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Northcote Takapuna Methodist Parish


If you are a new comer, please make yourself known. Morning tea will be served after worship and you are invited to share.

Parish Superintendent Rev Peter Norman

Phone 442 1945 Email: Mobile 027 378 7042 *Please note the minister has Friday off*

Parish Office

Phone/Fax 489 4590 Office Hours:

Takapuna Church

Corner Lake Road & Tennyson Avenue PO Box 331013, Takapuna, Auckland, 0740

Email: Monday to Thursday 9am – 12 noon

Sunday Worship, 10am Parish Stewards Richard Biddle Ashleen Theunisen

Phone 022 018 6968 Phone 479 7969

Email: Email:

Church Office Angela Garrett

Phone/Fax 489 4590 Office Hours:

Email: Monday to Thursday 9am – 12 noon

St Lukes Church

16-20 Greenslade Crescent, Northcote, Auckland, 0627

Sunday Worship, 9.30am Parish Stewards Etta Spence Pat Carroll

Phone 418 4288 Phone 480 8389

Email: Email:

Church Office/Room Bookings

Phone 489 4590


Pentecost 24

19 November 2017

Worship Leader: Brian Ellis Organist: Ian Ayers Guest Preacher: Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie from St George’s, Takapuna Church & Family Birthday Greetings to: Gil Salvador for Thursday 23rd November Wedding Anniversary congratulations to: Peter & Lynnette Norman for Sunday 12th November Today Sun 19 Nov Sunday Worship - Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie This Week Tue 21 Nov TMC Nancy’s Afternoon - Last one for this year Property Meeting - TMC Lounge Thur 23 Nov Worship & Education Meeting - TMC Collins Room Sun 26 Nov Sunday Worship - Rev Mervyn Dine Synod Youth Rally - Wesley Methodist Church Papatoetoe. See poster on notice board for more info Tue 28 Nov MWF Evening - Speaker Byron Theunisen, at TMC

10.00am 2.00pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 10.00am 7.00pm 7.30pm

Coming Events Fri 1 Dec Children’s Christmas Crafts - at TMC 3.30pm See notices on back pages Sun 3 Dec Sunday Worship Advent 1 - Hope 10.00am Combined service with Pastor Paul & Rev Peter Norman Tue 5 Dec Pastoral Committee Meeting - atTMC 9.30am Notices  Choir singers…..please put this date in your diary: Thursday 14th December at 7pm - TMC Choir, Christmas Rehearsal  “I love Takapuna” Christmas Carnival. Takapuna Beach Business

Association has again asked for our assistance (as we gave at Easter) for the Christmas Carnival on Saturday 2 December from 11am to 3pm. Please add your name to the clipboard on the round table, if you are able to help for part or all of the time, or speak to Jennifer Moor. It was great fun last time. More details closer to the time.  Touchstone newsletters are now available - please take one

TMC Roster for Next Sunday 26 November

Worship Leader: Rev Mervyn Dine Reader: Gil Salvador

Organist: Norman Firth Door Steward: Salvador Family

 Pentecost 24  Sunday, 19th November 2017 Worship Leader: Brian Ellis Guest Preacher: Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie Theme: Use Your Gifts! Welcome to Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie - St George’s Presbyterian Church Introduction Entry into Worship Lighting of the Community Candle HYMN

Love Now Ascending

(“Holy, holy, holy” – tune Nicea)

1. Holy, holy, holy, love now ascending Early in the morning our song will rise to you Holy, holy, holy, joy that has no ending Giving, forgiving, breathing life anew. 2. Holy, holy, holy, love without a limit Care that binds creation in sacred unity Holy, holy, holy, birthing every minute, Christ, Love’s revealer, sets our spirits free. 3. Holy, holy, holy, infinite compassion, makes a place for every soul in God’s eternal reign. Holy, holy, holy, truth beyond religion, Love that endures should nothing else remain. 4. Holy, holy, holy, raise your voice in singing, Join the cosmic chorus in praise of love divine, Holy, holy, holy, God beyond all naming, Echoes our song in harmony sublime. Opening Sentences All Age Time

Using Our Gifts (WOW Pg. 69)

Reginald Heber


If I had a song I’d sing it

1. If I had a song I’d sing it, sing out loud for ev’ryone to hear. If I had a song I’d sing it, sing a song of joy and peace and love, all over God’s world, love, all over God’s world. 2. If I had a bell I’d ring it, ring out loud for ev’ryone to hear If I had a bell I’d ring it, ring the bells of joy and peace and love, all over God’s world, love, all over God’s world. 3. If I had a drum I’d beat it, beat that drum for ev’ryone to hear. If I had a drum I’d beat it, beat the rhythm of joy and peace and love, all over God’s world, love, all over God’s world. 4. Sing that song, ring that bell Beat that drum and tell the world the message of joy the message of peace, the message of love the message of joy and peace and the message of love.

Val Hawthorne

Prayer of Awareness Reading Reflection

Matthew 25:14-30

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Seno Tuinukuafe

Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie

Response In bright sunlight, warm air, and balmy evenings, seasons of colour and courage The sacred is in our midst. In hills outlined against the rising sun, and the muted sounds of early morning walkers along the Ridge The sacred is in our midst. In the faces of families, and those alone, the hurrying and the day dreaming The sacred is in our midst.

