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Sports Ayabonga Khaka ‘Women’s Cricket Is On The Right Track’


Mjojo Livity Walking for Life #Ask How How to travel on a Shoestring Budget





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Ayanda Mlala, Lebohang Makobe, Ntandose Mosibi and Tebogo Tabane Celebrating Women In Media


#Ask_IGirls A very happy women’s month

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Mjojo Livity Walking for Life Up Close: Tina Redman

Beat boxing a form of expression for me


#Ask How How to travel on a Shoestring Budget


Sports Ayabonga Khaka Women’s Cricket Is On The Right Track’


Poem Respect The Power Of She


Food Asparagus Fried Fillet Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Jacked Potatoes

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Auzweke! Bafwethe. Celebrating women in media with the South African media industry growing on a daily, it’s no secret that a female take over is on the horizon. Since our beloved female personals keep shining in all aspects, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, news and motorsport. Auzweke’s Gift Tlou, had the privilege of spending the day with emerging talents in Ayanda Mlala, Lebohang Makobe, Ntandose Mosibi and Tebogo Tabane. Read the article to get to knowmore about them. On #Askigirls we speak about a very happy women’s month. As we enter into the women’s month we ought to remember that not only are we celebrating mothers of the nations, home herders and keepers. We are also celebrating people who most of the time have to deal with society trying to ridicule and define in a way that they feel comfortable for them as opposed to the women in it. Walking for Life is the realisation that walking is an essential life saver, it’s welcome knowledge to most of us who absolutely hate running and other forms of aerobic exercise that have you panting to catch your tongue and hoping your lungs will not burst out of your chest before the ordeal is over. “Beat boxing has become a form of expression for me” Our very own, Tina Redman is one lady raising the bar in women’s beat boxing and taking it to new heights. Tina opened up to Auzweke’s Thapelo Khumalo, about her journey thus far. Travelling is a necessary function for expansion of human existence. When we travel, we expand ourselves. We come out of our life’s routines; stretch our comfort zones; open our lives to others and add new experiences to our lives. Having said this, it is always with interest that I come across many native South Africans that do not consider travelling. And it is with the same amount of excitement that I celebrate the Short Left concept. So we get to read more about How to travel on a Shoestring Budget. Momentum pace bowler, Ayabonga khaka is one lady raising the bar in women’s cricket. The Eastern Cape born cricketer opened up to Auzweke’s Gift Tlou, about her journey thus far. so now we know that women’s cricket is on the right track. Then we close off with a poem by O Shaka titled RESPECT THE POWER OF SHE Auzweke!TV is LIVE visit Hope you enjoy this edition.

From our side Sith’ Auzweke!

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With the South African media industry growing on a daily, it’s no secret that a female take over is on the horizon. Since our beloved female personals keep shining in all aspects, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, news and motorsport. Auzweke’s Gift Tlou, had the privilege of spending the day with emerging talents in Ayanda Neck Lebohang Makobe, Ntandose Mosibi and Tebogo Tabane. Ayanda Neck, make-up artist, television presenter and radio host of the lunch show on kasie fm. Born and bred in Crystal Park a small white Suburb in the East rand, “a secret suburb” she describes it. “I was very hyper as a child”, she begins “my upbringing was okay, I did well in school, completed my matric at Wordsworth high school”. Television and radio might seem fun and easy when someone is on the screen or behind the mic of commercial stations, but some parents remain reluctant to let their kids follow this path. Ayanda testifies, “When I was 16 I joined an agency called gaino casting, they were the best at that time”, she reveals. “from there on I attended my first auditions on Yo- tv, I made it to the top four, got shortlisted and everything”. “After that my mother advised me to focus on school and drop the television thing”, she recalls. The radio personal took her mother’s advice and focused solely on school until she completed matric in 2012, and enrolled at Boston media house where she studied two years only to drop out later, due to financial constraints. “At that time all I could do was to remain optimistic and hope that a breakthrough will come, I was sending demos to various radio stations pushing hard”, she says.

