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Condolences - Andy Cowburn

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Well done to everyone for a cracking start to the month, now we need to focus on getting all the evidence in. Camden 21 Hackney 11 South London 6 Waltham Forest 18 Heywood 5 Middlesbrough 12

A big well done to the top performers for April!

AMs Rania Lutete - 14 placements Joseph Bentley - 13 placements CCs Asia Begum - 12 placements Osman Maie - 11 placements

It is with the utmost sadness that Emma and I need to let you know of the passing away of Andy’s youngest daughter, Harriet, on Monday. Harriet had been with us for just 2 weeks, and an undetected heart problem was the cause. Andy asked us to let you know that she died peacefully, in her parents’ arms. He has also requested that no flowers are sent, but if people would like to make a donation to Royal Preston Hospital Pediatric Unit that would be greatly appreciated. Clearly, it goes without saying that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend what Andy, Polina and family are going through, therefore please can you refrain from sending email condolences at present. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with them at this truly difficult time. Thank you.

CAMS focus group up and running

April saw a couple of further meetings of the group set up to look at improving CAMS. As promised in the Business Plan for 2010, this group is drawn from people all over the business, and is tasked with getting CAMS to a level which benefits everyone in the business, improving usability for all front end staff and ensuring a far better quality of Management Information reporting. The initial group consists of Stephen Bland, Steph Davies, Jo Bentley, Nick Smith and Jim Roberts, and is chaired by Amanda Davis, focusing on AM CAMS. If this process works well, then there will be another focus group set up to look at improving CC CAMS. There was one face to face meeting in Middlesbrough early in April, followed by another which was delivered via Skype (whatever that is!). The current focus is on the Employer side of CAMS, and an update of areas being discussed will follow soon – watch this space! But what we can tell you is that we aim to have the first pilot running from Heywood week commencing 3rd May, and if that goes well we aim to roll it out to the whole company very soon after.

Chris Paterson

 Talent Academy returns! After the enforced break to ensure Quarter 4 delivery, the Talent Academy was back in action in April, with a CC/CSO training week in Islington. Don’t know if it was the warm, balmy weather, or the fact that the event appeared to have been sponsored by Red Bull, but energy levels were unusually high all week! This led to many highly productive sessions, including a lively Q & A session with Emma and Chris, a trip in the sunshine to the park for role plays, and finished with the whole group singing songs in their feedback for the week! Thanks to everyone who made the week a huge success – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

In Work Support Hours have changed

Please note that the In Work Support team will be working late on a Wednesday now instead of Tuesday. Can CC’s please inform all their new candidates.

Claims Feedback Forms

You have all received these and been reminded to send them back to claims so that we as a team can do our best to help you guys. So far we have only received Waltham Forests back and I am conscious that there may be issues that we are unaware of. Stephen has sent these out again so please if you have anything to say then now is the time and if you want changes to be that will help you we can only do this with your input.

Steph Davies

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Emma has purchased a big red postbox! If anyone has any ideas, suggestions they want to submit will they post it to: Suggestions @w talent.ber ns@ io st e g t g Lam su ma Em of e Car ma Lambert m E f are o C2nd Floor or dlehaven house nd Fl 2Roy aloMid aven house dleh M l oyafordidStre RGos et eeth Stroug ordsbr osfdle G Mid lesbrough idd1BB M TS2 TS2 1BB

Turn your ideas into cash!

How does it work?

The Suggestion box aims at encouraging and rewarding everyone at Talent to make constructive suggestions to improve work effectiveness and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to encourage and reward initiatives that improve the quality of service we offer, both to our internal and external customers. This policy also seeks to support our company value of Innovation and Initiative.

Very easy – Just do it! Employees can send in suggestions for improvement on any area of the business, including those which are outside of the scope of their normal activities. If you have identified an area for improvement, you can either send a note to Emma at the address above, or send via e-mail to If your idea is successful, and we go ahead and implement it, there is the chance that you could receive a discretionary payment as a thank you! How easy is that? Now, all those great ideas that you keep mentioning to Emma and I, get them down on a piece or on an e-mail, and send them in ASAP – time is money, after all!

Welcome new talent! Oliver James Norris

Oliver James Norris


Clare Norris on the birth of her first child, Oliver James Norris.

SUPPORT TK RACE FOR LIFE I’m taking part in Race for Life 2010 to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work and would really appreciate your support. Please take a moment to sponsor me. It’s really easy - you can donate online by credit or debit card at: All donations are secure and sent to Cancer Research UK. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid box. This allows Cancer Research UK to claim at least an extra 25% on your donation from the Government. Please join me in supporting Race for Life and a great cause!

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More info

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My candidate: Mathiya Sabaratnam serving food to the soldiers in the picture, in the story all the 18 candidates where from walthamforest which we helped and prep them and helped them with confidence building to get into the sector of catering. I ran the campaign with big help from Reginald, Halima and Osman.

