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Trayvon Martin BLACK CHILD SACRIFICE: MYTH & SYMBOLOGY ©2012 by Arthur J. Graham And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live, and ye shall know that I am the Lord. Ezekiel 37:6

As we begin a brief but crucial walk through a peculiar “edit game” to asset and to audit the currency values of White America’s ritualized myth of progress, observe when, how, and why Arthur Graham’s August 2009, online social media comment (shown below) was deliberately juxtaposed to the following excerpt from the Cambridge police report on Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates’ “arrest.” Gates was telling the person on the other end of the call that he was dealing with a racist police officer in his home. Gates then turned to me and told me that I had no idea who I was messing with and that I had not heard the last of it. … I again told Gates that I would speak with him outside. … His reply was, “Ya, I’ll speak with your mama outside.”


The excerpt above, taken from the Cambridge Police arrest report, was juxtaposed irresponsibly to Graham’s ranting and venting tirade which was aimed squarely at His Wonkiness, Slip Rock Gates: Con Man vs. Profiling Expert: Gates is a liar, plagiarizer and fraud who ripped off my dissertation “The Manichean Leitmotif” and my works on “subliminal racism” which I coined; he will soon proved to be the Jayson Blair of Academia, in that he is a dunce who knows nothing about “White America” or “Black America.” Ask him who REALLY is “Phillis Wheatley” and where is “Nat Turner,” THE CIPHER who he and William Styron slept with on Martha’s Vineyard while shooting the movie, “Confessions.” For this “con man” challenge, do search — enter exactly: subliminal racism … manichean leitmotif

Lesson for Sgt. Crowley: Profile “Skip” the Con Man’s “acquired professorship” at Fair Harvard before granting him any “apology” and arrest his “azz” for “signifying his uppity NIG” to pimp your “profiling expertise” and “to publish” a few MORE dumb-down books! Tell Obama, too, “beware of dogs” from Harvard! {end excerpt]

In June 2007, this comment was also posted online, Fox News, social media: “I coined the term ‘subliminal racism’; and I am pleased to see that others are catching on to spot such racist juxtapositions as the linking of Obama’s photo to the language of ‘crime.’” The positioning of Graham’s plaintive “rants” at Gates together with the Cambridge Police “arrest” report is demonstrative, craft wise, of certain political “strategic communication” juxtaposition; however that may be, we contend that “it” is

3 painfully conveyed through linguistic and symbolic “subliminal racial profiling.” This culpable presentation also marks a test case of strategic “hijacking” of the term “subliminal racism.” Our second observation point brings us in sight of the following paraphrase of Graham’s comment that is taken from his social media FB Wall on 26 March 2012; this posted comment briefly chronicled Arthur Graham’s unintentional embroilment in the GOP so-called “popular uprising” against the Obama Death-panel. However, unlike Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, Graham’s comment is transformed into that of an inadvertent “complicit enabler” to diss a repugnant political adversary (Bush II Former Press Secretary McClellan), to be entered into a lampooning yet discrete and forensic sounding of the GOPs political mind and worldview, a worldview which systemically telegraphs a reactionary racist vision of humankind that is bent on derailing Obama—if not assassinating him via the hands of a so-called deranged “mechanic,” like Loughner of Tucson, Arizona, and Zimmerman of Sanford, Florida. Well on our journey now, we have discovered that wires of a genuine “conspiracy” do indeed hook up because when “truth comes falsehood vanishes.” The third observation point leads us time-wise to the year 2012, and to an interpretative summary of trickonological propaganda and condescending doublespeak BS! I had sent to the Obama campaign a copy of the same “comment” that was posted on FOX NEWS ONLINE in August 2009, to more or less save Obama from con-man Gates and for Obama to stop hanging out with certain dumb-down “academic dogs”—and here now, 2012, “it” is rekindled [obviously out of context—

4 from 2009 to 2012] to make it appear as if Graham’s denouncement of Gates’ so-called “public intellectual wonkiness,” while upholding Law-Enforcement’s “reasonable MO” detection to profile and arrest “Incog-negro-plagiarizer” Gates, is disavowal of Obama. Obviously, by way of “strategic communication” and discrete “subliminal racial profiling,” Graham’s “innocent” post, taken out of context, is being used as GOP propaganda against “the dumbest armchair president, Obama ….” Yet there is much more to this hijacking and distorting behavior that is not just with Fox News. It is about an entire culture’s hijacking “myth of progress” that defines at any given time its reason for being Self in extremis to the Manichean Other; or, one might say, the “Hidden Subliminal Language of the Negro.” This peculiar “concealed preparation” language is rooted in White America’s “myth of progress,” and is oftentimes referred to as the “Manichean dualism” (F. Fanon & R. Ellison). Granted, there are arsenals of approaches or pathways to insights and understanding of the various “thought processes and conceptual patterns” to America’s controlling myth and symbology. Our approach takes into account the entire historiography of American studies and media literacy. For an in-depth description of the metaphor “subliminal racism” and its sexist/racist effect, see Graham’s Subliminal Racism Essays (Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press, Los Angeles, 2005.) For a concise and penetrating discourse on the etymology of the term racism, see Alan J. Levine’s article, “Redefining Racism: The term racism has evolved over time, for political reasons.” By examining certain “political reasons” and their

5 propagandizing connections, Levine noted that “Martin Luther King Jr. once defined racism as ‘a doctrine of the congenital inferiority and worthlessness of a people.’” At this particular junction on our “edit bio game” excursions for gaining cutting edge insights into all aspects of presentations regarding “race, writing, and difference”—the issue of plagiarism is tantamount and extremely crucial for us to wrestle with. In our particular case study, as was indicated by the related email excerpts and social media comments pointed to, above, Fox News was informed in 2009 about its “none” attribution and hijacking of “subliminal racism.” However, Fox News in 2012, “craft-wise” by way of the narrative device and force of “anamnesis,” co-opted the “2009 comment” by juxtaposition of “a painful reminder—i.e., Gates’ arrest,” next to a negative photo-ad of Obama, thereby hijacking Graham’s metaphor as it otherwise would have related to “criminal profiling,” within the natural or real context of such forensic “congenital inferiority” juxtaposition—or, more precisely, segregated “life by comparison.” As to the considered and/or implicit worthlessness of a people’s intellectual properties, Fox News chose not to investigate or recognize neither the “intellectual property” source nor the importance of the term’s bedrock “purpose and intent” which is to provide edifying means or viable, studied opinions and arguments that may lead to “solutions” of America’s racial dilemma, through “dignified and elevated composition.” With this aspiring ambition in mind, heart and soul, the term “subliminal racism” may be seen as a generational fulfillment of King’s Dream of the “spiritually beautiful” to sound with pen

