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Emerging Issues & Challenges in Retakaful Safder Jaffer FIA Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd Z端rich

Safder Jaffer 30 June 2009


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Key Issues


Swiss Re Retakaful



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Key Issues


Swiss Re Retakaful


Key Issues

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Plurality of Models

Retrocession & Shariah Dilligence

Large Risks & Retakaful Capacity

One Large Pool vs Several Small Pools

Surplus distribution

Inforce Block Takeover

Diversity within Islam Share of Muslims as a % of total population

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Sources: US State Department, CIA world fact book, Swiss Re Economic Research & Consulting: Gfk GeoMarketing

Plurality within Islam

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73 Sects

5 Schools of thought

Range of Shariah Scholars

South Asia vs Middle East

Regulatory Framework

Plurality of Models

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Mudharaba vs Surpluses

Wakalah vs Incentive fees

Wakalah –Waqf vs PRE

Regulatory Regimes

Retrocession & Shariah Dilligence

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Transparency of retakaful contract

Retakaful “Branding”

Shariah Drill Down

Large Risks & Retakaful Capacity

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Large Risks

low-frequency, high-severity & risk transfer?

surplus distribution & volatility

Halal vs Haram Risk?

One Large Pool vs Several Small Pools

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Heterogeneity of Risk

Currency Risk

Geographical Risk

Family Takaful – Individual vs Group Life vs Credit Life

Reinsurance Structures – OT, RP, NLP

P&C – Short vs Long Tail Pools

Surplus Distribution

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Incentive fee

100% less wakala fees

Contingency/Stabilisation Reserves

Nil Surplus ?

Cross-subsidy between generation of participants

Recouping Qard


Inforce Block Takeover

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EV of takaful business?

From Haram to Halal?

Who pays the difference?

Can Qard be used to pay the EV?

Cross-Subsidy between “Old” and “New” Participants


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Key Issues


Swiss Re Retakaful



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Lack of Standardisation

Shariah, Technical & Regulatory Balance




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Key Issues


Swiss Re Retakaful


Swiss Re’s Retakaful Solution

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Set up individual and group life reinsurance pool

100% of the surplus generated in the pool is distributed to participants on an annual basis

Swiss Re charges a fee

Investments are shariah compliant

Swiss Re ensures that best practice risk control measures are implemented by all Takaful companies participating in the pool

KL Branch Developments

Wakala/Waqf Model Swiss Re

Fund Participants

Conventional Pot Investment Income Profit Sharing Basis

Contributions (unconditional

Claims/surplus distributions


Wakalah Fees

Waqf Fund:

Retakaful Operator: (Swiss Re) Slide 17

Initial Donation Qard al-Hasan (if required)

Mutual Pool for collection of contributions, payment of claims & setting of technical and stabilisation reserves

Wakalah with Waqf – Benefits

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Relationship of participant and operator is with the fund

Donation is unconditional (gharar removed)

Operator is a mudharib of the investments of waqf

Contingency Reserve Fund may be set up

Cross Subsidy of various generations of policyholders is permissible

Surplus distribution can be predefined on a variety of criteria with the primary condition that the operator does not get any share as a wakeel to the waqf fund.

Bank Negara Issues

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New in Malaysia

Concept of Tabarru?

Policyholder Protection Mechanism

How independent is “Waqf”

Thank You and Questions

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Safder Jaffer: Emerging Issues & Challenges in Retakaful  

Takaful Masterclass: Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

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