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Turn Mill Complex or Mill Turn Complex ? It can be said that the capability of

machines are mostly used for small or

of the “mill turn complex machine”

producing turn mill complex machines

light workpieces, while vertical turn mill

indicates a new machine that is more

is a bench mark indicator of a country’s

complex machines are designed for

milling job orientated than turning.

industrial manufacturing level. The

heavy and bulky components.

According to Wele Mechatronic Co.,

machine is an important tool for

In recent years, due to the high

Ltd., their concept of a mill turn complex

producing high-tech components for

demands from the petroleum, power

machine is a result of detailed and

the defense, automobile, medical

generation, ship building and railway

continuous feedback from the market.

equipment, consumer electronics,

industries, the business for vertical

The company noted that end users now

optoelectronics and machinery

turn mills has remained busy. As

require more milling power and more


The research and

machining requirements become more

automation on a machine and therefore

development in high performance turn

diverse, 5-axis or 5-face machines

the rigidity and structure of a machine’s

mill complex machines not only helps all

with automatic head changers (AHC’s)

headstock has been enlarged to handle

industries by boosting productivity, but

and vertical / horizontal automatic tool

the force of heavy duty milling.

also creates added profits for machine

changers (ATC’s) are now leading the

Another issue is that most turn mill

tool manufacturers and their overall

trend. The name “turn mill complex

or mill turn complex machine owners

competitiveness in the international

machine” normally implies the meaning

have a common headache: it is difficult


that the turning job is the key function of

to find highly skilled machine operators

the machine. The brand new concept

and therefore fully justify the high-

Horizontal turn mill complex


Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  
Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.