37 (Scotland). and SC0384

London E4



by Kailesh Maisuria Joseph Bentley pocketed £54 from a lucky lotto ticket this month!!

COMPETITION WINNER Rebecca Solberg appeared in the latest TNT magazine for winning a photo competition ‘Where in the World’ . The picture with a TNT magazine in hand taken in Petra Jordan won her a day trip for 2 to Stonehenge and Bath.

Happy Employer - Nando’s

About Nando’s and their employe


Nando’s Rania Lutete, the Account Manager for Nando’s received 20 vouchers from her employer as a thank you for the excellent service provided.

At Nando’s our two favourite thin gs are succulent flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, and the people who make it. It’s what makes us one of the fastest growing restaurant groups in the UK...and gives our staff (we call ourselves Nandoc as!) some of the fastest-growing careers.

Nando’s took on 11 of our customers, into a range of positions including full and part time grill chefs and waiting staff. A special thanks to , all CC’s involved, Orimar Ramirez , Kailesh Maisuria, Asia Begum and n oyi Daniel Gallen, Temi Fay Meena Gourdeale. Well done team!

Hackney Customer Journey by Romanas Obusenkovas

te, Bashir Kefti The resident of Woodberry Down Esta 2009. Shortly after came to register with Talent in July kney IAG team for registration he was referred to Hac nded Employability more intense support. Bashir has atte ions and interviews. Skills Training, quite a few 1-2-1 sess n referred to Calder As long term unemployed he was eve a competition on UK by his Job centre advisor. So we had a local employer our hands. Ese Semme managed to get arranged Bashir an (Aldridge Security) on board and we ely told that there interview. No luck again, Bashir was polit ition than him and was someone more suitable for the pos nity arises. Bashir that he will be contacted in case opportu ld call him. Within was very upset as he felt that no one wou for Bashir and he a month Aldridge Security came looking them in February happily signed the part-time contract with ition and promoted expecting to be offered a full-time pos after his probation period.

Happy FND Customer Hi Keeley, It’s Renta here just wanted to thank you for all your su pport and hard work in getting me back to full time employment I’m cu rrently still with Office Concierge and I’m loving it! I have 3 strong hand some men that I work along side so that is a bonus! Anyway i have to ge t back hopefully I will see you soon an d take care. Once again thank you so m uch. Kind Regards Renata Toniolo

Keeley Bergin from Islington received this email from a happy Talent FND customer.

Nandoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night

Case Study: West Middlesbrough Damien Crammen and Mark Weston Local residents, Damien Crammen and Mark Weston are now working on a West Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Trust construction project being built by Southdale Homes. Southdale Homes approached West Middlesbrough Works through WMNT and asked us to handle the whole recruitment process for them. They wanted to recruit local people to build the community centre so we advertised it within our branch and flyers went out to the whole area telling them about the opportunities. We then took application forms and CV’s and screened every single applicant for the three positions available before drawing up a shortlist for interview. The interviews were held in West Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Resource Centre and managed by us in the branch in January this year. Damien got the apprentice position with North of England-based construction company, Southdale, who are working in partnership with WMNT to build a brand new community centre at Acklam Green and Mark, who was at threat of being made redundant just weeks before he was offered this job, is working as the Labourer on the site. Damien said “It’s great to be working locally. I can just walk to work, put in the graft, then walk home again. And it’s good that I’m working on a community project that my family will actually be able to use when it’s ready.’’ It’s hoped the new centre will be up and running early in 2011.

52 Weeks

This month Jayne Beevor has collected a number of 52 week evidence letters. These customers have been in employment for a year in the following companies: 3 x Sports Direct 2 x TSS Security 1 x First Security 1 x Krispy Kreme 1 x Moneyshop It is great to see some of customers in sustainable employment!



wood branch of At Work & Jane registered for work at the Hey by her daughter Lauren Talent Recruitment and was assisted a long time. who has worked for the company for e to redundancy She secured a position as a respons ng-shop called co-ordinator with a one-stop-traini litate training from Orchard Training Solutions who faci ning solutions and she apprenticeships to fully bespoke trai employed there when the progressed really well and was still IWS team spoke to her at 26 weeks. king full time at Jane informed IWS that she is still wor ing soon as she will start Orchard but said that she will be leav . a new job with Bamford recruitment e post with the same The position is a permanent, full tim ortunity to achieve wage as at Orchard but with the opp with their unlimited above average earnings, especially a career with excellent bonus structure, whilst developing progression prospects. sion which is a new Jane will be managing the social divi spect of doing so. project and is very happy at the pro h Jane well for the IWS and of course her consultant, wis

Quote from a customer... Aura is starting work for a well known security firm next week and informed IWS who phoned to congratulate him that he was “really pleased” with the assistance he received from Asia at Camden. He informed me that Asia was “more than helpful” as she had not only


“helped him get a good job” but had also given him “lots of support and guidance” and said that he will call into branch to thank her personally and would also take her a gift.