In life touching other life, moments of kindness, sharing of joys, caring for others The sacred is in our midst. HYMN Take my gifts (Please see ‘Alleluia Aotearoa’ book located in each pew)

(AA 127)

Offering Community Time Prayers For Ourselves and Others

"Somewhere someone"

We are people of all ages who enter this space bringing our joys and concerns. Pause as Joys and Celebrations; Griefs and concerns are brought to mind. As one heart is lifted. May we share its celebration As one heart is burdened May we share the pain it knows. (Gretta Vosper). Hymn Brother, sister, let me serve you (Please see ‘Alleluia Aotearoa’ book located in each pew) Benediction HYMN

(AA 8)

Rev Sylvia Miller-Hardie

Go Gently, Go Lightly

1. Go gently, go lightly go safe in the spirit, live simply, don’t carry much more than you need: go trusting God’s goodness, go spreading God’s kindness, stay centred on Jesus and where he will lead.

2. Go singing, go bringing the gifts of the Spirit, go hopefully searching for things that are true: in living , in loving, whatever befalls you, God keep you, God bless you in all that you do.

Acknowledgements: Hymns printed by permission from CCL – Copyright Number 110126

Ezra Ephesians

Readings for 26 November - Pentecost 25 34: 11-16, 20-24 Psalm 100 1: 15-23 Matthew 25: 31-46

THANKS “Hi Everyone, a very big thank you to all for contributing in some way shape or form to the success of Takapuna’s first Repair Café on Saturday. Our 20 or so volunteers greeted around 100 visitors over the three hours. Some coming from as far afield as Okura and Sunnyvale to have their treasures tinkered with. We managed to fix at least 35 of the 65 items that were brought along, we provided advice on another eight items, 17 were irreparable & five forms went AWOL so who knows what happened to those. We reckon we've saved visitors about $3800 on the cost it would have been to replace repaired belongings. More importantly though we've shared skills, made friends and stopped a whole heap of stuff heading off to a hole in the ground. Loveliest repair of the day had to be Lorraine's precious, 1940s preschool cuddly bunny being mended.” Stephen McLuckie - Community Development Coordinator You’ll find pictures from Saturday’s event here… tab=album&album_id=290508208129253 See more photos on church notice board

Garage Sale

Very many thanks to everyone for all the goods you donated to sell at the Garage Sale. We were delighted, when contrary to the weather forecast, the day dawned bright and sunny. Selling started briskly at 8am and a steady stream continued until all was packed up by 1pm. We were able to arrange for unsold goods to be recycled and these were delivered later that afternoon. Thank you to Roger and Suzy. To Christine and Brian you are great organisers and team leaders. Packers, unpackers, sellers and those who tidied up, you all did a magnificent job. Thank you so much for all your efforts. $1420 was raised for the organ fund.

Working bee Thanks!

Very many thanks to the 20 people who came to the working bee. This was a most successful occasion resulting in a much cleaner and fresh smelling building. Well done to our workers.

Friday 1st December - 3.30pm at TMC

The Christmas craft workshop has been advertised at many local schools, churches, pre-schools etc. We would like as many volunteers as possible to help children create Christmas craft/ decorations. We will set up 6-8 tables in the Lounge with different activities for children to make, and therefore will need approximately 2 adults per table for assistance. Helpers also required to assist with refreshments. If you are able to offer your valuable time and would like to be a part of the Christmas spirit at Takapuna Methodist Church, then please add your name to the clipboard on the round table.

Come along and enjoy the festive season together! Please contact Lizzy Biddle if you have any queries Phone: 021 064 1682 Email:

Tuesday 5 Dec 2017 7.30pm, Auckland Town Hall

To mark 25 years of the GALS Choir (Gay And Lesbian Singers), they are bringing together a number of Auckland choirs – including the Street Choir – to perform a special, New Zealand premiere of “Street Requiem”. The Street Requiem was composed in Melbourne in 2014 by Kathleen McGuire, Andy Payne and Jonathon Welch. The work seeks to bring a sense of peace, remembrance and hope to communities around the world who are coming to terms with street violence, war and a loss of safety on the streets. For Tickets go to:

Christmas Services at TMC TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER 7.30pm Reflective Service - Rev Peter Norman Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Come along, take time out to sit and reflect during this refreshing and peaceful service.

SUNDAY 24 DECEMBER 9.00am No service at TMC Combined service with St Peters Anglican Church to be held at St Peters Anglican Church

SUNDAY 24 DECEMBER Christmas Eve Candle Light Service Rev Peter Norman


MONDAY 25 DECEMBER Christmas Day Family Service Rev Peter Norman


SUNDAY 31 DECEMBER 10.00am Sunday Worship Christmas 1 - Holy Communion Rev JeongWhan Lee

Takapuna Methodist Church Bulletin 19th November 2017 - Pentecost 24  
Takapuna Methodist Church Bulletin 19th November 2017 - Pentecost 24