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One of the free and open source technology of CMS is Drupal, which has a huge of high profile websites developed using it. It is quite favoured due to its features and the flexibility it provides to the developers. The simplicity of customizing menus and layouts attracts many Drupal specialists towards it.

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The Core Drupal’s basic release is called as Drupal Core having all the basic features, which perfectly suits CMS. The core modules include maintenance and registration of user accounts, management of menu, RSS feeds, system administration and layout customization of page. The installation of Drupal core can be utilised as a plain website, forum on the internet, user blog, community website, etc.

Drupal Core Modules Drupal core has non-compulsory systems, which help in the process of the main website. The following are the features of Drupal Core: It has Multi-level system for menu Support for multi-site Development and editing of content by multi-user

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Advanced search is possible Can include descriptive URLs Various workflow means

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Colour Module The colour module in Drupal Core gives the administrators to edit with the colour scheme and can select a particular, which ever they prefer to put on the website.

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Localization As per new update, since August 2013, Drupal has 110 languages. The default language, English will be available for right to left languages – Hebrew, Persian and Arabic

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Notification for Auto-update It notifies users about various kinds of updates, like- new versions of themes, modules, etc. this also helps in security.

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Helps in accessibility Drupal core helps in recognizing issues, which may occur in due course of time. It also helps in solving them inside the community only. Drupal core is also beneficial to the people who have certain kinds of disabilities, as it can develop these kinds of websites as well.

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Other Benefits There are certain more features, which can be helpful to both, administrator and viewer. The functionality of dragging and dropping is provided. Improved image’s colour, contrast and intensity Addition of labels is default for input forms Removing copy or insignificant tags.

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Drupal ontwikkeling  
Drupal ontwikkeling  

One of the free and open source technology of CMS is Drupal, which has a huge of high profile websites developed using it. It is quite favou...