6 and ink, the dignity and integrity of black manhood. ( and )

This is not merely a war of words or misapplied hijacking of a metaphor. This is certainly about the expansion and explosion of the metaphor “subliminal racism” in all dimensions of learned understanding of America’s racial dynamics—dynamics seen through the historic and cultural prism of “human detail” research and convincing presentations within the history of ideas. With tenacity, fortitude, and intellectual integrity, this challenge was met and is marked by Arthur Graham’s introduction of the terms “subliminal racism” and the “Manichean leitmotif” at UCSD in 1972. By extension, other works followed that encompass “multi-media studies” to edify our awareness of the “cause and effect” dynamics of our “racial divide” conditions. By harvesting both sublime and ridiculous, “open-mindedness” to myth and symbology, we have developed new and promising examination methodology, improved interpretation skills and insights, and contributed to the canon of explication, in regard to the theory and praxis of an Image Analysts.™ See, for instance, Graham’s “legacy” contribution to American letters:

In view of the track record of the foregoing circumstances and incidents, regarding the affirmation of black scholarship, we demand the respect that is traditionally given to an originalfield practitioner who is licensed to practice by way of Graham’s Tetranalysis, ™ an exclusive methodology which pioneered the

7 proper contexts and cultural-linguistics usages of the terms “subliminal racism” and “subliminal criminal profiling.” As to diagnosis and prognosis, our forecasting aim, especially through an inter-disciplinary approach, is to identify culturallinguistic patterns or aspects of the language that may account for the “forensic behavior” that is often attributed to the “psychopathic racial personality” (Bobby E. Wright). Unlike Fox News hijacking and distortions of Graham’s “intellectual property” in the effort to demonize the identity and to confuse the imagery of President Barack Obama, we re-enter this thread of incidents that are congenitally related to the imagery and symbology of Trayvon Martin’s killing by a sinister “OSB-KKK conspiracy”—the very idea, “stand your ground” right to bear arms Amendment, and the expressiveness of the current “high pith and moment” mystical and diabolical case study of a KKK-CIA-NWO mind-control ritual assassin, George Zimmerman. With ignorance and lack of concern about the seminal sources and analogues behind the term SUBLIMINAL RACISM, “proverbial” Bill Maher seemed to be cracking jokes about a “Jes Grew” black “spouting” acrostics, as he insidiously mocks at the term “subliminal racism.” (“Jes Grew” implies “just grew” – For a “legacy” coining check within the black critical tradition, see Ishmael Reed’s essay, “Mumbo Jumbo”). The youtube “video watch” link, directly above, shows Bill

Maher arrogantly leading from his anchor” position online, a inner-circle pack of vulture-cult folks, a sinister “media cell” that is bent on repeating the hijacking-fate of “institution

8 racism” onto the new arrival “subliminal racism.” If “I” personally were to walk up to and confront Bill Maher about his free-for-all usages of the term subliminal racism, chances are he would scuff at my “claim to fame” and deny “it” as a fatuous and pedantic “bluff,” while blindly assuming all along that he (Maher) knows—albeit, perhaps, from Henry Gates’ “dumb mamma,” Andromeda Phillis Wheatley—everything that’s worth knowing about “subliminal racism”—everything going way, way back to the stone age before Graham was born or before the term came into our existing “common era” speech communities. Or did “I” and “it” jes grew? In the sobering end, for Bill Maher and host of “others” like him on the fringes of liberalized ridicule of black life and reflective thinking—and regardless of commonly held notions of two separate histories that may or ought to have accounted for two or more “versions” of the term “subliminal racism”—the flourishing spring of this seminal paper and its unifying grounds for criticism demand: Back that hijacking and plagiarizing ass up! In the 1960s Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton popularized “institutional racism” in the book, Black Power, in which Hamilton gave an explanation of “institutional racism” that was on almost everyone’s tongue as to the “cause” of racism. Allan J. Levine’s article “Redefining Racism” detailed an historic time-line of the etymology [etc.] of “racism,” leading to a warning that: “All sound thinkers should be loath to cede useful terms to those who would hijack them for sinister purposes.” Today, with Graham’s introductory-coinage of “subliminal racism,” hijackers—led by Henry Gates Jr. of

9 Harvard and by Fox News—have introduced mass-media confusion into the so-called “national conversation on race,” particularly, with sinister intent to heighten, instigate, and provoke vitriolic denunciations—coming from both accused and accuser. Today, those of us who are unwittingly applying the term subliminal racism to the Trayvon Martin—George Zimmerman incident should be cognizance of the seminal sources and “analytical craft” that are key factors in determining what is “subliminal racism.” Our fervent task is to devise constructed means to an end that would lead to viable solutions of the phenomenal problematic of “racial/criminal profiling,” and, most profoundly, to the uncovering of hidden and concealed preparations that surely can be seen through the tetranalysis™ examination prism of myth and symbology. In other words, the auspices of “subliminal racism” are considered herein as a coherent and viable intellectual, “legacy metaphor.” As a critical tool, this legacy-source, within the history of ideas of race relations in the United States, rests on the bedrock of African-American collective “work & study,” a sustaining intellectual legacy that takes into account the venerable and esteemed Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s major study of The Psychopathic Racial Personality, a major “legacy” work that resulted in the invention of the insightful and redeeming, psychological and linguistic metaphor: mentacide. Two other intellectual giants along the legacy grapevine are Ralph Ellison (Shadow and Act, 1958 & 1964) who introduced