The East Rand born, had to wait a bit longer for her radio break since no response was forthcoming, but with passion and hunger for radio, she was a regular visitor at kasie FM although they had rejected her. “I remember just chilling at kasie FM and the lady who was supposed to read an advert didn’t pitch. All of the sudden everyone was panicking, I stood up, bravely and took the script killed the advert at one go, without even stuttering and the rest is history”. After that moment Ayanda was granted an opportunity on radio. Although with limited resources at community radio, the 24 year old embraces her role and loves being captain of the airways. “Radio is my number one love, I can do all the shows”, she beams with confidence. Like any other job, broadcasting comes with challenges and the radio presenter acknowledges all that. “Firstly I’d say the audience when you doing community radio, people don’t take you serious. Truth of the matter our people don’t know the importance of such platforms”. When asked about her future plans, Ayanda applies a big smile on her face. “Yes! I’ve got a couple of internships lined up, but I can’t reveal anything as off yet, but yes big things are coming”.

1 place you’d run away to – Radio 2 things you’d tell your teenage self – Never give up and that I’m talented and beautiful 3 people you’d like to have lunch with- Sammy Sosa, Greg and Lucky 4 things you can’t live without – Food radio and my mom 5 minutes to make yourself something to eat- I don’t like making myself food so I’d go buy something instead. 8



Lebohang Makobe, LLB graduate from the university of Fort hare. This is a 25 year old Mpumalanga born, who loves talk radio with passion. “When I got to the East London I did community radio at a Christian radio station called link FM”, she recollects. The 25 year old didn’t let her radio bug hinder her studies as she managed to complete her LLB Degree in record time, while serving link FM at the same time.

to steal your idea, we’ve seen a lot of cases like that and it’s sad”, she clarifies.

After her graduation earlier this year, Lebohang is already putting her legal skills to good use as she works for an IT consulting company, overseeing legal matters of the company. The graduate plans on using her qualification in media, where her passion lies. “Law has different fields, there’s cooperate, entertainment where we deal with things related to the media”.

The big question at present moment within the media domain is equality between man and women, with some judging based on the shows at hand. “It’s sad, I feel like women are still seen as sex symbols, were man are seen as stallions. Women are still expected to do some things in order to get some roles, yes it’s not every production company but it still happens”.

“That’s where my expertise come in and broker deals for musicians, films, actors so that they proper ironed out”, she explains. “My main focus at the moment is to be a media practitioner, I also want to engage myself in intellect properties, I feel like people don’t understand the wealth of their brains for example, you come with an idea that is not registered then a production company might go on

The Emalahleni born insists on returning to Varsity in the near future, while trying to break into talk radio “I still have to do my articles, academically I’m not done, I still have to write my bar test so that you can address me as advocate”, she says jokingly. “I want to be the first women to break boundaries in radio, I’ll be that female lawyer in the entertainment circles”, she concludes.

With a lot of viewers seeing the media as way of being famous and making a name for yourself, while making a lot of money, Lebohang begs to differ from such opinions, “I see the media space as a platform one can use to influence in a positive way”, she says.

1 place you’d run away to – Zambia 2 things you’d tell your teenage self – it’s ok, go for it 3 people you’d like to have lunch with- Azania Ndoro,Emanra Petty and Tumelo 4 things you can’t live without – myself, water, television and phone 5 minutes to make yourself something to eat - eggs


Ntandose Mosibi, is a 25 year old entrepreneur, actor, presenter and a mom. Amongst her gigs, Ntandose has hosted planet Africa and she’s about to appear on our small screens soon again. This time in a movie called Ubambo lwami “I play the character of Mbali, who is very ratchet, portraying the character wasn’t difficult as I tend to be like Mbali sometimes”, she giggles. The much anticipated movie will air on Saturday the 4th of August, 07:30 Mzansi magic channel 161. Despite her acting and presenting skills Ntando doubles as an entrepreneur, who runs a cleaning service company called sparkle house keeping. “I started this business back when I was doing my entrepreneur course with the University of Johannesburg”. “We had a thesis to start up a business without any money and we had mops and broom, so we thought why not? Up to this day I still have the business”, she says. Although the 25 year old has already featured in a few television productions she admits that women still face a lot of challenges within the industry. “It’s so difficult when people don’t know you, looks can get you inside but you need sustainability. It’s very important to have a plan and a goal in mind”.

