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Designer Styles The Vault, Charles A. Couture and P채sh



Her Passions & Music After American Idol



On the first anniversary of the My Brother's Keeper initiative, President Barack Obama greets Gerar Contee during a mentee lunch in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Feb. 27, 201 (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

"YOU MATTER, YOU COUNT" My Brother’s Keeper is focused on six milestones: Getting a Healthy Start and Entering School Ready to Learn All children should have a healthy start and enter school ready – cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally. Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade All children should be reading at grade level by age 8 – the age at which reading to learn becomes essential. Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career All youth should receive a quality high school education and graduate with the skills and tools needed to advance to postsecondary education or training.

Completing Postsecondary Education or Training Every American should have the option to attend postsecondary education and receive the education and training needed for the quality jobs of today and tomorrow. Successfully Entering the Workforce Anyone who wants a job should be able to get a job that allows them to support themselves and their families. Keeping Kids on Track and Giving Them Second Chances All youth and young adults should be safe from violent crime; and individuals who are confined should receive the education, training, and treatment they need for a second chance.

President Obama to Young Men of Color: "You Matter. You Count."

rd 5. a)

"I want every young man who sees me to know that I'm not that different from them," the President says in the "RISE: The Promise of My Brother’s Keeper" documentary. "I wasn't born into wealth. I wasn't born into fame. I made a lot of mistakes -but I kept at it." My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge

In September 2014, President Obama issued a challenge to cities, towns, counties and tribes across the country to become “MBK Communities.” This challenge represents a call to action for all members of our communities, and mayors in particular, as they often sit at the intersection of many of the vital forces and structural components needed to enact sustainable change through policy, programs, and partnerships.

The MBK Community Challenge encourages communities (cities, rural municipalities, and tribal nations) to implement a coherent cradle-to-collegeand-career strategy for improving the life outcomes of all young people to ensure that they can reach their full potential, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born. Nearly 200 mayors, tribal leaders, and county executives across 43 states and the District of Columbia have accepted the MBK Community Challenge.

For more information visit http://mbkchallenge.org/ President Barack Obama walks with mentees on the South Lawn of the White House, Oct. 14, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Top 4 American Idol Season XIII

Fan Interview by Amber Davis of AR / Kouture Kidz

Amber: How old were you when you started performing in front of an audience? Jessica: I was ten years old! Amber: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Jessica: I’ve always known music would play a major role in my life, but I wanted to be a veterinarian for a while when I was super young. Then I found out about euthanization and couldn’t do it! Amber: What inspired you to audition for American Idol? How did it feel as a finalist? Jessica: My friends kept pushing me to audition, so I did. I didn’t have anything to lose by doing it, and I just took the chance and jumped. It was the most surreal experience...I still can’t believe I really did that!

Amber: What did it feel like when you came back to Slapout after being on the show? Jessica: Being on Idol and then coming home felt like being picked up in a tornado and thrown into Oz...and then thrown back into Kansas. It was definitely a roller coaster ride, and it was absolutely amazing, but I had some major readjusting to do multiple times. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I also got to experience just how amazing and supportive my hometown is - for that I’m super grateful. Amber: What are you working on now? Jessica: I am working on representation and new material! I am always writing and setting up business meetings and networking. I want to put out a product for my #MuseMafia

behind the scences

model: Jessica Meuse designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Jessica Meuse designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

www.jessicameuse.com www.facebook.com/IdolJessicaMeuse Twitter: jessmeuse Instagram: Jessmeuse

model: Jessica Meuse designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: Takeisha Jefferson


MARC JULES Photo Director Production Director Fashion & Creative Director Corporate Communication Consultant Art Director

Tylear Amar’i Andre Markell Lael Emiah Oshawn Jefferson Oshawn Julius

ADVERTISING OFFICE ads@marcjules.com

EDITORIAL OFFICE P.O. Box 680477 , Prattville, AL 36068 | submissions@marcjules.com

Marc Jules is published by Jefferson Publishing Group. P.O. Box 680477 , Prattville, AL 36068 | info@marcjules.com


Editor in Chief Takeisha Jefferson

The Jefferson 4 felt there was a need for a magazine that catered to them and their friends. They are education driven, entrepunuers who want to highlight other creatives in the space. With the help of their parents they are able to make this happen.


Step your y r a l u b a Voc

Game up Je ne sais quoi:



understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary

to act playfully; especially : to play amorousl




broad in scope

artificially formal

clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment




state of disgrace resulting from detestable behavior

impressive by reason of age




a protective structure of stone or concrete

give authority or permission to

continuing forever or indefinitely

a pleasant quality that is hard to describe

appearing to merit belief or acceptance


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Marc Jules Magazine & Stickcurity Founders Future Focused, Passion Driven How are we raising our children? Do we tell them to follow the path of education plus husle plus, good job equals the American Dream. Or, do we teach our children to educate themselves to better mankind and postiion themselves to help others achieve the American Dream, For the sons and daughters of a photographer and a miltiary veteran these young entrepuners are well traveled. They have lived in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C. and have lived overseas in Turkey. These travels made them realize the world is connected and as part of the new generation of “Founders” who want to reimage Human Connectivity. In a time of renewed awareness of social injustice, wage disparity and the need for a like minded people to unite for a better tomorrow. In 2015, Oshawn Jefferson, Jr, 16, Andre Jefferson, 15, Tylear Jefferson, 13 and Lael Jefferson, 11, went to work, laying the foundation of faith, family, education and social awarness to inspire and be inspired by others to dream bigger and work harder. It was with this mindset Stickurity (a protection service) and Marc Jules Magazine was born. The four military brats while living in Washington D.C, decided there was a need to protect your food/snacks items and they would be the people to fill it. “We knew that we weren’t the only ones with this problem,“ said Oshawn Jefferson Jr.. “We wanted to create something that was fun, we could do together and inspire