10 the metaphor “Manichean dualism” as an expiatory means of expressing “white exorcism,” and Addison Gayle Jr. (“Cultural Hegemony,” Amistad 1, 1970) who introduced the term “autotelic structure” into the mainstream discourse on “race, writing, and difference.” These seemingly variegated and unconnected sources (Ellison, Gayle, Graham) are now conjoined and, thereby, constitute a distinctly core course of study within the black critical tradition that has given us functional insights into the “culture and craft” mechanism—the “autotelic structure”—and its subtle, exclusiveness of blacks’ “not knowing” or not being consciously or linguistically aware of the sinister and vitriolic mechanism (the “autotelic structure” … ) as we know it, in the article: “Cultural Hegemony: The Southern White Writer and American Letters” (Amistad 1, 1970). Addison Gayle, Jr., … calls these agrarian critics, poet and fictionists southern aristocrats and anti-democrats racists [aka as the “Southern School”] for whom “a poem or a novel, like a wellwrought urn, was an ‘autotelic structure,’ governed by inner rules and conforming to verbal structures which only the chosen few could analyze or interpret. The function of the writer was not, as Henry Fielding had believed, to instruct, but to produce masterpieces which would satisfy the aesthetic taste of the cultivated elite.” [Quoted in Subliminal Racism Essays, p. 52.]

An elaborate yet concise discourse on both Ellison’s and Gayle’s contributions to our critical understanding and consensus approach is offered in Graham’s essay “Art for Art’s Sake” in Subliminal Racism Essays. Specifically, our synergetic approach to the examination of “myth and symbology” in the Trayvon-Zimmerman case entails

11 focusing on in-depth “human detail,” or, one might say, producing documentation of the names-and-numbers-of-the players-of-the-game, both real and imaginary, behind the particular myth in question—black child sacrifice. This unique approach recognizes both synchronic and diachronic timelines in the history of ideas that amounts to a sound and practical theoretical base for whatever “conspiracy theory” there is that may be “hinted at,” suggested, or made credible by the very nature of a clandestine entity’s discrete implementation, sinister instigation, and racist-sexist imposition of an encoded/coded “myth of progress.” For this particular approach to unraveling “cause, effect, purpose, intent, impact, etc.” of the Zimmerman murder case, it is imperative to recognize the African American critical and constructive contributions to all fields of study in regard to “racism,” including not only Southern-School styled (sublime & the beautiful) aesthetics, but also discourses on the “psycholinguistics” aspects of the hidden language of the Negro and of the traumatized person on both sides of the Manichean Self vs. Other Syndrome. When considering this forensic case, the sobering truth is that there are more “hidden-language factors”—especially of the “chosen few,” William Styron and his masterpiece “The Confessions of Nat Turner (1968) among these “race, writing & difference” vulture packs—and still much more to this “profiling-murder incident” that transcends merely crying and repeating “tragedy and shame” in the dark. This is to say, there is much more “gravitas” to our studied opinion of the “chosen few cultivated elite” than to merely “verbal expressions” of

12 entertaining simple “glib talk,” such as that by Bill Maher, a considered harmless but insensitive, blind “Schlemiel”—as described and defined by Sander Gilman in Jewish Self-Hatred (1998). The “Schlemiel” emerged as an iconic character in a case study about the “lost of identity” of a pretentious and naive German Jew named Moses Ephraim Kul (1732 - ?), who unwittingly thought he had mastered the German language but only to learn and experience, upon being arrested for “race-passing,” the dehumanizing cultural hegemony or consequences of the “race in power” will and ability to devise and to discretely execute the so-called “hidden language of the Jew.” This hidden or subliminal language envisioned Kul as a “mythic and symbolic” embodiment of the son of a “blind and defeated father.” The essence of the Maher analogy to the “Schlemiel” character suggests that Maher knows absolutely nothing about the hidden but validated “conspirators” language and discourse that had led Graham to conceive and coin the metaphor, “subliminal racism.” Loose talk and hijacking of the term “subliminal racism” must cease. Be on notice that nonattribution of African-American scholars’ “work and study” and malignant plagiarizing of such individual and collective “intellectual properties” will be exposed deservingly by way of “fair use” scrutiny, public chastisement for transgressors, and due process litigation for plagiarism. Owing to all the foregoing “myth and symbology” considerations, “conspiracy conjectures,” and personal gripes, we contend, unequivocally, that a thorough and in-depth,

13 historic-cultural case study of profiling and ritual murder will lead back to the invention of cipher David Walker who—as the archetypical, iconic, militant, and defeated father—was lynched for “playing with the white man’s firearm” to attain “freedom” instead of “purchasing” his freedom, as cipher George Moses Horton was made to “spout” about in Freedom’s Journal. Along with this historical timeline “poetic connection” goes a “Amity Street” hoax of suppression—namely, the so-called Freedom’s Journal “encoded” street address as a physical/place, a conterminous address to mark a “hunted niggerhead” that is emblematic of a “strategic communication model” of “death for the figurehead.” Other than being a complete fake, fraud, and hoax, Freedom’s Journal remains a chronicled repository of narratives and other relics derived from the on-going “race/culture war” that is presently unfolding and transpiring in the “public arena”— scandalous and sacrilegious, anti-black skin-color-symbolism, embracing in its wake diabolical and vile propaganda, identity fabrications, doublespeak obfuscations, slurs, scorn, contempt for “black life” very existence and survival. Most important, the “edit bio” game—under discussion herein—is historically, culturally, mythically, directly, and deliberately related to the imaginary Freedom’s Journal as well as to the real and vicious Order of Southern Brotherhood, aka the KKK, and its post among many in Sanford, Florida. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the dog’s tail is made to wag—even to fantasy morphed into pathological and diabolical reality— “religion in politics” fantasy such as that which was brought forth during the George W. Bush regime, a path leading back to

14 the imaginary “shot dead” fate of cipher David Walker to the recent child sacrifice murder of Trayvon Martin, a ritual and timely “brotherhood execution” by the remotely controlled trigger finger of a low culture “mechanical/autotelic” predator, so-named, George Zimmerman on 26 February 2012. In short, cipher David Walker is mythically connected to child sacrifice Trayvon Martin by way of prohibition and absolute control of blacks’ use of firearms against whites or in die-hard opposition to take or strip the white man from the “right to bear arms,” especially when such a lost threatens or sabotages his roost or “entailed inheritance” of being the race in power. To recap the fundamental scope and purpose of this paper, Graham argues that this particular “David Walker-Trayvon Martin” perspective or vision of “myth and symbology” explains the perpetuation of White Supremacy as a Myth in Progress— White Supremacy acted out in continuity from the “mythic structure or idea” of cipher David Walker of 1827 to the concurrent, common era, 2012, ritual Skull & Bones NWO murder of Trayvon Martin. Leap said the blind man to the deaf man; and I shall follow—the hangman equals death, the devil equals death, death equals death. What goes ’round comes ’round. So let it be: A rare “Triple Play” on 26 Feb 2012, Venus, Jupiter and Moon “Conjunction.”

