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Dj Sabby: Dj Sabby Talks Radio, His Brand And Fatherhood. #AskiGirls Is There Really No ‘She’ Without ‘He’? Neo Manake The life and journey of an artist Nkosana and Bonginkosi Fashion Style Our fashion style is classic formal and smart-casual with a touch of our own style Awonke Kwinana Ballpoint art changed my life Car review Renault’s rabid little Clio RSx enhanced! Mjojo Livity Understanding Yoga


Welcome to the new revamped Auzweke! magazine.

Sabelo Mtshali Better Known as Dj Sabby To His Fans Dj Sabby Talks Radio, his Brand and Fatherhood. He tells us about his journey and what is he currently busy with. On home and living we get to see walking closet for men, so we can be inspired and see the beauty inside. Is There Really No ‘She’without ‘He’? So we went out this time to have a chat with girls, talking about needing men in their lives and whether they can or cannot survive without them, the rage in most women was to the far extent following the brutal killings of females by males lately. The topic gave birth to many sub-topics and iGirls had a lot to tell everybody. Neo Manake takes through the life and journey of an artist, telling us about the challenges and struggles of being an artist. People see artists as happy souls because they forever smiling but they not aware of what they go through daily. Nkosana John Mathonsi and Bonginkosi Mduduzi Mthethwa they tell us about their fashion style and who inspred them to do photography and modelling. Thandi Nakampe Mokgoankgoa prominently known as Fiesta Black is a vocalist, songwriter, actress, rapper and MC hailing all the way from Titibe Ga Dikgale in the beautiful Limpopo province. Fiesta rose to fame when she did vocals for the Tsonga-themed jam called Xigubu with renowned DJ Ganyani. Fiesta black turns the music industry into a musical “fiesta”. Awonke Kwinana tells us his story on how ballpoint art changed his life. As we introduce a new page called business corner. Mr Shannon Rosenberg a small business owner will take us through challenges we face as small business, and will also shed some advice on marketing and how to overcome challenges. Yoga lovers we get more insight on Yoga and basically learning all the important things that most of us are not aware of (Understanding Yoga).

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Petrosexual reviews the latest Renault’s rabid little Clio RSenhanced! Let us put it on record and mention that Renault’s little Clio RS has long defeated our hearts with its potency; its Cup chassis that gifts it a world-beating sports handling, and as a generally thrilling start up package. We went to the South African Music Awards and we really enjoyed ourselves, as they say pictures tell a story.

From our side Sith’ Auzweke!

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Sabelo Mtshali better known as DJ Sabby to his fans grew up in the sunny and cool - Durban. Sabby knew that he was destined for the airwaves when he reached the age of 14 years old.


Determined to make a mark in the radio industry, he completed his high school studies at Vryheid Comprehensive Secondary School during the fall of 2007. He knew what his next move was thereafter.

I am more myself than anything else. I am giving, always make time for people that are fans of my work or those that appreciate what I do. I am aware of the “celeb-culture” but I do not think it has gone to my head at this point in time in a sense of being relatable to a day-day person who is a fan of what I do.

Sabelo went on to work with the Love Life Radio, which is a division of the YFM programme. Fast forward the year 2008, he enrolled at NEMISA (National Electronic Media Institute) where he obtained his National Certificate in Radio Production. Now with a qualification, Sabby’s mornings and afternoons were no longer the same as he juggled his slot on 94.5 KFM which is based in the Cape. DJ Sabby, now an established radio-presenter moved on to working with Joburg’s number one hit radio station - Highveld Stereo where he did the graveyard slot on weekends. Sabby, did not stick to radio- presenting but also branched out to killing it on the small screen he presented for shows such as VEntertainment as a guest presenter, Bonisanani on the SABC Channel, Unplugged on Africa Magic Plus and The HotSpot; an online project he did with Kagiso TV.

Who is DJ Sabby? What makes you discrepant from all the other DJ’s?

What else makes me different? I am the best thing ever! [laughs]

RADIO CHALLENGES IN THE INDUSTRY What are some of the challenges that you encountered throughout your radio career? The biggest challenge is getting in. That is why I got in, I started realizing that; if I was told about certain things that I faced that become challenges on my journey to get into the industry, I felt like it was going to make things easier but I appreciate those challenges because they thought me what I know now.

ALL ABOUT DIFFERENCE AND INSPIRATION Let’s talk about your television and radio presenting workshop. What was the inspiration behind it?

Its 2017 and Sabby is continuing to be the “The Best Thing Ever”. He is currently with the renowned youth radio station - YFM where he is doing his show called #TheBestDrive.

I can never teach one a lot of things in one day. So, it is more surface content that is why I say, we focusing on the talent. The talent has much information that is crucially needed for one to break into the industry.

He is currently running a TV and radio presenting workshop which he plans on making sure that it reaches different areas in providing aspiring presenters and radio-personalities a platform to kick-start their careers in the industry.

There are institutions such as Boston Media House that break down everything in unit standards but this workshop is more experience driven content, it is content that has been acquired through our own experience and own hurdles in this business.

In a nutshell, DJ Sabby who is now an entrepreneur, radio personality of note, presenter and father had a chat with us about his life, the radio industry and fatherhood as a busy individual and this is what he had to say:

We also teach the talent about the importance of social media in the industry. So, in essence we provide raw information that is not in a textbook.


THE TELEVISION AND RADIO PRESENTING JOURNEY What can be anticipated on your next television and radio presenting workshop? I am excited where this workshop is headed because we are about to take it to Limpopo. Pretoria was amazing but we first started off in Durban. I am totally excited about this workshop to Limpopo because it is very progressive, it is a very urban and vibey province. Its just that there are so many people that are from Limpopo and frankly, they are definitely winning and I honestly feel like such individuals are the cream of the crop that we have been exposed to. In regards to radio, you look at how dominant even the sound of Limpopo is when you listen to radio stations such as Capricorn FM, there definitely has to be more. I feel like taking my workshop to Limpopo will be to sass out how exposed are the youth of Limpopo when it comes to entertainment being a career and not a hobby. There are a couple of established radio presenters that grew up in Limpopo that I am chatting to about headlining the workshop, it is going to be very exciting.

SABBY TO DAZZLE THE INDUSTRY WITH HIS FUTURE PLANS As an MC, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Radio Presenter and a father. What can your fans look forward to from DJ Sabby? I am still challenging myself to be honest. I feel like there is so many things that I have not tried out. I always say there is nothing I cannot do, its just that I have not tried it out as of yet. Anyway, there are a lot of things that my fans can be on the look-out for, right now the biggest priority for 2017 is to get back into the television industry. I am also back in the lab making music, I have not dropped music in 2 years already, there was a reason behind it but my fans can also anticipate some good music from me this year as well.


Get Paid winter merchandise are officially going to be available soon since its the winter season, so my fans should definitely be on the look-out to tackle the winter season while “Getting Paid.” Unfortunately, there are some things I wish I could say that are in the pipeline but I do not want to jinx that.