The Daveyton born actress has been practising what she preaches, since she didn’t only rely on her looks to stay afloat in the industry. “I decided to enrol with Oncue interface so that I could nature my craft, fortunately I was funded by mofaya, since I’ve been their promoter since the brand started”, she reveals. Over the years production companies have urged aspiring television hopefuls to follow the academic route, while others remain sceptical. “For some people I’d say it’s being at the right place, at the right time and I feel that if you really want this you’ll take all the necessary steps to make it”. Auditions have become overrated in some parts of the country, with suggestion that judges know the winner before auditions take place. “There should be a law in place that ensures that everything goes according to plan, auditions are just a formality of late, and production companies only hold auditions so that they can look good on the public eye. Ntando further reveals that there’s still more to come from her in the entertainment space. “I’m only satisfied with the steps I’ve took in my career, but there’s more to be done”.

1 place you’d run away to – Paris 2 things you’d tell your teenage self – Don’t rush, break up with him 3 people you’d like to have lunch with- Bonang Matheba, Operah Winfrey and Khanyi Dlomo 4 things you can’t live without – phone, food, my son and the sun 5 minutes to make yourself something to eat- French toast




Rocking a bright yellow outfit, complemented with black boots is aspiring television presenter, Tebogo Tabane born in Pretoria Hamanskaraal. 20 years of age, fresh from Modilati high school. When asked about the media industry in South Africa she describes it as “unfair”. Considering her age Tebogo is brave Christian who decided to follow her passion straight after high school, The Pretoria born is fortunate to have parents who are supportive. “My parents are my number one supporters if there’s an audition somewhere, they wake me up at around 2am, get me prepared and they’ll accompany me”, she says. The presenter reveals how she almost registered at AFDA until she realised there wasn’t any presenting course being offered, “I wanted television presenting specifically, not drama. Luckily I know Tshenolo from Isithembiso and she referred me to Oncue interface”. Actually I’m really grateful that I came to Oncue, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, before I went to Oncue I thought I knew everything and had this figured out but that wasn’t the case”, she says. “I’ve gained valuable knowledge there, I’ve learned about my craft and how to build yourself as an individual”, she adds. The Pretoria born recently made her TV debut on the spotlight on channel 331, besides that she’s been attending auditions with the hope of catching the judge’s attentions. “I’ve been to several

auditions and at the moment I’m working on something which I cannot reveal yet”. The young ambitious entertainer remains positive amid all the unfairness of the industry, “The industry is really unfair, they choose popularity over talent, there are so many people out there who are hungry, and they can change the narrative if only they are given a chance”, she points out. With more television roles and presenting gigs offered to women to address gender equality the month of August is there to recognise and celebrate women in their different fields. “Women’s month means empowerment for women, realising the strength we carry within ourselves, most importantly we can do better if we carry one another. The 20 year old is adamant that something will give in and that fame will never change her as she promises to keep praising the lord. “I will forever love my god, Isiah verse 60, that’s my verse” she says humbly. As I’m about to switch off the recorder and wrap up the interview, Tebogo chuckles and requests that we continue, “You didn’t ask for my social media handles” [laughing] “Instagram it’s Tebogo.Tabane and on twitter it’s @Tebogotabane_”, she finally concludes. By gift Tlou

1 place you’d run away to – New York 2 things you’d tell your teenage self – it’s going to be okay, don’t put pressure on yourself 3 people you’d like to have lunch with- Minnie Dlamini Jones, Bonang Matheba and Nomzamo Mbatha 4 things you can’t live without – phone, lipstick, purse and heels 5 minutes to make yourself something to eat- Sandwich





