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New technologies changing the recruitment scenario

The recruitment scenario as such is also facing the onslaught of technological changes like any other field of business activity. The impact of technology is creating both positive as well as negative effects on the employers irrespective of their businesses. The behavior of the job seekers is changing due to technological advancements that are making difficult for companies to recruit top talent. The companies are missing out in connecting with qualified candidates due to their failure in not embracing to mobile applications that are being increasingly used by the job seeker who are on the hunt for new jobs or careers.

The survey reports of the different job portals like CareerBuilder states that about 75% of the currently working people are now open to new job opportunities out of that only 18% of them are actively looking at job postings. About 44% of the job seekers only respond to job opportunity when the staffing agency or employer contacts them. Candidates who search internet does not go directly to the job boards with majority of candidates starting their job search on Google or contacting staffing firms. It is estimated that two out of three job searches of any kind originate on Google and from there most of the candidates end up on the job site portals such as Indeed.

According to the research done by comScore Inc (a company that tracks where job seekers go and what they do online) the job portal Indeed captured 62% of the total job seeker traffic in January-2013 which is more than any other career site and it also accounted for more hires than all other job boards combined. The online business model works best when the company or the staffing firm has a career site that are hosted by applicant tracking system or ATS vendors. Therefore, organizations with an ATS can post a job on their own system without any hassles and have it automatically appear high in the Google search engine result pages or SERPs.

Recently the use of mobile applications has grown enormously with millions of job seekers downloading job site apps on their phone. Companies are now required to make their job advertisements mobile friendly with simple application process that allows candidates to simply email their resume instead of applying on the concerned company’s career site. Small organizations or recruitment firms should ensure that their job vacancy ads appear where the candidates are looking for. Companies must ensure to run their ad by posting it to a site that gets indexed by job portals like Indeed, CareerBuilder or Monster.

New technologies changing the recruitment scenario