194 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1JA

GOOD NEWS STORY FROM THE IWS TEAM Nina is originally from Spain and after moving to the UK she needed a job so when she called into Southwark branch looking for work, Tunde was happy to assist and although she was job ready, she had a few issues so her consultant contacted relevant services and assisted her through this. A short while later Nina attended an interview but was not successful as she lacked the experience needed but although she was disappointed, she was determined to try again and look for work and it was not long before she was offered a position as a customer service assistant with an independent copying and print centre. Nina was pleased and when a member of our In Work Support team called to congratulate her, she was happy to discuss her new job and said that she was very pleased as she would be earning £14.500 per year and after a few weeks she informed the team that everything was going very well at work; said that she felt that she had settled in perfectly and added that her manager and the rest of the staff had given her a lot of support. Over the months Nina informed IWS that she felt very comfortable and confident working and thanked us for the attention we had paid to her progress into work. Six month later, Nina is still enjoying her job as she works full time but also gets the weekends off and added that she has had a small pay increase which is great news. Both her consultant and the IWS team wish Nina lots of success for the future.

TK holidaying in


Chris Paters Rebecca Solberg visiting Petra in Jordan

Holiday Snaps

Joseph Bentley a

ella, Spain


ing in Marb y a d li o h z s Bu


son and his daughter Jasmine in Tignes, France

GUESS WHO? Do some work you good for nothing HR Manager

ing in India

Janet at a wedd and his gir lfriend

lo cal jo b s for lo cal p eople


For full job descriptions or to apply for any of the current in

Programme Administrator

Salary: To be discussed. London Location: Lavender Hill, me Responsible to: Program Manager

Senior Customer Support Officer

Programme Coordinator

Salary: £28K + £4K discretionary bonus Location: Lavender Hill, London Responsible For: Customer Support Officer (2), AM’s (2)

Salary: To be discussed. London Location: Lavender Hill, me Responsible to: Program Manager er Responsible For: Custom Support Officer (4)

al vacancies

nternal vacancies please email

Programme Manager (London Sth) Salary: £32K + £4K discretionary bonus Location: Lavender Hill, London Responsible to: Op Director Responsible For: Programme Coordinator (x1), AM (x6), Senior CSO (x1), CSO (x6), Administrator (x1)


Support Office


Salary: £21K + £2K discretio nary bonus Location: Lave nder Hill, Lond on Responsible to : Branch/Depu ty Branch Manag er

Culture corner - Australia

This month we have a piece from Rebecca Solberg (Marketing) who would like to share her background, living in Sydney, Australia.

Send in a profile on your background!

Sydney Harbour

About Sydney Sydney is Australia’s largest city, it is located in New South Wales and although it is not the capital city of Australia it is probably the country’s most famous because of its stunning landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (pictured). Those who travel to Australia and arrive in Sydney often end up falling in love with the city because of its laid back charm, its stunning coastline, the young and vibrant pace of life and also because the opportunities available in the city in terms of work and education are so rich.


Sydney enjoys a temperate, humid climate with abundant sunshine. The sunshine is well spread through the year. In fact, Sydney basks in more blue-sky days in winter than in summer.


Because of the weather Sydney has a great outdoor culture. Weekend’s are spent on the beach, having BBQ’s, playing sport and having brunch in outdoor cafes.


Vegemite Meat Pie with sauce ANZAC Biscuits Pavlova Lamingtons


Skippy Neighbours Home & Away Bondi Rescue

Wildlife Koala Kangaroo Emu Platypus Kookaburra

Ten facts you may not know about Australia... 1. We do not ride Kangaroo’s. 2. We actually don’t chuck shrimp on the barbi. Shrimp are too small. (We don’t even call them shrimp). It is very rare to see someone chuck prawns on the barbi, unless they’re skewered. We actually prefer our snaggers (sausages), steaks and lamp chops! 3. We do not have kangaroos jumping all over the place, they only live in the bush or in a zoo. 4. We don’t all go out wrestling crocs like Steve Irwin. Bondi Beach 5. Canberra is the capital of Australia, not Sydney. There was major rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne so they chose Canberra as it is in the middle of the two. 6. Our toilets do flush the other way. 7. A majority never even say ‘G-day’. 8. But yes, quite a few of us say ‘mate’ a lot. 9. When we say ‘thongs’ we mean rubber footwear (flip flops) rather than brief underwear. Outdoor cafes 10. Despite their cuteness, koalas are not cuddly, they are actually vicious and have big, sharp claws for climbing trees and giant incisors for ripping tough Kangaroo eucalyptus leaves off the trees.

Christmas in Australia Forget the snow, forget the sleighs and the Hot Christmas dinner. The trend for Christmas in Australia is toward seafood - prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels, scallops, pippies, Balmain bugs - and cold salad as Christmas fare. Mostly December is a festive season and a time — when the summer heat hits — for going to the beach for swimming, surfing, sailing or simply sunbaking. Holding barbecues in the summer is an Australian tradition, particularly with coldies — (cold beer) — in hand.

You can fit England inside Australia 58 times

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