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Direct Hire Services – A new mantra for your staffing requirements Direct Hire Services  can be defined as those services that are provided by the firms well versed and  experienced in the intricacies of Human Resource management and recruitment. These services help the  organizations  who   are   in   need   of   talented,   well  versed   and   experienced   candidates  to   work   as  their   employees in their payrolls or in the payrolls of the direct hire service provider. The  direct hire service  providers works in tandem with the organizations to clarify their staffing needs and requirements and then  locating and hiring the top available talent so as to bolster their skilled and unskilled staff of their client  organization. The direct hire services consist of the following areas of expertise and these are:

• Talent recruitment­ It consists of using variety of methods to attract a diverse group of qualified   applicants that exactly matches the specific needs of the organization.

• Personal Interviews­ This process involves the meeting a group of applicants/candidates or one  to one applicant/candidate, thereby reviewing their work history, experience, work preference  and availability.

• Reference Checks: These checks are important tools that help in investigating the credentials of  the candidate as in this age of technological innovations numerous cases of candidates indulging   in   providing   fake   work/knowledge   and   educational   qualifications   are   coming   to   light.   These  reference checks involve contacting former employers and colleagues, relatives who can attest  to   the   educational   qualifications,   morals   or   ethics   as   well   as   work   related   aspects   of   the   concerned candidates’.

• Evaluation of   skills:  Skill   evaluation   is   the   other   important   area   that   involves   conducting  assessments based on the job requirements of the client organization. Some of the tools used by  some of the  direct hire service  providers include blue print reading, English ruler reading and  rough carpentry.

• Management of Interview: Managing the interview processes by working together with the client  organization or firm for scheduling the interviews with top candidates for each job. If necessary a  neutral interview zone can also be established if requested by the client organization.

• Communication with candidates: Making a candidate comfortable in order to handle interview  sessions and stress related aspects also comes under the preview of these services. Providing  enough training if required to do the given job assignment on real time basis and helping in  exploring the hidden talents of the candidate is another area covered by the service providers of  direct hire services.  There are also other new developments in this area being discovered with the emergence of new   technologies in this field.    

Direct Hire Services  

Direct Hire Services can be defined as those services that are provided by the firms well versed and experienced in the intricacies of Human...

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