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Direct Hire Services – A rich resource for highly skilled work force­ Direct Hire Services are those services that offer a perfect solution for the companies who are in need of  frequent employee requirements. Most of the companies are utilizing the services offered by these  direct  hire services  due to savings in spending large sums of money in recruitment programs or process for  employing   the   needed   staff.   In   addition,   the   risk   that   may   arise   in   case   the   recruited   candidate   or   employee   turns   out   to   be   inefficient   and   not   measuring   up   to   the   skills   criterion   of   the   concerned  organization.  Moreover,   most   of   the   companies   these   days   are   on   a   quick   hire   or   firing   spree   due   to   economic  recession and also to cut their costs in unnecessary employment practices. Having a lean, skilled and  qualified work force is the new mantra that is being practiced by the organizations all over the world. The   role of direct hire service agencies is quite important in fulfilling the current demands of the recruitment   processes   of   the   present   organizations.   These   services   are   being   provided   by   firms   that   have   rich  experience in selecting candidates who are compatible for the job specifications of their clients.  The professionals working under the banner of these direct hire service agencies are experts in the field   of recruitment and in selecting eligible candidates for the specific job. The main objective of the  direct hire  service  agencies is to pay special attention to the employee skills required by the hiring company that   may prove beneficial for the organization. At the same time, the employees recruited by them prove their  worth by working diligently and efficiently for the growth of their client company. The following positions are usually covered under these services and these include lower, middle and   higher level management job positions such as: •

Vice President,



Program Manager,

Project Manager,

Senior Functional or Business Analysts,

Senior Technical Analysts etc.

The main areas and services of expertise that comes under the direct hire services are: •

Direct recruiting in order to identify top talent based on the needs of the client organization,

In­depth interviews and assessments,

Extensive research and sourcing to identify the recruiting pools,

Coordination of the client interview process,

Thorough pre­interview candidate prepping,

Post interview debriefing for client and candidate,

Careful coordination of the offer­acceptance process and

Post placement follow­through and quality assurance.

Direct Hire Services – A rich resource for highly skilled work force  

Moreover, most of the companies these days are on a quick hire or firing spree due to economic recession and also to cut their costs in unne...