n_.. .. .. .. .. :~_o_~claY.,. ryiar_ch} •. ~O_l~............. .

!B_o~l_d~~ -~~~n_ty~ _B!>~_l_d~-~ .. .. .. .. .. :r_ht1~s~~.Y~ _IV1a_r_~h- ~~ ?~.~~ ............ , 'A_rar.ah?e.<:o.1Jnty, L!ttl.~to!"' .. ... :F_rid~y~ _Ma_rc~ 7~ _20~4 .. .. :Routt County1 SteamboatSpr_i~_s :sunday! M_arch 9! 2014_ ~~-~.3'!'~. C:?U!l~Y.•. £:!righ~?n ..

. .~F'J!?.ncl~Y.·. ryia!<:f:i.l~, . 2~~-~ . ·Tuesday, March 11, 2014 ·-·'{··- ... - ···-·········- ·-

..:wednes_day, May_7, 201_4 .

'. Kit Carson County, Burlington



:Saturday, May 10, 2014







~~-~e_YE!".l.r:te__C'.o_u~!Y•. C:~.~y_er:i:i.~...... ) ':J_l'ld_ay,_~~Y..'.ll!. ?_q1_4__ ..............; Monday, May 12, 2014 . :Kiowa County, Eads :-···-···-···-··· ·-·-···-···-···-···-···-···.-···-···-----·······- ··-···-···-···-···-····

:o_o!-1;!31~ .<:.<>lJn_t_v1 _L~tt.l~t?.".1.. .. .. .. .. ;~~-~~e~~ay1 .".v1~~c!1 _1?,_~0_1:4 ....... , 'J.~~rs()n_ <:°-ul1ty!_C3?.l_d~_n__ ......... '.T_ht1~scl~Y.~ .1V1a_r_ch_ g 2.~1:4_ ......... .

[G_ilf)~n_ C:o_u!'l_ty!_~l'lt~al_~_ity ........ _'. F_d_d~_v~ .IV1a_r_c~ ~~' ?~~4- .............. , !c!~a~.C:~e_e~_C:?.u~tv!. E\f~.r~~~e_n _.. :s_atl!rd_~Y!. ~a~<:h.1:5 1 _2~1:4........... , :p_a_~k. C:o_u!"~Y1 . ~'!i.~~l_'!'L .. .. .. .. .. .. :s_u!l~.~Y! -~-a~<:h_l_6 1 .?~1:4............ .

~Bent _ County,


Las Animas

C:o_unty,_Lamar .

:~.a~a S.<>ur:ity, ~!)!in;field

..·\A.'.ed~es_day! fl.'.lay_14!_2°-14 .. 'Thursday, Ma-,t 15, 20_1 4 Friday! .IV1~.Y_l6, _ 2°-_14:

. - ~-atlJ~d~y,_ M_~y 17,_20'.l~..

.:-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-·· .-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-···-····'

:L~ke_ Co_un~y,_ ~ea_dvi)le__ .. .. ... :~o-~day, ryiar_ch_l 7!_20~4.. ..



;P!tki_n t::ou!1tY! A_~pe!'l .. .. .. ... T_ue~day, ~ar_ch_18!_20~4.. .. :Eagle County,_Eagle :Wednesday, March 19,_2014

·~ _()!fy_t__C'.?.U~!Y.•. C'.~~!L .............. _:~~~~~~_ay! _J~-~-~ ?1 .?°-!~ ............... . '. Ri() B!an_co C:o1Jnty! "".1.e~ke~ . .. _.'S':Jnd_ay,_Ju~e ~ 1 2~14: . ..

[Garfield County, Glenwood

__:fV!?ndav., June _9,_2014 .


~~es31 Cour:ity,_C'.!if:ton

.. T.':Jesd_ay_,_~l!r:i.e .!.C!! 2°--~~ ..

'. El Paso County, Colorado Springs '.Saturday, April 5, 2014

'.D_el~a. Cou_rity,_~e_da_recl;.~

.. ~e_dnes.~~y, J_une 11,_2_0~-~-- .. .., ;Thursday, June 12, 2014 :

;························································································I :··••••••••••••••••








:Montrose County, Montrose

:r ~-U~r.C_oll".1~Y1 er!P.P)E! .SrE!~~ .. .. .. :s_u!l~_ay! ~pr_il _6! .?~1_4_ ............... .

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!G_u!1!1.i_s?r:i -~~~n_t.Y~ .c~~s~~d- ~~e. .:~~-~°-e~~ay! .f:\~r!I_ ~! ?O_l~ ........... ., ~Custer

County, V!estcliffe _

~P!Je.~l_() _Co1:1_r:ity, ~u~~I()_

~ch~.ff<:~. c?uritx•.~~~ i_~-a .