others to persue their dreams.” Youngest of the Jefferson four agreed. “This happens in almost every family,.” said Lael Jefferson. “When you are the youngest you get most of the blame, but most of the time its my dad or my big brother.” But the four didn’t stop there. In late 2015 they partnered with their parents to launch, March Jules Magazine. “We wanted to see young people like us and show that we understand we have lots of work to do to move our community into a future where we can make decisions that help everyone, no matter who you are or where your are from,” said Andre Jefferson. After watching the deaths of Travon Martin, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and many others in gang violence and terrorist attacks the Jefferson kids felt like now was the time to do to begin to paint a different perception of youth of color and young people in general. “Our parents are always talking to us about the future, the fact we are standing on the shoulders of giants, starting with the ones in our own family,” said Tylear Jefferson. “We don’t want society to define us, we want to show the world we are the future and the future will be great becasue we have the right mindset to do it. We also know we are not alone. Our generation will lead the way to a future where we are all as one and we’ll do it together.”

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Ty the Stylist of PASH the brand.

Interview by Tylear Jefferson

Ty the stylist Marc Jules: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion? Ty the Stylist: As long as I can remember I have always had a passion for fashion but I will say I really started to take it serious around the age of 14 because I noticed people were starting to watch what I was wearing! I then started to let them have it! Lol Marc Jules: What is the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job?

social media. I always assure my client my job as your stylist is not to change your personal style but simply enhance it and make it more fashionable and trendy. Marc Jules: How important is Fashion Week to you? Ty the Stylist: MAAAAAAAJJJJJJJOOORRR! Fashion Week is the Mecca of where all the upcoming trends are showcased and presented! Fashion Week to anybody in the industry is what the Grammy’s is for an actor.

Ty the Stylist: That what stylist do it’s a super easy job and any and every body can do it. Styling is one of the grimmest jobs on the fashion side it’s a lot of prepping, researching , sleepless nights and leg work that a lot don’t get to see when styling a client you kind of have to thing of everything and prepare for any and everything to go wrong but I live, eat, and breathe every minute of it!

Marc Jules: What’s the best style advice you’ve received?

Marc Jules: What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?

Marc Jules: Favorite Designer and why?

Ty the Stylist: -Being signed on as fashion creative director on a project for NY and LA Fashion Week this September 2016 and of coarse being featured in Marc Jules! Marc Jules: How do you stay updated on current trends. Ty the Stylist: Research. Research. Research. and more Research via magazines and designers even have social media accounts now..Trends change every 6months so to be an relevant and effective stylist you must stay up with what’s trending for the sake of a happy client! Marc Jules: How do you choose what looks work for each individual client? Ty the Stylist: I always get a feel of my client whether it’s through conversation or picture off of their

Ty the Stylist: My best friend Jessi Jacq noted Ny Stylist told me she said,”Never be in competition with no one not even yourself!, Rest and Rely on your gift and Slay and Conquer!” And to this day that’s what I go by! Love you JJ!

Ty the Stylist: Alexander McQueen hands down. I am a lover of the dramatics given my background lol I love a garment that’s intriguing the mind and makes you go yes!gawd! not to mention the craftsmanship in every piece he’s every presented is flawlessly executed! Tylear: What advice would you give an up and coming fashion stylist?. Ty the Stylist: If styling is what you really want to do go for it and do the proper research for the sake of your brand and your client and just like any other job it’s work, and tons of it but on the other it’s all worth it when you see that smile on your clients face and the invoice is cleared! lol

model: Simone designer: Ty the Stylist of Pash the brand mua: Tiffani Anne & Nakiea Moss

model: Simone designer: Ty the Stylist of Pash the brand mua: Tiffani Anne & Nakiea Moss

model: Tyra agency: AR / Kouture Kidz designer: Ty the Stylist of Pash the brand mua: Tiffany Anne & Nakiea Moss

model: Tyra AR / Kouture Kidz designer: Ty the stylist of Pash the brand mua: Tiffani Anne & Nakiea Moss

model: Tavia agency: AR / Kouture Kidz designer: Ty the Stylist of Pash the brand mua: Tiffani Anne & Nakiea Moss

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.� -Oprah Winfrey

Interview by Andre Jefferson

Marc Jules: When did you start modeling?

have to be the idea of an ideal perfect day. The water is so soothing & I’d be likely seen with my

Tavia: Although I recall strutting on my grand-

favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye ; drinking a

mas porch at the age of 4, I started modeling

green passion smoothie from panera.

around 13, I had my first hair expo/fashion show with the Hairstallion Monecia Brown in

Marc Jules: What are you goals and aspirations?

Montgomery,Al and that’s when I decided I wanted to professionally fulfill modeling.

Tavia: My goals are to continue modeling and although it is such a BIG dream I aspire to be a

Marc Jules: So how do you feel on the runway?

Victoria’s Secret angel one day.

Tavia: I feel free on the runway. The runway

Marc Jules: What is your go-to outfit for dayti-

is my place of peace & I feel limitless. It’s my

me? A white boyfriend tee, denim ripped jeans,

happy place, my favorite place. There’s no other

with my favorite pair of sneakers or stilettos;

spot that can compare.

with flashy earrings & rings.

Marc Jules: How would you define your personal

Marc Jules: Okay name three things on your


bucket list?

Tavia: My personal style is very chic. I’m not

Tavia: Visit the Pyramids, Go skydiving , and

afraid to break barriers as far as exposure and

shoot with Jourdan Dunn.

bold jewelry. I believe in confidence through style and I like to wear whatever makes me feel like a rockstar.

Marc Jules: What is the best advice given to you:

Marc Jules: Describe your perfect day when you

Tavia: from my mom, always reminding me to

are not modeling?

be myself & never settle for less than I deserve.