As we enter into the women’s month we ought to remember that not only are we celebrating mothers of the nations, home herders and keepers. We are also celebrating people who most of the time have to deal with society trying to ridicule and define in a way that they feel comfortable for them as opposed to the women in it. However, women always find a way to make the most unfavorable and unbearable situations favorable and bearable and for that we shall forever salute and recognize. This month we should strive to recognize she who reigns supreme, she who rises above the highest of heights but lands in one piece that is intact. A lot of emotional breakdowns may be experienced and many times than 1 a woman has to bring herself up and pick up fragments of hurt induced by either life or those around yet still manages to keep a straight and strong face. Let us take a moment to give recognition to all those women who have had

to watch their names being tarnished with one intention and goal of breaking their spirit but that never stopped her from wearing their smile like all is well and in order. Maintaining an aura of optimism and confidence even when the times do and did not allow, but because she is a pillar to many and has to be strong, a woman made and still makes it through, even through those who watch and wait patiently for her onslaught from life, hoping and wishing for her downfall kodwa imbokodo keeps rising higher and higher. At a time when we lived in fear as our brothers, husbands and partners turned into our killers women came together and are still coming together to make their voices heard against such cruelty. We see them, we salute and we take our hats off to them for their remarkable strength. Wathintha abafazi, wathintha imbokodo.... By Phindile Sibiya


Walking for Life

Auzweke! Mjojo Livity

The realisation that walking is an essential life saver it’s welcome knowledge to most of us who absolutely hate running and other forms of aerobic exercise that have you panting to catch your tongue and hoping your lungs will not burst out of your chest before the ordeal is over. By T Dhlamini There are many benefits to walking, with the following 10 being my favourite:

1. Lose and/or maintain a healthy weight Walking is a great weight loss tool, with many studies indicating that walking affects how our genes are expressed, with a positive expression of the genes responsible for fat and carbohydrate metabolism in skeletal muscle in reducing inflammatory gene expression in adipose tissue. The good newabout is that we then can lose weight more rapidly through consistently walking at a brisk pace and keep the fat off for even longer periods of time. This weight loss includes the tightening of the legs, buttocks and arms. This however will not leave your body ripped and buff, I suggest mixed training should that be your goal. For those who have forgotten how and what it means to keep the body moving, walking is still a great start to build up your exercise plan. Ensuring that the correct posture is kept and the walking is alternated from moderate to intensive or brisk walking-commonly referred to as power walking, ensures great results to this end. One needs to engage in brisk walking for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.

2. Lowers risk of disease Walking has the impact of lowering life threatening chronic diseases such as heart conditions, type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Colon Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction and Osteoarthritis to mention a few. Recent studies have indicated that a lifetime of walking may deter the onset of dementia in elderly people and keep the cognitive function operating at an optimum level. It is the only form of exercise that patients suffering from arthritis can engage in, to improve their overall health and slow down the progression of the disease.

3. Immune Function Booster Linked somewhat to the point above, but in a separate manner- walking has been found to be an immune function booster that increases your T-cells, which are the body’s warriors. It does not end there; it also increases other markers of immune function, creating a more vital community of protection against foreign substances in your body.

4.Increases the amount of energy 18

If you are a mid-day bio rhythm clock shut down, walking is a great way to sustain and increase your energy during the day. It has a wake me up effect ensuring that your body effectively utilises and engages with the energy consumed through your lunch. In fact, studies showcase that the most impact to be enjoyed out of walking is when walking is done soon after meal consumption. So during lunch break, eat and instead of mgosi catch up, take a brisk 10-20 minute walk around the office.

5. Increase your happy hormones Walking has been proven as a cure for mild depression. Walking, especially in visually stimulating environments has a proven effect of lifting up the mood by encouraging the brain to release endorphins. This may explain the overall switched on feeling one experiences after a good walk.

6. It is a healthier than running This is a truth that sounds wrong. Walking is much healthier for your overall physical well being than running. How? Well running has a negative impact on your skeletal form. As we run we exert a great amount of pressure onto our body frames, as much as three times our body weight with each step taken. This is because running is a high impact sport that has runners defying gravity versus working with it. Runners are for most times completely airborne, more than land centred. This contra is one of walking, where walker can affect the same amount of health benefit, without compromising their skeletal health and general muscular health, as walking is very much ground based, the walker- no matter how briskly they walk will always have a foot on the ground. Walker enjoys lower sport related injuries (1-5%) as compared to running (20-70%).

7. Great for Brain Function Walking is has great cognitive benefits. In preadolescents who struggle with academic performance; walking has been proven as improving the cognitive and academic performance of young people, as well as boosts creativity in them. All this whilst improving logic and memory in the adults, especially those who are consistent brisk walkers.

