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Hello How can we help transform your 360째 feedback project?

Talent Innovations

Transform your 360째 feedback


Transform your 360°

360° employee surveys consistently deliver significant transformational results. With Talent Innovations you can transform and inspire individuals and the organisational culture at the same time. With our highly flexible software, ‘MyTalent’, you can use some of our tried and tested surveys or create your own bespoke survey.

You can also benefit from our executive coaches, occupational psychologists and confidential project management team who are all experts in helping you get the most from your 360° project.


Talent Innovations

TI are professional at all times. With an enviable system and product, it’s a beautiful relationship! Nigel Pugh, Training & Development Manager, Open University


Transform your 360°

Let’s see what we can do together As a leading 360° feedback specialist there are many ways we can support you and your employees: • Accomplish a step change in performance • Expand self-awareness of your leadership “signature” • Gain insight on the true drivers of success in your organisation • Grow as leaders of your teams and your culture


Talent Innovations

Our purpose We are here to help create a working world where all organisations are empowering and engaging places to work.

Transform your 360째

If you want a 360째 company that moulds to your requirements, is agile, innovative and challenging, then work with Talent Innovations Leanne Whittle, Senior Resourcing Manager, International Personal Finance


Talent Innovations

Our philosophy is your advantage Our philosophy is to care • W e care about the transformational impact that your 360° can have on your company

• W e care about the integrity of a 360° process and maintaining confidentiality

• W e care about the 360° participant personally • W e care about the accuracy of 360° surveys, getting the most from the process so that we don’t mislead people • W e care about giving you the full value and ‘gold dust’ from your 360° analysis


• W e care about the emotions around a 360° to avoid reactions getting in the way

Transform your 360°

International Many of the organisations we work with have an international reach, so our software, ‘MyTalent’ has been specifically developed to work with multiple languages and cultures and has been used successfully across the globe.


Talent Innovations

Insight is everything 360째 feedback An incredibly powerful tool, 360째 needs to be treated with respect. To help you get the best results we offer a broad range of different 360째 options so you can choose the right approach.


Transform your 360°

Inspiring Leader Our most popular off-the-shelf 360° product.

Favoured by business schools and professional organisations, this 360° is designed to provide essential data relevant to most junior/middle managers. Based on 15 years of research and, with over 16,000 data sets, it offers an opportunity for robust, statistical comparisons. There are versions available for the private, public and educational sectors.

With Inspiring Leader you get: • A full in-depth developmental 360° for those who manage others • A valid, psychometric approach to gathering opinions (with a forced choice part to the survey) • Detailed analytics on your people including comparisons with a generic benchmark • The option of additional personal questions for participant engagement • Access to our confidential project management and Bureau service 11

Talent Innovations

Inspiring Executive Designed especially for the most senior management in organisations. Inspiring Executive covers areas of strategic and commercial judgement and personal efficacy. It also includes the ability to develop an empowering culture and leadership of change as well as building personal profile and positive stakeholder relations.

With Inspiring Executive you get: • A strategic and detailed developmental diagnostic pitched at the right level for senior executives • A perspective on the potential impact on the culture of the organisation • A ccess to cultural leadership analytics and benchmark data • O ur fully private and confidential Bureau with executive 360° feedback coaching service


Transform your 360°

Customised 360° With Talent Innovations you can have a 360° that is just right for your managers and your culture. With Talent Innovations you can have a 360° that is just right for your managers and your culture. We start with a co-creation stage, where you can involve your key stakeholders, and a trial 360° can be ready to use within a few days.

With Talent Innovations’ customised 360° you get: • F ull buy-in and engagement with your various stakeholder groups

• A cross-mapping against your values

• E xactly the look and feel you want for your people

• Access to analytics on cultural norms and the true career drivers in your organisation

• B uilt-in psychometric features that enhance the robustness of your instrument

• O pportunity to offer integrated post-360° “Pulse” reviews and digital development planning

• R eference to our library of over 9,000 tested and trialled 360° questions


Talent Innovations

Unleash the power of 360° feedback with ‘MyTalent’ software At the core of the business is our unique software, ‘MyTalent’, which clients tell us was a breakthrough when it was launched in 2001 and continues to evolve and develop to lead our industry. It has unrivalled functionality with easy access to branded tools and sophisticated psychometric displays of your 360° data.

