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3rd World - Takaful Conference - London Stefan M Wasilewski Contingent Capital Limited

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20 minutes

in three parts

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context and subject application to Takaful some ideas in the pot

some quotes Epicurus Dilemma As long as we consider merely a few particles, we cannot say if they form a liquid or gas. .......... Persistent interactions mean that we cannot take a part of the system and consider it in isolation. It is at this global level, at the level of populations, that the symmetry between past and future is broken, and science can recognize the flow of time. This solves a long-standing puzzle. It is indeed in macroscopic physics that irreversibility and probability are the most conspicuous. Thermodynamics applies to non-integrable systems. This means that we cannot solve the dynamical problem  in terms of trajectories, but we can solve it in terms of probabilities. The End of CERTAINTY (p45): Time, Chaos, and the New Laws of Nature: ILYA PRIGOGINE & Isabelle Stengers: ISBN 0-684-8370S

We are beyond reductionism: life, agency, meaning, value, and even consciousness and morality almost certainly arose naturally, and the evolution of the biosphere, economy, and human culture are stunningly creative often in ways that cannot be for 12, indeed in ways that appear to be partially lawless. The latter challenge to current science is radical. ....... The new view of emergence and ceaseless creativity partially beyond natural law is truly a scientific worldview in which science itself has limits. Recreating the Sacred, Stuart Kauffmann, Basic Books, 2008

To renew.....when we are deadlocked....means that without changing ones circumstances we change our spirit Miyamoto Musashi, 1645, A Book of Five Rings, Fontana

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