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8th DECEMBER 2016


”Networking is the art of building and maintaining connections to develop mutual benefits” -Paul Renaud

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The Editorial Hello everyone! This project

has been a great experience to all of us in the project group, it is certainly something to be proud of and something to hold on to in the future. This project wasn’t our original idea since this kind of magazine has been created once before few years ago but we hope that this will last at least few issues longer. But of course this isn’t just an accomplishment for us, this project was made for you and everyone in the TA community. Few months ago I found it sad to hear how many teampreneurs had no clue that there was a Team Academy for example in Tanzania. Team Academy isn’t just a school but infact a small community of innovative and brave young people. But what I think is that we don’t completely get, is the amount of potential this community has. The main goal of this whole magazine was to bring everyone

closer together and improve our international connections so that everyone would at least know the size of the field they are playing at. Most of the people who wrote pieces to this magazine, gave also their contact info so this way they are more and easily reachable. We were lucky to get a contact/s from every country’s TA but still few of them aren’t represented in this issue (e.g. China and Spain) due to communicational problems. We hope to share those countries’ stories in the next issue. The next issue will be more about ongoing projects and plans for new ones. Soi if this issue didn’t yet get you in the mood of international projects, the next one surely will. Just stay tuned! All in all, the whole project group wants to wish you all the best, awesome projects and peaceful Christmas holidays! Hope to hear you in the next issue ;)

Neea Mäkinen

International Connections Manager (TA Finland)



PAUL RENAUD, International networking and its importance How important is it to network internationally? Let me give you a few insights… While traveling in different countries for work it was common for my job to end at one point. Either because of contractual obligations or I had met the objectives of my tasks and my employer needed to hire someone local to replace me. Then after a while in this new country I thought to myself: “ Well my family is here; the kids are in school and they like their new friends; I liked the people of this country…so I thought ‘I can make it here!’” Despite huge cultural and language differences, I was intrepid. I went on to live and work in just about every region in the world. The sheer fact of living in Brazil, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Haiti and Algeria, while surrounded by complete strangers was


daunting, but I knew that I had to network if I wanted to work (and hence, eat). My hosts in these new countries were friendly, but ‘friendly’ doesn’t cut it when you need to work. After all, I was a ‘foreigner.’ As it turned out I discovered that living in this new country was a lot tougher than I expected. I found this out the hard way. I soon remembered that, in general, networking was a whole lot easier at home in Canada among friends and family. If you find yourself in a new culture it’s a lot more complex because you’ve got many dynamics happening all at same time: Different cultures; different customs; different religions; different outlook on work and family life. It was more complex but at the same time it was a lot more fascinating. It was incredible what I learned.

The more I traveled the more my value increased as a person and as an entrepreneur. I could sell myself as a content aggregator that is, using my knowledge & contacts to help a company reach a new market (country). It had become easier for me to open doors for companies who wanted access to markets where I lived. It was quite common for me to say, connect a businessman in Thailand to a banker in Brazil; all of this possible because of my contacts in Brazil. I had these contacts in Brazil because when I lived in Brazil I made it a point to network with as many people as I could. As it turned out my networking initiatives had a good ROI for me and these contacts represented real value for my clients. Did I have any special skills you may ask? Looking back at how I, as a foreigner in a foreign land, successfully found clients, I equate it to my passion for people and business, my goal to become a better networker, the people from a different culture who were open to helping me and, at times, a bit of raw luck. I like people so that’s not a skill per se. I was fearful and shy but I knew that I had to face my fears and eventually ‘break the ice’ with a new person. Regardless if you are networking on your ‘home turf’ or abroad, Networking is the art of building and maintaining connections to develop mutual benefits and the key word is mutual. Networking is essentially connecting ...connecting with other people, some like-minded, some not. But the more genuine you are, the more resilient and valuable your networks become. You can learn the techniques that rely on being true to yourself, using strengths you already have. Anyone can learn the craft, regardless of their personality, current contact list, location, culture, nationality or age. All any of us need is the right attitude. 6

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people from many different cultures and nationalities and these three rules applied to all of them. It doesn’t matter if the person was Congolese, British, Thai or Haitian. We’re all basically the same, regardless of the country or continent. We want to be heard and respected. Try to apply these three steps beginning today:

Honoring your commitments When you commit to doing something for someone else, you can never be quite sure of its importance or value to them and how much they’ll remember what you promised. Another way to meet your commitments is to ‘honor your own word.’

