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short but with a never ending epilogue. It is a story inside another story. It talks about the effects of economic crisis through the romantic crisis of a couple, since all kinds of crises begin and end in a very similar way. In fact, once it has started, no matter what the origin was, the only way to get over it is working together to defend a common cause, whatever it might be... whether it is within a relationship or a whole country. Love Crisis is not only about our two protagonists, but also about every single one of us. FG: Is it challenging condensing an effective story in such a brief time frame?


CHUS DE CASTRO With their short film LOVE CRISIS Olga Ruano and Chus de Castro aim to spread a message filled with hope regarding the worldwide financial crisis, with an approach that’s sociological rather than political. FG: Did you realise LOVE CRISIS would be so successful? CC: My co-director Olga Ruano and I did not expect it at all! We had tons of selections and we won awards and audiences in movie theatres loved them too, and Olga and I are more than happy about it all! FG: Would you credit the success of the film to the simplicity of the story? CC: Absolutely! Love Crisis is a 21st century story, it is fun and sad, simple and deep,

CC: Well, regarding short films, that’s actually my main challenge as a writer/ director, to be able to tell a complex story with many different nuances and contradictions in just a few minutes, since as the saying goes, “Brevity is the soul of wit”. I just don’t like redundancy. I watch such great shorts and films that repeat the same ideas over and over again and, in my opinion, that’s a mistake from the point of view of storytelling and also it is like underestimating audiences which is so wrong. It is like not only telling the same joke twice but also explaining it. As they usually say, plot comes first, then it is about defining what your characters do and that’s what tells us who they are. That’s a truth in the dramatic narrative but it is also true in life, isn’t it? Actions speak louder than words and having that clear in terms of writing was a big one for me. FG: You star and direct in a lot of your films: can you tell me why you choose to do that? CC: I am an actor, that’s what I am, so

“LOVE CRISIS is not only about our two protagonists, but also about every single one of us.”

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