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CALL GIRL ADULTS ONLY CC C 01618 #34 2010 U.S. $8.99 U.K. £3.99






50+ 50+ Volume #34 - 2010.â€? Published every six weeks in the United States and Canada by Blair Publishing, Inc. Contents copyright 2010 by Blair Publishing, Inc., 5556 S. Fort Apache Rd., #110, Las Vegas, NV 89148. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. The records required by Title 18, U.S. Code 2257 (a) through (c) and the pertinent regulations 28 C.F.R., Ch. 1, Part 75. 50+ and all materials associated with such records are maintained by Blair Publishing, Inc. Director of Research and Custodian of Records, M. Stone, at 5556 S. Fort Apache Rd., #110, Las Vegas, NV 89148 and are available for inspection and review by the Attorney General at reasonable times. Any similarity between people and places in this magazine and real people and places is purely coincidental. The words, descriptions, quotes and scenarios depicted and presented in the pictorials do not describe the models actual behavior, thoughts or conduct. Publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited graphic and editorial material, and all rights in portions published vest in publisher. Letters become the property of 50+ magazine or its editors are assumed to be intended for publication in whole or in part, and may therefore be used for such purposes. Editorial ofďŹ ces: Blair Publishing, Inc., 9030 W. Sahara Ave., #422, Las Vegas, NV 89117. All models appearing in this magazine are 18 years of age or older. PRINTED IN CANADA. Reserva: 04-2006-05171026320020. ISSN: 1552-0117

Publisher: Royce Martine Editorial Director: James Fillmore Art Director: Franklin Monroe Senior Editor: Calvin Harding Photography Editor: Millie Wilson

Hi guys, I just shaved my pussy for you and thought you might want to see it. It’s really pretty, smooth and silky. I rubbed lotion all over it to soothe me. Cum, take a look and let me know what you think.


Yesterday I had a big hairy bush so thick I couldn’t see my clit. I asked my girlfriend over to help me so she got out the scissors and trimmed most of it away. Then I lathered up and shaved myself really close so you could get close.

My girlfriend got into the shower with me and helped rinse me off. We had a hot fuck in the shower. I was so sensitive down there I came before the water drops hit the shower oor. Can you get me off that fast. Call me and tell me you can. I bet you can’t.



When my photographer asked if I would do this

sexy photo shoot for him his way, I told him I would but only if I could do a set my way, too. See if you can guess which photo set is his and which is mine.


If you guessed the cool glasses were my idea, you’d be WRONG! I love dildos and so I made him shoot me with it. Now all I need is someone to stick it in me.

888-690-5425 Call me now only if you’re over 18.

Jasmine juices up the lab

I work in a biology lab and I feel very unsexy. So I wear lingerie underneath my sterile lab coat. There’s so much fun stuff to play with in here, but I have to be careful I don’t brew up anything too toxic.


There are some fun toys here in the lab also, if you just use some imagination. I especially love the test tubes. They make great dildos. They come in different sizes and depending how horny I am, I like to use them to get myself off. Tell me, have you ever done that?

Call me now so we can have sex in the lab. I’m horny and want your cock to replace this test tube!

800-482-9447 18+


Preocious, Peite and Perverted

I’m a little sex fiend. If my husband can’t give it to me when I want it, I have to look for it elsewhere. My favorite friend is “pinkie”, my trusted dildo. We’ve been together for five years, even before I knew my husband, and he has not complained once. I don’t know if there could be a more perfect lover.


Monday morning my husband leaves early for work. I’m alone all day and usually quite horny. Why don’t you give me a call so we can maybe hook up. I’ll be waiting with pinkie, if you’re over 18.

888-770-2868 Do it now, I’m horny. Can’t wait.

12 things that men ignore during sex

The top

Hot animal sex is wonderful but that won’t always be the case. Women will want it soft and slow most of the time while men want to jam it, ram it and forget it. But either way nothing makes us feel as good as seeing her happy. That warm glow of sex that a great orgasm will bring to her. The right lover will be back again and again, while a poor lover gets laid only once. Get out your scorecard and be sure you have all your bases covered. Remember, it’s not how often you score, but the quality of your performance. Here are a dozen things to keep you on her mind. Let the games begin... A soft touch is really important. A light kiss is better than a hard one. Don’t slobber or snort like a big bulldog. Save your sloppy wet kisses.

Fingers and toes. Don’t forget those! These are sensitive areas that get even more sensitive during sex. She’ll also appreciate that you don’t spend all of your time on her clitoris and pussy.