8. Improves our World connect When we are walkers, we are thinkers. Walking allows us to be able to ‘think’ whilst we engage in it. This is because

our bodies regard walking as a low difficulty endeavour, allowing us to be able to access our higher order think functions that allow us to come up with ideas, work through problems, find creative solutions to the problems and just be more present in our environment. As we walk, we are more perceptive of our inner landscape, as well as the external environment we are in. The internal landscape allows for us to be able to meditate and slow down. Whilst the external environment allows us to see the small details that make up our world, the butterflies fluttering nearby, a newly formed path to venture into and at times, even stopping to smell the flowers that surround us.

9. Live Longer and Younger Yes, it is here!!! Studies have proved that those who engage in high intensity walking at regular intervals that are kept consistent- 3-5 times a week, tend to outlive their counterparts who do not. Other studies have proved that those elderly people who seem never to truly age, are walkers. As walking is a deterrent to the ageing process, add to that the benefits is has in terms of ensuring elasticity and bone health- it is no wonder that those who are walkers live longer and feel young for longer than their counterparts.

10. It is All inclusive

Thinking of walking is like thinking of an all inclusive sport. It has no age barrier, no competency barrier, no fitness barrier, no economical barrier, no resource barrier or any of the normal barriers experienced in sports. No age barrier, as a toddler can start and need not stop until their late years. I have known a man who was only stopped by his grave. No competency barrier, where you need to have some kind of talent or natural skill to be able to compete, walking needs you to only have two feet and if needed, even a cane or other walking assistance aides can be used. No fitness barrier, as you do not need to be at a certain fitness level to start and/or enjoy walking. You could be the worst couch potato to the fittest buff person, you need only start at your own pace and enjoy the benefits. No economic barrier as there is no need to have great amounts of money to spend on apparatus, access to apparatus in the form of gym or any special sportswear; with barefoot walking being highly encouraged by some scientific communities. No resource barrier, as you do not need to have special equipment to be able to engage and enjoy walking, you do not need to have human resources to be able to enjoy walking as it can be done as a solitary or group activity. These are our top 10 walking for fitness yes factors. It is never too late or too early to start walking about, so let’s get to it!



Beat boxing a form of expression for me. Our very own, Tina Redman is one lady raising the bar in women’s beat boxing and taking it to new heights. Tina opened up to Auzweke’s Thapelo Khumalo, about her journey thus far.

1. What does beat boxing mean to you? Beat boxing has become a form of expression for me. It means being able to use my creative freedom to produce my own music, tell my own stories and to allow those around me into a world I have moulded with the beats that I have created. It’s finally showing the world that expression, talent and finely crafted skill fits no gender binary. Beat boxing means being free to me. Someone once said, “the voice is your first fully fledged instrument.” And I believe that it is up to you how you use it and how you decide to change the world around you with it.

2. When did you start being a beat boxer? I remember beat boxing to my aftercare teacher every day at the age of 7. It sounded a lot like me actively saying the words “boom chi” to an off beat. I remember never wanting to stop.

3. Since the space is dominated by males, how do you ensure that you secure your space? I don’t think I can ever secure a “space” in the world of beat boxing


unless I am ever given an opportunity. First and foremost there are never enough opportunities granted to young women to Beat box or to perform skills or talents dominated by men. I know for a fact that once I am given a platform to share this skill that I have taken years to “perfect” it would be a difficult to ignore me. I am sure it’s the exact same for many talented and skilled women out there.

4. What did you study and to what level? I studied BA in Drama and Film Studies at the University of Pretoria (grad: 2015). I went on to do an internship at live magazine the year after graduating and received my Digital Content Creator qualification under them.

5. What are your other aspirations besides beat boxing? I aspire to be one of the best performers in South Africa and the rest of the world. Some day I will produce and direct beautiful black African stories and create amazingly authentic queer content. I am currently a presenter on SABC 1s Reno Race Season 3.

6. What will you be doing for women in the women’s month? In women’s month I make the effort to attend the Vavasati Women’s festival to support Plays/ content written and directed by women. I do however feel that it is necessary to not just focus on women only in the month of August so what I as an artist have done is follow and joined SWIFT (South African Women In Film and Television) - where one can fully support women artists creating, telling stories, be part of coming up with statements of allegations of Rape and sexual misconduct in our industry and generally supporting women achieve and contribute incredibly to the industry.