2017 - THE YEAR OF DJ SABBY What is the biggest thing you are excited about currently? Well, the biggest thing I am excited about is becoming a father to my son - Nkosingiphile Orifha - so there will be a lot of pictures of my boy in my social media platforms. I am also excited about the things I am in talks with my team about diversifying the brand that is DJ Sabby and radio itself - as there is a lot of things that are being planned about bringing another dimension in the radio industry. People should definitely be on the look-out, it is exciting times.

TIME TO GET PAID WITH DJ SABBY Your clothing brand - Get Paid, has been trending in the industry for a while. What gave you the motive to start your brand? Get Paid started when I was still doing 12AM - 3AM in the mornings on weekends while tackling my slot The Adrenaline Rush and at first it was #TeamNoSleep and I remember I had 5 core people that were my ride and die’s when I was doing that slot and they started saying “Yo Sabby, why don’t we just print #TeamNoSleep on t-shirts and wear them as family?” - to be honest I really liked that concept and because I am an opportunist I started searching #TeamNoSleep on the net and realized that Dwayne Wayne from Miami Heat had the same thing going on and that was when I figured I had to do something different. Shortly after that I realized that as long as we are on earth as people we have to “Get Paid” - I felt like it did not need an explanation.



Getting paid as an individual is definitely the most exciting moment when you get that bank notification, that is when I decided that one should have that ambition on their chest where the hustle everyday, the no days off, the #TeamNoSleep & obviously getting paid are just the core elements instead of having one slogan for the brand, why not have a lot of messages around it that embody what being paid means and what it stands for. The Get Paid brand produces hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts amongst a few. As a brand, we never follow trends because I solely believe that hoodies and sweaters are things that one can wear every single week and day without having to worry. Get Paid believes in difference and introducing new things. The brand is all about ambition and our main aim is making the brand accessible to everyone else in the whole world.

TRANSITION IS NEVER THE EASIEST Let’s talk about your transition. You started off being a radio presenter to being a television presenter and MC. What would you say is the most intense career? Radio is super intense. Radio is super demanding because it is live, there is no room for error, you have room to try out a whole lot of things and there are more people involved in a prime time show since I am doing one. You always arrive to make sure that the numbers go up and you are competing with big names in the industry, influential names as well on my end. Every radio station has a striker and there is no time for one to say I am going to hold back on a specific idea, literally we are all fighting to get all the ears and on my end everything I do, radio is intense and very demanding.

ONE HAS TO TAKE THE CUT TRICK Question: Radio, Television or being an MC? Radio first. Radio is my true love. I must say that I also found love in television, the adrenaline rush that comes with television, it can easily get to a point where it can challenge the love I have for radio because they both give the same rush, especially when done live.


INSPIRATION PROPELS ONE TO GREATER DIVISIONS Who inspires you as an individual? I am inspired by a lot if people. My dad died when I was 10 years old, so I always draw inspiration from several men who I feel like they embody certain elements that I would love to uphold one day. DJ Fresh inspires me with his sense of longevity and what one can do in this radio industry. DJ Sbu is fearless and I love that about him. I love how Linda Sibiya is, he has always been that guy I listened to as a kid, he never dropped the mic when on his show. Ryan Seacrest is also another individual that inspires me. I love how he was able to build an empire in the radio industry, Recently, I have been inspired by T-Touch, he has been doing some barmy moves that one cannot ignore. He also jumped into my Top 10 for People That You Can Really Look Up To When It Comes To The Business. I also look up to a lot of women like Bonang Matheba, Dudu Khoza, Basetsana Khumalo and Carol Bawa amongst a few. There are so many fearless women that have just told the men in the industry that “Do not look at me as a woman, I am just another person in the business, treat me as you would treat a man” and I love that about those women.

A WAY OF KICK-STARTING YOUR CAREER IS WITH ADVICE FROM THE MAN IN THE BUSINESS Your concrete advice that you would give to upcoming radio personalities, television presenters or entrepreneurs? Consistency is everything. Do not give up because everything happens on God’s time. God’s time is the best time, just because things are not coming together today, it does not mean it is the end of the world and this I was told by my family. You can connect with DJ Sabby on his social media platforms: Twitter: @dj_sabby Instagram: @dj_sabby Facebook: DJ SABBY By Lindokuhle Ndaba


AUZWEKE Home & Living


Walk in Closet for Men




So we went out this time to have a chat with girls, talking about needing men in their lives and whether they can or cannot survive without them, the rage in most women was to the far extent following the brutal killings of females by males lately. The topic gave birth to many sub-topics and iGirls had a lot to tell everybody.

Feminism is still recognised as a bad thing in some contexts even though it helps all genders to live equally, equal in education, work and domestically equal. There are instances that are still specifically linked to masculinity and they are morally more comfortable that way but in this changing world girls also need to gain experience of everything because the main difference between male and female is the gender. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once said, “Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.” This was so to make people realise that the differences between genders should not define who we become because everyone has the potential to be who they want to be. It all depends on what an individual considers to be correct or incorrect. Gender determines nothing but the sex you belong to, whether you have double Y chromosomes or XY chromosomes and that is just it, its inequalities are fought in our country not so to take power from males but to present equal opportunities to everyone. Just because she is a girl does not mean she cannot do it herself, girls are now open to many opportunities such as being a mechanic, so lately, there is really


nothing that can be referenced to males only.

Independency is grounded from home and school, there are a lot of women who their household female figures tell them never to depend on men, the thought does grow in the mind of the message receiver. This may sound positive in some way but thinking for the future, what will life be? Women against men or vice versa? It all does not matter because the future does not seem to know what happiness from intimate relationships feel like, or rather they will have a different sense of happiness. From school there are more programmes that focus on girls only like Take a Girl Child To Work, that programmes that focus on boys only. Ladies have grown fond with being independent, even on more personal levels such as sexual cases, iGirls have been provided with sex toys, these may be immoral in some cultures or maybe in religions too but they emphasise the fact that the world is slowly growing to women not needing anything from men. These toys are growing in the country and they purpose is to satisfy sex cravings, they even reduce sexually transmitted diseases; so as they may be seen abnormal or immoral they are saving lives. There are of course, women that still prefer the ‘real deal’ and that is not a sin, it is not wrong. According to the women interviewed, the link between males and females is not ending anytime soon but the changing world is giving women reasons not to need me, or rather depend on them.

