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October 8-11, 2013

2012 Show Review Buyers and exhibitors praise breakthrough

Five Electronic & Green Tech Shows Wrap up Success Five big shows have met with success after joining to cover every facet of industry innovation


four-day trade show extravaganza wrapped up on Oct. 12 after attracting 45,000 visitors from home and abroad who generated estimated business valued at US$350 million. In fact 90% of buyers stated on the official survey their delight with this year’s TAITRONICS and related shows. These five joint shows including 38th Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS), 5th BROADBAND TAIWAN, the first-ever Taiwan Int'l Cloud Technology & Internet of Things Show (Cloud & IOT Taiwan), the 4th Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TiGiS), and the 2nd Taiwan International Smart Green City Expo (BuildinG Taiwan) drew

■ Visitors take a closer look at Taiwan's excellent products.

4,000 international buyers from 91 countries, up 2.4% from last year. The line-up by country/region represented were: China, Japan, the USA, Hong Kong and India.

Organizers: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

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Venue: Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)

TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall

Publication Sponsor: ARCO Infocomm, Inc.


■ A product promotion session at the Taiwan Cloud pavilion attracts a large crowd.

Most notable was the sharp increase in the number of buyers from India, Indonesia and Singapore, which highlights Asia’s growing importance as a driving force in global economic growth. In addition, the number of buyers from emerging markets in Central and South America and Africa also increased significantly. Key buyers with yearly revenues exceeding US$10 million included Future Electronics of Canada, Siemens Enterprise Communications of Brazil, AFL Telecommunication GmbH of Germany, Versatech Group of Hong Kong, Fibran of Bulgaria and Telerex of the Netherlands. The five shows hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors to use more than 2,000 booths to offer the best yet selection in their related industries. Several first-time exhibitors have given positive feedback about the benefit of participation. The management at Eris Technology said they will certainly join next year’s show after being able to meet a great number of international buyers whom they are currently following up. And Good Will Instrument, a veteran exhibitor at TAITRONICS, also attracted great business by holding showground introductions of their latest test and measurement machines. The abundance of opportunities attracted scores of foreign companies. Among them were Fujitsu Peripheral, which focused their display on automatic assembly machines and

robots who reported that some of Taiwan’s top electronics manufacturers had expressed interest in its machines and open to follow up business. Ukraine cloud technology provider Parus participated in its first overseas exhibition at Cloud & IOT Taiwan to win heightened profile and fresh business partners. International buyers often emphasized their pleasure at seeing so much selection and innovation. Brazilian buyer Mr. Gilberto Rossato de Medeiros, visiting TAITRONICS for the 5th consecutive year, said that TAITRONICS is the best electronics show in Asia, an event that constantly helps him scout perfect suppliers. Mexico’s Union Plastic & Pack Machinery had made a US$300,000 deal with suppliers to purchase machinery. Ravi Seethapathy from Hydro One Networks of Canada said after attending procurement

meetings that he talked with about 70 suppliers for the purchase of wind turbines, battery and renewable energy equipment, and his company would partner with 20 of them. Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul Raouf Ouedraogo from Groupe Satar Plastique of Burkina Faso said he was impressed not only with the product displays but also by the procurement meetings, which enabled him to efficiently locate suppliers and potential partners. To best exploit the strengths of Taiwan electronics, next year will have the three electronics shows jointly unfold at NANGANG Exhibition Hall from Oct. 8 to Oct. 11.

■ Registered buyers and suppliers meet at the procurement meetings.

■ Potential buyers visit the booth of APPA Technology Corp., a manufacturer of electronic test instruments and meters.

Seminar/Forum Recap │3

Record number of seminars & forums Packed Audiences & Pro Insiders


he total number of forums and seminars held in conjunction with the three electronics shows and the two green technology shows chalked up fresh records, with a couple of them being recognized as marquee events that shed fresh light on vital topics.

describing it as the first step to advance the industry.

The annual Taipei Summit, in its eighth year, focused this year on future trends and applications in cloud computing technology, which is seen as a revolutionary science in the information technology industry.

“Businesses should first find opportunities and then cooperate, as the cloud is so big that it needs huge investment”, Sugawara said. “One vendor cannot do everything and collaboration is a must.”

The two-day forum, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, attracted nearly 100 industry and government leaders, representatives and academics from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Two other panel discussions focused on application developments for the education cloud and the transportation cloud.

