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News Who we are…Taino Warriors Batallion. Above: Battalion Commander Cdt. Lopez, Joshua, speaking with MSIII on what is expected of them during the semester after the first record APFT of Fall 2013. Left: MAJ. Clemente, motivating cadets before the APFT Run.

Sep-13 Edition

Welcome Back: New Semester, New Leadership Taino Warriors,

Inside Battalion Leadership Meet the Cadet Leadership.

Battalion APFT. Conducted the first Army Physical Fitness Test.

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First Step: Contracted Cadets Ten new contracted cadets.


CWST/DNC First Lab of the semester


Campus Corner Community Service

We’re off to a fantastic beginning to the 2013-2014 School Year and the Military Science Program!!! I see motivated, dedicated, and spirited Cadets across all MS Levels and at all campuses. I am very impressed and challenge each of you to push yourself and your peers to achieve all the standards across the board….APFT, Land Nav, CWST, and Military Science Classes. I also encourage those whom are good at English to begin peer study groups in order to assist those who are struggling with the ECLT and OPI examinations. True leadership is engaged leadership…in other words, helping those who need assistance in specific areas – especially English!!! Remember, success is determined by improving yourself one day at a time, ever so


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Taino-Warriors Battalion


(Continuation Page 1) Welcome Back. slightly, so by the end your ROTC journey you have exceeded your own expectations. Overall, I am very pleased with your effort thus far this semester. You rocked the Cadet APFT. The event was well organized and executed, which displays the excellent planning effort by the MSIV Cadet Leadership. Way to go! I do see room for improvement for the APFT, so continue to participate and execute a challenging fitness program in order to improve your APFT scores. You also did a phenomenal job at the recent CWST. This event was absolutely well organized and supremely efficient. I could tell most individuals had a great time, which is always great to see. I appreciate the level of planning from Cadets and Cadre, as this event built spirit de corps for the whole program. Of course, the event culminated with the Taino-Warrior BBQ, highlighting your hard work thus far in the program. Stay focused and lead by example Taino-Warriors! Eric R. Hanes LTC, AV Commanding

Army Values Loyalty Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers.

Duty Fulfill your obligations.

Respect Treat people as they should be treated.

Selfless Service Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own.

Honor Live up to all the Army values.

Integrity Do what’s right, legally and morally.

Personal Courage Face fear, danger, or adversity [physical or moral].

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Our Cadet Battalion Commander: Demonstrating Leadership. On

15th August, Taino-Warriors Battalion acquired a new Battalion Commander, c/LTC Lopez Joshua, from Metro Company. c/LTC Lopez joined the USAR in 2010. During his time as an enlisted Soldier, he understood that an officer could make a difference in others. In August 2012 he decided to join the ROTC as an MSIII. Lopez said “Seeking information, let me see that the program offers you the opportunity to interact with others with many different points of view, backgrounds and personalities. Interacting with others is what challenges you to develop yourself as a leader, overcoming many challenges and adapting to different situations.� Message for the Battalion: I expect from the MSIIIs to go through all of the obstacles that they will encounter during the year with confidence. I want them to take advantage of the program and the experiences it provides them, to develop themselves in a way that it helps them to handle every situation without hesitation. I want MSIII, to show that even with deficiencies they can be the best in what they do, if they put a bit of effort into it. My biggest advice for all the MS Levels will be, it does not matter where you are, always do what is right and conduct yourself as a professional and a leader. Do not do anything to impress others, do them to impress yourself and always be a true leader. People will always know when you are true to them and true to yourself. Always give 100% in all you do, and do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. I wish you the best during this learning experience and your careers. Joshua Lopez c/LTC, BN Commander

Chain of Command Executive Officer. c/MAJ Diaz, Francheska Command Sargent Major. c/CSM Rivera, Karen S1: Personnel. c/CPT Flores, Ramiro S2: Intel/Plans. c/CPT Marrero, Angel S3: Plans/Orders. c/MAJ Peralta, Miguel S4: Supply c/CPT Roman, Erwin S5: Fundraising/Store. c/CPT Rodriguez, Gerarldo S6: Public Affair. c/CPT Olmos, Maria

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Taino-Warriors Battalion


Cadets preforming the SitUp Event as cadre supervise. Over 70 cadets from seven satellite Universities participated.