Don’t ever be afraid to ask Networking is basically asking someone for an insight, help, a suggestion or ultimately a contact. In order to get to that point however, ‘you gotta ask!’ This is where it begins and ends. You gotta ask what you can do for them, before asking in return. The reason you network is because it gets you connected and helps identify and recognize who can help you now, in a week, a month, a year or way down the line. That might not cross your mind when you make a new contact, but you may find they can help in more ways than you expect. Keep an open mind when networking and realize that although you’ll not always get what you want, you’re becoming a catalyst to your network. Over time, your peers and new contacts will recognize that you give without asking when it comes to networking and you’re becoming the go-to guy/girl in the process. That’s powerful. Finally, remember that we all need relationships to work effectively and live happy and fulfilled lives--interdependency makes it all work.

Saying thank you Letting others know how much you appreciate what they did for you will create a continuous stream of collaboration. The ‘Fun’ and ‘Work’ networks highlighted in my book are often the most sensitive to this easiest of courtesies. If someone helped you while networking, it’s essential to send them a thank-you note or email that same night or by the very next day, without exception. Any thank-you note that arrives a week late will have lost its effect. So, Networking Internationally ...these two words alone sound exciting. Like most of the fine individuals at Team Academy I’ve met in Romania and Hungary you’re already in that zone of networking internationally with your multicultural classmates and with the country exchanges that will take place.

I envy the Team Academy students since they are savouring the benefits of international exposure in their 20’s. I started learning all about this in my late 30’s. I wish I had started earlier. Imagine how much learning and potential opportunities this will represent for you! Hopefully you will agree with me that Networking will ‘blaze the trails of your success’. Go for it!

About Paul Renaud Paul Renaud is a native of Ottawa, Canada and he has more than 32 years of professional experience - 15 of them as an executive spanning 10 countries and 10 years in Romania. Paul is Romania’s leading Executive Coach (ICF) having worked with organizations such as Google, Coca-Cola, Bitdefender, eMAG, Orange, Vodafone, GE Capital, Toyota, UPS, UPC, Fokker AeroStructures and Bell Canada. Over the years Paul has become an executive, an entrepreneur, writer, public speaker and Certified Executive Coach (ICF). He has entertained many audiences be it MBA students, Startups, Start-up weekend, Pre-accelerators, entrepreneurs, professional managers and executives. People agree that Paul is inspiring, funny and caring as he strives to give each and every audience member the tools they need. Paul is an energetic communicator, a TEDx Speaker and captivating facilitator. He has spoken at various public events in both Romania and outside the country at companies as diverse as Google, Bitdefender, HP, Oracle, KazMunayGas, Unicredit Bank, Colliers International, BNI, Rotaract, PR forums, law firms, ad agencies and many others. In 2014, Paul launched A Networking Book is a combination of research, experience and redefining by Paul Renaud of what it takes to be an effective networker starting with its most important law called, the ‘The Law of Abundance”. The purpose in writing this book is to help people learn how to network, to raise their awareness to the benefits of connecting with people, to learn from Paul’s mistakes and ultimately give back his hard-won experience to others. Paul Renaud official web site - Paul Renaud TedX Talk - A Networking Book official web site -



Photo: Source: Tiimiakatemia Global




Tiimiakatemia – the mother of all Team Academies Greetings from Jyväskylä Finland! Here we have the oldest academy, this is the place where it all started. Twenty four years ago there was this note on a notice board: ”Would you like to travel around the world and learn some marketing aside?” At first there were one team in a single class room. Nowadays we have eleven teams and five coaches. So at the moment there are about 120 of us in the house and the combined turnover has been around 1,9 million euros for several years now. The world around trip is still the main goal for teampreneurs

Our autumn started amazingly because we got to move back to the ‘original’ Tiimiakatemia building after it had been renovated. Our offices are now in a beautiful old plywood factory. Some of our teampreneurs were involved in the designing process so the we got to make the place to look like our own. In addition to all these changes our everyday life is quite the same. Now during the Christmas time everyone is really busy; fourth year teamprenurs are trying to make their last pennies for the world around trip before they graduate in December. And the rest of us are busy with all the Christmas projects. For example, the multiple pop up stores around Jyväskylä.

