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Pi Restaurant

Pi restaurant



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The Pi Restaurant is a sophisticated and elegant dining experience. It has a members club with an exclusive members area. The atmosphere that is intended in this project is an air of a high class dining establishment as the members pay money to be there, the materials and finishes have been picked to reflect this statement.

1 hostess desk and waiting area 2 cloakroom 3 bar area and seating 4 members area 5 coat storage space 6 waiter station 7 kitchen

Pi restaurant

The members area is located directly across from the bar. The sense of importance is highlighted by the differentiation in ceiling detail and tinted glass outlooking the rest of the diners.

City chair by Studio Cappellini

White high gloss ceramic


white high gloss ceramic is attatched by tile adheisive to mdf panel. 2


1 Corada chair by GAEAforms 2 Oak wood table and flooring 3 ilusional foil by Iris van Daalen

Pi restaurant

Pi restaurant

The foil is supported by metal hooks which are screwed to the existing ceiling with fishing wire tied around the foil and a plastic ring it is hooped around the hook.

pi project