First Battalion Army Physical Fitness Test of Fall 2013: Setting the Standard. This past Sept. 13th, Taino-Warriors Battalion conducted the first record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus Track. Over 70 cadets from seven satellite Universities participated, and the majority of these cadets are in the running to be contracted. These cadets are in the Advance Course, MSIII, something in which they worked hard to become. These cadets spent weeks training for this event. Which consist of three events: 2min Push-ups, 2min Sit-up and a 2-mile Run to set a time according to their scale. This test determines there strength and physical condition, what a true leader should maintain. Lieutenant Colonel Hanes, who has just arrived as the battalions new Professor Military Science(PMS), also participated in the APFT alongside the cadets which

motivated the cadets to push harder and run faster. LTC Hanes shown great initiative and leadership by taking the APFT alongside the cadets, that’s the kind of leader that we need and need to become. There is high expectation for this year in Taino-Warriors Battalion, especially MSIII be ready for this year, next stop will be Warrior Forge.

Cadets during the 2 Mile Run event.

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Seven out of the ten cadets in the position of attention ready to swear-in to become contracted cadets.

Ten cadets take the first step. On Sept 19, 2013, ten cadets from different campus pledge to become contacted cadets in the Army ROTC. These cadets during the summer 2013 participated in the Leadership Training Course (LTC). LTC is four weeks of intense classroom and field training held in the summer at Fort Knox, KY. This course is an accelerated version of the two years of leadership development training that Cadets receives in the Basic Course.

These ten cadets went through this rigorous training, whish made them qualify for an enrollment in the Army ROTC Advanced Course on there campus that provided them with two years of college remaining of graduating (Undergrad or graduate). This is a proud moment in the life of a cadet. This when they take the first step into becoming an Army Officer.

Ten cadets after taking the oath. This is a proud moment of a cadets life.

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Left, Right, Left‌. Water Survival. Taino-Warriors woke up early in the morning of Friday Sept. 20, to being the semester with the first Lab of the semester, Combat Water Survival Training (CWST), at the San Juan Natatorium. Cadet from all different levels attended the Lab as part of there training into becoming future Army officers. CWST is designed to reduce the fear of water, create self-confidence and develop the ability to survive in environments with water during missions. The various events were tested the 10 minute swim, 25 meter rifle swim, don and ditch, tread water, and lastly 5 meter drop. Although some cadets had great fear of water, and weak swimming skills, most of them had a remedial training to learn the basic of swimming and the ability to conquer their fear of water. There was a great amount of cadets that passed with flying colors. After the CWST, cadres and MIV’s, introduced all MS levels on the basic Drill and Ceremony skill which is essential in the military life. Welcome BBQ was also conducted after the events; awards were given out by the PMS, to the cadets with Most Outstanding Success in the Army ROTC last semester.

Top Right: Cadet conducting 5 meter drop. Left: Cadets conducting Drill ceremony

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Bayamon Company assign for a mission of community service at Punta Salinas Beach, Toa Baja on Sept 14.

Bayamon Company

The purpose was to pick up trash around the beach to maintain a clean healthy environment. Also to participate on the International coasts cleaning day’ helping out the community. There were a total of 20 bags full of trash and other material like mini fridge, tires and large objects that were taken by the maintenance personnel that work in the area.

Campus Corner Rio & UNE Company

Rio & UNE Company joined forces at Ocean Park Beach in order to serve the community bye cleaning the beach. Majority of the visible perimeter of the beach was cleared of previous debris and trash. The results were around 15 trash bags were filled. The companies’ presence attracted the attention of armed forces members who took interest on our efforts to reach out to the community. Civilian that were present, that morning were very much grateful for the effort of giving back to the communities. Company Commander from Rio, c/CPT Guzman, Rafael said “Further opportunities will come to fruition thanks to this day actions.”

Did You Know Taino-Warriors? The military training was established and government aid authorized at the University of Puerto Rico on February 5, 1910. This work was established and carried on by four different officers, Major E.P. Lawton, Lieutenants Bates Tucker, P. Gilbreth and Rafael Bird, commanding for various periods until March 9, 1919 when the then Infantry Unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps was Authorized, reorganizing the Military Department and making it a more vital part of the University life and training.

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Taken from 1925 UPR Yearbook

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Credits Writer & Edit: c/CPT. Olmos, Maria Writer: c/MSG. Carrasquillo, Angel Photos: Cdt. Lugo, Magdiel

Taino-Warriors News Sept13 Edition  
Taino-Warriors News Sept13 Edition