Don’t fumble around trying to feel for her clit. The clitoris is very sensitive and too much rubbing will make it hurt and she’ll take you off it. Get to know where her clit is and how she likes to have it rubbed and licked.


A woman’s juices are for lubrication, but sometimes that does not make her wet, or slippery, enough. Scented lubes are a turn on and taste good, too.


Men are the visual creatures. Women not so much. They need nice words to stir their imagination. Saying the right things during sex can be a real turn-on for her. .

Spitting is not just for porn stars. Keep your tongue wet or well lubricated. You may think that there’s always spit to keep it wet, but that is not always the case, dude. Next to the brain and the vagina, nipples are the most erogenous zone, and oftentimes the most sensitive parts of her sexual anatomy. Ease up on the pinches and bites. They hurt!


Blessed with a beautiful, tight natural body and a great personality, we met Abi through her husband, Randy. They submitted photos of her to us and we just had to rush a photographer and our editor to their awesome ranch about twenty miles outside of Austin, Texas. We stayed for a few days due to their warm hospitality and came away with some great photographs and a provocative interview we think you will find very interesting. Ready?...

You and Randy have a great spread here. We know you are a model, but do you also work this amazing ranch? You bet I do. I’m up at 5 am to feed the animals and do my chores. Every day that I can. We see the “cowboy” in Randy but how did you get here? Randy and I met at the Texas State Fair. He was showing some of his best longhorns and I was showing him my long legs. That’s cute. And he asked you out at the fair. No, I asked him out. After he was finished exhibiting we saw the rest of the fair together. I went to visit him at the ranch a week later and we’ve been together ever since. I was a bit of a city girl, but I’ve come to love this

life and all the great animals, and people, associated with it. Okay Abi, here it comes. What attracts you most about a man? I like guys with personalities, big hearts, and big cocks. I know it sounds cheesy, but I do. I like men who both respect and know how to please a woman. Plus, he has to have great smile and a know how to play a good game. He also needs to have plenty of swagger and be really good in bed. Like Randy.


I like to ride ‘em long and hard. Think you can keep up with this cowgirl? If you’re over eighteen, call me now!

What’s something that turns you on about a man? I’m the type of girl who needs a lot of affection and I love a man who likes the same thing. I like it when a man kisses and touches me every chance he gets. It doesn’t have to be sexual; just being comforting can go a long very long way with me. And what turns you off? Stinky breath turns me off much quicker than a light switch. If you can’t get close to his face, how can you kiss and cuddle. I’m also turned off by guys who talk and talk and talk. I talk a lot and he shouldn’t talk more than me. How do you get into the mood for great sex? Foreplay is the number one thing. You have to put some work into it. There is no wham, bam, thank you ma’am with me. It helps if you touch me everywhere – slowly. Now that gets my juices flowing. On a scale of ten, how would you rate your sex drive? My sex drive is really, really strong. I’m 27 and in the prime of my sex drive. I think about sex a lot and need to be constantly fucking! Before Randy there were men I had to break up with because they couldn’t keep up. What’s the hottest and wildest sex you’ve ever had? I once had a threesome. It was

Our interview with Abi concludes on this page. Randy comes in, grabs her hand and they ride into the sunset.

was two girls and one guy. We were in college and at a frat party. We all were pretty loose and went into the back yard by the swimming pool and got it on. It didn’t last too long because we got discovered, but was it hot! How many times have you made it with women? I really don’t keep score, but I think it’s been about six times. Women are great lovers. I plan to find one to share with Randy for his 30th birthday. Do you consider yourself a bisexual?

tive. I like to deep throat and I like to suck on their balls. It drives them crazy and they seem to get off better. Are you a big fan of receiving oral sex?

Is there anything special you do to please your man in bed?

I’m turned on by giving head, but I also love getting it. You have to show your man how to please you down there. Men like to rush things and I end up getting sore, but slow and easy will win my heart every single time.

I’ve been told that I’m really good at giving head. That’s always been a huge turn-on for guys. My mouth is very ac-

Would you care to tell us where the most interesting place you’ve ever fucked somebody?

Yes, I probably do. That’s just how I am and I like it.

Well, I’ll tell you it was with Randy and we did it on his saddle while riding on his horse. We were both facing forward and I was sitting on his cock as the horse trotted. It provided all the motion we needed. I grabbed the saddle horn for support and rode that cowboy for at least a mile down the trail.

How important is size?

What’s your favorite position?

