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OUR 1FOR1 MOVEMENT Questions and Answers Q: What is Our 1FOR1 Movement? A: Our 1FOR1 Movement is a service campaign to help inspire, motivate and uplift the self-esteem of children that suffer from chronic illnesses that cause hairloss. Q: What form of service will we provide? A: For the purposes of supporting foundations, Salon Entro inside Entro Studios is offering a one-for-one hair service. For every hair extension service rendered under the pledge for Our 1FOR1 Movement, Entro Studios will provide a custom hair extension service to a child of UC Davis Children’s Hospital that suffers from a chronic illness that causes hair-loss at no cost to its member. This contribution has a valued price of $500 or greater per child. Q: How will each receiving UC Davis patient be selected? A: Once a weave service has been rendered under the pledge, Our 1FOR1 Movement, Entro Studios will then notify UC Davis Children’s Hospital representatives. It is the duty of UC Davis Children’s hospital to then make recommendations as to the children who will benefit the most from receiving these services based on age appropriateness, crown development, the severity of hair-loss and financial circumstance. Q: Who will provide these services? A: Salon Entro inside Entro Studios will provide professionally trained licensed cosmetologists to perform hair extension and custom wig services. Q: Where will these services be performed? A: At Salon Entro inside Entro Studios at Westfield Downtown Plaza, 547 L St., Sacramento, Calif., 95814. Q: How long does it take to perform a custom hair extension service? A: On average, a custom hair extension service can take any where from three to five hours. And in some cases require a previously held consultation. Q: Does getting a custom hair extension service hurt? A: No. However, the service can be uncomfortable for both children and paying clients. The end result will be well worth it and do wonders for anyone’s self esteem. It will look and perform as natural hair does and the quality of this service and the actual hair will allow versatility that a typical wig may not.


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