J_riday,Ai:>ril '.ll, 201_4 .

'. «?.1:1r_ay ~?.IJ.~ty,_ ~i ~~e~aY. .......... J~i-~a_y! _J_u~~.1. ~ ! _2~~-~.................: :saturday, June 14, 2014 . :san Miguel County, Telluride :-···-···---·-·-·-·-·-·-· ·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·--.-·-·-·-·- --·-·-·-·-··--·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·· ''?.?!.<>~~~ .S.<>':111%.C?.C>v~ _c~_~e-~ ...... __:~':J_l'ld_~Y.·.~~~~.'.l ~( ?~.'.l~................ . :sa_n J~.a~ _C~un~y. ~il~er~on .. . . . _' fV!onclay_,_Jl!ne _16~ _20_1 4.. . ......., ~La Plata _ County, Bayftelcl luesday,_June '.l7, 20'.l4 .

. -~~~tl!rd~y,~p~~l 1_21 201~ ·Sunday, April 13,- 2014 ... .,, ..... -----··- .. -- - .

~~~~~_nimas_ <:olln~y! _Tr!ni_d_a~ . ... ;~o.ndaY., ~r.ri!_14! ?~~~ .. .. .. ,

:c.C>~~l.!a. C:o!-1".1.ty! _~'!n. L_u!s ........... :T_uE!~clav.,_A.~ri) -~-~, _2~.!~ .............. ,

'.A_l'!rn()s_a _C.e>u.i:ity! ~l~_lll?_sa_ ........ :~e-~~e~~ayl~Pr_i! _1~•.:2~.14: ......... .

[c()n_eJ()~ _c_~lln_t_v~ _C()r:tej?_s .......... _'.T_ht1~s~~Y~ :AP.~i_l_1_7 ! .?~1_4_ ............ , '.Archuleta County, Pagosa Springs friday, April 18, 2014



-·-· ·-·-·-· ·-·--··:-·-·-····· ·-·-·-· ·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·---·---·-·

:F~~rne>r:t _C.e>~.".ltx . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. :s_a~l!r~_~y1 _~pr_il _l~! ~°-1:4 _ ........... . :s_aglJac.~e .~ou_nty, S~gu_ac.~e .. .. :sur:i_ da_y, ~pr~I. 2~! 2_01~. .. :RJo .~ra:id.~ C?un_ty!_De! N?rt_~ ... ~M~nd!'ly, _Ap~il ~1, ?O'.l4 ..

For details of each audition, please go to

By Talent Monthly Staff Writers

The electricity between Joe King and Fairlight DeTorres is staggering as the duo performs on the Colorado You Got Talent Stage. With deep, sultry rifts, they lift the air to new heights of magnetism and bring the audience to its feet.

Joe and

Fairlight met about ten years ago when she was a karaoke host. She would go to local venues and sing blues

music in

Woodland Park. Joe walked in the room and she knew immediately that they were destined to be friends. "When I met Joe something broke loose and for the first time I sang the blues




like I never sang it before. It felt cosmic," said Fairlight. She calls him her 'Sensei of the Blues." Since then they have collaborated on several projects are are currently working on a new album with B-normous Productions. Mother of five kids, Rachel, 21, Guinn, 13, Cassie, 11, Django, 6, Kyan, her graddaughter, Sienna, 1 and her husband Lance live in Manitou Springs.

"My family is

wonderfully amazing and creative and fun. My husband is an incredibly talented painter and artist and fiddle player. They are a cosmic, powerhouse of healing, love, creativity, passion, forgiveness and generosity," said Fairlight. The biggest advice she offers to "not to feel self-conscience when you are on stage, but to realize that you are providing a service to your audience. It may seem like it is about you, but it is about them. Make your audience feel something. There is no right or wrong, you are there for your audience, so if you put yourself there, with the audience as your

1iiliยง ~

focus, and channel the music, it is so much bigger than anything you can ever feel. Anything less limits you as a person." Plastic Mojo are destined to become a part of the music fabric of Colorado. Keep an eye out for their next show.

Photography courtesy of LeRoy Photography

It seems that the media is often making fun of stage moms and dads who come to every event, smiling and cheering on their kids all the while waiting in the side lines for a fistfight. The crazy wannabes who live through the talent of their children.

But how

often do they mention the parents who selflessly, and with

Kenny Davis

fierce integrity support their children's desire to live their dreams. Kenny Davis is one of those men. A single father Breanna Davis

he works and lives for his family.

We would like to recog-

nize Kenny Davis as CYGT Parent of the Year, 2013.

DOn't watt and get a move on. You may think you have tfme, but you will be surprised how fast the clocks spins past too late to get prepared. It's never too early to start working on your act for the big show. Preparation is t he key to putting together an incredible act that will help you kick some tail at the event. Keep reading if you want some tried and true methods of winning. Hey, whatcha looking at? Do you look like how your act looks? Judges love costumes, although not that every act needs one. However, depending on your act or your music, consider dressing the part. If you are singing country western , then get your doggies in some boots, whatever your act; make sure your audience and judges know who you are by their first impression, your clothes. Don't be afraid to show off your act to family and friends or even strangers on the street. Ask them to give you real feedback. Oh, it's nice to get some positive strokes from your homies, but what will that really do for you? Write it down and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions. A little bit of honesty can go a long way. Practice. Practice. Practice. This one should be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many competitors just show up, get up on stage and try to wing it and are genuinely shocked when they do not make State finals. Even if your act turns out surprisingly well without rehearsals, it will be incredible if you practice. Oh, and when you think you have practiced enough? Um, think again. PRACTICE! And folks, practice in your costumes. Trust me, you would be surprised how loud the sound of ripping material is on stage, grin. Don't drag your act out past the time requirement.