Our Tiimiakatemia is a 3,5 year BBA proWe have widen up our specialities. When gram inside Jyväskylä University of Applied it used to be mainly marketing now we Sciences. Lately our program changed in also do a lot of events, selling, promotions a way that now all the first year students and e.g. importing tailor made suits from study one year basic studies in the main China. Many teams also have their own campus and after that they can apply for businesses like cafés, vintage shop and Tiimiakatemia and start working as teamplive room escape. Also all of our teams reneurs. We are now in the middle of the have done something international, I think change so at the moment we don’t have it’s an ever growing field inside our houany first year teampreneurs or “penguins” se. What I have learned in Tiimiakatemia as we say. But in the next autumn they will is that everything is possible. So whatever come and some of them have already comes to our minds we do it! participated in our events. Exciting times ahead! Texts: Caludia Kalin, Photos: TA Finalnd IG


Dimangia Innovations (2nd year)

Bisnera (3rd year)

Bisneras members are from 21-year old to a 27-year old. Two boys from Bisnera are working almost full time as real estate agents and after graduation they are going to buy the company where they are working at the moment. Couple of the members have studied a lot of digital marketing and you could say that marketing of all kind is strength of this team. They have done several marketing campaigns for major companies and they also take care of some companies’ social media. The girls in this team are true power ladies; they have had their own café, one of them organizes a 2000 people-design fare and now they have an ecological Christmas pop up-store for the second time. All their members are different but they have learned to work together. The team is afraid of nothing! “Start doing bravely new things, big screw-ups only make good stories afterwards! Also travel with your team as much as you can. At least for our team the best stories are from our trips.”

This energetic team consists of 15 teampreneurs from age 19 to age 31. They have many things going on at the moment and they are not afraid of working. It feels like there’s always someone from Dimangia at the office. They tvalue their team size, even though it is in the bigger side. With fifteen people they are able to do all kinds of projects and each member adds up a new skill. Dimangia’s teampreneurs are interested in event planning, selling and marketing. Big topics but they are willing to learn. them all. At the moment Dimangia has for example a pop up café and a store and they have organized many of our house’s events.. “We’re hoping to see our big Team Academy family soon again.”

Into (4th year)

This team will graduate very soon so they have their minds already in the future and in the around the world trip. Into has always been a big team and even after few dropouts there are fifteen of them. Into is involved in many summer restaurant and café projects and that can be seen in their turnover. During this autumn they reached the magical number of one million euros as a cumulative turnover from day one to this point. They have experience in catering, events, content producing, marketing and video- and photographing. Almost as many things as there are members in Into. And hey let’s not forget that last spring Into organized the international Rocket Days, it was a success! “Take every chance you possibly can and make the most of it! Every little thing leads to another and by doing you make things happen.”





In the year 1999, a poster appeared on the wall of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The poster read: “Are you sick and tired of cramming for exams – How about a trip around the world?” This poster attracted the first brave students to apply into Proakatemia. Those students founded the first team, named Villivisio. Currently it’s the third biggest advertising company in Tampere.

All of the 160 students in Proakatemia have spent their junior year in the main campus of TAMK studying basics of either Business Administration, ICT-engineering, Hospitality management or even health care. After the first year, students of TAMK can choose to apply for entrepreneurship and team leadership as their specialization, and that’s when they enter Proakatemia (lasts 2,5 years).

Overall we now have 24 graduated teams and over 350 graduates who have been linked to our active network of alumni. This December there are three teams graduating and then there will be six teams and 6 coaches left to continue the story of Proakatemia.

Texts and pictures: Hanna Kallio


Team Massive

We are a team called Massive and we are one of the penguin teams here in Proakatemia. Three months ago 17 naive and unique people established a company and began a journey. That journey is going to be a true adventure for us all and only time will tell where that journey might end, not to mention when it might end. Having started out in august, we are still building the basics of our company and figuring out our place here in Proakatemia. We already have a couple of larger scale projects which we acquired from the graduating teams. The first three months have been tough and very educational for all of us, but we’re eagerly waiting to see what awaits us in the next two years before graduating!