There are more women than men in South Africa that are singly parenting a child and it is well known that a child requires a lot of time, money too. These females manage to grow boys to men and girls to women without a male figure assisting them, so it is pretty much open that women are powerful behind the nurture they show, therefore having a lot of nurture and care in your heart does not mean you are vulnerable. Working and building a family is not an easy thing to do and so for this reason some of iGirls agreed that a female that manages to do it all alone does not in any way need a man. The month of May considered to be a Mother’s month has brought a lot of sad news whereby ladies are killed by people they love, or rather people that claim to love them. #AllMenAreTrash rose with fury through social media, women were claiming that all men are trash because they do nothing good for them, instead they kill them. The hashtag rose after the brutal killing of Karabo Mokoena a girl from Soweto alleged to have been killed and burnt by her boyfriend, soon after that there were other two women found dead in Soweto. Following this tragedy, many women felt that they cannot allow men into their lives as they fear being killed, ‘for the name of love’. Anele Kunene a student at Witwatersrand said they should not be let to fear for their lives because Braamfontein is their home and they should be able to walk freely on the roads. This was following the woman that was said to be kidnapped at Mandela Bridge. She claimed not to believe that All Men Are Trash but she wants the brutal killings to stop. “As the youth of South Africa we need to take this country forward, and now we are being held back by these killings,” she said. So the question rose whether girls should trust their boyfriends or their husbands. Different faces told different stories, others were filled with fear, others were confident enough showing that they

trust their boyfriends, it was a question of whether love really is dependant on trust. Is it still love if you do not trust him? Or maybe, is it what they say, is there no more love in this generation? Of course there are always contradictions surrounding these questions and so an answer is hard to find. Others refer to the bible and others refer to what they with their naked eye, none is to be proven wrong because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These words were recalled, “I can be a ‘fe’ without a ‘male’,” said Makosha Mosima with an intention to let everybody know that she can live without a guy. She said that although she may find a guy along time, it does not mean she will depend on him because the world is becoming cruel. Furthermore, she explained that she is not hating on men nor is she publishing hate speech against men, all she meant was that everyone needs to depend on themselves rather than the next person. The chat with these ladies opened up a debate and different emotions were stimulated, this could be told when the chat started being loud and some excluding themselves from the talk. Girls said they will not leave their boyfriends because of some guys that have no love, however some said they do not need boyfriends at this time. One should not stick their nose in affairs of people that love each other, besides, love is largely considered to be a beautiful thing and it also provides happiness. IGirls claimed not to need men in their lives, all for various reasons. So the answer to the question - “Is there really no ‘she’ without a ‘he’?”, an answer that overtook the chat was “yes” and coming to think of it, there is no ‘he’ without a ‘she’ – women give birth, and vice versa is true, she will need him to make a baby.

By Boitumelo Kgobotlo



d n a e f i l The 16

t s i t r a n a f o y e n r jou

N N eo Manake was born in 1979 March 31. He fell in love with art while watching an art dedicated program on TV, and therefore started drawing at an early age. His subject choice was drawing his classmates, teachers, family members, himself and images he found in the magazines. He would often get in trouble for choosing art over schoolwork as he was more dedicated and focused on art not his school work.

Juggling schoolwork and art was almost impossible for him and he didn’t know how to balance the two, because art was his first choice. He struggled a lot until his then class teacher noticed this problem. She came to his rescue, and she managed to make him realise the importance of education, and also made him aware that in future art alone would not be enough without the backing of education. Being an art lover herself, she’s aware of the struggles artists go through, so she made Neo to promise that he will take his school work seriously, to always do his school work before he can working on his art. Neo’s grandmother and class teacher helped to develop his art skills - even though they had little knowledge about art. They both made him appreciate art more. Growing up he encountered health issues, and as a result was forced to take a break from school so that he could receive medical attention. It was during this time that he started focusing solely on art, without worrying about school work. Needless to say, he completed his matric at the age of 21. After matric he studied Visual Arts at FUBA. By the end of his first year he was a top first year art student. In 2003 he moved to Wits Tech (University Of Johannesburg) to study Fine Arts. He studied Fine Arts for 3 years until 2005. Then in 2006 he was seeking employment, while mentoring up and coming artists in Mohlakeng to generate income. So he was forced to do small projects on the side so he can survive. On the verge of giving up on art, it was in 2007 when he received an invitation to facilitate a workshop for a Holland based company Music Mayday. The workshop was held in Soweto. He then moved to Cape Town for

several months where he met his life partner and inspiration. She obliterated any thoughts of him giving up on art. eo continued with art, then in 2008/2009 he won the West Rand Tourism Awards, receiving first place for Arts and Crafts. An acknowledgement certificate followed this in 2009 by West Rand District Municipality. The Acknowledgement Certificate bestowed upon him the title of ‘Youth Art Ambassador’. He then went on to exhibit artworks at the International Tourism Indaba in Durban. He worked as a freelance artists for corporate wall mural companies then in 2010 he was one of the artists that were invited by VANSA, Western Cape, on behalf of the city of Cape Town, to paint and decorate some of the city’s buildings, fan parks and fan walks - before and during the FIFA World Cup. During the World Cup he worked alongside prolific artists and graffiti writers, namely Mak1One, Claire Homewood, Steven Van Niekerk, Peter Campbell, Tony Ice Coetze, and Falko. Remembering his teacher’s words (art alone is not enough), then in 2011 he went on to study Product Development and he also took part in group exhibitions in the same year. He then went for a short Retailing Course, then followed by a short business management course. After years of working as a freelance artist for several local companies, Neo now has his own company Kabo Media. Kabo Media is a small company with a lot of potential. They specialise in corporate wall murals, signages and spaza-Shop branding. He trains up and coming artists, then employ them based on available projects. Currently, he is the lead artist at Kabo Media, and works as a Manager and a General Worker. He prepares all creatives/artworks for every account that Kabo Media secures, so as to make sure the client receives nothing but top quality final products. Neo travels countrywide to fulfil his duties as the owner and Manager of Kabo Media.


Some of his achievements are listed below: 1. WRDM. Youth Ambassador (2008) 2. 1st Place. West Rand Tourism Awards (2008) 3. SMME Expo Exhibitionist (2008) 4. Exhibitions Tourism Indaba (2009) 5. Acknowledgement Certificate, Tourism Awards (2009, 2010, 2011) 6. Exhibitionist: CDC-G Xmas day Exhibitions (2009) 7. Exhibitionist: 2nd Randfontein Arts Festival (2011) 8. Product development certificate (2011). He is working towards making Kabo Media one of the successful black-owned media house. Neo wants to leave behind a legacy. He doesn’t want to be remembered as being an average artist, hence he works tirelessly to improve his skills.

Explain a bit about your background, career and what led to him becoming an artist. “I am a Visual Artist, I started painting when I was three under the guidance of my Granny, and after Matric I started Visual Art under FUBA, then moved to the University of Johannesburg. Along the way, I was introduced to Hip Hop, and through that I was introduced to Graffiti. Graffiti doesn’t have a big audience in South Africa, the few people that follow it are the ones into Hip Hop, and the rest don’t care. Hip Hop was a major influence in my life. In 2009, I decided I would make a living through graffiti and airbrushing. I do Corporate Wall Murals around South Africa, and in spare time I do portraits.”



hy did you choose this career path?

“I like working with people. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, but I discovered I had a soft spot for people. If I see that people are hurt, I will consider it a burden on myself. I decided that if I was to work in that industry, I would constantly be hurt. There were lots of things I wanted to do with advertising, and whatever I did, it always seemed to lead back to art. Without art, I could not survive.”