Tavia: A day out on the beach or by a lake would

Family Time: What do you do? Playing Uno! It’s awesome to act a fool with your babies & get some honest & true belly laughs. - Adriane

Road trips- it gives us time to see new places, and time close together. No one can go hide in a room. - Deirdre

Dance parties - because music and dancing is our thing. - NIcka

Bowling, the kids are all competitive! - Cleatrice

Trampoline park, swimming/water parks, riding rollercoasters, playing outside, reading books, making food, and playing trains. - Liz

Going to the playground. My daughter won’t talk about her school day in the car or at the house but when I’m pushing her on the swing she will talk her little heart out. - Tammie

We do so many fun things together and we love them all, but our favorite and most priceless thing to do is just being silly -Esha

Monopoly because people can be so sneaky and mean at times you never know who to trust so you keep to yourself. Tisham

We enjoy playing card games. We always play as a family at least once a month. - April

We don’t watch movies or tv so we always find our selfs playing cards or going for a Jeep ride. I just love seeing the smiles on my kids faces. - April

We absolutely love to watch movies together, whether it’s at home or in the theater. I think we love it so much because we’re emotional, passionate people, we love the stories and the magic of it all - Shiv

I love when we meet at Granny’s House and we eat the big Sunday dinner and to them I am just Keith and nothing else matter and this one of secrets on maintaining balances. - Ty the Stylist

Movies are our thing, it’s what we do, it’s our language, our love, our quite moments together, our family time - Shiv

We make musically videos, make jokes about each other, dance like no one is watching and just being the goofy as we possibly could be makes us happy - Esha

Dancing and singing in the living room. Every time we do it, I wish we did it more.

A fun day at the beach Tavia

It’s better when it happens naturally, though. It wouldn’t be the same if we instituted daily or weekly sing/dance time. - Kelly

Mini golf on the Wii-everyone is so competitive and I love seeing my angel smile Yolunda

Clue...all day!!

In one of my favorite TV shows, The Simpsons,

you after you do a little time, people visit you

Police Chief Clancy Wiggum ask “How do those

and still do business deals even if you have

Parker Brothers sleep at night?” after respon-

committed a no specified crime or two.

ding to a police call to address Monopoly rela-

Monopoly can be the most infuriating three or

ted violence.

four hours you’ve ever spent, and you might

For a lot of families Monopoly is serious bu-

not look at your family the same way after.

siness. As a father of four and husband of

The stares and flipped eyes you get after lan-

19 years, I have found myself the object of

ding on a big pot of money in Free Parking.

ridicule, rejection and disdain, as I counted

And of course you have to celebrate to rub it

stacks of money collected from my defeated


family members. As each one of the losers of

The codes of silence that people have when

the game I dominate, sadly leaves the table,

someone forgets to ask for their go money or

broke, dejected they wonder, if they can every

lands on a player’s property and they are not

truly love me or like me again. After all I have

paying attention. Even in Monopoly “snitches

just snatch their homes, hopes and dreams of

get stitches” it could be bad for you if you

an Orange and Yellow property-corner do-

break the code. Unless you are breaking the

mination plan to rise to power. And I did it

code to gain favor with a player who owns a

with an evil grin Montgomery Burns would be

lot of property.

proud of … “excellent.”

You can feel the hate flowing at Jedi vs Sith

As a parent and husband, we spend so much

levels, through your family toward you. The

time lifting our families up. Putting your kids

effects will linger for many games, but totally

first and showing them love. Monopoly is a

worth it if you can rule the day.

chance to crush them, by manipulating a deal

Speaking of rules, knowing the house rules are

for St. James Place so shady, Wall Street would

essential and rule No. 1 in our house is losing is

be proud. Life lessons right.

not an option. Also, you got to go around once

I mean where else does jail go from being

to buy property and sorry for you if you go to

something that hurts your feelings in the be-

jail during that first go around. Too bad, so sad!

ginning of the game to, as the board becomes

Keeping the cash flowing in is essential even

more difficult to navigate, as desirable a desti-

you are you are getting a 25 percent cut on a

nation place as Bora Bora. Plus no one judges

deal. I laugh at people who pass up on Baltic

and Mediterranean. They may be cheap but

them painfully look at their pile of money, whi-

when you are going broke later in the game.

le slowly handing me the stack. But I think “this

You see your family living check to check …

was just part of the game” and that I shouldn’t

basically relying on their Pass Go money. You

feel so bad... especially since sooner or later, I

know it’s frustrating to them when they got to

would be in her shoes and those little ingrates

pay you that cash, plus some more out of their

would be dancing, singing and hi-fiving if the

dwindling pile.

roles were reversed. So give me them chips and

I try to put three houses on a monopoly as soon

wipe your eyes!

as possible and I never buy the utilities or rai-

At times I forgot it’s just a game; something we

lway companies if I don’t have to. I save my

had originally intended to be fun and exciting

money for the good stuff and I acquire those

… nope and naw, this is life and you all are in

items, when I am building my empire and it’s

my way!

time to take people’s free rides away! (Insert

When it is all said and done it takes weeks to

evil laugh here)

fully forgive the ridicule, to remember the love,

The Dad is me has fun at first, but before long,

to not want to see your family member’s trip

the game starts to get really, really serious. In

and fall. I know it sounds petty, because it’s

a normal game of Monopoly, friendly banter

Monopoly. It’s just a game. But not to me. Not

ensues, until all those greens, reds or oranges

today. Not ever! Losing is not an option.

get bought up and the deals begin. I love when

Goodnight Park Brothers. You started this in

I have them lovely blues. When my sons and

1904. Thanks for tearing families apart for the

daughters land on Boardwalk or Park Place

last 100 years. Now let’s play, I promise the

and have to pay that astronomical amount it

only thing that will get hurt is your feelings. The

bring me joy. I am not a totally ogre, my heart

dog is mine and your money will be mine soon.

weeps for two seconds, as I remember the joy I

No apologies.

they bring me as a father, but then I remember this is a not just a game, this is about pride and bragging rights. Kids you either get down or lay down. Life lessons. I revel in the fact they are on the verge of tears, it is AWESOME. When they were younger, I can remember feeling bad for them... watching