I think I’ve pretty much done it all. I’m very sexual so if I want to do something or somebody, it hasn’t been hard to get it or him. However, I wouldn’t mind doing it on a moving train. The power, the shaking, the screaming wheels. Now that would be hot.

I like getting it from the back, doggie style. Men like to feel in control and this position lets them do it. They control the thrusting and the pace. Plus they like to play with my asshole at the same time.

If you’re talking penis size, then it’s somewhat important. He has to stay hard and be able to hit the right spots. If he’s too big then it’s hard to give a decent blow job. Just can’t get it all in my mouth. What’s your ultimate fantasy?

CHECK US OUT AT I just moved into my new apartment. It took almost a year of looking to find one I liked. My favorite room is the kitchen because I love to cook. And I think it’s a great place to have sex because after you’re done, the fridge is right there for ice cream.

hot, young milf’s kitchen adventure

I broke in this kitchen table the day I moved in. I had just split with my ex and got it on with my new boyfriend as soon as the movers left. He came within ten minutes as I sucked him dry. Then I poured champagne down my naked body and right into his mouth as he was licking my pussy. Now that was hot! We celebrated some more with ice cream.

I want to cook up some hot dishes for you. Then you can fuck me all night long. Pick up the phone and tell me what you want on the menu.

888-892-6821 18+ only.

CHECK US OUT AT Sandy takes tennis lessons once a week at the club. Raoul teaches her and he cums once a week also. Her serve hasn’t improved much but she sure knows how to score... point, game, set, match, fuck me again.

I’m the club photographer and I’ve been sitting at the club bar watching Sandy get tennis lessons from Raoul. They practice for about an hour. I followed them to a secluded spot on the veranda and found them kissing. I hid in the bushes and took out my camera. Here’s what I got.

Sandy saw me shooting and gave me a wink as she went down on Raoul. She had no problem swallowing his huge cock. I think they had practiced this before. He undoes her clothes, pulls down her skirt and starts licking her. Her pussy gleams from the wetness. After a few minutes all their clothes are off and they go at it. He sucks on her boobs, she sucks on his balls, and I suck on my handkercheif.

They are now on the ground sucking and fucking. I sneak in a little closer to get a tight shot of the action. She’s on top sucking his dick and Raoul is on his back licking her pussy. They change positions and are now fuckng with the intensity of the ďŹ nal match point set at Wimbledon.

Sandy’s hot and she’s waiting for you. She wants to know if you can go balls deep in her. All you eighteen and older tennis players – it’s now your time to call.


My name’s Brianna and I’m a twenty-eight year old divorceé living in San Francisco. I had always wanted to fulfill a sexual fantasy of mine in a remote B&B in Sonoma County during the autumn. I decided to get away from home and asked my friend Jackie to watch my kids while I coerced a co-worker, Bobby, to come away with me. We had been flirting for a few months at the office and even went out on a date once. He’s a really nice guy, kinda shy, but I like that.

began to massage his chest and back, my hands moving across his body and slowly down to his cock. He moaned a little as I gently squeezed it and it got harder and harder in my hands. I began to lick his nipples as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. He was wearing these cute blue boxers that I pulled

fully pushed him down on the feathertopped comforter, stripped him completely naked and moved closer to rub his cock on my cheek. I began to lick and nibble the underside of his cock. I licked and sucked him until I felt a hot stream of thick, sweet cum something, but I put one finger to his lips

We arrived early in the morning at the bed and breakfast, signed in and went right upstairs to unpack. About noon we decided to have lunch at one of the nice winery estates that Sonoma and Napa Counties are famous for. Superhungry, we pulled into the first one just a few miles up the road and had a great lunch with a great bottle of wine. We had most of a second – well actually I did – since Bobby was driving. After a few hours we were ready to leave and I convinced Bobby to go back to the B&B saying I wanted to show him something there. We parked and headed up to our room. I bounced a little off the walls and he – ever the gentleman – helped me through the door and into the room. I sat on the bed for a moment, composed myself and got my suitcase out. I made him turn his back and went to the bathroom to change into this beautiful lacy bra and garter belt ensemble I purchased for this trip. I came out and Bobby was stunned. His cheeks turned red and he stammered to get words out. “Brianna, you look beautiful.” he said. I thanked him and went over and took his shirt off. I snuggled into him and

to stop him. Then I licked the last of the cum from his still hard cock. I worked my way back up his body to his mouth where I kissed him for a long time. Breaking away, I asked if he could taste his cum on my lips and he said he could. “It tastes a little weird,” he said. “I’ve never tasted it before but mixed with your lipstick it was neat.” down too and knelt in front of him placing his cock on my cheek and rubbing it. I looked up and saw his eyes close as he was taking this all in. I play-


e pulled me close and gave me another deep kiss. “This lingerie is beautiful,” he whispered. “I hate to take it off you.” “Then don’t.” I said, pulling my

large breasts out from their lacy enclosure. The bra supported them from underneath as they pointed straight at him. He leaned forward and began to suck on my erect nipples. He began to massage them with one hand as the other slipped down between my legs and found my wet pussy. “You shave down there?” he asks quietly. “I did just for you, Bobby.” I said.

