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Tairyu Hirayama

“What are we going to do??!!” I begged for an answer in the cab

while we were heading to the unknown place. It was my mom’s surprise for my dad’s birthday and I was determined to know what we were going to do. We got out of the cab and saw a sign that had a helicopter picture on it. But it can’t be. We came here to ride a helicopter? We did. We walked into the building with excitement and a little nervousness and entered a room with a man who works for this company and asked us where we wanted to fly. “Around Tokyo.” Dad said. Okay. Around Tokyo yeah right, it takes an hour to come to ASIJ from my house with the train and the house is not that far from ASIJ, and how are we going to end this ride in 30-minutes? We got on the helicopter and the pilot set the helicopter. And finally it started to move. And before we knew it, we were in the sky looking down at the city. It was really pretty because the light of the buildings were shining like the sparkling stars. “WOW.” said mom. We saw the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree and Roppongi Hills and other big buildings. I even saw the Tokyo Giants playing against… this other team at Tokyo Dome. I hoped the players saw us because we were flying around them for a couple of times. We flew around Yoyogi and I noticed that we just saw Tokyo in 15 minutes. I thought that there was more but, that was all of Tokyo. Helicopters must be really fast, I thought after that. We headed back after another amazing view which took 15 minutes. It felt like it was only five minutes or so.

And that was my first time riding the helicopter and I loved it. Next time I would like to fly around mountains and oceans. It would be nice to come to school with the helicopter.


About me riding a helicopter

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