In closure “I was born to be an artist. My name is ‘Neo’, meaning ‘Gift’. When my Grandfather named me Neo, I think he predicted I’d be gifted, because I didn’t do degrees or diplomas, but I know people who did and they still struggle with art. Art you either have or you don’t – but I’m always learning. I still consider myself an art student, every time I come up with something different because I’m always studying. Whatever technique I come up with I want to share with the youth. Some are my unique techniques; I move away from existing techniques. Right now I do photo realism – I match spray painting with oil painting. I aim to take textures from curtains for example, and see if I can match them using spray paint to the same effect as if I were using brushes and oil paints. My other name is ‘Moses’, who was a leader. I’ve always seen myself as a leader, I don’t choose to be but because of my principles I’m always chosen as the leader. For example, when I was younger we used to do Rap Crews, and I always found myself leading.” At this point I can definitely see that these qualities have led Neo well on his path as an artist, as he now leads the art movement in South Africa’s developing communities through workshops. By Thapelo khumalo


Molobane Lodge Health Spa: Beauty a stone throw away By: T Dhlamini

Operating since 2010, Molobane Lodge has recently added to its vast offering – a Health Spa.

The spa is a haven that is filled with bright colour and warm smiles. Staffed by ex-Mangwanani personnel, it offers a highly professional set of services. The spa is located in the Lodge premises on the outskirts of Zuurbekom.

• Sweet 16 Package • Yummy Mummy (Baby Shower/Pregnancy Celebration)

The spa is tranquil with music gently floating to ease any overworked mind and relax even the most uptight nerves. With a fully functional Beauty Salon in the Spa, it is a luxurious get away that offers a service offering that any person will enjoy. They have a Jacuzzi, steam room and a special chill area for those group bookings and outings where you can relax and enjoy each other in a new environment.

• Full Body Massage (60 min) • Hot Stone Massage (90 min) • Indian Head Massage (30 min) • Facials (varying types) • Hand Massage • Paraffin Treatments

In case you are thinking of a baby shower, girls outing, a society get together or even a romantic getaway, this spa is worth a try. They operate a Night Spa that allows you to enjoy treatments in the evening and you can then retire back to an amazing room which is a few metres away in the lodge. The deliciously rejuvenating treatments are in rooms that offer privacy and aromas that welcome and invigorate. With a capability of handling ten customers easily, specialised group bookings can be arranged and organised for larger crews. The Health Spa offers start from a mere R90 for a facial and scale up with more complex offerings. With standard package offerings such as: • Bakgalaka Indulgence • Bashabi Package • Destiny Package


With treatments such as:

For further enquiries, Sarah Rangwanasha at Molobane Lodge can be contacted at the following: Tel – (011) 023 4936/ (011)851 2621 Add- Plot 409&410 Louise Avenue, Zuurbekom


Lady P The smell and music was so comforting. The oils that they use for the massages are so mild and they work well for even those that have sensitive skins or sinus. The staff are professional and warm. They are able to give you intuitive privacy for you to change and get comfortable. The rooms are so beautiful, with great visual textures making a wonderful environment. The area is like being in a different world, your own world. Overall, the treatment feels good; it made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The skin was soft and I left with a glow. The pricing is a winner and I can’t wait to return there again at another time. I give the spa a 4/5 thumbs up. Lady V I highly recommend the health spa! The environment and staff members are so warm and competent. It is a great place to have a wedding, as you can do a

pre-wedding treatment at the spa, including your make-up and have the wedding at the Lodge and even honeymoon there! Social Clubs and other women who are older could get great value at this Health Spa as the treatments have health benefits for the elderly who struggle with joint pains and other movement restrictions. I give it a 5/5 for being reasonably priced and for the large range of offerings they have. Lady W I think it is a great way to celebrate important dates and times in your life. I can’t wait to book for my big birthdays. To be able to invite friends and have a beautiful place to unwind and do something special. The masseurs are friendly and professional. I give it a 5/5. 21

AUZWEKE Fashion & Style

Our fashion style is classic formal and smart-casual with a touch of our own style 22

By Nkosana John Mathonsi and Bonginkosi Mduduzi Mthethwa. We were both born at the Baragwaneth Hospital but in separate years. Mthethwa was born on May 6, 1998 - a year after, on October 8, 1999 Mathonsi was born. We both grew in Chiawelo, Soweto. This is a low-income township with four roomed houses and at least seven people living in one house. We grew together since an early age and shared common interests. Mathonsi: I matriculated last year and currently doing a course in Commercial Accounting at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus. Mthethwa: I am currently taking a gap year due to lack of funds for tertiary, but highly wishing to doing a course in Bio-kinetics next year. We are photographers, modelers and our own stylists. Our fashion style is classic formal and smart-casual with a touch of our own style, hence living by a quote ‘wear cheap but look expensive’. Due to lack of equipment, such as digital single lens-reflex camera’s, we use our phones to take photography, but the end product is much more eye appealing. Our love of clothing and fashion grounded by inspirations from Laduma, Bobo Ndima, the Gentleman’s Gazette, Sibabuyile and Perkensbienaime an international stylist. Considering photography, Rendani and Fhatuwani Mukheli are actually our role models. When we read about their backgrounds we realised that it is similar to ours. The photographs they take reveal the untold stories. We are looking forward to being in a well organised agency where we would be built to being two of the best modelers and stylists in the world, still keeping in mind the photography dream. In a few years to come, we visualize ourselves having our own gallery and clothing shop where we would sell our own clothing line. We greatly appreciated the chance given by Auzweke Magazine to outshine ourselves in the world. We thank you From Auzweke Sithi Salute bafwethu!



Kagiso Motsumi

Chef 24

Classic Stacked Burger 1) 2 Beef Patties 2) Mayo 3) Mustard 4) BBQ Sauce 5) 2 Stricks Bacon 6) 4 Cheese Slices

STEPS: Stack your burger from the bottom bun with burger patty, melted cheese, crispy bacon and all three sauces in that order till the last patty. Put you tomato, onion and gherkins & lettuce. Place your top bun and secure your burger with a skewer stick in the middle

Bacon and Blue 1) 3 Slices stricks bacon 2) 2 Beef patties 3) 50g Blue cheese 4) 80g Fresh cream

STEPS: 1) Crisp up bacon in the oven. 2) On the top stove, heat cream, add blue cheese and smooth it out into a thick sauce. 3) Using the Pineapple Burger recipe, replace pineapple with bacon in-between the patties then add blue cheese sauce on top.

Bacon, Mango & Pineapple Salsa Burger 1) 1 Bacon Stake 2) 1 Slice Tomato 3) 1 Gherkin Slice 4) 3 Onion Slices 5) 1 Burger Bun 6) 1 Lettuce Leave 7) Mayonnaise & Mustard Sauce

MANGO & PINEAPPLE SALSA a) 1 Medium sized mango b) 1 Small pineapple (Diced) c) 1 Small red onion (Diced) d) 10g Fresh coriander (Chopped) e) ½ Cucumber (Diced) f) 2 Tomatoes (Seeded & Diced) g) 2 tbls Olive oil h) 2 tbls Apple cider vinegar i) Pinch salt & pepper

STEPS: MIX EVERYTHING TOGETHER Build your burger like pineapple burger, replace beef patties with bacon stake, then add salsa to the top of the stake and top with bun.







handi Nakampe Mokgoankgoa prominently known as Fiesta Black is a vocalist, songwriter, actress, rapper and MC hailing all the way from Titibe GaDikgale in the beautiful Limpopo province. Fiesta rose to fame when she did vocals for the Tsonga-themed jam called Xigubu with renowned DJ Ganyani. After recording and slaying the video which got a whopping two million views on YouTube, Fiesta continued to keep the fire burning in the music industry with her sizzling hot vocals. Fiesta Black at a later stage released her own independent record called Fihla – which kept patrons on their feet. She worked with familiar DJ’s such as The Revolution Twins for a single titled Teka Famba, Thuntsha Lerole with DJ Stavo, international artist Byron King and DJ Mbuso amongst a few. Now, Fiesta is determined to continue reigning as the Queen of House Music as she released her latest offering called “Izinto” – which is a vibrant single that will make you dance until you cannot take no more. Currently signed with Muthaland Entertainment/Ghetto Ruff, she is yet to keep us entertained and obviously, turning this industry into a spectacular music ‘Fiesta’.