7. Are you involved in any community building organisations? SWIFT, BBXCSA (Beat box Culture SA) which encourages children, adults anyone willing to learn to join SA’s Beat box family and be part of a community willing to grow each other in the craft and to support each other through their artistic journey. My job as one of the hosts on SABC 1s Reno Race is to renovate RDP homes around South Africa.

8. What do you do on your spare time? In my Spare time I’m usually running Beat box workshops with AISJ (American International School of Johannesburg) for their amazing Arts festival or I’m learning to play the guitar with some close friends. Most times I am flying to Durban to be with my family as much as I can (because sometimes my schedule only allows me to see them once or twice a year) and then I can also spend time with my close friends.

9. How many siblings do you have? I am an only child with many wonderful cousins and friends.

10. Do you have children? A husband? I don’t have any children nor am I married. I do however have an amazing girlfriend. By Thapelo Khumalo



By T Dhlamini

How to travel on a Shoestring Budget

Travelling is a necessary function for expansion of human existence. When we travel, we expand ourselves. We come out of our life’s routines; stretch our comfort zones; open our lives to others and add new experiences to our lives. Having said this, it is always with interest that I come across many native South Africans that do not consider travelling. And it is with the same amount of excitement that I celebrate the Short Left concept. We have a country that is filled with the world’s most diverse and interesting ecosystems. We sit as the cradle point of human kind with amazing experiences, just waiting to be discovered. And it is not too late to take back our curiosity about ourselves and travel. I am looked at with a certain disdainful curiosity whenever travel comes into conversation and I intone my Globetrotting aspirations: travel more of South Africa, Southern African, Africa and the world- in that order. We automatically hear and are subjected to our western minded counterparts’ reality of homage- going overseas. Which means outside your country, however translates into native African reality as Europe and US. Whilst there is much to see there, we already start with the best the world has to offer, right here at our doorstep and so we should be ensuring that we are proud local travel revellers first. With this in mind, some tips on how to make the rand go a long way as you explore Mzansi:


• Plan Ahead

• Make it Off-peak

The saying is true: “Failure to plan is planning to fail”, there is not enough that can be said about planning for your trip. This includes having an overall travel plan of how you intend to meander through our beautiful country. Are you starting at home base- Gauteng and ending at Cape Town? Are you starting with the Coastlines and working your way to the interior? This becomes important, as I think we have the kind of country that would take a lifetime to travel and get to a place where you say you have seen it all, so plan strategically what you will want. Are you intending to travel to discover more about us or just to have fun? The purpose of the travel will dictate what and where you plan to travel to. Research as much as you can beforehand about the place and what is on offer there. I was quite pleased to see an operator that promotes Durban in a kiosk at the entry at one of our local malls. Take as much ‘free’ travel literature about the place as you can, so as to “place” yourself and discover what interests you and where you would love to go to. Planning also includes indepth assessing of the areas to be covered next. Planning also includes the tiniest detail- what you are packing, how and why. If you are an organised person, you are more likely going to be able to snap up any opportunities that present themselves. In this regard, technology comes to our aide, as there are many free apps available that can help you plan adequately, as well as execute that plan.

There are huge savings that one can enjoy by ensuring that travelling is kept for off-peak seasons. Due to our vast country’s offerings it is difficult to pin point what is off season, however a general rule of thumb is: over the inter periods, during the week and where there are no holidays- public or school. Winter is usually an off peak season as most of our market is still orientated around travelling when it is most warm- over the spring and summer seasons. During this season, some of the months- especially July& August, will have some games and entertainment areas closed off due to maintenance, so one must be very careful when booking an activity based holiday during off peak season to ensure that any activity providers are open over the period you intend to take up. Mid-week or during the week travel to non-business sleep areas is the cheaper than the weekend. Mid-week constitutes Tuesday to Thursday, with most places having traffic over the Friday to Monday periods. Then there are the long holidays that we have as South Africans. Whilst from an employment point of view, it means losing very little leave, travelling over long weekends tend to be more expensive. The law of supply and demand at these times works against you. Rather take up more leave days and enjoy longer travel with little wallet impact. And if you are travelling as a family, you can plan with your children’s teachers to do catch up with them or extra classes before the holiday to make be able to travel over off peak times. During school holidays, travel is more expensive, as once again there is a higher demand.