STAYCATION 1. Got  a  friend  with  a  pool?  Offer to  bring  burgers  and  hot  dogs  for everyone.  You've  supplied  the food,  they've  supplied  the  pool  -­ everyone's  enjoyed  the  day. 2.  Movie  marathon  -­  rent  your favorite  TV  series  and  watch  the whole  season  over  a  weekend. Serve  "make  it  yourself"  pizzas,  set up  a  sundae  bar,  and  have  bowls  of buttery  popcorn  within  reach. 3.  Be  a  shutter  fly.  Take  photos  of your  home  town  from  the perspective  of  a  visitor.  Go  to  the top  of  the  tallest  building  in  your town  and  admire  the  view.  If  you take  some  especially  good  shots, you  can  always  enlarge  and  frame them  for  gifts. 4.  Check  out  the  local  country flavor.  Join  in  the  watermelon  seed spitting  contest  at  the  county  fair, cheer  for  the  local  minor  league baseball  team,  and  make  a  splash  at the  community  pool. 5.  Camping  in  one's  own  backyard offers  the  sights  and  frights  of sleeping  beneath  the  stars,  but  with none  of  the  hassles  of  loading  up the  gear  and  four-­wheeling  into  the mountains.  To  make  the  experience as  authentic  as  possible,  make  the house  off-­limits  for  everything  but bathroom  breaks.

6. Pamper  yourself.  If  you  can't afford  the  time  or  money  it  would cost  to  go  on  a  traditional  vacation, you  can  spend  a  fraction  of  the money  at  a  day  spa  getting  a heavenly  massage  that  will  leave your  body  relaxed  and  your  mind clear. 7.  Be  a  Hotel  Guest.  You  don't have  to  get  off  an  airplane  to  stay at  a  hotel.  It's  surprisingly  relaxing and  you  can  enjoy  all  the  fun things  that  most  of  us  don't  have  in our  own  homes:  room  service, brand-­new  little  soaps,  whirlpool bath  tubs,  pools  and  saunas,  fun attractions  in  walking  distance, maid  service,  etc. 8.  Offer  your  home  to  a  student  in a  summer  exchange  program. 9.  Volunteer  at  a  senior  center  and you're  sure  to  meet  people  with fascinating  stories  to  tell. 10.  Get  a  season  pass  to  the  local water  park,  zoo,  or  amusement park.

e r a u o y So w o n k o t wanting ? t i m b u s how to

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Derrick Baskin

“I am what I am. I love me! And I don’t mean that egotistically - I love that God has allowed me to take whatever it was that I had and to make something out of it,” said Stevie Wonder during an interview with The Guardian in August of 2012. Wise words from a man born to sing. No doubt Derrick Baskin, was listening. Once again inspired by the artistry and humanity of a legend who he’s looked up too, since his birth to Douglas and Carol Baskin, High School sweethearts, on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. “My father was in the military so I was raised all over the world,” recalled Baskin, who graduated from Yokota High School in Japan. “I had the best time in Japan! The best time! Some of my fondest memories growing up are from my times there!” Derrick was born singing for him it has always be like putting on your favorite sneakers after you haven’t worn them in a while. Singing has brought him a long way from to starring on Broadway shows like Memphis the Musical, to feature films like Annie, as well as numerous albums and TV shows. You can catch Derrick on Hulu in a show called DIFFICULT PEOPLE, where he stars as Nate. Season 2 comes out July 12. “You know what’s funny, I can’t quite remember when I decided to become an actor,” said Derrick with a smile on his face. “I kind of just fell into it. Sometimes you have a dream, but in my case, my dream found me.” Growing up as a military brat and the oldest of six siblings. Derrick dreamed of being a doctor. He graduated with a degree from Hampton University in Virginia with a degree in biology. “It was such a change going from living in a culture where No-one looked like me to an historically Black College environment,” he said thinking back fondly on his college days. “People who looked like me were the norm.”

Derrick’s journey around the world and college experience led him to the city that never sleeps. “I moved to New York and was working as a waiter at TGI Friday’s and decided to go to this open call with my new friends for this Broadway show,” he added. The success of that audition kicked off his New York experience, which was also filled with humbling lessons. “I remember handing out handbills and flyers for shows and seeing some of my old college classmates in suits and working on Wall Street and other places out in the city and I remember thinking to myself ‘this is embarrassing’ but I was going through my journey and paying my dues. It was hard work and Derrick kept going to open calls and auditions. “A series of doors opened and I just walked through each opportunity that presented itself,” added Derrick reflecting fondly. “It was a hard road, honestly. I knew I had what it took to be a Broadway performer, but I had no connections, so I hit the pavement. Going to open calls and introducing myself to casting directors that way. I experienced a TON of rejection. A ton of it. Something just kept telling me to keep pushing. Keep going.” The hard work paid off and Derrick found huge success as Mitch Mahoney in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in 2005 and Jetsam in “The Little Mermaid” in 2008. “Throughout my journey I always kept faith in God and was inspired by Stevie Wonder, his humanity and Integrity is something I aspire too.” For Derrick true inspiration comes from enjoying your personal journey and because it is uniquely yours. “There’s no one way to “make it”. There’s no

secret formula. You just have to follow your path, what that is for you. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Be your best self and you are being your best self. That’s when opportunity knocks. Don’t ever lose your identity. Don’t let anyone put you in a box you don’t want to be in. There’s always something to learn. Learning never stops. Growth never stops. Every experience will teach you something that you can use in your craft and quite often the most painful lessons will teach you the most and will be the platform for some of your greatest work. LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH. LEARN.” “Love inspires me. Living in one’s truth inspires me,” said the former Yokota Panther who according to his website derrickbaskin.com is preparing for his next Broadway play called WHORL INSIDE A LOOP this summer and transitioning into more feature films and Television shows. “Moving into film/TV was fun but slightly intimidating. It’s a different muscle that I hadn’t developed, said Baskin who appeared as Detective Cash Gellette in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TV series. “With Broadway plays you have weeks to rehearse with your cast and then preview it in front of an audience and tweak it some more. With TV film you talk about the scene and shoot it minutes later. You don’t have that time to bond with your cast. Things are shot out of sequence so you have to remember what happened before the scene you’re shooting even if you haven’t shot it yet.

