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Preview Taipei International Machine Tools Show

In all aspects, the

noise, low vibration

general perception

and low thermo

i s t h a t Ta i w a n ’ s

deformation are the


key challenges to


machining centers is


slightly better than

Steady Rest

Korea, however such

The steady rest is

a point of view has to

used to support long

add a question mark


if comparing lathe

design of a manual

technology. Each year

steady rest proves

there are more CNC

cumbersome when

lathes being imported

adjusting position,

than machining

while the solution

centers. Therefore,

of using a hydraulic

it is believed that

steady rest is better

Ta i w a n ’ s b u s i n e s s

but costly.

opportunity for CNC

To solve this problem,

An innovative new solution to an old problem – L&L’s newly developed lathe processing technology to be showcased at TIMTOS 2013.

lathes, especially for advanced level models, still shows a lot of potential for domestic

L&L Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has modified the design by adding a hydraulic


mechanism at the tip

Large bore, extra long CNC lathes is another unique market. Although the machines’ functions

of workpiece gripper

Taiwanese Lathes

instead of the entire unit thereby solving the problem with little extra cost involved.

are theoretically identical,

machines’ turrets and steady

produce them and most of

In addition, the traditional

the design concepts,

rests are two of the key

the lathe manufacturers

steady rest is seated on

manufacturing know-how,

factors that have revitalized

import them from Japan or

the Z axis slideway which

accuracy/quality inspection

the bulky machines’

Europe. A high performance

interferes with the movement

methods and even cutting

traditional image of being

live tooling turret features

of the saddle.

application skills are totally

simple and slow.

rapid, stable and accurate

L&L’s 5 slideway design

Tool Turrets

indexing. It is also important

means that the steady rest

Ta i w a n e s e - m a d e

that a top quality turret

and turret saddle move

standard ones. The heavy

standard lathe turrets are

should be able to easily re-

on different slideways and

duty, large-sized CNC lathes

competitive in both price

calibrate position in both

therefore long workpieces

have been trending towards

and performance. However,

CW and CCW directions if a

can be turned throughout

multiple performance and

regarding the live tolling

machine crashes.

the whole length without

different between large bore, extra long lathes and



high efficiency. The ongoing

t u r r e t s , f e w Ta i w a n e s e

In addition, high rigidity,

development of these

machine tool manufacturers

high rotation speed with low

interference. Images Courtesy: L&L

Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  
Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.