As free-thinking African Americans, working in and on behalf of the Black Tradition of Aesthetics and Criticism, we hereby placed “on the table,” Southern Renaissance: Subliminal Omni Ciphers & the Autotelic Structure of the Land and Slave

15 Kingdom of God (2011). This book is a magus tour de force of the main currents of “cause and effect” relating to how and why “racism” is conveyed into the subliminal mindset; it renders a construction as well as deconstruction of all component, aesthetic elements (Graham, 1972, UCSD), Manichean factors of myth and symbology, clinical psychological factors of “mentacide,” and other traumatic issues of concern relating to interfacing the black man’s violent and uncompromising assault on racism as well as to an affirmation of everyone’s right to self-determination and universal justice. No justice; no peace. For cutting edge media literacy, Southern Renaissance presents a paradigm shift that allows the exercise of new critical tools which enable us to unravel subliminal “racist” significations, and to gain insights into the Order of Southern Brotherhood’s ritual order of the processional cycle of demonizing the “vile black other.” As to the deliberate and mind-controlled “identity formation” of George Zimmerman in the mass media, through the “narrative force of contrasted extremes,” to a manifested Deaths-Head “instrument,” we contend that the televised “media witnesses” testifying to Zimmerman’s “good and decent character,” while demonizing that of Trayvon in the process, appeared—like George Zimmerman—to be “animated” by prearranged mechanical “cues” and to be taking “instructions” from a discrete hypnotic trance and to be “Star Wars” punch drinkers like Jim Jones’ Jamestown mass-suicidal folks—at any rate these character witnesses seemed to be sniffing glue or

16 vaporized involutionary intasma from Trayvon’s rotting corpse. In other words, along these “character testimonials” coming out of nowhere, are connecting “plot” lines and idiosyncratic, giveaway, tracking “contours” that are crying out to satisfy the set up “editors’ need” or barbaric and cosmic request which looms annihilating as an unwritten but recurrent, Ritualized OSB, MO. More pungently, it is an invisible empire’s kill a coon and uppity white woman “rite of passage,” a clandestine orderedbraying, faith-based, purification metamorphosis that is directed by the KKK-CIA New World Order. The first white “uppity” woman to be murdered for ritual purification was Sarah Margaret Fuller but the last, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, miraculously survived an assassination attempt (Cf. Southern Renaissance, p. 155 and p. 307). This recurrent Ritualized OSB, MO animated, more abhorrently and despicably, a brainless “prayer warrior” named Sarah Palin into a BGEA* preparation sounding instrument to issue edicts and to execute the signature Death-Panel, that is to say, a signatory and preparatory, hyper-myth-in-code, or, more contritely, a “cleansing call to duty”—a sinister death-wish that is usually followed by the murder of an adversary by a deranged agent like Loughner who was wired to fly over the coo-coo’s nest. Owing to these mitigating circumstances, it is safe to state that this subliminal call to duty is in spirited continuity as it takes center stage in the form of an online “edit bio game” which starts demonstratively below:

17 [Cf. JIMP, p. 16, intasma. *BGEA – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. For a full discussion and further insights into the BGEA-Palin’s marriage in spiritual and cosmic faith, see Graham’s Teachable Moments, pp. 1-54.]

—Our editors need your help to write a biography of George Zimmerman. If you want to contribute, please feel free to click on [edit biography] link from above and complete the fields. If you want to explain why George Zimmerman is famous or if you know why any important piece of information and ‘juicy gossip’ about George Zimmerman which you would like to share with everyone don’t hesitate to post it too. Most important, in order to unravel concealed preparedness and covert execution of the Zimmerman murder incident, we need to point out that the archetypical “edit bio game” was first crafted and modeled on the pages of Freedom’s Journal, marking, thus, the commencement timeline and concealed processes of implementing—over succeeding generations— white “autotelic” linguistic control of aristocratic “life by comparison,” sublime writing crafts and contentions, and Edmund Burke inspired, “entailed inheritance” or fixed-ideas for maintaining white supremacy through the worldview of sui generic racial differences. Southern Renaissance has demonstrated that this scenario accounted for the invention of cipher David Walker as a media-made phantom that was composed and “set before us” in the hoax-fed pages of Freedom’s Journal, a freak journal headed by Albert Pike and John Calhoun, wool over the eyes trick bag that mockingly and disdainfully professed “Righteousness Exalteth a Nation.” Sad to say, this Journal has proven to be the propaganda organ and

18 the grandest fakery, forgery and “cultural repository hoax” ever perpetuated on Africans and on Native Americans. Disturbingly, what is more, appurtenances within the wake of maintaining “white aristocratic privileges” are still functioning subliminally and discretely to spread lies, confusions, and cultural deceptions, in order to maintain not only white hegemony but also fantasy-to-reality, repressiveness and denigrating, psychological projections of “inferiority and worthlessness” onto the Manichean envisioned “Other.” (For an in-depth workable “idea” of the David Walker-Freedom’s Journal “associative similarity” to the recent mass media invention of Zimmerman, see p. 86 Southern

Observe, if you may, these air-drawn dramatic personas in the following virtual-reality, subliminal-message sketch for “communications installments” submission to the online edit bio game: Renaissance.)