Q and A 1. Fiesta Black is known as the Queen of House Music. How do you define Fiesta Black? Who is Fiesta Black to be more precise? Fiesta Black is the girl next door who loves music and people. She can be as sweet as honey or as cold as ice, it’s really up to the next person but overall I love being happy and fooling around. 2. You have worked with the likes of DJ Ganyani, Revolution Twins and DJ Stavo amongst a few. What can you say about that experience? It’s been great, I learned a thing or two from all those people, my experiences with them have made me a stronger and better person. 3. How did the stage name Fiesta Black come about? What was the inspiration behind it? Black was inspired by the colour of my skin, it took me a while to embrace it and love it. I grew up thinking it was an ugly thing but I have grown to love it. Fiesta was stolen from a girl who I thought was so pretty and so cool [laughs] back in high school. 4. Has house music been that one genre that you have always envisioned yourself in or perhaps is there another genre that you want[ed] to venture in? House music was never part of the plan, it happened by chance and the people’s reaction to what I was doing made me love it and pay more attention to it. Trap/afro soul and dancehall were the plan. 5. Your new single Izinto with sensational saxophonist Bongane Radebe is definitely rocking the airwaves at the current moment. Can you please tell me how did you come about with such a killer track? Yeah it was really nice to work with him on the song. In essence the song was hot without the sax but he just took it to another level, he completed the song. I honestly can’t say how I came up with it [laughs] I just fell in love with the beat and I wrote a song. This is what I do with all my other songs.


6. What is the meaning behind Izinto? What was the main angle of the song? Izinto means “Things” so the song is just talking about people who just can’t help but like things I know they can’t help it but I am just saying “we see you”. 7. What can we anticipate from you in the near future? Any collaborations in the pipeline? I don’t even know what to expect from me in the near future, I surprise myself on a daily basis so let’s just see what the universe has prepared for me. Good music and probably an album this year. Still a bit undecided on who else I would like to collaborate with [laughs] but so far I have worked with amazing young talent and I am happy, I have worked with individuals such as Dirty Kix, Jolondy, Wilo Inc, Megadrum, Bongani Radebe and Tona just to name a few. 8. The industry somewhat has a lot of challenges and frankly, not a lot of people know about these challenges. In your own view, what can you say are the challenges one encounters before penetrating the industry? For me personally it’s always been the challenge of “who do you know” in this industry. You have to know people in the right places to get somewhere; it’s just what it is. So for someone like me who enjoys being in studio rather than out there socializing and making connects, it’s tricky. 9. A lot of upcoming artists want to be where you are currently. Any concrete advice that you can provide them with? Paper work! I can’t stress this enough, things like paperwork and contracts are getting people into messy situations, know and understand what you are signing. It’s absolutely important. 10. TRICK QUESTION: What was one of your favourite songs that you have ever recorded and why? It’s a song called Mama Wami that I have somewhere in my collection, it’s just very close to my heart and it has a deep meaning.

11. Who is your inspiration currently? How has that specific individual inspired you?

12. SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES? Twitter: Fiesta_black. Facebook: Fiesta Black. Instagram: Fiestablackmusic By Lindokuhle Ndaba

“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger but can also cripple you, so don't stay down for too long.” – Fiesta Black

Photos by: Muthaland Entertainment

My inspiration right now is the old me, I have learned a lot from myself, the mistakes I have made and the journey I have travelled. I have seen myself grow in ways I thought I never would so I am proud of myself for choosing to learn from life’s lessons rather than blame the world for my mistakes and be the victim – I am a tough cookie!



Ballpoint art changed my life

Awonke Kwinana was born in the Eastern Cape, in a place called Kieskammahoek. He grew up in the Westrand in township called Elisburg a mining area. Kwinana works preponderant in the medium of ballpoint art. Although he had no formal training in Fine art, Awonke’s eclat is a direct result of an inherent talent. On the year 2011 whilst he was embarking on his studies doing Fashion design, in Walter Sisulu university ,Cambridge street. He was guided by a Lecturer named Archie who advised and encouraged him to draw with a pen, Archie (Lecturer) started to imbue the shading technique. Whilst Kwinana was building his fashion design portfolio with little skills of shading he had built, money became the problem and he didn’t complete his Fashion Diploma. In 2016 he knew that his friend was visiting from Switzerland and the time he was broke, all he had was his pen and sketchpad. He asked his friend to send him his picture and the friend sent a picture of him and his girlfriend. Kwinana saw this opportunity and drew a portrait that he was going to present to his friend as he had no money to buy any gift.


‘’I believe that if a pen is skillfully put on paper, and captures a bottle of emotion. Nothing is impossible in the faculty of art’’

When they met for drinks Kwinana presented a custom made portrait, his Swiss friend received it with joy and he was amazed by this beautiful artwork. His friend asked him if he has been doing this for years and he responded and said “actually this is my first ballpoint drawing piece”. His Swiss friend told him that he could make a lot on money if he can take this gift serious. That made Awonke to be fulfilled with the compliments he got, which encouraged him to endearvour in the art industry. Since he was uncaltivated in the medium of ballpoint art, he made his research and he found Enam Bosokah. He started following his work. Enam’s work made things easier for him, he acquainted himself and edifice his technique by studying Enam’s pieces. He enhanced his technique through practise. Awonke is currently studying part time with South African school of paralegal studies pursing his Paralegal diploma. Talking about studies he studied Evangelism which is course done by missionaries people who go door to door and preach for people. He completed the course and he volunteered to do missionary work. As the missionary work didn’t pay life was a bit tough for him to survive so he got a job to work at a mine. So from the mine job that’s when he decided to do ballpoint art.

My job is to make sketches custom made portraits & landscape art with a pen. For families, friends as well as Corporate companies. I am also open to leasing out my pieces to corporate companies he said. By Thapelo khumalo


AUZWEKE Entrepreneur Corner

Are you in with the #SmallBiz trend? During most of my sales visits to these clients, I would find myself questioning the client on their business instead of their product or service. My interests were more on how the business functioned. What their reason for being in business was? And if they were experiencing growth. This last question however, always caught my attention as the answer was always a resounding “Well, we could do better” and this had me questioning the reason as to why many small business owners don not do as well as they would like. And as we all know the “we could do better” is a direct referral to profits. My name is Shannon Rosenberg a small business owner. My company, Eighty6 Marketing, started out of a desire to help small businesses grow and become the business that the entrepreneur had envisioned before leaving their job. I worked in the engineering sector for five years as an Internal Sales Engineer (ISE) and External Sales Engineer (ESE), during my time as an ESE, I got to interact with many small business owners. Men and women who challenged the status quo. These people were motivated and driven to the point of starting businesses ranging from procuring agencies to engineering power houses. One common challenge a lot of these entrepreneurs faced was their inability to grow. I was there to service them as my clients and in doing so, I was paying attention to how their business was operating. Did the business have department functions? Did the business even have different departments? If so, were these in-house departments or were they outsourced services? Was the business owner in charge of every single aspect of his business or were they focused on their skill set?