You think that it is not enough




know, more


we and



hear you,







audience's attention span. Even the best singer or the funniest comedian can become boring if the act wears out its welcome. Get your music and acts edited down. Choose your


verses and drop the rest. Two minutes is a good amount of time for a song or a

Location, location, location. You have

skit if you work and practice with it.

to remember what your options are by

Break out that video camera,


where you are performing. Don't rely on

your act and ask friends and family for

someone to tell you what you need,

feedback. Find out what they think is a

figure it out.

place to cut it., but CUT IT!

Whatever you choose to

perform in the competition, make sure

'I know how to edit down your it's something that will work on the stage that you are â&#x20AC;˘ or whatever your music site you love and

performing on. If you

are not sure, call the venue. afraid,




Don't be


Ile perfect song. For questions. There is nothing so ~rado

You Got

Ask shock-

ing as to see a dancer dance "off'' of the

email that file to stage. For crying out loud, be careful. with

Also, if you have a lot of equipment, make



accommodate you.




Show up with 47

guitars and you might just find yourself singing with no background music at all. So now you are ready to go, what next? Sometimes, when people are up

,on stage, stage fright might grip your â&#x20AC;˘ body and sou I and you might

realize you are singing or speaking too

Imagine that the producers have a bald

quietly, too quickly, or both, making it im-

spot on the top of her head. It works.

possible for the audience and judges to

just don't look down at the floor or your

hear and/or


understand. Use the

microphone, and breath. Sing or speak as

Just keep going. If you get confused,

plainly, loudly and clearly as possible. It

drop your flame thrower or fall off of

will make all the

your jumping stilts, just keep going like


Smile, smile, smile. Even if you're overcome




nothing happened. The audience will


understand. They don't expect perfec-

embarrassed because you just made a

tion. In fact, sometimes a funny reaction

mistake in your performance, smile and it

to a mistake makes the act more

will appear as though you are having fun.


Better yet, smile and act like you're having



fun, and you will probably discover that

showmanship. More great acts end in

you actually are having fun. If a smile

losing a competition, not because the

doesn't suit your act, show emotion that

act does not have talent, but because

does. Don't be an emotionless talent

the act is boring to watch.

competition robot.

stand there hiding

Don't just

behind a mic.

Posture makes a big difference. Stand

Frankly, we can still see you. Step out

or sit up straight, whether you're singing,

and let your freak flag fly. Have fun and

dancing, acting a skit or showing off your

show the judges who owns the stage.

phonebook ripping skills. Hold your head

Be gracious. End professionally.

and chin up, your shoulders back and

When your act is finished, stop, smile,

your back straight. Practice this during

wave to the audience, take a 3-second

your regular rehearsals and it will become

bow, wave again, then walk proudly to

second nature.

the mic and act interested when the

Keep your eyes focused straight judges offer feedback. No matter what, ahead at the audience. Engage your audience.

If you are nervous and don't

leave the stage, smiling, with your head held high.

want to make eye contact with anyone,

Be prepared for the unexpected.

look at the tops of the judges heads.

Make up a little kit with such things as a

needle and thread, safety pins, an extra copy of your music, a spare set of guitar strings, Tylenol, a hairbrush or whatever.


you're prepared will help you relax and have fun. Even if you end up not needing them, your supplies might come in handy for some other performer who finds himself or herself in a bind.

Lastly, relax. You made this far and you are awesome. Have fun, and enjoy the thrill of being on stage.

Talent Monthly Magazine December 2013 issue #1301  
Talent Monthly Magazine December 2013 issue #1301  

Talent Monthly Magazine December 2013 issue #1301