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Talamh coitianta Submitted by Aoife O’Donnel, Eimear Henry + Aidan Conway as part of the “Our Common Ground” exhibition Westport Arts Festival 2012 Follows is our proposal to Castlebar town council

Having recently visited the rejuvenated Lough Lannagh. We were all astounded by the change the works had brought about and by the quality and variety of public space created.

Then we began to think, being busy minded idle handed young architects. How could this be better? and also where can we catch our breath and pause to enjoy our surroundings. Okay before someone leaps away form this booklet to proclaim “There are going to be benches! its still a work in progress!� We have no doubt that this is the case, but our thoughts were taking us a little beyond just a few benches.

There seems to be and opportunity for a distinct public feature, something to compliment the existing amenities of the lake and new out door gym. Something akin to a bandstand. a shelter, a venue come meeting place or simply somewhere to sit in the shade or away from the rain.

Genesis of the idea and our past experience Having all studied architecture at University of Dundee for the past three years. We were all involved in the second year Design-Build Shelter Project. The project consisted of two 3 week periods, the first for shelter design. Where all 70 students divided across three predetermined sites generated their own concepts and proposed a scheme. Of these three were taken forward to be further developed with the hope of being constructed during the second 3 week period with the aid of the other 67 students. Not only did the students have to come up with technical solutions for the construction of these designs, they were also responsible for the entirety of the fundraising and construction of their respective shelters. Having had their individual designs chosen Aoife and Eimear set about just that, with the results displayed opposite and on the following pages. (All works carried out came to a cost of no more than ÂŁ1000 each). We would hope to adopt a similar if not slightly enlarged budget to account for the higher cost of materials form Irish suppliers. We believe adopting a similar process but substituting the student element with community involvement could provide a vibrant serve park goers. We want to engage the many available resources within the town and make the project accessible to all who which to take part. Design would look to involve leaving cert Art students and or Transition year students for their reactions to site and possible concepts. Feedback and guidance from the local authorities. Critical analysis from the vibrant local offices of architectural and engineering firms. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR LOCAL AUTHORITY FUNDING TO CARRY OUT THESE WORKS. Integral to he project would be the fundraising carried out by volunteers and the sponsorship gained from local enterprise. as would the construction works. Saying that id any assistance were to be offered we would be more than grateful. We are not looking for anything from the local authorities of the Town and County Council other than the opportunity to try something.



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Talamh Coitianta_ Westport arts festival 2012