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Sports Stadiums

This is from at Wasp Barcode.   By: Talan Wiley                                 

A is At&T Stadium      

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  AT&T Stadium is located Arlington, Texas. Where The Dallas  Cowboys Play.                               

B is the Bank of America    

This is from Carolina    This is where the Carolina Panthers play have made it to  several playoffs but havent won the super bowl.                                 

C is CandleStick Park  

This is from at stadiums of pro football.    This stadium was demolished and was rebuild. Its name is  Levi's stadium.                     

D is Dodger Stadium    

This is from Discover Los angeles       The los angeles Dodgers used to be the brooklyn dodgers  until being changed.                            

E is Eagles Stadium

This is from Visit Philadelphia      The eagles have went to the super bowl and lossed twice but  that could change soon.                            

F is for FedEx Stadium

This is from Pinterest      The Redskins were the first team in the NFL  with an official marching band, and also the first  team to have a fight song, "Hail to the Redskins".                                 

G is for​ ​gillette Stadium

This is from New England Patriots     An original member of the American Football  League , the Patriots joined the NFL in the 1970  merger of the two leagues. The team changed its  name from the original Boston   Patriots. To New England.                               

H is for Heinz Field   

This is from Pittsburgh Steelers.    The steelers have won 6 super bowls the most  in the nfl but the ravens still are awesome.                                 

I is for Inver stadium  

This is from Inver Hill News    

It is the home ground of Larne F.C.. The land was acquired by Larne in 1918 and has been in continuous  use as a stadium ever since.                           

J is for Jack Trice Stadium  

This is from Iowa State athletics    

Iowa State has 3 championship wins.                                

K is For Kadir Stadium  

This is from Wikimedia commons    These teams play at kadir stadium Kayserispor,  Erciyesspor.                                       

L is for lambeau field  

  This is from Green Bay Packers     The Green Bay Packers were founded on August 11, 1919 by  Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun. Lambeau solicited  funds for uniforms from his employer, the Indian Packing  Company. He was given $500 for uniforms and equipment. The  1919 Green Bay Packers season was their first season of  competitive football.                               

M is for M&T Bank Stadium

This is from Baltimore Ravens       Ravens are the best team in the Nfl. They have won 2  super bowl. They were originally the Baltimore Colts.                                 

N is for Nissan Stadium  

This is from RateYourSeats  

For those two years, the team was known as  the "Tennessee Oilers"                                 

O is for Ohio Stadium  

I found this at NewsOK   

Ohio is a state. Ohio stadium is where the Ohio Buckeyes play. Ohio has  won over 300 games                         

P is for Pnc Park

This is from Stadium Parking Guides    

The team was founded in 1882, and was known simply as Allegheny.                             

Q is for Qwest Stadium  

This is from at seatGeek  Six years later, the dream became reality as the  Seahawks opened the 2002 preseason against the  Indianapolis Colts in new Seahawks Stadium, renamed  Qwest Field on June 2, 2004.                                       

R is for Rutgers Stadium    

I found this at CollegeFootballTalk-NBC Sports    

Rutgers have a basketball and football teams. They have many more  sports.                   

S is for SunTrust Park

I found this at Atlanta Braves    

The team moved from two different names.                             

T is for Tiger Stadium

This is from Lsu Athletics     Lsu is a college football team. They have won over 450  and appeared in 9 bowl games.                                       

U is for U.S. Bank Stadium  

This Is from MPR News.    The vikings made to the playoffs but lost in the  championship to the eagles.                                       

V is for Victory Field  

This is from ​Walk Indianapolis | Self-Guided Audio Tours of  Indianapolis 

The Indians play their home games at Victory Field, a  14,200-seat ballpark located in downtown  Indianapolis and White River State Park.                                   

W is for Wrigley Field  

This is from Eater Chicago    

The chicago cubs have won 3 world series in 2016, 1908, 1907.                     

X is for Xcel Energy Center  

This is from Xcel energy Center   

Two teams play at Xcel Energy Center the Minnesota wild and Minnesota Swarm.                     

Y is for Yankee Stadium  

This is from BallParks of Baseball   

The team is the New york Yankees aka Just the yankees. Another name for  the team is the yanks.                     

Z is for zephyr Field  

This is for New Orleans   

The New Orleans Baby Cakes play at this field. This team is in a minor league.                                      

These are some of the stadiums that i chose to talk about. Some of the stadiums are mixed through all sports. There are baseball, football,  soccer, and hockey. There's even some minor stadiums. My favorite  are the football and baseball stadiums.     

Sports Stadiums  

These are some of the stadiums that i chose to talk about. Some of the stadiums are mixed through all sports. There are baseball, football,...

Sports Stadiums  

These are some of the stadiums that i chose to talk about. Some of the stadiums are mixed through all sports. There are baseball, football,...