• Keep it Local Travelling as a personal perspective and perception is not tied up to travelling abroad. Keep it local. The least explored and the most explosive part of Gauteng is the West Rand. With amazing hospitality packages that one can take up with the reduced cost strainer of large distance travel. The West Rand has a lot of history and natural beauty. It boasts the unique fact that it is the place where the cradle of humankind yoked from. In other parts of our beautiful country, ensuring that you utilise local and smaller product operators ensure a huge cost savings whilst giving you a more authentic and enjoyable experience, as smaller places such as B&B (Bed and Breakfast) outfits or Holiday Cottages tend to be very customer orientated as they are run by families or smaller business people who will be more interested in giving you a more holistic experience of their areas. Plus they tend to feel like a home away from home, with great flexibility and offer an opportunity to build new relationships. Other places that are reasonable stay in places are Backpacker Hostels and some Lodges.

• Group Bookings The power of the group is something that as Africans we know well but do not harness very well, especially when it comes to taking our holidays. Any establishment can be better negotiated with for better rates and extras by offering them group bookings. Organising ourselves into formal or semi-formal travel interest groups would assist in making travelling much cheaper. After all sharing is caring. If , for some unknown reason, this is not an option for you, you may want to do bundle bookings, where you take up more than just one thing- where you take a discount offering of flight, rental and hotel at the same time or lodgings and activities discounts. Most bundle offers are more reasonable than taking each of the offers individually, however do double check this by looking up individual offering costs. The other smart budget tip related to Bookings, is making you booking well in advance. This is partly tied up to your plan. Booking made 3-12 months in advance enjoy great discounts and higher flexibility in negotiating for a discount. When this is backed by a deposit, it allows for you to have reserved the place. However be careful to read the fine print relating to discount refunds and cancellations. These are some basic one A, B, C of ensuring that even in these hard times you enjoy and experience excitement and refreshment in your life. Keep reading Auzweke! as we will be unravelling costings, possible destinations and offerings that you can take up in future issues. Until then keep it proudly African.



“As a person try follow your

heart, follow your dreams, be in control of your decisions and be responsible.


‘WOMEN’S CRICKET IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK’ Momentum pace bowler, Ayabonga khaka is one lady raising the bar in women’s cricket. The Eastern Cape born cricketer opened up to Auzweke’s Gift Tlou, about her journey thus far.

AUZWEKE: Who’s Ayabonga khaka? Ayabonga: Aya is a 26 year old, cricket player. Playing for Gauteng province and the South African women’s national team.

with your studies?

I completed my matric in 2010 and I have a degree in human movement science from the university of Fort Hare. I’m taking a break from studying this year but I’ll continue next year, maybe do a short course or something.

What motivated you Did you try any to pursue a career in other sports besides cricket? sports? I started playing in primary school in the Eastern Cape, Ngwenya primary. Back then I played for fun, funnily enough I played with boys since there wasn’t a girl’s cricket team. Yeah, it’s only when I grew older, I realised that I can turn this thing into a career.

How was your background growing up? I’d say that we were fine, I’m not from a big family. I was the only child in a household of five, with my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and my mother.

Has your family been supportive throughout your cricket career? Yes, my grandmother was the principal at my primary school. So, yes they’ve been really supportive even my mother, till this day they always supporting me.

How far did you go

I played soccer when I was in high school, I played for Cannabeth in the Sasol league.

What do you get up to on a daily basis? I wake up, go to the gym after that I’m off to the Wanders were I spend about 3 hours, working on my skills with my provincial coach.

Are there any challenges you’ve come across in women’s cricket? To be honest with you, I’d say I came into cricket at the right. There aren’t any major challenges I’ve came across, women’s cricket is on the right track.

Are you satisfied with the training facilities you’ve got? The wonders is a top class international stadium, everything is in good order. Sourced photo from google


How’s the remuneration in women’s cricket? Well, I can’t complain, most of us play cricket only this is our only job. We getting paid at the end of the month, this is a career.

myself a target.

