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May and Derrick Chesterton take a whack at cutting down Scotch broom. He is proposing an Adopt-A-Road Program to curb the spread of this and other invasive spacies Photo Marina Sacht

Adopt-A Road program needed After living overseas for the last 30 years I have moved back recently and have concerns about the invasive broom that appears to be taking over your highways and side streets. In Hawaii we have an adopt a highway program where business and even individuals volunteer to remove garbage and invasive species.There are signs along the roads designating who is maintaining that section of road. After dealing with broom firsthand since arriving I have found that apparently if cut while flowering it will eventually die off. I have found it not that hard of a job to cut this in large amounts with garden clippers..I think that if you could start such a program you actually might bring the broom under control and even bring the community together to keep our area beautiful. This would be at minimal cost with signs and maybe clipper loan program. After recently becoming a senior I am also looking at volunteer work and I think that even some of our seniors would be more than happy to give it a hand. I suspect that given a couple of years of a program like this


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