Team Noste360

Team OTE

OTE is a hardworking team company formed by 5 realists, a few daydreamers, a couple of crazies, a junior, and one person who is constantly living in fear of going to jail. And in addition to that, we all have a dark sense of humor. We are actually seen as the super team of our academy: we have 4 representatives in the board of Proakatemia, while the other teams have only one representative per team. We also managed to reach 100k € of revenue during our first year of business. It felt amazing to be the first team ever in Proakatemia to achieve that, especially in such a short period of time. One of our most memorable projects has been running two cafes in different ski centres last winter. It taught us a lot about teamwork. But today our services have been limited to a certain line of business; media production (including music), digital marketing and event production.

Noste is a team of 15 people and our goal is to always win. Our ambition is shown in variety of projects that we’ve done in past few years. Some example of these are our events Vihreä Joulu ecological sales event and Feminaari a seminar that had speakers from famous politicians to entrepreneurs. Other major projects were also Pitstop that offered incredibly fast tire changing services to car owners and the Linnainmaa’s Ice cream stand that generated huge revenue during summer season. After the graduation all of the team members have abundant experience in various fields achieved through hardships that we had to face during our Proakatemia times, this will offer us great competitive advantage in the future.




BusinessAcademy has been operating in Salo campus since 2010 and in 2015 it expanded to Turku. Currently there are 13 cooperatives running and we have about 15 coaches guiding the teams’ actions. Every team also has one or two assistant coaches who are their senior peers. “The best part of coaching is, that you get to work with energetic young people in long term basis, follow and guide their development. Every day is full of encounters, surprises, passion, humour and challenges” say Jami Riihihuhta and Marianne Renvall, coaches of Cooperative Blinkki and Cooperative Innoa. Cooperatives form project groups and carry out different projects together with the corporate life. Some examples are The Caviar Club networking event held in Salo together with Mahon Digital and promoting the jubilee of Design House Stockholm Block-light. Moreover, BA gives a chance to fulfil your dream! In 2015 three students from Salo did it and travelled around the world together financed by BA the profits of the projects. In BusinessAcademy we work with customer-oriented approach and our goal is to create the best possible solution for the customer. The asset of the young team entrepreneurs is the courage to take the leaps to the unknown and create our own paths. For example, cooperative Droppi has organized RekryIT Recruiting and Networking event twice. It is an event where ICT experts get to meet each other and also discuss new job opportunities. One of the highlights is the Annual Gala which will be held for the first time both for Turku and Salo-based teams next year. In Salo the Annual Gala has been organized already for four times. Another example of common events is the BA Experience day, common training session between Turku and Salo. Common training sessions with nursing students have been held in Salo regularly. Some traditions take place every year when first year students start in BusinessAcademy:e. e.g. 24 h innovation and Lion’s Den.


Cooperative Pointti Crew, second year business students, first year in BA

Cooperative Droppi, third year of studying BBA and second year in BA Droppi is one of Turku BusinessAcademys first cooperatives, founded in 2015. We are 12 enthusiastic professionals and our specialties vary from marketing and sales to event planning. Our best known and biggest project is RekryIT Recruiting and Networking event. Even though we have been operating a little over a year we have achieved a lot. We have e.g. won the Visio competition in 2015 and the Southwest Finland’s Entrepreneur’s reward for entrepreneurial innovator of the year 2016.

Greetings! We are a diverse and dynamic cooperative called Pointti. We are 16 skilled people with variety of different age and culture. We already have experience from different fields in business, e.g. B2C sales, customer service, entrepreneurship in general, organizing events as well as marketing and promoting. We have courage to face the challenge and also complete the tasks exactly in the way they should be done. ”We are the hitmen of the same-oldsame-old. We work as hard as Koreans with Finnish punctuality. We reach objectives with Polish determination and negotiate like Vietnamese. We eat comfort zones for breakfast and approach subjects with care with a pinch of Brazilian sexiness.”

