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Preview Taipei International Machine Tools Show

The Intelligent and Energysaving Servo Power Press New Machine at TIMTOS 2013 manufacturers. Especially,

of servo power presses

as the company has also

is evident with their multi-

introduced an intelligent

purpose capabilities of

servo control system, it not

being able to handle difficult

only broadens the machine’s

materials or complicated jobs

versatility but also adds value

within shorter processing

to the entire process chain by


With regard to

improving product precision,

The modern metal forming

environmental protection,

stability, production efficiency

processes are trending

traditional presses consume

and by prolonging the life of

towards high precision

a lot of electricity - even

the die through low noise and

owing to the popularity

when a machine is in

low vibration processes.

of the tablet PC, mobile

standby mode. In contrast,

By using the hand wheel

values are exceeded, an

phones and other handheld

the motors of servo power

for try-out operations with

emergency stop and alarm

devices. This translates

presses, whilst stopped,

the servo power press, the

function is activated. This

into increased technological

consume no electricity at all

slide speed can be easily

improves product accuracy,

thresholds being reached for

as there is no need to store

adjusted for inching and it

efficiency and overall press

forming featuring light, alloy

hydraulic pressure when

is also possible to move the

safety. The system also

materials with high tensile

the machine is on standby.

slide in the reverse direction.

features ‘intelligent BDC

strength. In addition, a trend

They only consume energy

Additionally, the slide starts

position monitoring’ to

is emerging for high output

when the machine is actually

moving under normal press

maintain the slide forming

ratio machine tools such as

working. Chin Fong Machine

force, enabling the whole

position over the BDC.

multi-stage transfer presses

Industrial Co., Ltd. has

process to be far more

There is a micro-adjusting

and automatic multi-press

developed the very first servo

smooth and precise. Chin

of the slide adjustment

tandem lines, as well as

power presses featuring

Fong’s ‘intelligent forming

mechanism which controls

highly intelligent servo-driven

1 0 0 % , Ta i w a n e s e - m a d e

curve monitoring’ system

the tool closing height more

presses which offer users

servo motors. The machine

features real-time display of

accurately thereby also

greater flexibility of forming

will be presented at TIMTOS

position, torque, speed and

applications for die try-outs


acceleration. If the pre-set

increasing product quality. Images Courtesy: Chin Fong

or for mass prodution.


the applicational versatility

This technological

To m e e t t h i s d e m a n d ,

breakthrough is a remarkable

the intelligent and energy-

a c h i e v e m e n t th at bri ngs

saving servo power press is

Taiwan’s mechanical power

the best solution. It features

presses to a new level. With

higher workpiece accuracy,

the outstanding features of

longer service life for the

the servo motor being applied

press mold whilst reducing

in the press, the market for

the number of molds

producing sophisticated

needed when compared

press components is no

with traditional hydraulic

longer monopolized by


Japanese and European


The display of Chin Fong’s new control.

Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.

Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.