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May / June 2012



artsNK - Experience Great Art WELCOME: celebrate with us! Welcome to this issue which looks forward to the excitement generated by our joint celebration of the forthcoming Royal Jubilee and the Olympics in London, 2012! Remember to visit our website following the links below for more information on each article, as well as further details about the work of artsNK. Enjoy the lead story - an interview with Nocton resident, Cliff Baxendale. To learn more about the work of our organisation, visit

INSIDE OUT: My Story from Cliff Baxendale An innocent question - "Have you anything planned for cel ebrating the Millenium?", leading to the response - "No, why - do you have something in mind?" led to what has virtually become a second career for Nocton resident Cliff Baxendale. Cliff, the driving force behind so many of Nocton village's 37 or so projects over the past 12 years, arrived in the village with his wife after retiring from a career as an art teacher. The response to that question, asked of the then Parish Council Chairman, led to a successful grant application for a Nocton village sign. Contact then followed with Nick Jones, Visual Arts Manager at artsNK, and money became available to undertake the first of many arts-based projects for which the village has rightly become renowned. Cliff is modest about his own part in all this: "It's the enthusiasm and commitment of the villagers which is heartening," he says, adding, "Out of 500 residents, about 175 unique individuals have been involved in arts projects in the village. That's an impressive number by any standard! “ When asked what he has personally gained from his involvement, he replies: "It's been great being able to use my skills and knowledge for something so creative and worthwhile." An artist in his own right, Cliff had determined to retire from this 'second career' when he reached the age of 70, in order to give himself more time for his own work: "Well, I'm 70 now, but there are already several things lined up; it's difficult to say no!" Currently working with other residents on a seat for the village to help celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, it certainly looks like there will be no let-up for Cliff any time soon - for which we're all grateful!! To read the full interview go to:





artsNK - Experience Great Art OLYMPIC TORCH: burning brightly! The passage of the Olympic Torch through Sleaford and onto Bracebridge Heath will be celebrated in Sleaford by a samba inspired procession which will follow the torch's progress. School workshops will produce costumes, festive structures, dance and music. An evening event will take place in Bracebridge Heath along the woodland strip running parallel to the torch route, where artists will have created imaginative, site-specific interventions and performances! Workshops will take place at Bracebridge Heath pavillion on 16th and 23rd June. For more info r ma tion and the full story, visit:

BANNERS AND BUNTING: hanging out! If you and your village want to get into the spirit of the jubilee, why not get along to open workshops being run by artsNK at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford during May on the 12th, 19th and 26th. The artsNK team will be on hand to help you stitch, knit, print and paint bunting that you can take back to add colour and interest to your community party or celebration. For more information about Olympic celebrations, visit:

SOLIDARITY: dancing to fitness The Solidarity Dance Project, begun in 2009 in an attempt to encourage unmotivated Year 9 and 10 girls to take part in physical activity, continues in 2012 with what promises to be the most exciting project yet! There have been two succesful pilots of Solidarity - one in 2010 and the other in 2011, both raising participation and enabling the girls to get physically active and be inspired to go to dance classes or clubs outside school. Dance workshops, led by professional te a c hers and artists, will culminate in a performance at the Terry O'Toole Theatre on June 29th. For more information and the full story, visit:





artsNK - Experience Great Art VITALITY: come dancing!

Following on from the success of last year's Vitality Festival, the project organisers have decided to hold it again this year. On June 14th, 350 Vitality exercise participants will be brought in by coach from the district and across the county to the Epic Centre in Lincoln for a 'Strictly Come Dancing' themed day. For contact details and the whole story, visit:

SHAPING HISTORY: the Wellingore storyteller Wellingore villagers have been working regularly over the past tear or so to complete an ambitious sculpture which reflects the village's history. The main character is the Wellingore medieval Storyteller who holds a book on his lap from whose pages some of the story of Wellingore village is told. The pages take life as characters, images and symbols from Wellingore's history, past and present. Read the full story and get involved at: Visual Arts Te a m Nick Jones Visual Arts Manager 01529 411190

P e rf o rming Arts Te a m Marion Sander Visual Arts Development Worker 01529 411193

Ruth Pigott Visual Arts Development Worker 01529 411193

Jane Harrison Photography Development Officer 01529 411192

Elaine Knight Perfo r m ing Arts Manager 01529 411195

Amy Dalton Head of Dance Development 01529 411197

Louise Thompson Vitality County-Wide P ro ject Officer 01529 411194

Alison Duncombe

Business Management Administrator

01529 416290

Debbie Wiles Finance Administra t o r 01529 411191

Theatre Development Officer - Terry O’Toole Theatre

01522 870251 to email: firstname.secondname@

Administration Te a m Jo Tu r p i n

Holly Arn o l d Community Dance Artist 01529 411196

Muriel Marr Project Administrator 01529 410595

Jayne Olney Ma r ke ting and Communications Manager 01529 308717

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