Exchange student’s team Team ’Innovent’ represents a group of exchange students, currently spending its semester abroad at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, campus Salo, in Finland. As our name already indicates, we’re an innovative group that is providing future exchange students with information about their studies in BusinessAkatemia in Salo and using its international spirit in order to create inspiring projects that are out of the box regarding the ”Finnish way”. During our semester 2016 we created a student guide, a student blog and an image video in order to inform next semester’s students about what they can expect about their semester and living conditions in Finland. Besides, we designed our own patches and organized an ’International Day’ in order to promote the idea of ’going abroad’. Texts: Varpu Andersson (, Päivi Kilström, Pia Lindgren Photos: Kuvapankki BusinessAcademy




Terwa-academy shortly. Terwa-academy is an entrepreneurial orientation form from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Terwa-academy in Oulu, Finland is a one year old form of studying. The office spaces are located in Business Kitchen in the city center of Oulu. There are currently four teams in Terwa-academy which includes 6 individual companies. We have about 40 students in total and three coaches.

Räikiä Ltd Räikiä Ltd was established in September 2016. Our team consists of 11 enthusiastic and hard-working entrepreneurs from Oulu, Finland. We offer innovative solutions from ideas to the final product. Our mission is to create a fresh vision that gives solutions to renew old-fashioned operations regardless of the field of business. We seize new challenges with “Räikiä” attitude and utilize the personal strengths of our team members in our projects. Usually new teams establish a co-operative company but we knew we had the potential to do something remarkable so we established a private limited company right away. See you all in the next Team4Learning event!


Texts and pictures: Jyri Mäkitalo


NETHERLANDS Team Academy Amsterdam was founded 10 years ago and operates on the basic ideas of its founding partners in Finland with a few differences. Team Academy is a 4-year full time bachelor degree called the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.


The graduates of the Bachelor degree are qualified to lead the creation of new companies, work on business development inside enterprises or choose to work in their own company. Students learn by doing, work in self managed teams and the money earned is invested into Learning Journeys all over the world.




University of Iringa is located at the Southern highlands of the Tanzania main land. Team Academy model was adopted from Finalnd in 2014/2015 academic year by university of Iringa. Currently we have first year, second and third year teampreneurs. Team Academy in university of Iringa started with three coaches and 30 teampreneurs in two teams. Currently the age of teampreneurs’ range is between 20-25years.

We have two semesters per academic year, each semester has four months. At the end of the semester we always face the university exam which is based on reflections. Every team should have at least four projects per semester. We conduct Huston call every month and at least one rocket day per semester.

at acted first place th This was the room as a dialogue


Team Quality Team quality is made of five second year teampreneurs. It concentrates on snacks project in which we make and distribute them into shops for sale. We are also currently working on environmental project which will be the base of our first registered organization. The project that we are to start is going to be under the organization, and the project is about briquettes and the name of the project is community briquettes. Apart from challenges we face in our team we still believe that we are improving day after day.

Second year teampreneurs conducting a business meeting

Personal feelings and quotations ‘’What I wanted was just Business administration, but when I heard about team academy I felt like it was what I was finding, and now I am where I belong’’ ‘’The great lesson I got from team academy is ability of working in team’’ ‘’I am not a graduator but it’s true that team academy gave me the experience I never got before, failure and success of our projects taught me a great lesson and I think this is the best of team academy’’ -Dismas Samwel, second year teampreneur and director of the team Quality

Texts and photos from: Dismas Samwel 18




The Team Academy system has been in place at Falmouth University for 3 years now. The third years here were the first batch of teampreneurs ever at Team Academy Falmouth! The companies are getting better year on year, and the penguins have got some very exciting projects going (including a contract with Mercedes and Uber!) Team Academy Falmouth has 6 different Team Companies –

We have one ‘Team Development Session’ a week within our team company, and another ‘Community Learning Session’ for the whole year group. This is a good mixture of driving your business and learning as part of something larger than just your team company!

Univo, Novaki, Virkko, Cobai, Innouva and Compago. As for coaches, we have 5, so they are kept busy!

