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To get there. Together.

Business Consulting.

Who are we?

provides Business Consulting with Management & Technology capabilities. We are an


independent firm with European roots and a global reach.

Practice Size

50,000+ 10,000 5,000 500 Strategic Business Advisory Consulting

IT Services Outsourcing

Focus Area

We are committed to deliver value to our clients, because in today’s world, we are convinced that expertise is not




• We focus on tangible,

sustainable business results • We develop collaborative teaming approaches with our clients, from strategy through to implementation • Our entrepreneurial and independent mindset underpins our ability to tailor our recommendations and deliverables to their specific needs

Business Consulting consists of optimising an enterprise’s organisation

Our core

and processes.


We develop collaborative teaming approaches with our clients, from strategy definition through to implementation:




Strategy and organisation

Enterprise architecture and IT strategy


Operational assistance and change management

Systems integration/ Project advisory



Our engagement teams are mixed, with both industry specialists and experts from our core competency teams.

INDUSTRY SEGMENTS Commercial Services

Public Services

Financial Services

Strategy & Transformation


Governance, Risk & Compliance Customer Management Supply Chain Finance HR Transformation IT


consultants in Europe.



in brief

of Eurostoxx 50 and major public organisations are our clients.

An international network in North and South America, Europe and Africa.

Our thought leadership Our management points of view

Our industry points of view Insight | Survey Report

Sourcing Monitor

2009 Supply Chain Monitor “Managing risk in Supply Chain”

What if telecoms...

Purchasing, the end of a cycle?

Harmonization of SAP Systems What levers of efficiency should be applied to simplify and improve your SAP information systems? State of the art of the solutions

Where the Key to the third Industrial Revolution ? White paper | Issue 5 | January 2010

Commercial Services | Automotive

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Global Automotive Warranty Survey Report

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Services Insights

A propos de BearingPoint POINT VIEW Together. To getOFthere.

“BearingPoint’s Key Principles” is a series published by the BearingPoint Research Centre with a view to sharing our

Contract Management 2010


Strategies economic Stratégiesand et modèles models of European and économiques des banques Mediterranean banks en Europe et Méditerranée

Nous faisons nôtres les priorités de nos clients, c’est pourquoi depuis plus de 10 ans, les deux tiers de l’Eurostoxx 50 et les plus grandes administrations nous font confiance. To get there. Together.

How Excellent Contract Management Can Improve Your Business Success

points of view on key business topics as well as practical ideas based on our experience. Because we are convinced that in today’s world, expertise is not enough, “BearingPoint’s Key Principles” also illustrate our commitment to

Next Generation Customer Management

develop teaming approaches with our clients, from strategy through to

Partner organizations


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The fundamental changes taking place in the digital world are starting to

(relationships) and company values and culture (experience). The migration of customer relationships to the digital world has only just begun… Discover © 2010 BearingPoint France SAS. Tous droits réservés. | artwork Solution Fab

BearingPoint’s views on Digital

Customer Relationships.

BearingPoint is an independent firm with European roots and a global reach. We deliver Business Consulting with Management & Technology Capabilities. With our entrepreneurial and independent mindset, our 3200 consultants are committed to creating value and achieving concrete results, hand-in-hand with their clients. We develop teaming approaches with our clients, from strategy through to implementation. We take our clients’ priorities on board, with the result that two thirds of the Eurostoxx 50 and the largest public sector organisations have put their trust in us for over ten years now. To

a challenge for the electric power distribution system

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The boom of news uses:

The Reference Book for Shared Services POINT Point OF de VIEW vue

From De la suggestions boite à idéesbox to innovation à Five-star l’innovation 2.0 Services from leading international companies advice2.0 on Shared All states of collaborative L’innovation collaborative innovation dans tous ses états !

BearingPoint | GDF SUEZ | HSBC | ADP | Borderless Executive Search | Baker & McKenzie Survey | Contract Management 2010

2010-2011 Edition

Which fuel for tomorrow’s cars ?

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Point de vue

get there. Together

Next Generation Customer Management... for a Digital World

now include such staples as permanent access and simplified product and price comparison, making the digital world the first entry point for most customer relationships. All aspects of customer management are

Survey Report

impacted: business models (transactions), interactions with customers

Philippe Auther Associé Tél : +33 6 18 46 15 15 E.mail :

advice on Shared Services from leading international companies

... for a Digital World

have far-reaching effects on customer relationships. Customer expectations


Services Insights

Survey | Latest Trends in Europe

BearingPoint est un cabinet de conseil indépendant dont le cœur de métier est le Business Consulting. Il s’appuie sur la double compétence de ses onsultants en management et en technologie. Animés par un véritable esprit entrepreneurial et collaboratif, nos 3200 consultants sont engagés à créer de la valeur et obtenir des résultats concrets, aux côtés de leurs clients. ls interviennent de la définition de la stratégie jusqu’à la mise en œuvre des projets de transformation.

BearingPoint's Key Principles


Yours forever, boss!


Low income segments, the Eldorado of economic actors in Africa COUV CONV 17EN_Mise en page 1



The impact of prolonged careers on organizations

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The strategy of small streams

From Einstein to the Magic Flute

to get there. together.


The BearingPoinT energy & UTiliTies review

Innovation in every shape and form



Climate change and the consumer


An offer you can’t refuse

A family affair and a generation game To get there. Together.

Selling methods at the heart of convergence

Your Director of Purchasing: from streetsmart to top spot? or

The new profile of excellence in Purchasing To get there. Together.

To get there. Together.

The BearingPoinT energy & UTiliTies review

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To get There. Together.

To get there. Together. To get there. Together.

Our booklets

“Together, with you and your teams, we will define where to go, how to get there… and we will take you there.”

To get there. Together.

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Learn about BearingPoint  

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