But I love it! I love seeing the finished product. When all the pieces are put together. I want to do it for the rest of my life!” With a current TV show and Broadway play on the horizon. For Derrick it’s still about the music. “I love the studio. It’s like home to me! I could forget I needed to eat or sleep while I’m working on a project. Any chance I get to jump on a stage and sing I do it.” So what does the future hold for this Harlem resident. “Well, I’d like to start a family. I hope to cut an album or two. I want to win an Oscar and a Tony Award. Hopefully a very long and successful career in the TV film business. And I want to help children through some philanthropic organization started by my sister and me.” Stevie Wonder once said “Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.” No doubt for Derrick Baskin there are more memories to make in as he writes his Songs in the Key of Life. -@derrickbaskin twitter @derrick.baskin Instagram www.derrickbaskin.com

A N N E L I E S E J .   S C H A E F E R S

When all  of  the  pain  is  overwhelming  and  I  fall  to  my  knees,  I  feel you  catch  me. When  I  feel  like  I  can't  go  on  any  further  you  give  me  strength. When  I  feel  you  the  most  and  I  cry,  they  become  tears  of  joy  to know  I  am  never  alone  and  you  are  with  me. You  are  here  for  me  even  in  the  darkest  of  places. You  never  leave  me. You  never  falter. You  make  me  want  to  do  better. I  will  be  here  on  the  Earth  for  others  as  you  are  for  me. I  will  strive  to  be  strong  for  those  who  need  me. I  will  strive  to  be  the  one  you  want  me  to  be.


model:Nykia Parker designer: Charles Andrew Couture

Charles Andrew Couture

model: Nykia, Tavia, Tyra and Tiara designer: Charles Andrew Couture mua: Tiffani Anne

model:Tavia designer: Charles Andrew Couture AR / Kouture Kidz mua: Tiffani Anne

model:Tyra designer: Charles Andrew Couture AR / Kouture Kidz mua: Tiffani Anne

model:Tiara designer: Charles Andrew Couture AR / Kouture Kidz mua: Tiffani Anne

“ M Y




R I S K S .








P O W E R F U L . C O L L E C T I O N S E V E R Y D A Y O F








B O L D ,












S I D E ”



Style Picks By Dominique House from Polyvore


Don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't burry thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and live. Bob Marley

As we’ve  tackled  childhood  obesity  over  the  past  year, we’ve  realized  again  and  again  that  this  is  not  a  stand-­alone issue.  It’s  bound  up  in  every  issue  we  face  –  from  health  care to  education  to  the  way  our  cities  are  designed.  There’s  no one,  single  answer  that  will  fix  it,  no  magic  bullet.  So  we knew  that  if  we’re  going  to  solve  this  problem  in  a generation  –  and  we  are  –  we’d  need  to  come  at  it  from every  direction. And  one  of  the  most  inspiring  things  for  me  is  to  see  that cities  across  the  country  are  ready  and  willing  to  take  this approach  at  their  local  level.  They’re  getting  folks  together  – from  city  hall  to  the  local  farmers  to  the  corner  stores  –  to tackle  this  problem.  They’re  figuring  out  what  the  biggest challenges  are  for  their  communities  and  working  together  to find  the  solutions  that  work  for  their  areas. Already,  more  than  470  mayors  have  signed  up  for  Let’s Move!  Cities  and  Towns,  a  program  designed  to  encourage leaders  to  adopt  long-­term,  sustainable,  and  comprehensive approaches  to  fight  childhood  obesity.  They’re  working  with schools.  They’re  working  with  businesses.  They’re  cleaning up  parks.  They’re  starting  youth  sports  leagues.  From  big metropolitan  areas  like  San  Antonio  or  Philadelphia  to  small communities  with  just  a  couple  of  stoplights,  the  message  is the  same  –  people  from  all  walks  of  life  are  working  together to  find  local  solutions.

And we  know  that  one  hurdle  that  many  of  these communities  confront  is  limited  access  to  healthy  foods. Simply  being  able  to  buy  fresh  fruits  and  vegetables  isn’t  an option  for  many  Americans.  So,  we’ve  worked  hard  to  better identify  these  food  deserts  with  a  current  “Food  Atlas.” We’ve  advocated  for  the  Healthy  Food  Financing  Initiative, which  will  get  healthy  foods  to  these  areas.  We’ve  worked with  the  Department  of  Agriculture  to  break  ground  on nearly  600  “People’s  Gardens”  nationwide.  And  our outreach  to  faith  communities  has  led  groups  to  pledge 10,000  new  gardens  and  farmer’s  markets,  and  1,000  new summer  programs  to  increase  food  access. So  we’re  on  our  way  –  but  we  know  that  there’s  still  a  lot ahead  of  us.  If  we’re  going  to  end  the  epidemic  of  childhood obesity,  we  know  it  will  take  everyone,  from  moms  and  dads to  mayors  and  business  leaders,  to  do  it.  But  if  there’s  one thing  that  always  gives  me  hope,  it’s  the  work  that’s  going on  in  communities  across  this  country.  I  know  that  if  we keep  working,  keep  moving,  we  can  put  a  stop  to  this problem  once  and  for  all.