Top 3 things learned from TA: 1. Be respectful of your team 2. Learn to spot opportunity 3. Failure can be productive - Joe Smart

Birth giving


Team Introduction (Third Year)

Virkko Ltd

For third year, we operate more like one team company than Virkko Ltd is a second year team two separate ones. We are at a that currently consists of 9 memstage where we are focusing on bers. At Virkko Ltd, we do things assignments and recruiting lower slightly differently to the rest of years to projects in the hope of the teams here. As opposed to handing them over once we leastarting the ideas process within ve! We are a very close the team, we start work knit group, and we try to on proje cts as indiviembody the Team Acaduals and incorporate demy culture to set the the team when we feel example for Team Entrethat the project is reapreneurs coming through dy to have others worthe system. king on it unless it is for As some of you probably example an idea origathered at the Teamginally formed within a 4Learning event in Budagroup. This is a process pest, we are all big fans we have developed of Conor Mcgregor! We this academic year. Virkko’s team mealmeal are all interested in difGenerally our projects referent sports – boxing, surfing, late to interests within Virkko Ltd. Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu among For example, we currently have others! We are all football mad, a street clothing brand on the a lot of lunchtime conversations go called Hibernate Clothing, a are arguments over who is going mobile tea shop called Tealeaf, to win the Premier League this a campus smoothie bar that is season! soon to be up and running, and a couple of my teammates are working on a product that they hope will captivate the surf market. Therefore, as well as spotting a gap in the market for our businesses, we also look to develop a business venture around our passions. Texts: Joe Smart




New Castle

Hello! We are Team Academy Newcastle, and we are very grateful to have a spot in this new magazine! We are looking forward to interacting with other teams from around the world and establishing some strong networks! We are delighted to contribute to this publication and tell you all about some of the fantastic things that are going on at University of Northumbria at Newcastle, in the North East of England. We are so far north, Scotland is only a little over 40 miles away!

It’s a great place to learn business by doing business - Northumbria was named fourth best university in Sir Andrew Witty’s 2013 Review of Universities and Growth for establishing start-up companies in the UK.

In 2015 we won the award for UK Business School of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards and we are recognised by Times Higher Education as one of the top-rated universities for the provision of business and management education in the UK.

Established in 2013, we were one of the two first Team Academy inspired programmes in the UK, and had our first graduates in 2016. We have 62 students studying BA (Hons) Entrepreneurial Business Management across the three years of the degree in 6 teams, with 5 coaches, and last year we started a Master’s programme too. Geordies (the name for people from Newcastle upon Tyne) are well known for their friendliness – and we are no exception - enjoy reading about us and please visit soon!

Texts & photos::

Lucy Hatt (programme leader) John Nichols ( and Mark Nicholson, Kaizen Dynamic Samantha Bright, Team Sedulous

Robert Lundgren Jones, Younite Projects


Kaizen Dynamic

Hi! We are Kaizen Dynamic, and we’re a first-year entrepreneur team from TA Newcastle! We cover a broad age range, consisting of ages 18 to 27. Our mission statement is: “We aim to grow our company in this modern-day society through innovation, creation and determination.” – a statement which we all follow with a passion! We chose our name ‘Kaizen Dynamic’ due to all of us striving to continuously improve our abilities to become the best version of ourselves possible. Since being put together in September, our main project has been to sell fancy dress eye contacts through the Halloween period, where we netted a three-figure profit – not bad for our first venture! We are currently deciding what to do next as a team whilst we branch off into small teams and individuals to chase our own business projects, such as; a clothing brand, a Christmas card company, a graphic design studio, a social media consultancy, an online booking idea and a VR project! We all have big ideas we would like to follow and are keen to build contacts and network with other Team Academies and companies around the world to further our learning, gain experience and start international projects!

Team Sedulous

Younite Projects

What was once a team comprising of 14 members is now a solid collaborative faction consisting of 12 young, passionate, and entrepreneurial individuals. In the past, projects have included; Clavé Drum Customisation, Niav gym apparel, pub quizzes and events management. Currently, we have four established businesses trading and about five other upcoming start-ups. Last year, Younite Projects worked more on team projects and realised that if one of us isn’t passionate about something, then it doesn’t get done. Therefore, we have changed completely this year and instead work on our own business projects and share our contacts, skills, and knowledge to help each other grow. We often work hard and party hard together.

