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BESIDE THE SEASIDE, BESIDE THE SEA @The Brewhouse Theatre & Art Centre

On May bank holiday, coinciding with the Queen’s birthday, St George’s Day and the Royal wedding, the ‘England, My England’ festival wryly explored ideas of Englishness, identity and tradition in the 21st Century. The festival saw visual artist Richard Tomlinson collaborating with The Brewhouse’s digital artist in residence Helena Haimes. Together they transported the seaside inside with a surf and sand installation, comprising of film, sound, light and texture. Young visitors to The Brewhouse were invited to get the sand between their toes, build sand castles, fly kites and make footprint dances alongside the gentle lapping of virtual waves. Sunny days out with friends and family and picnics on the beach were revisited in this unlikely urban gallery space, complete with authentic seagull calls. “A sophisticated gallery, a smart city theatre, a space to play and dream, where happy memories were relived by old and young alike.” This event was just one of many opportunities The Brewhouse Theatre & Art Centre provides for the under 5’s and their families, including an all year round programme of specially tailored performances and workshops.

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Richard Tomlinson

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CURATING THE LIGHT SCRIBBLES Photographer Richard Tomlinson is collaborating with The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on ‘Cubes’, an innovative way of showcasing artwork created with local Children’s Centres. The images to go on the cubes include photos taken with parents of their children from different sides, and long exposure ‘streaky’ shots taken by the under-fives in a den of ‘light scribbles’ made with torches. Small cubes with these pictures on their sides will be stacked and suspended in mini installations around the building. In May families will be invited to come in for a ‘treasure hunt’ to find their child’s cube. The cubes will also be put on tables, there to be touched, moved and even treated as narrative tools that can be assembled to generate beginnings, middles and ends - a form of storytelling that could be more accessible for the very young than books. Part of creative work with pre-school children is process-driven but it can also result in sophisticated and beautiful images. Richard and The Brewhouse want to find ways for curators to feature the work so that it can be handled and explored. “ ‘Cubes’ makes a connection between families and venue. It’s a very flexible model that could easily tour – we don’t yet know where it’ll take us…”

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Casestudies of Early Years work at the Brewhouse Theatre

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