My observations lead me to conclude that many small business owners in South Africa have what it takes to be great business owners, to be a part of the #SmallBiz trend, but lack what it takes to make it great. This is by no means an assumption on their intelligence, but purely an estimation based on their skill set. This observation is the reason I started my business and no, we have not discovered a gap in the market as many fortunate entrepreneurs do, what we discovered was the fact that many South African small business owners needed assistance and that is all we wanted to do! We wanted to help. Many South Africans, young entrepreneurs for that matter, take the leap of faith and decide to start their own businesses. We salute you #YoungEtrepreneur! This is a good thing, especially when the reason for wanting to be in business is the right one like the desire to make a difference in the lives of people every day! Moreover, I believe these were the people I was meeting with every day, people who wanted to affect change in our economies and people who wanted to employ other people – but needed help.

So, let us look at a small business and its development. When starting that small business, the entrepreneur is challenged to face many extremities but they are nothing they cannot handle as they have already conquered the most important part of the business, and that is starting it! But what many small business owners neglect in the start-up process is marketing. Yes, I said it… marketing. . Marketing is actually a thing to be considered in the very beginning phase of starting up a business! You might be wondering why I said that, well, let us look at this from a basic marketing perspective. In order to have and operate a successful business, the business owner needs to have a marketing mix in place, that is what we refer to as the 5 P’s, to operate effectively within their market. These are: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People. Oh! By the way, people should always be first on your business priorities as they are the individuals who you depend on to be in business. People matter in business; they are the driving force behind every successful business. Therefore, with these five marketing fundamentals in place, it is going to be an even more difficult task to commandeer. Want a little more? Ok, lets really understand this: If there is no product or service, which is your offering, then why are you in business? However, if there is a product, what makes your product or offering stand out? Are you the only provider of this product? How well is your product packaged? Once this is established, price then becomes the next question. Is your product fairly priced for its market? Have you researched where your pricing should be, or have you priced according to how amazing your product is but risk losing sales because you have not researched this imperative part in the process? Let us say, for the sake of this article, your pricing is where it needs to be! How then do you plan to promote this product? The importance of understanding where to promote your offering is essential as this step helps you understand who your market is and so you become better at targeting your market. Place is in most cases automatically established after having researched the who to promote to. Why? Well… knowing who to promote to leads the small business owner to a demographic and this research confirms where this buyer is. Place! So the small business owner is now more enlightened as to where they need to market. Finally, once all the necessary research has

been conducted in terms of the five P’s, then knowing whom to sell to, your potential customer, now becomes a focal point and you as the small business owner are better equipped to target your buyer. Being a part of South Africa’s newest or latest trend rather, # SmallBiz, means that you undertake to make a difference in our society. South Africa’s modern culture demands change and this change drives our economy. Being a part of this trend means you understand the need to implement the right strategies from the onset to help make your business more effective and successful and if this means that you have to learn new things to be a part of it, then do it! But the same is true in the event of having to outsource necessary business services to be more successful whilst your business is growing. It is vitally important to be involved in every aspect of your business but also vital to understand where your skillset lie. Example: This means you might need to outsource an accountant because you cannot yet employ one. Modern Businessman, Vusi Thembekwayo also known as ‘The Rockstar of Public Speaking’ was recently interviewed on national television and in this interview, he mentioned something so profound: “We have to understand that we’re not going to get a Range Rover tomorrow. Start where you are. Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do” You can find this video on YouTube: Vusi Thembekwayo talks about Black Entrepreneurship and Radical Economic Transformation. Personally, I could have not said it better myself! As an entrepreneur who is a part of the # SmallBiz trend, I recognised that my business will only make a difference in other small businesses if I create a company culture of helping others. After all, this was the reason for my business starting. We started because we recognised other small business needed to grow. Being socially significant is a culture we at Eighty6 Marketing are striving towards achieving. We value what we do and believe that our service offering is the key component to every business’ success. Every small business owner in South Africa and the world for that matter has it in them to make a success of their company. If their reason for being in business is to make a difference, then we believe they are already halfway there!


AUZWEKE Mjojo Livity


Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline meaning that it helps your body, mind and soul find relaxation. Although it is increasingly becoming a common practice across the world, yoga originates from India and is estimated to have begun 5 000 years ago and that was before it could be published in any way. It was published around 2 500 years ago by its practitioner from India, Patanjali. Yoga is developed from a Sanskrit word yuj which means ‘join’. It serves to build humanity and it includes meditation. Yoga is not to be confused with culture but it has become the basic essential part of some traditions, it grew largely in all parts of the world and so different types of yoga and yoga schools came through. Yoga makes use of postures to work on the body muscles and this is referred to as asanas, it also requires a lot of concentration on specific body parts, and breathing techniques referred to as pranayama to create a fixed relationship between the body and mind, alternatively, between the mind and soul.


THE BODY Yoga Asanas works effectively with the body since it is about postures. Almost all systems are impacted such as the respiratory system, muscles, bones, nervous system, circulatory and digestive system. There are many yoga poses; kriyas (actions) which its main focus is in moving energy up and down the spine, mudras (seals) is a gesture or movement to hold energy or concentrate awareness and there are many different yoga mudras with different benefits, and bandhas (locks).

THE MIND The yoga that deals with the mind is internal meaning it works with your internal parts, it trains the mind to let go of stressful things and helps you to be able to place your focus on your specific body part. The mind gains the ability work effectively. It keeps the mind well connected to its body ignoring external factors. Savasana, known as the ‘corpse pose’ is one of the poses one can do to unite the body and mind; It is usually the last pose of yoga before

final breathing exercise. Savasana requires you to close your eyes and lie on your back on the floor, and just ‘sink in’. You should follow instructions by the instructor and you will be able to drive your mind to a peaceful place and be relaxed.

THE SOUL As discussed earlier, savasana aims to bring calmness, peace and relaxation, uniting the body with the mind and the mind with the body. Controlled breathing serves to regulate how the body, mind and soul merge. Prananyamas is a breathing technique that serves to control the energy flow in your body. This is easily explained because pranayamas is derived from Sanskrit words, prana meaning life force which is considered as a breath and ayama meaning social ethics.

TYPES OF YOGA Research has shown that any type of yoga improves strength, flexibility and balance. To find the right yoga types for you, you will need to understand your health.