Hello! We are Team Sedulous, a first-year student entrepreneur team from TA Newcastle. Team Sedulous’ Mission Statement is: “We are a team which achieves by combining fun and ambition. We work in a non-judgmental environment to run projects, learn and ensure turnover while supplying customers with goods/services that we have a passion for.” We are a team of 11 entrepreneurs who were put together on 26th September 2016. We have already combined with determination, competitiveness, and an open mind to learning the most possible from every situation we are put into. This was proven during our first UK Customer Weeks, where we won the UK-wide competition. We achieved these points by carrying out cake sales at our business school canteen and painting faces outside of St. James’ Park (Newcastle FC’s stadium) on match days. However, our largest achievement was with our main product - our Newcastle-themed Christmas Hampers where we sold a total of 36 hampers to individuals and companies, making an overall profit of £515 in just 2 weeks! 22


UK Team Echo

Bristol Team Icon Team consists 14 members from the age range of 19 to 24. Team icon is currently working on our first team project, a Festive Fair which will involve selling Christmas decorations, a tombola, a cake stall, vintage clothing and more. Here’s an example of a project in the team: I am currently working on an app that brings all Uni students together, whether it’s buying, or selling or just wanting to promote their events. This is an app that is made strictly for Uni students where they can share and make each other’s’ Uni lives easier. Each university within the UK will have their own specific page. The app is currently under development, along with the site, and the patent process has been started. -Helia Tarat, 19

We are a diverse team with a range of interests, which include: Photography, music, events, environmental sustainability, clothing and fashion, football coaching, property development and artwork. Providing products and services in the interest of learning and developing our skill base. There are 14 members in our team and our ages vary from 19 to 26. Our current team projects are: Selling Christmas trees in partnership with Ali and Joe (group project) and Selling the board game called Identity Crisis (group project). Each of our member have also individual projects. Thoughts from team members: “I’d say that I love the course because it gives you the freedom

to explore your interests, make mistakes and work with interesting and inspiring people, in a supportive and entrepreneurial environment.” -Heidi Cartwright “This course has helped me to develop the area I believed to be most difficult.” -Tom O’Kelly

Team Uphinity Team Uphinity is a third year team of 15 members. Team’s main interests are socialising, making money, spending money, sports, partying, having fun. Our current projects are: 360 degree advertising agency, kanye fest club events, campus cuts barber shop, property investment, drum sticks, video game streaming Why we love the course in Bristol: Full of opportunities, large network of entrepreneurs, large number of start-ups, a lot of business owners are willing to give us advice, large quantities of every type of target market, networking events in and around the bristol area all the time, high amount of students, good nightlife for socials, big city for business but not as saturated as places like London. Texts: Tom O’Kelly (


HUNGARY Budapest

In Team Academy Budapest, we work in small groups. As it is essential to the Team Academy model, which we implemented based on the original Finish educational model, we are “learning by doing�, which means we work on actual projects, with real companies and firms. Team Academy Budapest has been operating since 2012 as an optional specialization in one of the biggest and most recognized Hungarian business university, called Budapest Business School. Budapest Business School provides a 3-year-long course, called Business and Management, and after the first two years of this course, students have the option to choose In every two years, a new set of amTeam Academy, where we spend our last two bitous and adventurous students arsemesters and our internship semester. rive at TA. This set usually consists of 30 people. During our first couple of weeks, we get separated into two different groups, and then we start the CV-s, or we start setting up a company. The teams are aided by coaches, usually one by team, who keep an eye on our progress, and help the students with their daily tasks and questions. The period while we are getting to know each other is really funny, and filled with games and excercises, that help us get accomodated. The two groups start to work on projects, and try to get as many contacts and possible company connections as possible. This time is really interesting, as relatively unexperienced teampreneurs become acquainted with the corporal life, and the players of this field. One part of the day is dedicated to the trainings, which provide us the essential academic knowledge, and many times get us closer to each other. The other part of the day is dedicated to the actual working progress, this is the time when we are taking care of our projects, and daily tasks, or int he early days, the establishing of the company. Texts and photo: Niki Farkas