Say y’all, come, let us make man. O, he attended All St. Catholic church! You don’t say. And he would scout-help an elderly couple cross the street from his parents’ house. Fox News announced that Uncle Tom Joe quit his job to “inform” like a shade-tree mechanic on the nigga-coon, Trayvon. But ain’t he one of them too? Almost. I hear tell that by some jigger boo called the New Criticism “autotelic structure,” smoking Joe is made able and willing to forecast consequences. Like Jared Loughner and Teresa Cao, Uncle Tom Joe is definitely one of us—for god, family and country. Heard Brother Joe has some Seminole blood in his veins and he wants his land and racially-cleansed tribe back, as was promised by his Godfather who is Mr. Albert

19 Pike III and his Monkey’s Uncle, the founding father of this here city on a hill himself, Gen. Henry S. Sanford. That goes way back during the Northern War of Aggression. Joe sort of comes with the land. Ah, you do say! Got enough juicy gossip and rumors now to click the “edit the biography” to mark the “Oath of Office” of Lucifer our God. Chief Justice sure did give the Darwinian Death-Panel Oath to Osama, eh?

As to recognizing—within historic-cultural contexts—a plausible allegorical typology that is presently driving the GOP, and in regard to crafting “myth and symbology” along the lines of race, writing, and difference—we need to dissect the “edit game” beneficiaries at the high-culture roost of the “race in power” spectrum, the three current GOP contenders, who tend to fashion themselves in the image and reflection of “the political mind … their worldviews, frames, metaphors, cultural narratives and stereotypes.” (George Larkoff; quoted in JIMP, p. 74.) In terms of a diversionary, “blood and excrement” iron will to restore a flourishing Southern Renaissance, their archetypical “political mind,” without question, assumes the fraternal and “team” continuum attributes and inferences of Founding Father Chancellor Robert R. Livingston (1746-d. 26 February 1813), who administered the “Oath of Office” to George Washington in 1789. 3)

20 What we are witnessing here is a NWO ritual of “death—(Trayvon—Died 26 Feb) and rebirth”—(Oath-giver Livingston— from a “dead state” to a Masonic “risen state” or Born-Again Christian “Re-birth”), by way of discrete Mystical Theology. This “no-paper trail,” autotelic Masonic mission of the Order of Skull & Bones encodes a hyper-myth-in-code or a secret society “hidden language,” subliminally, and inculcates an ennobling attitude of white selfpreservation vs. the “Black Other.” And the abiding purpose and intent of such a mission, of these three vulture-rooted emissaries, is to re-define the “negro problem” within the scope of the Bush II “Patriotic Act”—the ultimate empowering “Mark of the NWO Rebirth.” This is also a regeneration-through-violence “re-birth” which tends to activate a restorative “ritual and civil law” that is consecrated and preserved within the tradition of the John Calhoun-styled, rule by the white-only “concurrent majority.” That is, a fixed-idea of everlasting white-rule—predating the acrimonious “silent majority” that swept Ronald Reagan into office, period!—in an otherwise democratically-conceived, oneman-one-vote-majority-rule of mixed bags pimps, faggots, sluts and other miserable degenerates so “socialized and dispossessed” that they are prone to “seize power” that they may redistribute the wealth of “Providence” and end man’s most “Perfect” civilization—the United States of America. Most important, it is not archaic as it appears on the surface but rather it is a modern “actualization” of a peculiar “race-

21 conscious” nation and its founding fathers’ myth of progress— meaning, within our own concurrent timeline, this Charlestonbased, vertex of the “Patriotic Act” can, will, and must nullify all exercises of absolute power by non-whites in America as well in the entire world—the end-game “edit bio” of the New World Order. It is a spineless Order of Lucifer that took the life of a black “sacrificial” child on February 26, 2012 (Joshua 6:26-27). At the end of the day stand your ground because the devil’s allegorical fear and trembling as well as typologically induced, trials and tribulations of misery and traumatic pain—are done, over with. In essence, in a more practical and less mythical-ritual sense, as Graham’s Jupiter Island Media Patriots has shown quite revealingly, the Bush II Patriot Act seals an evangelical, nationbuilding, one-rule religion in politics as well as in “high/low culture” controlling institutions such as media, government, family, religion, business, education, marriage, trickle-down labor, and arts and entertainment. So, where is the beef? What in fact is the “associative difference?” Martin Luther King Jr. speaking to our spiritual vibrations of “black is beautiful” while appealing to the collective strength of our Black manhood, in 1968, urged an expansion and explosion of the regenerative and restorative forces in us by way of “sounding with pen and ink.” If we must die, we will confront and engage the double-edge weapon of mass Manichean, mentacidal and subliminal racist destruction; and, with resolve and fortitude, we will strike back in the spirit of Shango. If we must die the oppressor’s head will roll with the flow of blood and excrement in the Land and Slave Kingdom of God, and Babylon II shall be “black to the ground.”

22 We is tired of your BS whitey! Take it or leave it alone: George Zimmerman will be brought to justice and the white world will cease the ritual murdering of “black child sacrifice” as well as racial-criminal profiling of black men. The issue of unbending and upright black manhood is at stake. Slavery is over—it only takes one time to go down. This we shall defend! GOP Political Mind & Worldview: For Newt the “Death-Panel, popular rebellion grinder” there is the Congo-Colonized-Mind Education & Slave-Labor Plan calling for brooms, mops, and pails for “black youths” with occasional visits to zoos where Newt as Commander-in-Chief would “photo pose” with seeker-to-leader bred, young black males and the other exotic primates. For Mitt the Mormon there is the stand-your-ground, non-apologetic persona of wealth-and-white-privileges, a sort of cheery old-boy, “grandfather clause” to keep blacks in their “place” because Mitt is generically like his vulture-capital ancestors, meaning that he too knows how to “fire-handle and manage” sui generic, impoverished blacks. For Santorum there is an irritable wielding of the “right hand of the mighty lord raised on high” (Psalm 118 Verse 16; “right hand raised on high” aka as “Mussolini Mafioso” Imperial Rod), transforming “President Santorum” into a self-appointed head of the New Apostolic Reformation Federation. Pledging to uphold and to defend the founding fathers’ constitution, they all will deal the triple death