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model:Katelyn stylist Sharon mua: Madeline Taylor store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: model: Kristina stylist stylist Sharon Sharon store: hair:The Vault Variety Shop photographer: mua: Sarah Marie store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer:

model: Kristina stylist Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: April stylist:Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: April stylist:Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Sarah Marie

model: Maggie stylist Sharon mua: Brandi the Doll Face store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: Madaline stylist: Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: stylist Sharon hair: mua: store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer:

model: Brandi designer: Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Lyanne Peacoak

model: Brandi designer: Sharon store: The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Lyanne Peacoak

model: Dakota stylist: Sharon mua: Madeline Taylor store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: stylist: Sharon store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer:

model:Dakota stylist: Sharon mua: Madeline Taylor store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: stylist: Sharon store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer:

model: Ashley stylist: Sharon store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Sarah Marie

model: Ashley stylist: Sharon store:The Vault Variety Shop photographer: Lyanne Peacock


Tywree bailey a Marc Jules Magazine teen novel series

a Marc Jules teen novel series

R.J. My name is Reginald but everybody calls me

fired though. The more I messed up in school,

Jr. since I was named after my father. When I

the more people reminded me who I was na-

was little I always thought I should have a di-

med after. All I wanted was for everybody to

fferent name. Everybody compared me to my

just let me be me , not a clone of my father.

dad. They said I looked just like him. I walked

When I was 14, I started hanging out wi-

just like him. I talked like him. I was even

thsome kids who got into trouble a lot. At

smart like him. My whole family expected me

first, I was just curious. They weren’t as bad

to be just like him in every way. After awhile,

as everybody made them out to be. They

it was too much.

were pretty cool guys but they had some

By the time I was 12, I couldn’t take it an-

heavy stuff going on at home. Most of the

ymore and started telling people to call me

time they got into trouble was because they

R.J. Nobody listened to me. They kept calling

were trying to do stupid pranks they saw

me Jr. I hated being called Jr. It made me feel

on the internet or in a movie. My dad hated

like I was clone of my father. I never really

me hanging out with them. He thought they

saw all the similarities between him and me.

were the reason my grades were slipping. He

I mean, I saw a few things but not like every-

grounded me alot. But then he was always

body else did. I deliberatley changed the way

so busy with his job that it didn’t mean

I walked. I grew my hair out and wore trendy

anything. My mom would try to do stuff with

clothes. I even messed up in school someti-

me and my sister whenever my dad was too

mes so people would stop telling me I could

busy, which was all the time. It was ok when I

be a successful lawyer like my father. It back-

was little but when I was going into my fres-

hman year she felt like she couldn’t do stuff

By 16, I was pretty content with taking sma-

with me the way a father would, so she spent

ll stuff from the corner stores but then my

more time with my sister. I didn’t mind thou-

friends thought I needed to try something

gh. I liked having people leave me alone.

bigger. I said No at first. They kept pushing and

I figured out how to keep my grades good

pushing and throwing my dad in my face un-

enough to stay off of groundings but bad

til I finally agreed just to shut them up. Since

enough to make them think I wasn’t as smart

I was the only one with a license and a car, I

as my dad. I was 15. My friends started doing

drove us all to the mall. We walked around and

more dangerous stuff. They dared each other

flirted with girls and then they chose the store

to steal things to see who was the best and

they wanted me to boost something from. We

fastest at it. I managed to stay out of most of it

went to the mall every chance we got for a

but of course they called me out since my dad

couple of weeks to figure out how I could get

is a lawyer. They would call me chicken , soft

out with something and not get caught. One of

and punk. Those things didn’t get me going as

my friends got friendly with a girl that worked

much as when someone said , “He won’t do it

in the store and was able to get lots of infor-

because he’s a nerd just like his daddy.” They

mation from her. He even managed to get one

figured out really quick that I hated being told

of those things to remove the security tags.

I was just like my dad. It turns out, I was the

The first thing I stole was a pair of shoes, as

best and the fastest at walking out of the store

a gift to one of my friends since his birthday

with out paying for snacks. The first time I did

was coming. I was surprised I didn’t get caught

it, I was so pumped up, I could hardly catch

because I was scared and clumsy doing it. The

my breath. I felt guilty until one store owner

next time we went, I stole some jeans and a

called one of my friends a piece of crap. Then I

hat. The security guard was busy texting on

made it a point to practice my technique in his

his phone and wasn’t paying attention. It got

store. He never caught me. That’s when they

too easy so they picked a different store. They

started calling me Copperfield. They could

thought I should boost the x box and some ga-

never figure out how I was able to steal stuff

mes. I thought it was stupid since I already had

so fast right in front of the store owner without

the system and most of the games, but they

him noticing.

made me feel like I was a spoiled little rich

a Marc Jules teen novel series

kid. Besides, we were friends and my friends

spoiled rich kid who was used to having what I

should have the same stuff I had. At least,

wanted all the time. He said I didn’t apprecia-

That’s what they told me right before I tried to

te anything and that I was selfish. Then he told

steal it.

her that he didn’t need me to help him with

I got caught. They called the police and I was taken to jail. My dad was about to explode when he came to pick me up. He yelled at me

his homework anymore so he was gonna stop hanging out with me. After all the stuff I did for them, they were

all the way home and told me how stupid I

just using me. I felt so stupid. I was too busy tr-

was for hanging out with those kids. As soon

ying not to be like my father that I turned into

as I got caught, they took off. One of them got

their puppet. I didn’t think about anything

caught but told the police that I was the thief

before I did it. I just wanted to get away from

and was always stealing stuff. He told them

my family since they couldn’t really see me

that they didn’t know I was stealing. Of cour-

anyway. They had my whole future planned

se, the video of me stealing showed me all

out for me when I was born. They planned

alone. Only one of the guys went in with me

who I was gonna be and what I was going to

and he actually bought a charger for his pho-

do when I grew up. Too bad they never as-

ne. I never told the police that the whole thing

ked me what I wanted or had time to spend

was their idea. I never even mentioned them.