Where do you see yourself beyond your playing days? I’m not thinking about that yet, but you know sports career doesn’t last forever which is why I have my degree in…….

Do you still remember your first Who do you look up international call to as your source of up? inspiration? Yes, it was in Kimberly back in 2012 and my 1st tour was in Bangladesh. Though it was a sub-continent, I did fairly well.

Makhaya Ntini! for what he’s done for cricket in the Eastern Cape and he served the Proteas well.

Which game stands out for you?

What does the month of August mean to you?

The recent game we played against England.

Highlight of your career? It has to be my first world cup, we made it to the semi-finals. We wanted to win the tournament but it wasn’t to be.

Would you say that your game is still developing? Yes, I am progressing and developing day by day. All thanks to my teammates and the coaches that I work with.

You’re 26 years old. How long do you want to keep on playing cricket? Yes I’m 26, but the coaches sometimes say I perform like an 18 year old {laughing} so I haven’t set


I think freedom for women, and I wish to see every sporting code develop and women at ground root level, I wish they get the recognition they deserve.

Is there any ritual you perform before a game? I just listen to music, mainly afro pop. Zahara, Nathi and Amanda Black.

What do you do for leisure? With all the touring we do as cricket as players, on my day off I spent much time as I can with my family.

What’s your ultimate goal? I want to be the best bowler in cricket, and win the world cup before I retire. By Gift Tlou

PROFILE Full name Born Batting Bowling Role

Ayabonga Khaka 18 July 1992 (age 26) Right-handed Right-arm medium Bowler





She who owns the black-whole God’s sacred space God’s human creation place A place God created you until full Like the completeness of the blood moon. Respect the power of she. God laid a special heaven between the bridges of her legs That’s the place God dwells, giving infinite life A place a woman only holds the sharp side of a knife. She, the woman God trusted to deliver magical life Preparing a hot plate for the coming night. He-story has been told, But her-story is just to unfold. Respect the power of she. The woman that stood the test of time! She that fought endlessly The woman that marched fearlessly Running like the midnight stallion Waving the African flag of freedom. Let us give thanks and praise the power of she For the tree of life Let us always honor and revere our women, For the seed of life. Respect the power of she. ‘Cause of she, the intelligence of God reigns among us! As God continues to teach, Hear the last words of her speech and preach There can be no community with no unity. No Unity no community ! Onalenna Shaka



Asparagus Fried Fillet Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Jacked Potatoes

Asparagus 1 Pkt Asparagus 2 tsp Oil Salt and pepper

STEPS: Cut of bottom woody part of the Asparagus then baist with a little oil and salt and pepper and place on a braai or grill pan for 2 min on each side then remove and serve

Fried Fillet Stake 1 x Fillet stakes Salt and Pepper 2 tbl mixed herbs 1 tsp Garlic 2 tbl Butter 2 tlb Oil

STEPS: Heat Oil and butter in a pan. Add garlic and herbs salt and pepper and rub your meat. Then fry for 5 minutes on either side, remove from the heat and let it cool before serving.


Mushroom Sauce 1 Pkt Button mushrooms 1 x 500ml Fresh Cream 100g chopped Onion ½ tsp Garlic Crushed Oil

STEPS: Fry you onion and garlic till soft. Add your mushroom to it and fry mushroom and season with salt and pepper. Then add your cream bit by bit till it forms a thick sauce the correct the flavor by add the required salt or pepper.

Jacked Potatoes 1 Pkt Baby potatoes 2 tlb butter (room temp) Mixed Herbs Salt and Pepper

STEPS: Peel potatoes then put them in a roasting pan, mixed with butter and herbs. Add to the potatoes salt and pepper cover with foil and roast at 1800 for 20 minutes or till potatoes are soft then remove foil and roast for a feather 5 minutes or till potatoes are brown then remove from the oven and correct flavoring.




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Auzweke Magazine August EDITION ISSUE 32, Women's edition  

Auzweke! Magazine Is a youth magazine that tells untold stories of young people who are doing good against all odds in their different spher...

Auzweke Magazine August EDITION ISSUE 32, Women's edition  

Auzweke! Magazine Is a youth magazine that tells untold stories of young people who are doing good against all odds in their different spher...