With ‘MyTalent’, you’ll feel reassured that your 360° is processed by robust and reliable technology, plus it makes complex 360° projects a dream to deliver.


Transform your 360°

Get the full picture with ‘MyTalent’ reporting


Talent Innovations

Supporting you and your 360° project 360° coaching

360° development tools

Our experience shows that you can double the value of a 360° through expert, independent coaching. With Talent Innovations’ 360° coaching you can offer this powerful intervention as a truly developmental experience. Our coaches can turn an individually-focused process into a productive team or organisational-wide coaching programme of change.

Neuroscience now gives us essential insight into what helps our individual development. Our approach is to build tools and processes for before and after a 360° to ensure this learning process is supported and enhanced.


Our Bureau team can advise and provide you with other personality surveys and psychometric tools to support your project.

Transform your 360°

360° Bureau service

360° skills

360° design

Our 360° Bureau service helps you with the detailed day-to-day management of your project. We can either train your own team to manage the project or provide the full Bureau project management service for you.

Whatever skill level your team is at, we can support you. You can opt for webinars, public or in-house courses. Our commitment is that everyone receiving a 360° gets the option of a professional, caring coaching session – the way this is delivered is up to you.

Developing on online 360° survey sounds easy but the reality of making sure your 360° is totally relevant, clearly differentiates between people in your business, as well as looking good takes time and experience. With us you get access to an unrivalled depth of experience plus easy access to comparative benchmarks and our unique competency and question database.

When you outsource Bureau to us, you can be confident that everything will be managed with care, from initial testing to final review. Our independence gives your participants privacy and confidentiality.

Most 360°s have aspects that are hard to handle in some way. So, after much experience, plus a study of the world of theatre, we have developed simple techniques to help you manage such sensitivities with care and confidence.


Talent Innovations

Setting a course for great leadership Competency consulting

Development tracking

TI analytics

Most 360°s are underpinned by a competency model of some kind. Our consultants get to see many models, plus the statistics that show how well these frameworks are really working. These figures tell us which behaviours are the true career drivers and current indicators of potential. We are happy to support you in the strategic development of your competency model.

If you want your development programme to lead to real behavioural change we can create a structured digital developmental process to sit around your 360°. What you measure is what you get’ can work to your advantage!

360° across a whole group can provide extremely valuable insight on your organisational norms. We work with you and your leaders to explore this data, using the process as a personal and cultural change tool.


Transform your 360°

Psychometrics 360° data provides great information on perceived behaviours and current opinions but insights on what lies beneath are incredibly useful too. Your personality, style, motivation, values and your ‘dark side’ all impact how you show up in your job and work to maintain your current behavioural patterns. Development and coaching programmes integrating these deeper personal insights with 360° data can be highly effective.


Talent Innovations

Where we’re coming from… In 2001, a skiing accident was the unlikely catalyst for a brother and sister to bring together their expertise in 360° feedback and neuroscience with data insights and software development... ...Talent Innovations was born.


In the same year we created the first online 360° tool, now called ‘MyTalent’. It is tested and commissioned to include a ground-breaking feature – personal questions. Personalisation, sensitivity and having a deeper understanding of individual motivations to create transformational outcomes are still at the heart of what drives our continual evolution.

Transform your 360째

We are here to help you and your managers take the lead in behavioural and cultural change at work. Elva Ainsworth, Managing Director, Talent Innovations


Talent Innovations

Bloomin’eck! Well done again – what a service! William Innes, HR Business Partner, Royal Bank of Scotland


Transform your 360째

Where can we take you?

How can we help you and your employees to aim higher? Get in touch with our team to discuss any of our services and your own individual priorities: Call: 0333 121 0360 Email: info@talentinnovations.co.uk Visit: talentinnovations.com Follow our blog and keep in touch with our latest industry insights