"Through this event, we hope to bring together industry leaders from home and abroad to promote a common consensus on cloud applications that will help accelerate the development of the global computing industry," Vice Economics Minister Cho Shihchao said during his opening remarks, adding that cloud computing is one of the key areas of a government industrial restructuring plan that is aimed at maintaining Taiwan's global competitiveness. In addition to keynote speeches delivered by ICT heavyweights, a total of three panel discussions were held to explore various topics of cloud computing.

Michi Sugawara, head of Japanese Fujitsu's Global Portfolio Management Unit, said that he also saw great potential in information technology services.

■ 2012 Taipei Summit focuses on future trends and applications The Taiwan IOT Application Forum in cloud computing technology. hosted key speakers from all walks of order to compete with their counterparts in the industry. DigiTimes CEO and President South Korea, who have already embraced IOT Colley Hwang carved a vivid presentation on as its major developing industry, Hwang said. Taiwan’s role in the IOT industry and its strat“With 350 million PCs shipped this year, Taiegy to implement this burgeoning industry. wan holds a pivotal role in the IOT industry,” he added. As Taiwan moves to integrate IOT technology into every facets of the industry, local firms Chief cloud strategist of Cisco Systems of must strengthen its “soft power” (software) in Greater China Daniel Liu pointed out that connectivity combined with digital revolution and a networked economy results in “intelligent life”, or “smart life”. Liu was optimistic about Taiwan becoming a smart connected city (S+CC) in the near future.

“Software might be a fast driver for the development of the industry,” said Kwang Ming Ng, director of MIMOS, Malaysia's national information and communications technology research and development center, during a forum panel discussion that focused on Asia Pacific's challenges and opportunities for cloud computing. "I always believe that everything and anything is possible through software," he said,

■ The Taiwan IOT Application Forum explores development of Internet of Things with transportation, building, medical service and cloud computing.

Other seminars and forums that unfolded during the four days included the Industrial Automation Advanced Technology Seminar; the Asia Pacific Cloud Apps Innovation Forum; the Energy Saving and Test Technology for Air Conditioning Product; the Symposium of Network Technology and Application in Gigabit Society; the Standard Development, Trend and New Test Items for PV Module; Research on Calibration Technology and Practical Verification of Reference Solar Cells; and many others.


e h t m o r f s t o Sh d n u o r g w Sho


Buyers' Words Ifezue-Mark Chidozie Genejose Electronics Ltd., Director Nigeria I’m looking to import high quality electronics products from Taiwan. It’s my first time to the show. This show is amazing! It’s well organized and the people here are

Ing. Enrique A. Bonilla OSION S.A., Director General Panama

so friendly.

Todd A. Snow Future Electronics, Director – Central Sourcing Canada

I’m looking for different kinds of electronic components for my business in Panama. It’s my first time to TAITRONICS and I have already found my required suppliers. I will be returning to the show again next year.

This is a great venue. It’s my first time at the show. Our company has been doing business in Taiwan for 4 consecutive years and all I can say is that the experience has been positive.

David Dargie NAS Australia, Product Director Australia German G. Garcia Centrade Integrated Sales Co., Marketing Manager The Philippines

Our background is TV antenna, TV distribution and A/V distribution products. But since all our customers are moving from coaxial cables and

I’m especially interested in security alarm

RF solutions to fiber optic cables, I’m

system. I think the organizers have done

expanding my vision at the show. I’ve

a great job by combining the different

been to TAITRONICS for 10 to 20 years

exhibitions together in one venue.

and it’s good to back again this year.


TAITRONICS 2012 turns on

Technology Innovation Awards


his year organizers of TAITRONICS have kicked off the Technology Innovation Awards to recognize excellence in MIT (Made-in-Taiwan) electronics across the four categories of electronic components, electronic products, broadband communications and cloud & IOT. The awards, which are organized by TAITRA and TEEMA and implemented by ITRI, strive to heighten the profile of innovation in electronics and provide designers and system integrators with a stage on which to promote their best electronic designs and ingenuity.

A total of 19 products are awarded, with two of them grabbing the top honor of the Gold Medal Award: “Water-based Radiator” by Global Unique Green Energy Technology and “Combination Type of Surge Energy Transfer Devices” by Surgetek Technology.

and non-flammable. It can also withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius with non-freeze capability. Surgetek’s devices, the other gold winner, are able to handle huge amount of invasive electric charge instantaneously, including problems caused by lightening strikes. Moreover, they are able to provide effective protection to electrical facilities, even under poor grounding resistance. Several catwalk sessions took place during the show at the stage area to highlight the winning products.

