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July / August 2012



artsNK - Experience Great Art WELCOME: celebrate with us! Welcome to this issue which gives accounts of the Olympic inspired celebrations in Sleaford and Bracebridge Heath, as well as news of forthcoming events and commissions. Enjoy the lead story - interviews with current artsNK interns, Emma Terzza and Alice Coulson. Remember to visit our website following the links below for more information on each article. Further details about the work of artsNK can be found at

INSIDE OUT: Our Stories from Emma Terzza and Alice Coulson How do you get experience of the world of work before actually plunging headlong into it? Well, artsNK have come up with one possibility for students who are considering working in the arena of community arts: internships! Emma Terzza and Alice Coulson have both been making the most of the opportunities presented by having secured internships with artsNK, with whom they have been working now for several months. Emma, following an internship as a dance worker, has no reservations about the value of this scheme: "I had already had a few taster sessions whilst doing my degree," she reflected, "but this provided me with the experience of the whole thing, from interview to practice.” Emma was lucky enough to have been heavily involved with the Solidarity Project, organised by artsNK together with the Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, being given responsibility for three schools. Alice's experience and background was somewhat different! Although she graduated in 2010 with a degree in forensic science, Alice had already become involved in arts and performance as a result of living for three years with arts students at university. “The internship opportunity came up, and, as I'd already had some contact with artsNK, I felt that it would be a good chance to work for an effective community arts organisation and gain experience." Alice's internship brief was specifically to do with working on the Olympic Torch Relay celebrations in Sleaford and Bracebridge Heath. "I'd had quite a lot of experience before with stage management, but I'd never been involved on the organisational side with an event on such a massive scale.” Both interns are agreed that the Internship Scheme is effective and highly desirable: “Even if you're not sure that this is what you want to do, the experience you'll gain will make it well To read the full interview, go to: worthwhile."





artsNK - Experience Great Art ON THE WAY: Bracebridge Heath Festival A memorable evening at Bracebridge Heath on 27th June celebrated not just the Olympics, but also the spirit of this remarkable community. A mighty buzz was felt, beginning when the Torch passed through the community, and continuing right up to when the event itself finished. There were two parts to this striking event: the Woodland Walk, which invited the audience to make a journey through various arts installations, and the Community Celebration fashioned by artsNK, Bracebridge Heath organisations, residents and commissioned artists. For more information and the full story, visit:

SLEAFORD CELEBRATES: The Olympic Torch Procession All of Sleaford’s Primary and Secondary schools including Kirby La Thorpe Primary were involved in a carnival style procession that followed the Olympic Torch relay through the packed town of Sleaford. artsNK’s vision, of uniting the schools in colour, rhythm and movement whilst displaying a selection of Olympic disciplines in an imaginary and creative way, was a huge success. 400 children and young people took part in the procession with an estimated 18,000 spectators celebrating the event. For more information about this Olympic celebration, visit:

BATHING BEAUTIES: Fun on the coast! artsNK will be taking part in this year’s Bathing Beauties Festival, offering creative fun by the sea, unveiling exciting new commissions and exhibiting plans for a new gallery and arts space on the East Coast. Visitors will get a taste of what will be on offer in the new Coastal Observatory, with lots to do and see, in a number of beach huts, including an exhibition hut, showing the new, commissioned art works, a learning hut, with lots to discover and do, and a studio hut, with an artist in residence creating new art in response to the location. So, if you are looking for something to do to make the most of our Indian summer, why not pop over and find the team at Sutton on Sea on the 15th and 16th of September? For the full story, visit:





artsNK - Experience Great Art SUMMER SCHOOL 2012: MaDDer and MaDDer! From 23 to the 27 July, young people between the ages of 8 and 14 will experience daily workshops in dance, drama and music, working together to create an entertaining and educational piece of performance to show to invited parents and friends. This year's theme is The Olympics, in which the children will explore different aspects of the games from the point of view of the athletes, spectators and others involved in preparations. To read about this in more detail, visit:

ALTERED: Changing villages for the future

artsNK has established a new dynamic partnership with The Churches Conservation Trust, the Diocese of Lincoln and Lincoln University to develop a new scheme that makes contemporary and quality arts available to rural village communities by creating exhibitions and events in parish churches. The “Altered” project will be launched in November, with exhibitions of site - s p e c ific pieces, created especially for the project, at Heckington and South Somercoates, with funding from The Arts Council of England and the County Council. The full story and further details about the project may be found at:

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