The following are some types of yoga one can practice: - Hatha, this is considered to be a good type of yoga for beginners. It forms the basis of teaching about yoga postures. It introduces one to yoga and prepares one for other yoga poses that are more challenging. This type of yoga is softer to your muscles. Research also shows that women who practice yoga (yoginis) at least twice a week recover faster from stress than those who do not. - Power Yoga is taught as an aggressive workout where you move quickly from one pose to another to build strength and endurance, the aim is to help you lose weight, the styles of Power Yoga differ therefore one should visit studios to get their most preferred type of Power yoga. - Kundalini Yoga incorporates repeated movements, dynamic breathing techniques, chanting, meditation and mantras. The practice deals with the energy in your body. - Restorative Yoga allows a yogi or yogini to relax, this is where a yoga practitioner gets to let go of themselves for a few minutes, approximately 10 minutes. It provides support within each post.

as arthritis and back pains, so yoga exercises actually build the strength of muscles to protect you from such illnesses. - Improves your flexibility When you do yoga, your muscles loosen up and you can notice this as your yoga classes go on. At first you might not have been able to raise your leg high but with the effect of time and continued time you will eventually be able to raise your leg high. Therefore, you gain flexibility as you do yoga. - Regulate blood flow Yoga gets more oxygen into your body, twisting poses are thought to wring out venous blood from internal organs and allow oxygenated blood to flow once the twist is released. - Betters your bone health This is because many yoga types require you to lift up your own weight, therefore your skeleton in trained to be stronger. Arm bones are vulnerable, through downward and up-facing dog positions, these bones will gain density vertebrae.

There are more and more poses, they develop all the time because more and more instructors are coming to rise, however, the purposes are likely to be the same.

- Relaxes your system Researchers have revealed that yoga helps to shift your mind from anything stressful in your life; it may be your love life, school, work or anything else, yoga will take you away from it all if of course, instructions are followed correctly. It shifts your balance from the sympathic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.



You do not need many things to practice yoga, these are the things you will need: • Mat • Blankets • Blocks and wedges • Towel • Straps

There are more and more benefits of yoga, and people can see how important yoga really is, without spending a lot of money. If you do not feel like going to the yoga studio you can get yoga DVDs or even get them online and do exercises at home. Having realised the benefits, it is clear that people of all ages can do yoga. Seniors and minors are allowed to practice yoga because the body, mind and soul need to unite regardless of the age group you belong to.

BENEFITS OF YOGA - Strengthens muscles Muscles are very important, they allow us to move our body parts. If they are not healthy then bodies might be affected with diseases such


Children should be taken to yoga studios, the world today is virally taken by technology and people are working hard to catch up on technology. Millennials spend a lot of time on their gadgets too because their school work, games and essential applications are all found on gadgets. They spend hours on these and so hardly get time to relax, build their skeleton and give their minds a break. Therefore, parents should take their children to practice yoga. The benefits are prior-mentioned. Moreover, yoga is fun and of course children want fun, souls deserves to be happy. Same applies for seniors, they should do yoga exercises. It was found that seniors experience higher rates of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. The memory can also decline. Seniors are then advised to attend yoga classes to save themselves from being affected with such disorders, even diseases such as sugar diabetes. To reduce these risks, yoga can be helpful.

ARE YOU SAFE TO PRACTICE YOGA? Speak to your doctor before attempting to do yoga because you might have a disorder that does not go along with some of the exercises, so you need to know what it is you can or you cannot do. Example: individuals with diabetic retinopathy should not do exercises where the head is below the heart, like downward dog (adho mukha svanasana), forward bending (konasana), handstands (adho mukha vrksasana), and any of the other inversion poses.

EXPECT THIS FROM A YOGA CLASS Classes usually last for 75 minutes, however try getting there at least 10 minutes earlier to get the spot you find more comfortable. There is a 15-20 minute period of breathing, chanting, and warming up (it varies by type of yoga and instructor), followed by the asanas and then 15-20 minutes of relaxation (savasana) at the end.



“It features two suspension setups; Michelin rubber and the exhaust concerto is provided by legendary Akrapovic – what’s not to like here, except perhaps, the EDC gearbox?” Let us put it on record and mention that Renault’s little Clio RS has long defeated our hearts with its potency; its Cup chassis that gifts it a world-beating sports handling, and as a generally thrilling start up package. Renault South Africa has just unleashed a freshened up fourthgeneration version with added features, starting with R.S. VISION. These are new LED lights that not only enhance night-time driving vision for drivers but also give it a distinct look. The lights are said to be efficient and adaptive to driving conditions.

Renault’s rabid little Clio RS enhanced! 36

Other cues to the new model include change in design of a broader front and rear bumpers, there are large alloy wheels and a more prominent double exhaust pipes tips plus a rear spoiler. Change is also adopted on its rear light cluster, which grows slightly in size while a slew of badges – including a larger Renault badge. Wheel design is enhanced and 17-inch wheels feature on the LUX Model while a Gloss Black but 18-inches wide set is attached on the TROPHY model. This model also gets specific sills; a more noticeable spoiler and diffuser. On the interior expect the usual R.S. styling that merges omfort and a modicum of racing minimalism through Renault Sport bucket seats now with extra side support, and heated in Trophy guise; R.S. embossed headrests.

Renault also introduces Megane-type variances with two different types of chassis and petrol engines now available. The Sport chassis bridges everyday comfort with a fair degree of sporting dynamism on the LUX mode while the championship-winning TROPHY chassis – the one we’d sell our grandmothers for – features 18-inch wheels and the ride height lowered by 20mm at the front and 10mm at the rear. The LUX version of the Clio RS outputs 147kW while TROPHY makes a more robust 162kW at 6050 rpm that is reported to shift past the 100km/h mark in a fair 6.6 seconds and run out of steam only at 235km/h.

Though we would have preferred the option of a six-speed manual transmission, sadly both engines are mated to Renault’s unflattering and uninspiring six-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. The new Clio R.S. also gets an exclusive exhaust system developed by Akrapovic and is said to have an instantly recognizable tail sound. Launch Control is also integrated but in all honesty, a Clio RS is best served charging at a race track or a road judiciously peppered with hairpin bends. This is where you can better deploy not only the fabulously grippy and petrosexual-recommended Michelin Pilot Sport rubber, its 320mm wide brakes but more so the electronic Differential that’s on-hand to regulate traction and to limit vehicle skidding through the car’s ABS and ESP sensors.