The gold-award winning radiator, hailed as the world’s first recyclable fluid radiator, is environmentally friendly, toxic-free

■ Showgirls display Technology Innovation Awards winning products during a catwalk session.

Solderindo uses TAITRONICS to solder global partners also has a wide selection of soldering fluxes: aluminum soldering flux, electronic soldering flux (wave solder & SMT) ranging from liquid flux to BGA paste flux, and many others for industrial applications.

■ Solderindo marketing manager John Wing Borhan


older Indonesia, PT. (Solderindo) is a solder company established in 2007, and located about 90 minutes from Jakarta city. This is the first time that the company participated in TAITRONICS. Maketing manager, Mr. John Wing Borhan, said the show is a good starting point for them to tap into the Taiwan market and reach potential buyers in other countries. They came to TAITRONICS since they have much to offer global industry. They offer a full array of solder products, including solder paste, tin solder wire for aluminum metal and non-splatter solder wire. The company

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Solderindo also has its own laboratory for quality checking. Supported by personnel expertise in the field, their products have passed many international standards. ”We provide complete solution for soldering needs. Beside products we provide support for customers, and this ensures our customers get the most effective and efficient soldering processes,” added Borhan. “Indonesia is one of the biggest tin producers in the world, and that steady supply of tin as raw material is

one of our advantages.” Speaking of TAITRONCS, Borhan said, “Even though we have only participated in TAITRONICS for the first time, we feel it’s a bridgehead into the Taiwan market. This is where quality comes first and price second, and we compete on quality. We also feel that the show is an ideal venue for our products because most visitors are into electronics and need a lot of soldering products.”

■ Soldering products displayed at Solderindo’s booth.

“We are satisfied with the inquiries we have received during the show. We originally expected to see only Taiwanese visitors, but it came as a pleasant surprise to meet many international buyers from countries as diverse as the USA, Brazil, Russia, India and the nations of Africa.”

Exhibitor Interviews │7

Fujitsu Peripherals Shows State-of-the-Art Micro Screw Fasteners and Assembly Robots


ujitsu Peripherals Limited was an international exhibitor from Japan. This year Fujitsu Peripherals displayed a screw fastener that is designed to fasten 1.0 mm diameter screws. “Even though micro screws can be fastened by humans, the fastening requires subtle tightness. Fastening done by humans is prone to being too tight or too loose, which will cause problems,” company vice president Shizuo Takano said. “Most screw fasteners are for 1.6 mm screws. Nowadays screws for devices such as smartphones will become smaller and smaller, and in the future 1.0 mm or 0.8 mm screws will become the norm. We have predicted the trend and designed the machine even though applications for such tiny screws are not popular yet,” Takano stated. “In addition, the company’s screw fasteners come with self-designed screw-supplying machines as a unit, which is a plus compared to other companies’ products that come as separate units.” “Smart robots are used in assembly lines, for example, when making a smartphone, about ■ Fujitsu Peripherals’ booth.

30%-40% of the assembly work is done by robots, but in the future, Fujitsu Peripherals will make assembly robots that will take care of 100% assembling work,” Takano said. The robots on display included a parallel robot that performed labeling, fastening, inserting and other subtle and precise actions, which is better than its peers made because it can perform on thinner labels than other robots. “Fujitsu Peripherals’ strength lies in its ability in robotics and innovation,” he said. “The company will customize robot design, operation, and application for its customers since the company mainly competes on quality and design instead of prices.” At TAITRONICS, the Japanese company targeted their screw fastening and assembly robot products at Taiwanese companies and those with operation in China. “Some of Taiwan’s big smartphone companies and computer OEMs/ODMs are interested in our micro screw fastening machines. Some of them who bought a couple of such machines to test quality have given us good responses and planned to purchase big ■ A Fujitsu high-performance assembly robot.

■ Fujitsu Peripherals vice president Shizuo Takano

quantities of such machines in November and December of 2012,” Takano mentioned. When asked about the result of this year’s show, Mr. Takano revealed that they received lots of inquiries from visitors. “ So far we have collected many business leads from this show, and I will come back two weeks later to talk with the interested companies.,” he said.


