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“We Saw Things That Others Didn’t” brings in a valuable cornucopia of images and processes that sift through themes, ideas, and subjects that lie at the heart of each of the participating artist’s individual practice. Perhaps open to a misread as a boastful statement of affairs that sends a message of reversal and exclusivity, the exhibition rather delves on the impetus of sharing discoveries gathered from the respective specialties of each that cover painting, sculpture and photography. A few of the views presented tackle the banal and spotlight subjects that would normally be overlooked using photography and painting. Some explore narratives and different kind of techniques ranging from the traditional to the unconventional. Inferred in the exhibition’s investigation is a regard for the zeitgeist perception that perhaps has been dominated by developments in photography and other related media. It has continuously redefined how we look at things. All in all, it is a vital interaction and dialogue that transpires, about our involuntary or deliberate reaction to current views and realities. Curated by Nilo Ilarde Text by Jonathan Olazo

Angel Ulama (b.1972, Philippines) upon graduating from the University of Santo Tomac, Manila, in MS Advertising, Ulama established his presence as an artist in the local community. Ulama have participated in several group and solo shows in Boston Gallery, Art Fair Philippines, Tin-Aw Art Gallery and many more.

Atsuko Yamagata (b. Hokkaido, Japan) Based in Manila, Philippines since 2012, Yamagata explores the visualization of intervals and space as well as the aesthetics that these elements make possible. For space is not simply the absence of objects and the gap between subjects: voids and intervals are in themselves presences, made tangible through the act and process of perception.

Felix Bacolor (b. 1967, Philippines) Graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Bacolor has had a number of experiences in his hands. Bacolor has exhibited in the West Gallery (Philippines), where he had news article write-ups, LightBombs Contemporary (Hong Kong), Equator Art Projects (Singapore) and Philippines based galleries.

Jose Guillermo Naval (b. 1963, Philippines) Naval is a self-taught artist, whose work consists primarily of paintings, but through the years, has come to include small sculptures, performance and installation. Naval describe his own work as experimental, in the sense that intent, accident and intrusions are of equal importance in his art-making and form the process of leading as it becomes a thing-in-itself.

Marija Vicente (b. 1988, Philippines) Vicente is a visual artist living in the Philippines. She graduated from the UP College of Fine Arts in 2011 and has been actively participating in group exhibitions since 2008. She has held six solo exhibitions (in Manila) to date: at Mag:net Gallery, Finale Art File, West Gallery, Blanc, and Project 20 artist-run space.




Marija Vicente / Work Is Good But Money Is Better (series) / mixed media on bank notes / 160 x 66 mm / 2015




Marija Vicente / Work Is Good But Money Is Better (series) / mixed media on bank notes / 160 x 66 mm / 2015




Marija Vicente / Work Is Good But Money Is Better (series) / mixed media on bank notes / 160 x 66 mm / 2015

Marija Vicente / Work Is Good But Money Is Better 10 / mixed media on bank notes / 160 x 66 mm / 2015

Michelle Pérez (b.1964, Philippines) Pérez is a relatively new artist in the scene. Graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, Pérez attained an apprenticeship in Spain, under the artist Angela Crespo de Pereirra. Active in 2014, she has shown in NOW Gallery for both solo and group exhibition.

Monica Delgado (b. 1979, Philippines) Monica earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Painting from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Monica has exhibited in solo and group shows in Manila, New York, and Houston, and is currently preparing for exhibits in Melbourne and Singapore, as well as a hotel commission in Manila. She has completed two residencies from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Raena Abella (b. 1977, Philippines) Graduated from the University of the Philippines, Abella completed further studies on B&W photography and Platinum Printing in New York City. Raena has been a contributing photographer for Esquire Magazine Philippines, Preview magazine, Warner Music Philippines, and has exhibited her fine art prints at Manila Contemporary, Mo Space, Ayala Museum, Finale Gallery and Blanc Gallery. She has been recognized in Preview Magazine’s 2012 Creative IT list.

Soler Santos (b. 1960, Philippines) Graduated from University of the Philippines, Santos has won and participated in competitions from when he was a teenager. Bagging awards from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Philippines, Santos achievements earned himself exhibitions in established galleries and collected by museums and private collectors.

TAKSU is a leading contemporary art gallery and specialist in Southeast Asia. Representing selections of fine art with distinctive urban edge, we are at the forefront of contemporary art in this region. TAKSU works to forge a platform for established and emerging artists to share their pool of creativity and knowledge through its residency programs and exhibitions. Encapsulating the true meaning of the word TAKSU; divine inspiration, energy, and spirit. Suherwan Abu Director, TAKSU Galleries


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We Saw Things That Others Didn't  

A Group Show featuring artists from the Philippines. Curated by Nilo Ilarde

We Saw Things That Others Didn't  

A Group Show featuring artists from the Philippines. Curated by Nilo Ilarde