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Huffpost Code The Huffington Post I once read that writing clear specifications for software was a good idea and that not having them would be like not having architectural blueprints for a building project. And blueprints don't make buildings, right? But what if they could? Alan Trefler Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pegasystems

Whenever I hear someone say that "government should be run like a business," my first reaction is "do... Mike Loukides Vice President of Content Strategy for O'Reilly Media, author and editor of dozens of technical books The roles of big data and machine intelligence are becoming increasingly visible in our day-to-day lives. That doesn't necessarily mean that tomorrow we'll all be... Automation isn't always meant to make us less productive, it's merely a way of being more efficient and effective with our code and projects. I'll let you all in on a secret. The big tech companies don't keep their websites perpetually available because of magic. These companies are able to serve their users on the web so consistently because of a few specific strategies. Sarah Novotny Technical evangelist for NGINX and program chair for O'Reilly Media's OSCON

Is the password system really broken? In reality, the problem with passwords today is largely due to how they're managed by applications.

Companies like Intel, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, General Electric, Cisco, AT&T and IBM, which are already taking an active role in Internet of Things development, will soon be placing a greater emphasis on risk-mitigation with these products - and developers who can deliver on security, in addition to performance and UX, are likely to be a step ahead of the competition. Yes, there was a Yo Hackathon. Marc Shifflett Open-source software and hardware geek, responsive design and mobile-first evangelist

For developers, when there is often one chance for success, this idea of first impressions is critical. The modern day coder looks less and less like computer programmers of the past -- by way of cloudbased platforms and more accessible Learn to Code courses, we're seeing a democratization of coding, leading to a range of new stakeholders involved in the creation of innovative technologies. "Law of Murphy for devops: if thing can able go wrong, is mean is already wrong but you not have Nagios alert of it yet."

Wireless networks have certainly brought a lot of convenience to our lives, allowing us to work and surf from almost anywhere. /112787353011/how-to-bring-in-ore-customers-to-your-website-via

But unfortunately, wireless connectivity has also brought convenience to hackers, giving them the opportunity to capture all data we type into our connected computers and devices through the air.

Insecure code continues to be a major cause of data breaches today. So why are so many talented developers writing "bad code"?

The next time you're in a coffee shop, don't overlook that 70-year-old sitting in the corner reading Dickens, Hemmingway, or maybe even a copy of The Transhumanist Wager. That senior citizen with their years of wisdom and experience might soon be fair game for a love interest. Zoltan Istvan US Presidential candidate of Transhumanist Party; Creator of Immortality Bus; Author of #1 bestselling Philosophy novel 'The Transhumanist Wager' It's not hard to demonize Facebook for their. When trying to find High Quality, search engine mobile and friendly friendly web sites you have to take a look at working with the leading Web Design Company in Traverse city. actions, but this problem is the same with every major company on the Internet today. The current relationship between consumers and Internet companies is unsustainable. You can now pre-order Amazon's new Fire Phone at the online retailer's website. Except I wouldn't. Not yet, anyway. What is the soul of software engineering as a discipline? That is, who is it that the software engineer can esteem? It's on this difficultly that Francis Spufford's Backroom Boys: The Secret Return of the British Boffin ultimately runs aground. Brian Troutwine Distributed Real-Time Software Engineer, functional programmer and relatively chatty

Clinical analytics can quantify everything from patient outcomes to readmissions and emergency department visits, to wait times and utilization of high-cost services. This new level of insight and transparency is good for both clinical outcomes and for business.

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