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artsNK - Experience Great Art WELCOME: Growing Creativity in Sleaford

Since the Zygote Festival, conceived around the idea of seeds and growth, is going to be a spectacular feast of visual and performing arts, we decided to give you a sneak preview in advance of the Festival, which takes place on Sunday October 20, in Sleaford, from 7-9pm. Read here about the stunning aerial performance, the silent dancers, the video projections, the kinetic sculptures and the impressive fire garden. Why not visit the Zygote blog at:, or the facebook page at:

INSIDE OUT: My Story from Scanner artsNK was delighted when it succeeded in tempting world renowned sound artist and electronic musician, Robin Rimbaud, better known as Scanner, to create the unique sound score for the Zygote Festival. Having worked with famous names from the worlds of music, dance, theatre and film, Scanner has turned his musical wizardry to creating a sound score which will accompany the diverse range of events, including aerial dance, large scale projection and fire sculpture, at the Zygote Festival on Sunday 20th October in Sleaford. When we caught up with Scanner, he had just returned from honeymoon in Seville and was re-applying himself to the project. I asked him first why he had taken up our challenge. “I really enjoy working on something which is unknowable, where I’m not able to anticipate what the outcome will be. Commercial work is usually defined and predictable, but I enjoy the collaborative process of working within the creative field of arts where there is always an element of risk.” How does he start working on a commission like this? “Well, it is a blank slate to begin with. I was sent a video of some dance improvisation and told that the theme was that of seeds and germination. From this base, I worked intuitively and created the whole 20minute section for the aerial work. I then bounced off the feedback I received and adapted what I’d written in terms of atmosphere and tonality.” Does he feel that the work is progressing well? “It certainly is,” he answered. “ I like working to deadlines. This commission has not just been for one piece, but for a kind of jigsaw, which needs to fit together, to make overall sense and that has been exciting. I’ve also liked the idea that, during the Festival, people who wouldn’t normally experience my work will be able to enjoy what I’ve created.” With one section completed and a large chunk of another section well under way, we feel confident that the sound score will be ready in good time for the event. If you’d like an introduction to Scanner’s work, have a look at his blog at To read this story on our website, go to:



artsNK - Experience Great Art FIRE AND WATER: The Visual Spectacle The Autumn Leaves: Internationally acclaimed designer and artist Martin Smith will be bringing wit and elegance to this year’s Zygote Festival in the form of three kinetic trees. The designs were inspired by design workshops in Sleaford, with each portraying, mechanically and beautifully, a stage of the propagation process, with foliage, flowers and fruit emerging and dropping.

The River of Life: Lincoln based artist Pete Rogers will also be demonstrating how clever creativity and design can harmonise, in stunning, kinetic sculptures, to be exhibited in the River Slea. Pete, who is based in North Lincolnshire on the banks of the Humber, will be bringing two water-powered sculptures to the Festival, reflecting the town’s relationship with water as well as seeds. Getting Closer: Intrigued by the theme of the Festival: seeds, germination and creativity, artsNK Photography Development Officer, Jane Harrison, has decided to put plants under the photographic microscope and be creative with the outcome. The result is expected to be a ‘3D’ type installation in St Denys church in Sleaford in which close ups of plant flowers, seeds, stems and leaves will be woven into a Projecting an image!: With stunning video projec- collage of still and moving images. tion, artist Adi Hyatt will show Navigation House in a light in which it has never been seen before.

Lighting the Way: Sleaford residents and members of the Nettles volunteers group have been busily working with Lincoln landscape artist Alison Walling to create natural, pea-shaped, willow sculptures that will light the route around the town for the Zygote Festival.

Burning Desires: artsNK's festivals have often featured fire and pyrotechnics over the years, bringing some of the country’s best companies to Sleaford, including World Famous and Walk the Plank. This year, however, we are providing the opportunity for local pupils, adults and artists to help us create spectacular new fire sculptures as part of a fire garden installation in Moneys Yard. The sculptures, including fire columns, fire cans, rope drawing and propane fuelled fire sculptures, all explore the Zygote seed and plant theme, adding drama and beauty to the evening’s proceedings. For more detail, visit:




artsNK - Experience Great Art EARTH AND AIR: The Performance Spectacle Seeds of Change: A pod pulsating with light opens to give The Sound of Silence: If you thought birth to a shadowy creature. The that a silent dance was a bit of a contrachrysalis-like being emerges and slowly diction in terms, you might have to think climbs its silk like cocoon until it soars again after visiting St Denys church on above the crowd and moves in a celebraFestival night, where tion of its birth. Aerialist Alexandra 30 young dancers Hofgartner will amaze the audience with will be encouraging her movements on the silks, choreomembers of the graphed by Catherine Boot, on an aerial rig public to join them over 18 feet above the heads of the in moving to a sound crowd. track which can only be heard individually The Zygote grows: Abstracting the shape, on individual headform and growth of seeds, young dancers phone sets. As the from aDance, a contemporary dance group audience members move in and out of formed of A level dance students, will perparticipation, a strange series of dances form a series of solos, duets and trios in the will take place, seemingly accompanied Bristol Arcade in Sleaford’s town centre, set by nothing but silence as only the to the captivating soundtrack being created dancers will hear their instructions. for the Festival by Robin Rimbaud, better known as electronic musician, Scanner. For more information, visit: Visual Arts Team

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artsNK's Bi-Monthly Newsletter featuring plans for The Zygote Festival in Sleaford on Oct 20th 2013

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