with me. I don’t know anything about being

My dad told me that I was stupid for protec-

a lawyer. I never understood it. It all seemed

ting them when they couldn’t wait to throw

so complicated and time consuming. It didn’t

me under the bus. One of the police officers

look fun or exciting so I wasn’t interested . But

overheard my friend talking to his mom on

most of all, it would turn me into my father,

the way out after he was questioned. He ac-

so I rejected it. Until, that day when my dad

tually told his mom that none of them really

came to get me out of jail. That’s when I sto-

liked me and that they just hung out with me

pped running away from my dad and started

because I had a car and I could help them with

earning the right to be called R.J.

their homework. He told his mom that I was a

a Marc Jules teen novel series

model: Tylear, Amber and Lael designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: Tylear designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Tylear designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Lael designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Amber designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Tylear designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: LyAnne Peacock

model: Lael designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

model: Amber designer: Charles Andrew Couture hair: Steven Archuleta mua:Jousha Tripp nails: Heather Stage Jewelry: AB Chainmaille photographer: Takeisha Jefferson

I hope one day... KAMRYN D. PAYNE - AGE: 13 I hope one day to be an athletic star. I love to play sports during my spare time. When I go outside, I play until my parents tell me to come inside. This is because I play basketball, volleyball, & run track as well. I love playing these sports because all I can do is get better than I was before. My parents know I want to make it somewhere in life. They also know I want to play sports all throughout my life. Everyday there is a sacrifice made for me. It doesn’t matter to them what the sacrifice is. Improvements are being made because my parents want to help me succeed. I don’t get sad over a loss. Instead, I learn that I have to work just a little bit harder. When you play a sport, you have to be a hard working person. There is no giving up on your dreams and I refuse to. My dreams are to become an athletic star and make it somewhere in life.


HEALTHY, HUNGER -FREE KIDS ACT First Lady Michelle Obama and Al Roker join in a group hug with students following garden demonstrations at Philip's Academy Charter School in Newark, N.J., April 7, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

ince we launched Let’s Move! a year ago, we’ve been hard at work, talking to educators, parents, and kids; hearing from pediatricians and health experts; and working with businesses, governments, and all types of organizations. We’ve done it all to achieve one big goal – to end the epidemic of childhood obesity in a generation so that kids born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight. Through it all, we’ve known that many children get up to half of their daily calories from school meals. So if a parent is working hard at home to serve more nutritious meals, we’ve got to make sure that their work isn’t going to be undone when the bell rings at school.

A breakfast or a lunch tray needs to be filled with foods that will give them the energy they need to be active and succeed in school. And that’s why we made passing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act a cornerstone of our work during the first year of Let’s Move! This isn’t just any ordinary law. It’s an achievement sought for decades, enacting the most meaningful and comprehensive change to food in schools we’ve seen in a generation. It helps schools provide healthier foods for all of their breakfasts and lunches and increases access for more than a hundred thousand children. It boosts food safety, connects schools with local farmers in order to serve more fresh fruits and vegetables, and empowers parents to better understand what their kids are eating every day at school..

In December, the President signed this bill, which passed with broad bipartisan support. And it won’t add a penny to the deficit. This law will make a difference for millions of kids – and this process reaffirmed so much of what I love about this country. We showed that in the greatest nation on Earth, we can make sure that no child has to battle past hunger to learn. We showed that Republicans and Democrats can put their differences aside and focus on the health and well-being of our children. And we showed that we can still accomplish big things, taking steps today that put our children’s futures on a path toward even bigger and better things tomorrow.

THE BEST INSTAGRAM TIPS Instagram is one of the best social media sites out there and here are some tips on how to gain followers


Share the photos you have on Instagram on other social sites like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. I try to post a photo on networks like twitter to create awareness of the fact that we are on Instagram and I try to make sure that it is a special photo.


Most of us link our other accounts to our Facebook and twitter accounts but only a few of us get to do the same with Instagram. You can do this by adding some of your Instagram photos on your blogs with links leading to your Instagram account.

FOLLOW Try and follow users who have interests which are similar to yours. You can do this by clicking "find friends" and then picking "suggested users".

PRIVATE? If you are looking to get more followers then your photos should not be private. The "photos are private" option should thus be off.

SAY SOMETHING. It is a good idea to put descriptions on your images by commenting.

COMMENTS Try and be active by following others and commenting on their photos objectively. This will earn you followers especially if your comments are authentic.

TIPS Share tips and tricks and you will draw followers who are looking to learn. Start by sharing about applications and how to use them and it will get you more followers.

TRAINING CLUB Thank people at the end of the day for their comments and this will make them feel recognized and appreciated. They will want to keep commenting and this will add you.followers.

What makes you happy? MEI-JOI VALES - AGE: 13

What makes me happy is seeing other people happy. It always puts a smile on my face to know that someone else is just as happy as I am. It shows that sometimes the world is not all evil. It shows that love can overpower anything on any day. Most days people are always mad at the world or complaining about their problems,but to see another human being happy makes me feel good about myself. Seeing someone that has overcome their problems and facing them as the truth, make the world a better place to live in. If that is the case, you would not have a lot of bad things happening in the world. Some people see the world as a evil place to live, but in reality it is truly a happy place. This Is why seeing others happy make me happier and makes me more comfortable to live in our world today.


Make physical activity a regular part of the day 1 Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local shopping mall. Find a friend for support and encouragement. Get the whole family involved, enjoy an afternoon bike ride. Clean the house or wash the car. Walk, skate, or cycle more, and drive less. Do stretches, exercises, or pedal a stationary bike while watching television. dance to favorite music. Exercise to a workout video.


