Talbot Heath Collection of thanks in lockdown

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THANKS and positivity In response to our switch to remote learning during lockdown M A R C H

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Given the immensity of the task to take a physical school and turn it into an online community in a very short space of time, THS has passed with flying colours! My girls have been busy for all hours of the school day giving my husband and I a chance to adapt to home working, family isolation structure, and getting some essential supplies and cooking time in. Each family and child comes with their own complexities and fragilities. So much to navigate through. The staff have supported my girls and the whole school with sensitivity and professionalism.

Dear TH team, Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome Olivia receives each morning on her arrival at school. Despite being one of only a few girls attending this week, she has looked forward to it each morning as she realises it is a privilege to have that available to her, rather than me having to make difficult decisions of where she should go while I open my school for key workers. The work she has been completing is stimulating and enables her to keep in touch with her friends , so thanks for the pIanning that has gone into that.

So a HUGE THANK YOU! Proud to be part of this community.

I have been so impressed with the communication that we have received throughout this difficult time and feel confident that whatever difficult decisions we face about schools reopening, TH will make the best decision for all its pupils and staff,

Now.... What will we do without you for the next 3 weeks??!!

With kind regards, Claire Addis

Best wishes Lee and Julia Berman

Thank you so much for your dedicated support of our girls during this strange time.You and your team are brilliant! I loved the assemblies and the regular communication has been so reassuring. Lots of love to you all Anisa Morbi

Just to say a huge thanks for all the wonderful efforts to keep the learning going this week. We are hugely grateful. Many thanks to all of the teachers. Best wishes The Ghandour’s

I’d like to pass on my thanks to all the Junior School teaching staff for their continued support and enthusiasm as well as their prompt and thorough replies to all my daughter’s queries during what has been quite a challenging week! Highlight though has to be meeting Domino! Sarah Leavesley (year 5 parent) It’s amazing work TH. Loving walking past Grace’s room and hearing all the activity going on! Take a bow for being brilliant! Mrs Peacock Thank you and all the staff for your hard work and support during this very challenging time. Caroline Nelson

Talbot Heath leading from the front- that’s why we love this school! To all the fantastic teachers at TH Thank you so much for your amazing effort and achievement this week enabling the girls to get their work done. Phoebe has enjoyed doing the tasks set, and where needed there has always been an answer to her questions (Mrs Breeze!) Phoebe was able to use google classroom with great ease thanks to the preparation done at school in the last week. We appreciate all you have done. Take care and stay well. ❤❤❤❤ Melissa Rawlings

FEEL THE LOVE FROM YEAR 7 PARENTS The email just sent from the Head was brilliant, but I did have a wry smile after I read about Isaac Newton having to be home during the plague and coming up with his theories .... I looked at my husband and said ‘right, I’m on it’ *expect great things from me* Lovely to see Mrs Holloway giving all school talk at assembly this morning - very uplifting for TH community I thought I got dressed with make up on for the event and was looking forward to singing but was banned by my daughter as I'm too embarrassing. I am really impressed with the efficiency of TH and fully support their decision in the best interests of all the school community. Keep safe everyone and see you all next term! TH are incredible! Love how we’re all benefiting from Mrs Holloway’s vision for the future NOW! Huge thx for amazing work done by staff at TH for this all to be made possible.

Thank goodness for TH and Mrs Holloway and her team being so prepared. Feeling very blessed and grateful right now. Hope everyone gets on with the online learning and has a restful Easter break. Stay well and safe all. Big hugs to everyone. đ&#x;’•

Excellent communication and planning from leadership and all the staff. Makes navigating through such difficult circumstances much easier.

A big thank you to all the staff at TH for getting this organised so quickly & efficiently.They are all brilliant.

TH is simply the best in every way. Best wishes to everyone and good luck. The effort of support from TH staff is amazing thank you. The keywork support is amazing! I sang along to assembly then just watched my daughter doing Textiles with a teacher & some class mates. Lots of chatting & laughing as well as work. Well done TH x To all the staff at TH,Thank you, thank you, thank you all for all your support and effort over the past week. I can not imagine how much work has gone into this, I thought it was a huge success. I have every confidence in TH, but the recent decisions have reinforced my beliefs. Andrea/ Lois Ramsey U33P

We have been amazed as a family that for us the remote learning has been quite seamless. Ella has missed the social interaction but is making the best of it. She has said that Miss Cowgill has been amazing and lovely as always, making the situation a lot more enjoyable.

Three cheers for Talbot Heath staff for keeping teaching going this week! It has certainly enabled both my husband and I to continue working during this stressful time and keep to a structure which feels relatively normal – I wish teaching was continuing over the Easter Break! A special Thank you to Mrs Holloway for making this possible by driving digital at the school in order for this to happen through her pioneering spirit and dedication!

A big thank you and best wishes to all the TH staff.

Best wishes from Alice Stevens

Angie, Rob & Ella Guy.

I would like to say a huge thanks to all the hard working, supportive roles the staff have taken. Isabella has been totally engaged with all the lessons at home and looked forward to each one.

I listened to the assembly this morning and I was actually teary. So so lucky our girls have such a fantastic school environment supporting them & a brilliant Head leading the way!!!!

Lorraine Cox

Claire Matthews