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Architects: PRODUCTORA / Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China Collaborators: Karel Vancura, Diana León, Iván Villegas, Diego Escamilla Design year: 2008 Construction year: 2009 Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox


As a starting point for our design a solid brick volume was cut up diagonally into different slices, creating a series of autonomous volumes with different sizes and characteristics. On the ground floor these strips are interconnected through wide passages, generating a complex multidirectional space in which all the day activities take place. Above this level the night activities are organized. Here the master bedroom, guestrooms or spaces for the workers find their own individual islands. Below ground level the dwelling guards his swimming pool, areas for massage, fitness and sauna in a triangular hypostyle hall only reached by daylight in its far most corner point. Towards the outside the building presents itself as a simple composition intersected by small strips of stepped topography.


The wooden window framing towards the south opens up the building towards its own protective walls, realizing a rather introvert and narcissistic composition. From different angles the building presents itself as a brick fortress, as a rhythm of separate elements or as a sequence of glazed surfaces.


I started by taking the plan from the picture and changed his scale till the thickness of the walls be 30cm.

     

Then I started doing turning the normal lines in polylines by using the follouing comands:ModifyObject-Polyline-Join(select the lines) and then spline After that I’ve done extrude to the polylines I’turned the view from 2d wireframe to realistic to understand beter the project Than I’ve started to apply the white brick material and rotating it I’ve gone to the view comand to choose walk comand from the stering wheel This is needed to turn on the sky background And after I’ve choose the location I’ve started doing renders in different times of day

Ordos 100  

presentation Arken Alliaj

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