Walk, jog, skate, or cycle. Swim or do water aerobics. Take a class in martial arts, dance, or yoga. Golf (pull cart or carry clubs). Canoe, row, or kayak. Play racquetball, tennis, or squash. Ski cross-country or downhill. Play basketball, softball, or soccer. Hand cycle or play wheelchair sports. Take a nature walk. Most important — have fun while being active!

self development

creating successful habits

Learning how  to  create  successful  habits  is  imperative  if  you  are going  to  succeed  in  the  long  run,  in  business  or  in  life.  Everyone  has habits  that  over  the  years  they  have  formed,  which  essentially  set  the groundwork  for  the  person  you  will  become.Now  these  habits  are  not always  positive  habits  that  push  you  in  the  direction  of  what  you  want to  achieve.  Some  are  completely  destructive  and  can  prevent  you from  living  a  successful  and  prosperous  life,  others  may  not  really make  much  of  a  difference,  and  then  others  are  very  positive  and allow  you  to  keep  on  improving  as  a  person. Now  it  is  not  a  quick  thing  to  do,  forming  a  positive  habit,  they  are formed  through  consciously  making  the  effort  to  do  something  every single  day  for  many  weeks,  months  and  sometimes  even  years,  until you  begin  to  start  doing  them  without  thinking  about  it.  Your subconscious  mind  takes  control  and  this  is  when  you  know  that  you have  successfully  made  it  a  habit. You  can  also  break  bad  habits  too  and  one  of  the  best  ways  to  do this  is  changing  the  person  you  believe  yourself  to  be.  You consciously  make  an  effort  to  change  your  self-­image  by  no  longer seeing  yourself  as  the  person  who  smokes  or  the  person  who  drinks or  the  person  who  is  lazy  and  never  exercises.  You  begin  to  think every  day  about  the  person  you  have  decided  to  be  and  get  that  clear in  your  mind.  You  begin  to  hold  yourself  as  that  person  and  if  you ever  speak  about  yourself,  you  always  refer  to  yourself  as  that  new person  with  better  habits. So  you  know  that  habits  form  the  person  you  become,  I  now  want  to take  some  time  to  go  through  4  habits  that  I  have  applied  in  my  life  to great  effect  and  I  feel  have  benefitted  me  massively  in  improving  my self-­image,  self-­confidence,  health  and  given  me  personal  power  to go  after  all  of  the  my  goals.

Run Every  Day This  is  such  a  simple  practice  that  you  can initiate  immediately  in  your  daily  routine and  if  you  can  form  a  habit  of  doing  this every  day,  then  you  are  well  on  the  way  to becoming  far  more  healthy  in  the  long term,  lowering  the  risks  of  common diseases  and  also  giving  you  far  more energy  during  the  day.  This  will  make  you much  more  effective  in  your  life,  your business,  whatever  it  is  you  choose  to  put your  efforts  into.  It's  just  a  bonus  that  you will  also  look  very  aesthetically  pleasing  if that  get  into  this,  I  mean  come  on,  how  bad does  that  sound?

Healthy Home  Cooked  Meals Now  I  am  not  doing  to  go  deep  into  detail about  this  one  as  there  is  a  lot  to  cover when  it  comes  down  to  it,  but  what  I  want to  say  with  this  is  that  healthy  eating  can be  made  far  easier  with  preparation,  so cooking  your  meals  the  day  before  and having  them  ready  to  go  the  next  day  is  a great  way  to  ensure  you  know  what  it  is going  into  your  food  and  leading  a  far  more healthy  lifestyle  with  far  less  processed foods.

Visualize The  Person  You  Want  To  Be Put  yourself  in  the  shoes  of  the  person  that you  want  to  become.  See  yourself  as  the person  who  reaches  all  their  goals,  has  the life  you  want  and  do  it  in  vivid  detail.  You need  to  train  your  own  mind  to  believe  that you  are  already  this  person,  then  your subconscious  mind  will  always  be  looking at  ways  to  make  it  happen.So  there  are some  great  habits  to  form  on  a  daily  basis. Eventually  you  will  realize  the  amazing potential  in  creating  some  simple  habits  on a  daily  basis  and  learning  how  to  create successful  habits  isn't  that  hard  after  all.


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Stay focused & believe in yourself



“Wolves don’t pursue wolves, my love. Wolves

cient. That her breathing beside him, holding his

pursue lambs. Generally the wounded ones.”

hand was enough.

She marveled at the words before her. How did

She remembered the words he wrote, the love

she miss that? Her beloved friend was right, wol-

that enveloped her as she read them over and

ves pursue lambs.

over again. She’s heard these words before...He whispers them to her when she awakes in the

This was a basic fact...even a 5 year old could at-

morning. These were the words that flood her

test to this, but if she acknowledged this as truth,

heart when the wolves draw near. These were

she must also acknowledge what is tied to that:

the words that He used to allure her to Him. The-

that she was a lamb, a wounded one.

se were the words her Shepherd used.

It was a strange feeling to forget the agony she

Floored, she paused and marveled at His love.

was in before she left. She tried to remember who or what inflicted the gaping wounds that

God, your love doesn’t make sense.

nearly broke her but she could no longer remember. What she did remember was how she tried

The Shepherd herded them together because He

to heal them herself. She used men as her poul-

knew that she needed another lamb to see her-

tice...placing them upon her skin hoping they’d

self for who she was. That was why in his arms

be enough to heal the tears that surrounded her

she was safe. That was why her heart did not hold

heart. But they were just cloth, and rather than

up walls before him, because she belonged with

heal, they just soaked up more of her.

him--they were lambs.

Until he came along.

But she remembered that she was still wounded.

That was why she had to let him go. Lambs do not He wasn’t like the rest. Something was different

tend lambs, only Shepherds do.

about him. She remembered the hour that felt like minutes. She remembered how he placed his

My darling forgive me for not being in a place to

hand beside hers letting her know that he was

hold your heart. Maybe when it’s time, I can tell

hers to choose. He was gentle, he was safe and

you that when you held my hand, you helped

when she finally chose to let him in, she felt so

heal my heart.

precious in his arms. Like who she was was suffi-


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Marc Jules: Issue May-June 2016  

Marc Jules Magazine is focused on inspiring teens & young adults highlighting them as artistic, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders & educators...

Marc Jules: Issue May-June 2016  

Marc Jules Magazine is focused on inspiring teens & young adults highlighting them as artistic, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders & educators...

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