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Preview Taipei International Machine Tools Show

Three-Axis Intelligent Servo Systems Servo systems are a bench

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automated machinery. The

Yet, in recent years, several

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networking structure, the

complicated wiring for a

technologically leading

speed communication, the

system is able to connect

logic controller is eliminated

has successfully integrated

and the computing load is

range of machines, such as:

flat inkjet printers and

control, motion and drive

dispersed and minimized.

adhesive machines (three-

large electronic inspection

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It gives a new definition to

axis synchronous control),

equipment (gantry control).

receiving excellent feedback

servo systems and offers a

dispensing machines

The systems go beyond

from customers. The system

new automation vision for a

(continuous interpolation),

the typical servo drive and

will be showcased at TIMTOS

changing world. Three-axis

winding machines,

demonstrate a perfect


intelligent servo systems

packaging machines

combination of motion

Three servo drives in

are highly integrated and

(electronic cam), large laser

controller and servo system.

one frame, that features the

cost effective solutions.

cutting machines, glass

All Images Courtesy: Delta

built-in functions of a small

They can be used on a wide

cutting machines,

companies in Taiwan started launching high quality products at attractive price-performance ratios. For instance, a leading professional manufacturer of industrial automation products recently launched its new three-axis intelligent servo system for multi-axis motion control applications. It is an innovative servo system that

programmable logic controller (PLC) to provide three-axis motion control. This new 3-in-1 system design allows the powerful amplifier to connect and control three motors synchronously with only one CPU.

New and exciting system to be showcased at TIMTOS 2013.

The data exchange

frequency can reach 16kHz (62.5µs). Plenty of data can


Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  
Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.