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GLOBISH ACADEMY THAILAND CO.,LTD. ( Corporate mission philosophy) GAT will provide quality Online Education through latest IT Technology to everyone in lower fee to improve intelligence level of Thai students to compete with global countries and achieve better life.

(Motto) Online education to everyone, everywhere, and anytime.

(Grand scope) First stage GAT provide Interactive & Vivid English Tuition by Skype basic model as One to one (Native teacher & Thai student) who can afford to pay fee. Fee structure will be shown in separate paper. Native teachers are high quality Filipino teachers who have graduated from University in Philippine or elsewhere. Filipino teachers are cheerful and friendly as their nature of people which makes class will be very enjoyable and fruitful. Second stage GAT will distribute Online lecture for rural students who cannot afford to take higher level class for University entrance examination. GAT will prepare attractive and effective lesson over Internet Technology in low tuition fee.(Fee level will be considered later) Third stage GAT plan to build TMOOC(Thailand Massive Open Online Course) for Government school student in rural area in free of charge. If internet connection has problem, GAT plan to invest antenna for Google’s Project Loon which supply 3G Speed internet access to rural area. Fourth stage GAT will provide Japanese language via Skype for the people

whom to want to study in Japan or to work at Japanese company in Thailand.

In order to build TMOOC GAT must make good profit from English Online and University Entrance Exam course subscriber are rather wealthy family children. This is so called “Intelligent Fair Deal� (Intelligent Fair Deal) In everywhere in this world there are rich people and poor people. Rich people can give better education to their kids but poor people cannot give good education due to financial reason even though kids has brilliant ability which is really loss of country and mankind. We, GAT, has decide to give opportunity to these poor students in free of charge over Internet tools. Besides GAT has one more intelligent fair deal is to pay reasonable teaching fee to Filipino Teachers who they do not have sufficient income to support their family. GAT will contribute to Thai students to obtain useful communicative English ability by paying small amount of fee to Filipino English Teachers and eventually GAT will be able to distribute effective lecture and class to rural area students in free of charge. (How to achieve this target?) -GAT needs bright and hard working person with pure honesty personality. -GAT needs partner who share common philosophy to support. -GAT need many school of Primary/Secondary/University co-operation and support to make this business successful. -GAT needs large international corporation support to give us contract of Online English Lesson. (Make strong team as Partner) University and High school in both Private and Government AIESEC THAILAND

OUR MISSION (Globish Academy Group) 1. We believe our primary mission is to supply our education services to all people who need it in fair price and excellent quality. 2. We believe only strong enthusiasm, absolute honesty and complete sincerity to everybody are our road to success.

3. We believe our responsibility is not only to achieve company goal but also we must share our success to other people who need it very much. 4. We believe our best efforts from our management and staff strong alliance and bond to achieve our mission which is to contribute world happiness through prosperity and peace.

5. We believe our final responsibility is to create better education system by latest IT Technology and supply to all people including students, teachers and business man and make country to be better one. June 1st ,2014

Globish Academy Thailand Concept & Mission  
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