It’s a car that we cannot wait to put through its paces at an apt piece of earth, like perhaps, Magkoeba’s Kloof mountain pass. The new Clio R.S. models come standard with a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty, together with a 6-year anti-corrosion warranty. A 3-year/30 000km service plan applies, with service intervals at 10 000km. New CLIO R.S. 200 EDC LUX New CLIO R.S. 220 EDC TROPHY

R379 900 R419 900

OPTIONS Metallic Paint R 2 500 Special Metallic Paint: Sirius Yellow & Frost Pearl White R10 000

Review by Petrosexual


AUZWEKE Poetry Corner

SEARCHING FOR THE UNKNOWN I do not know what I am looking for But I know I want to look some more I do not know what I am looking for But I know once it is found I won’t be sad anymore I do not know what I am looking for I’m gonna search some more I do not know what I am looking for However, I know it is worth waiting for I do not know what I am looking for But I know my eyes will keep looking either way I do not know what I am looking for But I know my tummy is craving it I do not know what I am looking for However, I know my hands want to touch it I do not know what I am looking for However, I know my eyes want to see it I do not know what I am looking for But I know I want to walk besides it I do not know what I am looking for But I know my heart wants to reach out to it I do not know what I am looking for But I know my nose wants to smell it I do not know what I am looking for However, I know it is calling out for me I do not know what I am looking for Nevertheless, I can hear it calling out my name I do not know what I am looking for Nevertheless, I know its moving on its own pace I do not know what I’m looking for However, I hear its fragrance flying in the air I do not know what I am looking for However, I know someday I will find it

By Kelebogile Mosebetsi

ARE YOU A POET and you would like your POEM to be featured on the next issue please email your POEM to info@auzweke.com


AUZWEKE #Music Review DONALD RELEASES HIS SIZZLING NEW ALBUM CALLED SOMETHING MORE and Didi Makobane. The visuals were shot by Bruce Pattison and his team from Pilot Films, who worked with Donald when he shot his music video for “The Love I Deserve”

HOW CAN YOU GET SOMETHING MORE? Whatever happened to Donald, you ask yourself? Well, rest-assured because the renowned King of South African R&B and House Music is back and is sure going to turn your musical journey into an extraordinary one with his brand new album titled - Something More. The multi-platinum selling artist invited us to get an exclusive preview of his new album but he also announced that his album will also be available as a visual album, which in essence makes him the first artist to release a visual album on African shores. While, he went radio-silent on us for a full 10 months, he was busy recording his 10 track album and shooting back-to-back videos for his new album. Mr “In Denial” kept his album top secret until he unveiled it at a media launch he held at the Multichoice City Cinema in Randburg, North of Johannesburg.

WHAT MAKES SOMETHING MORE DISCREPANT? Donald states that with this album he is redefining what precisely means to be an R&B and House African artist with a global state of mind. His new album features amazing collaborations with artists such as Nigeria’s songstress - Tiwa Savage, Saso from the renowned Hip-Hop trio - Dreamteam and the Durban-based artist that is set to rock the music industry with her mind-blowing voice Flowda. Of course, what is a music video without gorgeous individuals? The visuals are graced by the likes of Masechaba Ndlovu, Bontle Modiselle, Adbul Khoza

This amazing album is available on all online music platforms including iTunes, Tidal and Google Play. All the visuals are available on VEVO. Here is the link to get your Something More album: https://donald.Ink.to/SometingMore

WHAT DONALD HAD TO SAY ABOUT SOMETHING MORE? “I must say this was the most difficult project that I’ve ever worked on. It’s my fourth studio album and my first visual album. This is something that I have been dreaming of doing for years but I knew I had to wait for the right time and now is that time. I went through a lot to get this project off the ground and to complete it. There were times where I almost gave up but I knew that this was not just about me, it goes beyond selling records and winning awards. This is all about inspiring young people to dream big and work hard. I did exactly that with this visual album and I am very proud of the work my team and I produced. I know the fans will enjoy it.” – Donald This will be that one album that you will not regret purchasing and you will definitely be asking for “Something More.” You can connect with Donald on his social media platforms. Here are his handles: #SomethingMoreAlbum #DonaldVisualAlbum Twitter: @donaldindenial Instagram: @donaldindenial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donaldIdeserve By Lindokuhle Ndaba





Photos by: Lindokuhle Ndaba



Summary Wa Lehetla



habo Kgaphola is prominently known as ‘Summary Wa Lehetla’, a name he got from a talent show that he ntered and won at his church. ‘Lehetla’ is Sotho for shoulder, and by virtue of his tendency to dance and move his shoulders it became his stage name. Hailing all the way from Limpopo, this young comedian has made his mark in the comedy industry and has rubbed shoulders – forgive the pun – with the likes of renowned comedian Mashabela Galane. It started as just a hobby at school when Summary was often the Master of Ceremonies during school functions. He also knew that he loved comedy but he never thought about being a comedian, lack of knowledge made him take a long road to making his first appearance. Summary was advised at a tender age, while he was in high school to study something that was in line with his talent. Instead, after completing his Matric he came across a learnership which he did for six years, and while he was doing his final year his colleagues advised him that he was in the wrong field. It was then that he resigned from the learnership and enrolled with the University of Johannesburg`s faculty of Management. The likes of Professor Duplessis are also witness to this young and talented comedian`s work.


he other reason he did not go for comedy was due to his lack of confidence but this changed over time as he was the class clown in the lecture room, and subsequently oozed the necessary confidence level. UJ FM has so far hosted this comedian various times. Thabo`s goal is not to

become famous because of his talent but to use his talent wisely to make people laugh their problems away, and to also groom comedians. So far he has done shows in Limpopo, Maponya Mall and the Vaal region. This youngster can be spotted around campus and is approachable, any word that he utters will blow one`s mind and stress away. ‘The future is bright in the entertainment industry for me. What I would say is, I will be and I am a funny, intelligent and genuine comedian. In few years to come I could be helping other comedians to fulfil their dreams in the industry knowing how tough it is to breakthrough,’ said Kgaphola. ‘A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another one, but instead it gains more light and strength,’ he added. The future for this confident young comedian seems so bright and he foresees himself not only traveling throughout the country like he is currently doing, but also in other countries, as he continues to bless people with his jokes. Becoming Summary was not an overnight thing, he was once a guy who never had good looking designer clothes. Never had even an All Star or any known branded label item. Summary’s background shows that what one wears is less important than the person’s soul. His childhood was not financially perfect but he managed to keep the his smile, change people’s frowns to smiles, and developed them to laughter. Family background and all material things did not matter, what mattered was the dream he had and the passion to make it live and true. Little did he know that his financial struggle was just a preparation and a molding process to make him a star, make him funny using those real life issues to make people laugh. Summary did not know he would be a comedian but he knew he could make jokes about his sorrows and

daily experiences. All he could do was to thank God for the lessons of life and he does not regret growing up poor or less fortunate. That made him the real, natural comedian he is today. That’s where being humble comes from, knowing where you come from. “Do not be ashamed of who you are and where you come from, or how your home looks like, what matters is what’s in your heart, the passion and hunger you have to succeed. Never look down on yourself you are a born star.” Look at summary now he is glowing and is known by many people all over the country.

Please share a word of advice to the youth? “To my peers out there I would like to share my thoughts with you. I would like to let you know that you are the best! You are capable and you can achieve anything your heart desires but only through hard work, commitment and consistency not forgetting prayer as the main drive. I for one believe in prayer then all the hard work follows. I would like to edge young people out there to start following their dreams now and build their empire now. Because sometimes as you grow the energy and the hunger you have for your dream fades away and you end settling for anything that comes your way. Be careful don’t let laziness and negativity get in your way. Keep away from friends that don’t have dreams. Keep away from people who lack the power to see possibilities. Believe and see things happening. Strive for greatness and action every thought. You can if you believe,” said Kgaphola. By Thapelo Khumalo



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A youth magazine that tells stories of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. Fashion | Lifestyle | Entrepreneur | Travel | Home & Living

Auzweke magazine final2  

A youth magazine that tells stories of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. Fashion | Lifestyle | Entrepreneur | Travel | Home & Living