23 of the New World Order Oath of Office: Three measures of barley for a penny bearing a Dragon’s Tail & Janus; one measure of wheat for a penny bearing the secret society, OSB emblem—Dragon’s Head & Death’s-Head; a pair of coins in the fountainhead of Revelation, the mark of the Beast! From a factual observation of and lamentation sneer at the devil, “La Dulce” Santorum demonstratively expressed a Hitlerbrotherhood-passion; that is, a Southern Strategy “y’all” plan for the “final solution,” not to mention depopulating blacks to the front lines to stomp on Iran’s Islamic ass, including an enemy-list to skin and screw the “liberal press” for fucking distortions of our savior Santorum’s goose-stepping and sweetsounding “mighty walk” to kick-ass for “religion in politics,” to “huff & puff” courageous Herculean labors, both “inherited” and “earned,” in order to restore America to its “concurrent majority” splendor and glory—to seize, as our commander-inchief, the “high pith and moment” within our own time’s continuum of Southern Aristocracy, the master-slave tradition and contemporaneous regeneration of the Southern Renaissance. The crucial point here is that this triad-of-matadors scenario to exclusive “white power” within the New World Order is being acted out presently—not in the distant pass but in the realm of continuing white fantasy morphed into inhuman and suppressive “police state,” harsh realities. This state of affairs knows well how to advocate and to provoke a “COINTELPOstyled” race war. This is all said and done, especially to nonwhites who—(like a Sander Gilman case-studied Schlemiel)—

24 are still struggling to learn the hidden language of the dispossessed, the discontent, and the wretched of the earth. This “life by comparison” social-cultural existing condition— having once been established deeply within the secret chambers of the Order of Southern Brotherhood—now rules discretely intact and is being conveyed by unspoken and unwritten processing and functioning agents at various upper and lower “house” ranking levels (try the top-ranking “House 13 Republicans”). For “the chosen” race in power and its head of state, “big stick Orion,” might makes secretly the “right” executive deployments of men and armor, of hyper-myth-incoded lies, of mass media control, and of ingrained cultural deceptions. Seemingly, the so-called middle class consisting of “have more want more” are all in favor of the “white free world’s” race and religion in “high pith and moment” conspiracy lead-follow acquiesces of white supremacy. (Never heard of Bush II, Saddam Hussein; Falsified Weapons of Mass Destruction; Betrayals of “Joint Chief” Gen. Colin Powell, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Press Secretary Scott McClellan—or of 9/11; have you? See “All the King’s Men,” p. 32, JIMP.)

25 By so maintaining and upholding the foundations upon which their “rule of law depends,” they operate by subliminal means and govern by auto telic mind-control structures as well as by hidden patterns and sinister aspects of the language; thereby, generating and providing complicit and strategic communication Enablers, Harvard-Yale-USC (Charleston) dumb-down professors’ public intellectual Chairs (try Harvard Henry Gates, Jr., Princeton Cornel West & “Contract with America” Newt Gingrich), lobbyist legislators’ Seats, and let’smake-a-corporation-a-person judges’ Benches. All in all, these Seats, Benches, Chairs, & Complicit Enablers constitute a universal “power structure” along with a absolute “capitalistic control mechanism” that is “set up” by megaoutside-the-law Bankers, and is perpetually maintained by head-of-state con men/women, to contain and to neutralize its vile, repugnant, and everlasting adversary—the Black African Other. As “if” we’s stupid colored folks who can’t forecast consequences. Smoke ’em out! Get “the nigger” to talk race—finally! Take out a black child dressed in a red “Jersey ‘22’ Hollister”—a hint on the firearm-maker, for sure. But when, where, how and why had this particular “photo” emerged and began to submerge into our subliminal mindset as a forensic “mark or dart of death” to the extent of stigmatizing a child-sacrificed niggerhead? The answer is bluntly: We are witnessing an activity of mythic thought as well as a ceremonial but “staged” reality “incident” within a thematic and traumatic, “triple” death ritual procession of the Bush Dynasty New World Order.

26 Within the submission tradition of the so-called Freedom’s Journal, seemingly, comes a shadow on a wall with a voice over, “oral communication” that sums up the purpose and intent of the discrete “edit” mission for re-enslavement of blacks. The substance to the shadow is supposed to be a retired judge who is the “fears for his life” father of George Zimmerman. Behind this cloak and dagger mask the ghost-like “judge” declared that Obama expressed “hatred” for America. Now, come on! Dispatch after dispatch flood the mass media with the GOP reframe: Obama is not supposed to “identify” with anything black because his is a “post racial” order or chaos, depending on the viewer’s “America the beautiful.” The minute the invisible “one” utters “I am black” we’ll pounce on his stupid ass! This notion of permanent and enduring “white racism” and “aggression” demands a greater degree of substantiated documentation than the “I don’t know” refrain that often results from not having a thorough command of the issues and consensus grounds for criticism. We witness, for instance, this I don’t know “miss-spoke” by the late Derrick Bell, Harvard Professor of Law. While we take our hats off and give "legacy" credit to Bell for his momentous legal work with Thurgood Marshall on “Brown vs. Board” (1954):

—we must, nevertheless, offer “caution” that Bell’s book, The Permanence of Racism, like Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power, is absolute, a-historical, and full of holes. With all sincerity, Derrick Bell meant well as he attempted to explain white

27 “attitude” (i.e., "racism” that he sensed or imagined to be made manifest in “repeated series of pattern,” but, unfortunately, failed to delineate what “it” (i.e., the “pattern”) is—both for himself his readers. (Derrick Bell, d. 2012) There is a need to distinguish— 1) solid scholarship which brings forth ripen fruits that are sustained by and derivative of documented and convincing “human-detail” (not institution) examinations— from: 2) rambling and oftentimes plagiarized and rehashed gibberish that ends up in “I don’t know” conclusive and disparaging letdowns like those expressed by the late Harvard Professor Derrick Bell, seen here in this video interview about his book on White Superiority & The Permanence of Racism.

There is a need, also, to put in remission the stereotyping embarrassments emanating from the “Nat Turner and David Walker Are my Heroes” Orators who spitfire vague counterpropaganda, as one may find in the rants and ramblings of the late Dr. Amos Wilson’s speeches and “Black Power” book. Law Professor Bell ventured outside his field of legal expertise into the literary field of aesthetics, semiotics, structuralism, and criticism, as he attempted to explain white “attitude” (i.e., "racism”) that he sensed or imagined to be made manifest in “repeated series of pattern,” but, unfortunately, failed to delineate what “it” is (i.e., the “pattern”… stating in that regard: “I don’t know”) or how he came into “consciousness” that such “series of patterns” exist.

