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Taipei International Machine Tools Show


Five-Axis Technology Technological Advances from Taiwan Increase its Market Share in High-end Machines

Taiwan-made 6,000 – 8,000 rpm vertical machining centers are encountering fierce competition from Chinese rivals whose machines have considerably improved in both quality and appearance. Of late, the profit and competitiveness of Taiwanese machines has been decreasing. The positive side of such competition is that it has accelerated Taiwanese machine manufacturers’ efforts toward more high-end products such as 5-axis machines with ultra-high speed spindles and 5-face machines with C-frames or double column structures. The design of integrating a C-axis rotary table with a T-slot table has been introduced by Pinnacle Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and will be showcased at TIMTOS 2013. The rotary table surface and standard T-slot table are on the same plane thereby allowing the machine to accommodate larger and heavier work pieces. The machine user may use the integrated C-axis independently, or use the rectangular table for large workpieces - which do not require the C-axis. For the swivel B-axis, the structure adopts an extra-large axial preloaded bearing which is capable of supporting cutting vibration forces from both


Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  
Show Preview of Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS 2013)  

TIMTOS 2013 will be held next March, from the 5th to 10th. It will be one of the biggest showcase on mahine tool products in Asia.