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industrial design portfolio Beatriz Talabante Claveria

I believe that a good designer should always think in a perspective of end-users´ needs, wants and desires. I also believe the best design is the simpler that works and as Mies Van der Rohe said once, less is more. With this way of thinking I tried to improve as a designer and as a person; because the World is complicated enough and our task is making people’s lives easier and better. This portfolio contains a collection of projects that I have worked on during my education, and which I believe are a reflection of who I am as a designer. It is presented in a reversed chronological order.

CONTENT Skills Amphibian Amphibian II Caravan Tempo Volvo concept seat Surrounding chair Height adjustable table Maracas










Spring Semester 2011

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a challenge in terms of weight and minimum fuel consumption. Amphibian is designed from an aerodinamic point of view to minimize its consumption. It is based on a raindrop shape and its legs allow the camera to have a 360ยบ view. Its legs lightweight design also allows the helicopter to eliminate unnecessary weight and the technique of the three points allows it to land at any surface. I was chosen from the class to continue for further development. This development has been done in a thesis project work during the Spring Semester 2012.

A project in colaboration with:

Air enters through the front air inlet to the radiator to cool the engine. The air inlet has been resized and its shield shape evokes protection.

Side air inlets cool the exhaust system which helps to decrease the temperature in the interior of the helicopter. Its design evokes feeling of lightness, speed and movement.

Warm, expanded, air leaves the helicopter via the large rear exhaust vents. This feature is unique for this UAVs which gives AMPHIBIAN its own identity.


Master Thesis 2012

Amphibian is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for civil use based on Cybaero’s APID 60 interior components. The new design aims to significantly improve on the aerodynamics, and allow for longer flight distances along with lowering fuel consumption, thanks to the exterior cowling’s lighter weight. It’s design evokes feelings of security, reliability and lifesaving. It has been a big challenge because it is the first time I use SolidWorks and I had to learn the program by myself to do this thesis.

A project in colaboration with:


CARAVAN Autumn Semester 2011

The objective of the project was to develop a new interior and exterior for 2014. Exterior design aims to improve aerodynamics without taking space from the interior, by looking compact and small on the exterior while maximizing the interior space. The sunroof allows for a good amount of light in the interior during the day and the cupboards design (like in Swedish kitchens from the 50’s) let this light go into the caravan without shadows. Indirect light placed in the sunroof gives the same light feeling when it’s dark outside, which is good in winter when the sun sets very early. Big black windows on the sides allow the caravan to be customized and place windows where needed. The height adjustable table makes the kitchen customizable, depending on the users´ needs. It can be used as a coffee table or a kitchen table and as a extra bed also. A project in colaboration with:



Spring Semester 2011

What happens when you put together retro style with the latest technology in LEDs? The answer is Tempo. Tempo is a luminaire which uses LEDs strips on an aluminium heat sink. Its open design allows the heat to dissipate from the LEDs and makes the luminaire more efficient. The luminaire uses indirect light avoiding glare. The user can choose the amount of light that goes upwards or downwards by opening or closing the reflector. The glass cover gives a comfortable ambient light to the user enabling a good working experience.

VOLVO CONCEPT SEAT Spring Semester 2011

“Back to the past” is the slogan for this concept seat for Volvo Cars. The seat is developed from an ergonomic point of view. Its design is for 5-95 percentiles. The seat cushion length and the back rest height can be adjusted up to 12 cm to suit all users’ requirements. The innovation in this seat is that the headrest is attached to the upper part of the back-rest. Lumbar region is fixed by the bottom part of the back-rest. The head-rest is wider than the conventional ones, so if a collision occurs in a diagonal direction then the user will still have a supporting surface for the head. Chrome sides are inspired by Volvo Amazon seats but these ones let the seat fold down and move the back rest forwards and backwards. A project in colaboration with:



Spring Semester 2011

We will disappear, but Nature will still be there. Nature has lived through experiences that perhaps are still undiscovered secrets for us, keeping them all to itsell like a guardian. That is the basis of this project; understanding nature as the keeper of a secret. This chair is the result of an open-minded experience at Ă–mberg-Sweden and the inspiration came from the space between branches where leaves are lying. The chair is composed of a rigid leaf shape structure and two elastic bands that support the seat allowing it to rock. The seat cushion adapts to the body natural shape giving the user a relaxing experience.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLE Final Project Work Fall Semester 2009

From an ergonomic point of view, the best posture is the next one; it means that working always in the same position is not healthy. The idea was doing a foot with the same characteristics as Rol Ergo’s feet but with less material, and as a result decrease logistics costs. The outcome is a foot made with pipes which in terms of strength is equal to Rol Ergo’s feet but with less material. In the stability analysis, these new feet have the same results as Rol Ergo’s but they weight 2kg and the steel pipes are 2mm thick. Rol Ergo’s feet weigh around 4-5 kg and the steel sheet is 4-5 mm thick. A project in colaboration with:

This hand simbolizes ours and when a finger light on we have to press the appropiate button.

The LCD screen shows in which level we are.

When these LEDs turn on, we have to move the maraca in the position it shows (forwards, backwards, right or left.) Wrists get stronger with these movements.

Buttons where fingers must be placed, have a button and a vibrator which is activated in mute mode.


1st Place at 4th International Toy Design Competition AIJU 2008

The assignment was to do a toy for elderly people based in the slogan “play with movement�. Best designs would be sent by Zaragoza University-Spain to an international competition. The main idea of Maracas was to encourage elderly people to move their wrists and fingers in an action-reaction system. On each maraca, red arrows show the direction where the user has to move it (wrist movement) and the green dots in the green hand display show which button the user has to press (fingers movement). Each button has a different sound from the pentatonic scale so the user plays music while increasing the strength in their wrists and fingers. For users with a visual disability, there are sound devices and vibrators connected to the buttons which allow the users to know which button they have to press. This project was sent to the international competition and won the first place.

Beatriz Talabante Claveria MSc Product Development Industrial Design

Jรถnkรถping University - Sweden

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Zaragoza University - Spain 0046 (0) 735 501 654 0034 655 892 837

Portfolio Beatriz Talabante June 2012  

Portfolio with main projects from the Master of Science Product Development Industrial Design, Jönköping University - Sweden.

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