SCI sees TAITRONICS as a vital bridge to business


hin Chin Industrial Co., Ltd. (SCI) specializing in electric parts such as switches and fuse holders, auto accessories such as power adaptors and LED lighting regards TAITRONICS as one of the most important venues to expand its business. It started off in 1953 in the southern city of Tainan, Taiwan by making fuses. Since then SCI has developed into a company with a factory employing 900 people in China and another employing 230 people in Tainan. A new factory in Indonesia will begin operation next year. Besides making standard products, SCI also takes OEM/ODM orders from customers.

under the brand of GENCOM. Currently we have six models of night-lights on the market,” Chen said. Chen added that SCI has several advantages on its competitors. “First of all, we follow higher standards for raw materials and components that go into our products. For example, we don’t use recycled materials, and only use Japanese metals, such as copper and silver, for better electric conduction. “We also frequently introduce new products. For example, we introduce 6 to 7 new LED products at every exhibition we join and every year we roll out at least 6 new

■ Shin Chin sales manager Thomas Chen

cated to R&D. Asked to comment on TAITRONICS, Chen said, “We have new and old customers who met us at this event to check out our new products and the emerging product trends. We meet their needs, everything from switches and electronic components to lighting products."

Switches and LED lighting products account for about 60% of the company’s total revenues, according to the company’s sales manager Thomas Chen.

“We sign up every year since we get results at this show. That’s why our booths are constantly increasing, since we know this is the place to do business and connect with clients. We have more foreign buyers than domestic buyers talking to us this year. Some of them want to transfer manufacturing orders to us, some of them have market channels and they want to buy our products for sales via their own channels, and some of them are trading companies scouting products for their customers.”

“SCI’s switches are used in big and small home appliances, in factory machinery and equipment, and in cars, whereas our LED lighting products are used in cars, ships and homes. Our household LED lighting gears include small night-lights, desk lamps and closet lights. Some supermarkets in Taiwan, namely Carrefour and B&Q, have carried our night-lights for 4 years

“We also noticed more new Japanese customers this year. Europe and US are going through economic depression, but Japan even with the economic gloom and doom, has managed to increase its business with Taiwan. We therefore hope there are more Japanese language promotions to bring in more Japanese buyers,” Chen added.

■ Shin Chin exhibits a variety of LED lights.

switches, and 3 to 4 new electronic components.” Chen attributes the company’s strong product development ability to its strong R&D personnel, and says about 10 percent of the company’s staff in Taiwan is dedi-

Exhibitor Interviews │9

Ukrainian Software Provider PARUS chooses TAITRONICS to reach the world


ith 22 years of experience and 48 branches across the Ukraine, Parus needed a place to strike out into the global market. And the Kiev-based software firm chose TAITRONICS for its first international endeavor.

The main products of Parus are new software platforms to implement managerial and accounting tasks using cloud technology. Parus is one of the largest software companies in Ukraine with installations of its software exceeding 100,000 for more than 20,000 companies.

■ Artem Antonenko, Parus’ software solutions department head

Mr. Artem Antonenko who heads Parus’ software solutions department said, “On the basis of the platforms, we have many solutions for client relation management (CRM), vehicle operation management, access control, insurance, but more importantly we can customize solutions.”

“Customers can use our already developed solutions as thin clients or Web clients and get mobile access without any software installation, or they can choose to have us provide solutions just for them,” added Antonenko. “For instance, we can develop solutions for a customer who wants to automate a factory or automate Internet orders because we have the platforms and developers. “First of all, customers can access our solutions and work with different data in our servers from different places and different devices, including Android mobile phones and different laptops. So the system requirements are quite low. Another advantage is encryption. Since the data is being sent from one computer to another through the Internet, you need to have security,” Antonenko added. “Also our solutions can work with Linux, Windows and Mac OS operating systems and update via Internet or ftp servers.” Parus has database solutions for different types of companies. For small enterprises with small budgets, they can choose open source software, such as OpenOffice, so they don’t have to pay for additional database editors. And larger enterprises can opt to buy commercial Oracle, which will have better security and power. Antonenko said his mission at TAITRONICS was to promote the firm’s platforms, and identify those users who would like to use these platforms in the future. The department head said it’s an additional gain to find potential hardware suppliers here. “When we sell customers software and platforms, we sell them both software and hardware. So if we have hardware partners here, we have a direct source at a better price. We have also met several hardware manufacturers here to discuss partnership,” Antonenko said. “We are rather pleased with the exhibition and the contacts we have made for follow-up. I personally like the show because it’s well organized and people here are very friendly and helpful,” Antonenko added.

2012 TAITRONICS, Broadband and IOT TAIWAN - Show Review  

This is the review of 2012 TAITRONICS, Broadband and IOT TAIWAN.

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