g r u o b s Stra

After being critized a lot inside the Strasbourg Management School, our Bachelor is now better accepted especially after an accreditation process of AACSB. ACCSB International is a global membership association for the business education industry. The auditors were positively impressed by the quality of the proof of learning demonstrated by teamsters. Currently, our learning community is made of 45 teamsters (2 teams in first year, 1 team in second year and The Bachelor Young Entrepreneur has 1 team in third year) and 3 part time been launched inside the Strasbourg coaches (2 are Team Mastery alumManagement School (part of the Stras- ni). We will gradually reach a size of bourg University) in 2011 and the pro2 teams per year. The dream will be 3 gram is based on the full Team Acade- teams per year ! my pedagogical model. We face a new challenge : more Our three years program is the only one and more teachers come to visit us of this kind in France and to be offered and some of them ask for support for in a university. The program has been disrupting their methods of learning. constructed gradually by a team of Let’s see what happens this year ! coach that has changed a lot since the start of the project. As the curriculum is inside the University, we use the 21 skills model to evaluate the proofs of learning created by the teampreneneurs. The Bachelor Young Entrepreneur is primarily aimed for students from East of France region who have recently passed their final second-level exams and are looking to pursue a degree program that will allow them to incorporate entrepreneurial projects and offer them an original learning method based on learning by doing and teamwork.


1st year team

In values of sharing, action and authenticity, the team academy of Strasbourg welcomed the sixth generation of student entrepreneurs. A team of over-motivated young people who want to co-create the world of tomorrow in a mutual and good humor spirit. Our first goal is to build a tightly-knit team, where each member has a place, even before thinking about making money. The project Co-équipiez is based on these values. For our first team project, we chose to build a community. It’s not about making money but sharing. We have created a Facebook page (Co-équipiez) that serves as a platform for exchanges with people who are not part of our training but who like the work we do and want to follow our evolution. On this page, we will publish our essays, the news about entrepreneurship, our actions with customers and one photo per day. Concerning this daily picture, it tells the story of Simon, an entrepreneur like you, like me, like us, who asks the question ” Et Simon entrepreneur décidait de ... ? » Through Simon, we want to keep a track of each day that forges us to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

2nd year team

As we met last year for the first time, we were strangers to each other, coming from different backgrounds, different cultures , and different previous education , we were all there for a reason, we all shared the same deep passion to create, innovate and leave a trace around the world. As the time went on, we started knowing each other more, the spirit of this formation is about sharing; we shared our success, mistakes, laughs and sometimes tears, connection between us became more and more deeper, we lifted each other, gave strength to each other ,and we were more than classmates, we were a family with its own vision and values. We still have our baby dream, we want to see the world together , for the money we agreed on creating a book ,or a guide for meetings , we get inspired by our training sessions and decided to expand this spirit. Everywhere people meet and take decisions about work , its not only the book we want to sell, its the whole concept of sharing,having fun while working, taking risks, and embracing the other . We didn’t decide on a name yet , wish us luck and don’t forget ON VOUS AIME TOUS Texts and photos: Coaches, 1st year team & 2nd year team



Team4Learning 2016, an international event for all team-learners was held on 10th and 11th of November in Budapest, Hungary. This year`s theme was international communication and from the point of view it was full of networking with 178 participants from different Team Academies all over the Europe. Our two days were full of inspiring stories about different projects and e.g. an interesting networking workshop with Paul J.R. Renaud. Those two days were also filled with lots of sightseeing, laughing, developing new projects and enjoying the time in Budapest with some old and new friends! Those were definitely the days to remember.


Hello! My name is Anni Näremaa and I have got the opportunity to be the Project Manager for next year`s T4L event. And guess what! Next year´s event will take its place in a city where our very first Tiimiakatemia was found in 1993. That`s right! The city is called Jyväskylä. Next year`s plan is to improve the event bigger and more participating. It will be bracing and all in all an excelent opportunity to make connections and discuss about some international project opportunities. What is more, the event will be full of interesting stories, speakers and workshops. I hope to see all of you here in Jyväskylä. I bet you will network, learn something new and have fun!


However, I can`t organize the event alone. Like last time, I would love to have an international project group to organize next year`s event. Would you like to join Team4Learning 2017 project group? Please follow Team4Learning Facebook page ( team4learning) to get know more about next event. The application form will be also published there on December. Stay tuned! If you have any questions about Team4Learning 2017, feel free to contact!

Anni Näremaa Team4Learning Project Manager


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