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Architectural rendering in 3ds Max.

If you are planning to work in 3ds Max, you must understand, that it is a creative program. It is not enough just to set up the light and materials, you must understand some laws of physics, psychology of color, basics of composition, scale, harmony and so on.

Architectural rendering in 3ds Max.

Part 1. Interiors.

Wrong perspective Wrong scale of materials No shadows

Wrong perspective Window is too white TV is too bright

No ceiling Wall and floor have no materials Materials are too contrast and simple

Background image is stretched horisontally Backround image is out of the context

All elements of furniture are in different scale compare to human figure Windows are too white

Wrong light All elements seem to be hang near the wall

Backround image is too bloory Foregroung surface is too bright The object partially disappears in backround

Green sunlight

Wrong perspective Window is too shiny

Wrong light settings. All materials appear with the same color and brightness, which doesn‘t create a perspective

Bottles and glasses are the main part of the image. (not the interior) There is a forest in one window, and the clear sky in another.

Image is too white. Wrong light settings

Architectural rendering in 3ds Max.

Part 2. Postprocessing.

Architectural rendering in 3ds Max.

Part 3. Exteriors.

The angle of perspective doesn‘t create an impressive image. No ground, no shadows, no surroudings. Materials are too simple and wrong texturized.

Wrong understanding of the sky-ground relation. No shadows, no surroudings. Materials are wrong texturized.

Sky can not be seen in this way from this point. There is no railing, if it is somewhere at the high storey, Or the ground.

Wrong perspective. No ground. Materials are simple and wrong texturized. Wrong light settings: all courtyard is in shadow.

Wrong composition: the image is cup from one side, the row Of benches – from another, Center of composition is empty. Unrealistic materials.

The scale of the grass and roof textures is too big Unrealistic connection between the grass and backgruond image.

Too much effects: sun, rainbow, water. Car is too big. Materials are too simple: esed just primary open colors

The scale of the background image is too big.

The yellow gamma of the house doesn‘t fit with the greed background.

Too big contrast between the red roof and green surroundings. Trees are uniform and regular. Wromg scale and repetitivness of materials.

Background is too white.

This is not a render.

bad/good rendering  

bad/good rendering