balls in my hand. I replace my hand with my mouth on his balls and force both of them into my mouth. Inside, I swirl my tongue around them, gently sucking on one, pushing it away with my tongue to suck on the other. He leans forward and rubs my breasts and kisses my nipples. I swallow almost his entire length and gag as he starts to trust himself in and out of my mouth.

could reach his asshole. Not my luck, but that was about to change. Bobby pulls himself away and lays on the bed with me. Rolling me onto my side, he gets behind me and thrusts his cock into my pussy. My juices are flowing all over the sheets as he pushes his hard on deep into me. Pulling my leg up for better leverage, he continues to thrust pushing my insides up into my belly. My pussy seems to tug on his cock, pulling him deeper and deeper into me.


nce again his hands find my breasts, pinching my nipples in such a way that it feels like I’m being fucked in two places. My cunt is throbbing. This is incredible. We roll so I am sitting on him, and I now am in control. I squat on him going all the way down his cock, thrusting myself up and down on it. I feel his hand on my ass and I feel my body shuddering down there. Thrusting deep into me, I feel like I can swallow his whole body into my pussy. I feel him tremble and I know he is about to come. I push myself harder and feel the same feeling coming over me. I ride him for a few more thrusts like a wild bronco and we cum together. I fall over backwards on him and he kisses my neck in pleasure and release. We kiss and smile at each other as I feel his cock throbbing with the spurts of climax still inside me. I roll off him and take his cock into my mouth and suck the last remaining drops out of it. I taste our hot wet sex juices and it just turns me on even more.


e slid his tongue down my neck, between my breasts and down to my panties. He raised one of my legs and held it up as he now slid his tongue down my calf and the inside of my leg. I loved to have my pussy eaten and I couldn’t wait for his tongue to lick me. When he finally reached my pussy, I was completely drenched in anticipation. He pulls the panty crotch aside and begins licking me. I moan loudly and that brings a huge smile to his face. His finger now finds my hot cunt and teases me, gently flicking my clit with his fingertips. While he is playing with me, I quickly bend my knees so his finger slips inside. I tighten my legs around his hand forcing his finger to stay there and fuck me. Finally I open my legs and flip backwards on the bed positioning my upsidedown mouth under his hard-again cock. I begin to suck on it and take his

We cuddle for an hour and jump into

He leans over even farther to reach my pussy with his mouth and we’re now doing a floor-bed sixty-nine. I oblige by sucking his balls and sliding my tongue between his butt cheeks, seeing if I

the shower together. We spend what seems like an hour in there, soaping each other and rubbing our genitals in mutual masturbation until we cum again. That’s three for him and two for me, but who’s counting. The next day we don’t even leave the room. We fuck all day on the nice big bed. I think last count was twelve for him and sixteen for me. Oh yeah!!!


Brianna and Bobby can’t keep their hands off each other. Follow along as they go through a primer of positions. And as with all good things, it begins with a kiss.

Pretty hot, huh? Brianna will take Bobby’s cock out of her mouth long enough to talk with you.

If you’re over eighteen, why not give her a call. She has on her hottest lingerie and her nastiest imagination.

When Sela was twenty she got married – and two years later got divorced. Promising never to go through that again, she has stayed single and tasted the world the way a “cook tastes the kitchen.” Her exploits are enough to write a book and she has savored every one of them. Here’s to a lady who knows what she wants.


“I have lovers in twelve different countries. Whenever I feel like warm, fuzzy sex, I call Albert in Montreal. When I want hot, passionate sex, I call Giancarlo in Milan. When I want sex over in a minute I call Alex in Manhattan. When I want kinky sex, it’s Manfred in Berlin. When I want my pussy licked for hours, I call Ellise in Paris.

800-347-8928 and he calls

When I want a new man, I give him my number me; so he’s got to be eighteen to call. Are you him?”

50+_ July.2010.By.Tutucca