28 Granted, indeed, there are salient allegorical and typological series of patterns which are of dire concern to all as we probe into the George Zimmerman murder case before us. Whatever the legal components of the case may be, racist behavioral motive, concealed “autotelic” purpose, and mentacidal intent surrounding the preparation timeline, before, during, and after the actual killing event, in Sanford, have transcended and transformed the “single isolated incident” theory into this plausible and documented opening statement to a real reparations trial and convictions of those conspirators who, over generations, have been responsible for mentacide—the systemic destruction of a people’s mind—a war-mongering “blood and excrement malady” that is conveyed, almost miraculously, through the identifiable, substantiated, revealing, and operating “doors of hell” that Arthur Graham termed, subliminal racism. Jes Grew said Emmett Till, y’all. As to a significant point of departure from loose-ended Bell and Wilson “old styled scholarship,” we are able upon the production Southern Renaissance to penetrate many fields of study and to harvest abundantly a “new styled,” unified field of study in regard to achieving the ideal of universal completeness for understanding and for alleviating tensions stemming from America’s racial-divide dilemma, or, one might say, Manichean “life by comparison.” Furthermore, we have by collective “work and study” traversed the entire canvass that is rooted in the “facts, biographies and relics” of an historical nation, kept alive in the in-depth memories and deepseated “mystical theology, allegory, and typology” of a people, and conveyed by their high/low cultures, sacred and civil laws.

29 With our unwittingly dumb-down, “old styled” earthly and cosmic selves, we allow, unfortunately, false and disquieting “identity formation” to sway us into both interactive personal and public confusion which tends to lead to lies, anxieties, cultural deceptions, and demoralizing betrayals. This state of embroiled confusion—as it is now unfolding in the George Zimmerman murder case—is brought about, in part, by a discrete and prevailing, worldview that we may safely call the “autotelic structure” of race, writing, and difference. This carries with it certain thought processes and conceptual patterns of the language that excite and evoke racial-criminal profiling; attitudinal “white superiority,” fixed ideas concerning American aesthetic structures and critical patterns of the “beautiful and the sublime;” forensic and reckless “religion in politics” soundings; systemic negative skin color symbolism; strategic doctrinal communication juxtapositions; insinuating “death wish” utterances; and other belittling, bombastic, debasing, demeaning, and demonizing racist and sexist tropes that are prevalent throughout the entire culture and its variegated speech communities. Invariably traumatized by “white guilt” and regressive denial syndromes, and tentatively enraged by debilitating “victim status,” we become exhausted and discomforted by a demonizing stereotype of the “Black Other” being a perennial Death’s-Head set before us. Whites tend to regard blacks, especially, in terms of defining and enforcing the so-called proper social and political roles or the combined inferior “place” of the “black” in White America. We permit such racist absurdity to fly in our faces on wings of lesser freaks like

30 Geraldo, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and even “King’s niece” who systemically appears at crisis intervals to chastise and to demean the victims and “race card poverty pimps,” hissing at Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. As we enter the public arena to vent, one way or the other, our raw gut feelings and our studied opinion, ours become blind “submissions to the editors” with the “edit-the-bio-game-deck” which is being shuffled before all of us in the audience who are wedged into a mass media, “virtual reality,” courtroom assembly of complicit enablers, or, more congenitally, autotelic predators and victims who are seemingly bent on fostering and not on solving America’s ill-defined dilemmas—the so-called Negro Problem interfacing rabid white supremacy. [Mike Tyson demands







Zimmerman|mos tcom ]

The eyes of God are watching you. Go ‘head on y’all; take your pick and “edit” click your licks, demonizing down to hell those “grinning nigger faces.” George Zimmerman’s “life by comparison” that led him to murder young Trayvon Martin, as we see it, entertains the Southern Renaissance Strategic Communications Myth of Progress—the ritual order of the processional cycle within the die-hard secret Order of Southern Brotherhood. This activated outline, complicit enabler, or “narrative force” is merely sketched at in this short introductorily paper;

31 fortunately, however, two fully articulated and reflective monographs are Graham’s ground-breaking, paradigm shift, Southern Renaissance that exposes cipher Andromeda Phillis Wheatley’s [aka Rev. Mather Byles] death-wish, “Hymn in the Morning,” as a pen-and-ink sounding ritual mark of death; and Jupiter Island Media Patriots (JIMP) that stands to end all conspiracy theories on who blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11. We have launched a campaign to get the word out, “JIMP To Congress,” to present the work formally before the American people as an expurgating treatise on cipher Oscar “Sweet Potato” Marion as well as to proffer education reform and innovative curriculum development. JIMP TO CONGRESS is, on behalf of liberty and justice for all, a mass-murder and mentacidal indictment of “Bush I & Bush II White Supremacy” regimes as seen in continuity and as witnessed by way of a New World Order agenda that proclaims, asserts, and maintains the allegorical and typological “9/11 warmongering path” (II KINGS 13:20-21). Regrettably, it is a pimp-path to religion by forked tongue vulture folks. At the end of the day, like a black child sacrificed as “crow-bait,” we are faced with a mind-controlling people’s linguistic “autotelic,” hyper-myth-in-code that is forensically designed and

32 “subliminally” destined for White cultural hegemony in all matters and issues concerning “race, writing and difference.” Do whatever but, for heaven’s sake, “run” or “stand your ground” because Armageddon is a coming, quickly! Choke by your false Death’s-Head tongue, devil; “marching time is over” sounds the “Eros and ethos” of our times, from the foreshadowing, pen-and-ink, death-ritual, fantasy “David Walker” to the manifested, actualized “child-sacrifice rite,” morphed into racial-reality, crow-bait niggerhead “Trayvon Martin”—you is done. We’s on to whitey’s game … though “its preparations are concealed” … let all eyes see and judge ye what evil he’s done! ###

