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Why do a “look book”? Generally speaking, a “look book” is about just that…looks, the surface stuff. We wanted to try to make a “look book” that somehow was about everything but the surface…but obviously, the surface is what you’re looking at. What are you looking at however? One thing you can see is that the people whose pictures lie here in are not professional models, they don’t trade on their image. These folks are our friends, peers and clients. They lent us their images because they are proud about who they are and how they look. See if you can see them as they see themselves. This is

what we tried to portray. This is our challenge everyday as hair dressers… are we helping you to see yourself as the best version of you that you know? So hey, back to “look books”… Please check out the hair on display in this volume but also see if you can see the commitment, respect, honesty, communication, team work and professionalism that went into not only the dressing of the hair but the creation of this document.

“Taking Beauty... from the hands of mass media and giving it back to the individual!” is:

People assuming control of their own identities and celebrating their natural gifts • A step away from mega mart consumerism • Simple, uncomplicated products that are easy to understand • A way of looking at the world through your own eyes • About images that are unique, honest and unpretentious • The beauty biz’s worst nightmare…or it’s dream come true • For women, men, children… anyone who appreciates a more genuine perspective • Aware of history and attempts to learn from it • In shock that the situation has gotten so out of hand • Thriving on flexibility and change • Firmly rooted on the ground but stretching toward the stars • Accepting of the existence of the other







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Models, Stylists and Make-Up 5


Thanks go to (in no particular order): the entire staff at American Mortals, Stacey Lee, Evert Lee, Steve Grasse, Chris Sembrot, Dave Kalnik, Wes Pickell, Steve Hillery, Bumble and Bumble, Wella. “Taking Beauty…” and the “Attila the Un” character are property of American Mortals LLC 2009. Inspiration: Kimberly Bond Creative Direction: David Bond All Photography: Chris Sembrot Graphic Design: Stacey Lee Printing: Dave Kalnik Screen Printing: Dream Like Reality






Model: Emily Perotta Hair: Joe Adams

24|25 Models: Jack Tucker, Nicole Pagonis

Models: Jeri Shelton, Emily Perotta Hair: Joe Adams

26|27 Models: Beth Henderson, Erin Baumunk

Hair: Michael Neff

Models: Ramona Pratt, Melissa Morris Hair: Anthony Gibilisco, Sandi Darrell


Model: Dave Bond Hair: Kimberly Bond

Models: Julian Grefe, Adam Carrigan Hair: Brooke Dorothy

30|31 Models: Jeri Shelton, Laura Halper

Models: Daniel Cordua, Kelly True Hair: Nichol Clark

32|33 Models: Matt Dimon, Beth Henderson,

Hair: Jen Franklin

Hair: Joe Adams, Heidi Hirjak

Melissa Carney Hair: Anthony Gibilisco, Michael Neff

Models: Elena Brennan, Laura Halper Hair: Shari Sigafoos, Heidi Hirjak Locale:


Models: Tracy Lutz, Regina Mandel Hair: Shari Sigafoos Locale:

Models: Ramona Pratt, Matt Dimon Hair: Anthony Gibilisco Locale: Dimon Design and Construction

36|37 Models: Regina Mandel, Tracy Lutz

Hair: Shari Sigafoos

18|19 Models: Axel Bond, Levi Bond,

38|39 Models: Rebecca Levine, Melissa Carney,

Dave Bond, Levi Bond Hair: Kimberly Bond

20|21 Models: Juian Grefe, Chrissie Dres

Hair: Brooke Dorothy, Shari Sigafoos


Models: Axel Bond Hair: Kimberly Bond

Erin Baumunk, Beth Henderson Hair: Sandi Darell, Michael Neff

Unless noted — all models own clothes and makeup Makeup for Ramona by Chrissie Dres Clothes for Elizabeth by Grasshopper Boutique Makeup and styling assistance for Erin, Beth and Melissa Carney by


Thank you.

Taking Beauty...From the Hands of Mass Media and Giving it Back to the Individual!  
Taking Beauty...From the Hands of Mass Media and Giving it Back to the Individual!  

Gorgeous coffee table book with inspiring photos and copy within a silk screened spiral binding. photos by chris sembrot. styling and design...