Secret Societies and Conspiracies JFK telling us the 911 truth “And there is very grave danger … [this] need for increased security … will be seized upon … [Cf. Bush II “Patriot Act” and its invention of “Slave Patriot,” cipher Oscar “Spear of the Gods” Marion. JIMP] … to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I will not permit to the extent it is in my control.” ure=player_embedded “February 11, 1988, a group of Masonic leaders met with President Ronald Reagan; the Grand Master of DC presented

33 him with a certificate, and the Scottish Rite and Shrine made him an honorary member of those bodies.” … “On September 12, 1826, William Morgan, who had published an exposé of Masonic secrets, was taken from the jail in Canandaigua, New York, kidnapped, and possibly later murdered. This was the trigger for the Morgan Affair and the Antimasonic movement and Antimasonic Party in the United States from the 1820s through the 1840s.” On September 11, 1990, exactly 11 years before the 3WTC Towers went down, George Bush senior publicly announces “A New World Order.” der&view=detail&mid=396BC862982F1DFF9D83396BC862982F1DFF9D83&first=0

Social Media Note Book The Bush II Connection: II KINGS 13:20-21 Trayvon Martin: Profiling the NWO “mechanic” s/c George Zimmerman; II KINGS 13:20-21—a Stand Your Ground “Ritual” License to kill a “black child sacrifice;” and a “little book”— Jupiter Island Media Patriots (2008, JIMP). Screams of “That ain’t right!” finally smoked out Obama who now claims: “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” For the past five years I’ve been “trying” to draw “some” attention to “JIMP,” which I consider to be the key to begin the unraveling/dismantling of White Supremacy; but to no avail. The White House has been ignoring my “little book,” and some of you have been gathering stones to deal me death. But, at this “high pith & moment” (Cf. p. 115, “SR”), leading us all to Armageddon, “suddenly” our collective “son” Martin has become an iconic sign

34 or “mark of death” unto Martin “Marty” Nesbitt. That is, almost prophetically-speaking, the $1M “godfather/grandfather” of GZ who happens to be a proverbial “Dravidian Chancellor” who lives/rules in the Florida Domain. According to Johnny-comelately Obama: "All of us have to do some soul-searching to figure out how does something like this happen," he continued. "And that means that we examine the laws and the context for what happened as well as the specifics of the incident." Well, Mr. President, BSLF has “figured out” exactly what “happened” [KKK-CIA-NWO CONSPIRACY TO INFLICT MENTACIDE & COMMIT MURDER] and is discretely “planned” to occur/happen, like a instigated race-war repeat of the Tea Party Ritual murder of “six” in Tucson, Arizona. We call upon God’s messenger, the angel—Gabriel, for founding father Chancellor Livingston’s one-rule white religion, and reverently on Mormon Mitt Romney’s entailed inheritance: Such an inherited narrative force has it that, “My kin-linage owned Canaanite slaves, so I know how to properly relate to a colored woman with the usual catfish mouth— in their quarters, of course.” Among these multiple layers of GOP connection, we “soul-search” in earnest, hopefully, that we may decipher the hidden language behind archetypical/legacy namesake, “George,” who took the Oath of Office that was administered by Livingston. Mr. President, the “choice” is up to you; keep looking for love in the wrong places, or call on us for “solutions”—Why? Have Southern Renaissance: Subliminal Omni Ciphers & the Autotelic Structure of the Land and Slave Kingdom of God (2011, e-book), a steady-ready “good foot” to kick y’all dumb-down azzes! Want more? You the Way in Blood & Excrement - Follow the Drinking Gourd!


AM I NEXT? Vulture Cult-Cell “Nat Turner University” The Vulture Cult-Cell “Nat Turner University” is having a field day as it spins—at intervals—Death’s-Head subliminal messages in the mass media by the KKK-CIA-NWO operative, the s/c “DropSquad,” a discrete and strategic communication agent. This Aryan nation Vulture Cult-Cell takes as its thematic “purpose & intent,” Tory Loyalist Rev. Mather Byles’ “Hymn to the Morning,” specifically, to “Dart the bright eye and shake the painted plume” of the latest black child sacrifice, Trayvon Martin. To achieve this end, both the DropStop and NTU show photo images of Trayvon Martin with descriptive forensic mockery of a resting place: Trayvon Martin (Rest In Paradise) February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012 … Trayvon Martin (Rest In Uhuru) February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012 … Trayvon Martin (Rest In Power) February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012 … And to top off afterlife visions of “paradise, uhuru, and power,” cohorts at “1715 strong fb friends,” s/c “Nafura BrownEyez Seshmu Tawy” served up a photo image of a black child with a sign reading: “AM I NEXT?? Should “we” not have surrendered to the phantom cipher “BrownEyez’s” profile of the NEXT, vulture-bait “dart of death,” NTU shows a 1968 video of Adam Clayton Powell on “Black Power & Black Is Beautiful,” claiming: Meet The Man Who Actually Coined The Term BLACK POWER. “Rest in Power” and “Powell’s timely video report on Black Power” constitute a linguistic “associative juxtaposition” of death for the figurehead; that is, the futility

36 of all black ambitions of reaching paradise, attaining freedom, and executing black “adult” power. For the record (NTU’s association of a “death wish, next”)—contrary to the s/c NTU mis-education/info claim of Powell “coining” jack shit—“Green Power” advocate Powell in 1968 was reporting on the nationwide “co-optation” journey he took—and especially to San Diego, California—where he was briefed on “Black Power” and “Black is beautiful, baby,” adding-pimping the “baby” part from his stump-stop BS “Keep the faith, baby,” to save his own neck from (Bag Woman’s) Congressional “jail time.” Ask those of US who “briefed Powell” (archive: at Black Studies Legacy Foundation) about the FIRE “next” time—[ask David Crippens, San Diego newspaper The Voice, and the SDSU Daily Aztec newspaper to show off archive photos of Powell’s visit to the campus]—certainly, ask not Vulture Cult-Cells: For better directions, we will take out Zimmerman one way or the other because the White Supremacist day of black child sacrifice is over. You is next, Dragon’s Tail “mechanic” Zimmerman—“it only takes one time to go down!” And the Lord answered me, and said Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, That he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2


treyvon Martin

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