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Who we are‌Taino Warriors Batallion.

NOV-13 Edition

Above: 6th Brigade Commander Col Barnes placing the Exelence in Land Nav during LDAC 2013 in the Battallion guidon. Left: Cdt Vazquez, Bianca from Rio Company briefing her OPORD during the JFTX.

Accomplishing the Mission During the academic year of 2012-13, 35 cadets embraced the mission and the duty into becoming an Army officer, but first they had to accomplish one


Hero of the Month:


From the Ring to the Field

important mission at Fort Lewis, LDAC. LDAC, is a five-week summer course to evaluate and train all Army ROTC Cadets. Every Army ROTC

Crossing the LD Encountering SAPA Joint Field Training


Lifting and being a Cadet

Leader Development and Assessment Course. Before going to LDAC every cadet in the advance camp


Taino-Warriors &Bulldogs The Weight of ROTC:

Cadet who enters into the Advanced Course attends the

has to be determined and dedicated to their academics and their responsibilities in school and in ROTC.


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Taino-Warriors Battalion


(Continuation Page 1) Mission: All 35 cadets went through all the rough and intense training that was to them. One training that they were mostly determined was Land Navigation which at the beginning of the year most couldn’t grasp the skills, but they didn’t let that be their downfall, as determined as they are into becoming Army Officer as determined they were into Land Nav. The academic and training year ended and it was time to go to LDAC and show the skills they learn in during the year. 35 cadets took Land Nav, but little did they knew that all their hard work during the year was going to payoff. LDAC was done and it was time for them to be MSIV and mentor the up coming MSIII. Current MSIII have shown and demonstrated what MSIV have mentored during the Fall 2013 semester and the JFTX. Five MSIII received an award and one most important to the MSIV was the 6th Brigade streamer for Excellence in Land Navigation at LDAC 2013. It was well deserved for the determination, teamwork, honor and duty of all the 35 MSIV. Congrats Taino-Warriors Battalion.

Calendar ! Thanksgiving November 28, 2013 ! Army Physical Fitness Test December 06, 2013 ! Christmas Farewell Event & Rappel Tower December 13, 2013 ! Christmas Eve December 24, 2013 ! Christmas Day December 25, 2013 ! New Years Eve December 31, 2013 ! New Years Day January 01, 2014

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Hero of the Month This







encountering many diverse obstacles and proudly overcoming many of his fears. Cdt Lugo Ray is has a 3.15 he is enrolled in the army ROTC program as an MS III and part of the Ranger Challenge team. In the civilian side he works with the Education Department of Puerto Rico as a manager for a company that provides tutorials to public schools. At a young age he joined the “Navy League Cadets Corp’’ and spent few years in the Cadets Corps program “Through that experience I learned the discipline of leadership skills and the benefits of being well organized” said Lugo. One of Lugo’s biggest passion and hobby is for Boxing he started his amateur career at the age 14. He won multiples tournaments, which included: State Cdt Lugo Ray, guidon barear during LTC 2013

Champion of Florida, National Champion in Atlanta Georgia, a gold medal in an International Tournament. This year he attended the Leaders Training Course in Fort

Knox, Kentucky in which he encountered many diverse obstacles; Lugo said, “This experience has contributed greatly to my personal growth, perseverance, and overall character.” Cdt Lugo is on his way into becoming a future Army Officer with a APFT 275 “I believe the Army provides the right tools and opportunities for me to follow these goals. I am looking forward to facing the challenges that await me with a positive and strategic approach.”

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Cadets conducting a wedge formation while walking 200meters until they encounter SAPA forces.

A16 this is C31 over… Crossing the LD Through 1st-3th Nov, Taino-Warriors felt ready to encounter some SAPA Forces during their squad tactics mission. During the weekend went through 12 different missions during the day. All squad tactics events started with the MSIII receiving their missions establishing a 360° security in the assembly area and squad leaders receiving their operational orders. Later after it was time to head out giving their first radio call “A16 this is C31 over… Crossing the LD” Walking around 200 meters until they saw their objective and engaged with the SAPA Forces. This is an exercise was to develop their skills of teamwork, squad movement and be in the level of stress that most soldier encounter was they head out into a deployment. MSIII also conducted Day and Night Land Nav.

Cadets communicating to do the appropriate action to encounter SAPA Forces

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Cadets receiving the regimental process class during the JFTX.

JFTX: Taino-Warriors and Bulldogs The last training of the semester before Christmas break was conducted at Camp Santiago, Salinas, where Rio Piedras ROTC Taino-Warrios Battalion and Mayag端ez ROTC Bulldogs Battalion said present for the Joint Field Training Exercise (JFTX). MSIII from both battalions went through four different phases: Regimental Process Class, APFT, Land Nav and Squad Tactics. During the JFTX MSIII had the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and learn to cope with cadets from different campus and backgrounds. It was their first over view of how LDAC would be, were thousands of cadets from across the nation come together to but in hand the skills they learned during the year in their battalion trainings. Also, the 6th Brigade Commander Col Barnes came for visit during the JFTX encouraging, meeting and motivating future officers from both battalions. Six cadets were awarded for their performance during the JFTX, five were from the Taino-Warriors Battalion: Cdt Mu単oz Lourdes, Highest Female APFT Score, Cdt Davila Victor, Highest Male APFT Score, Cdt Lopez Angel, Highest Land Navigation Score, Cdt Borrero Jonathan, Top Male Overall Cadet and Cdt Qui単ones Joanlyn, Top Female Overall Cadet.

Cadets from Rio Piedras and Mayag端ez during the 2mile Run

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Distinguished Cadets from the JFTX

Cdt Mu単oz Lourdes

Cdt Davila Victor

Top Female Cadet for APFT

Top Male Cadet for APFT

Cdt Lopez Angel Top Male Land Navigation

Cdt Borrero Jonathan

Cdt Qui単ones, Joanlyn

Top Overall Male

Top Overall Female

Taino-Warriors Battalion


Lifting the Motivation and the Weight of ROTC For many cadets joining the Reserve Officer Training

Course is a chance to build, improve and evaluate their strength, but for two cadets strength is one of their abilities. Cdt Muñoz Lourdes from Rio Company and Cdt Carrasquillo Angel from Turabo Company are athletes and cadets determine in their studies, sports and becoming an Army Officer. Cdt Muñoz started Olympic Weightlifting in 2011 at the same time ROTC at University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. Her time management is exceptional with the determination waking up early in morning to do PT and then taking class and having to train her 70kg weightlifting for her to be able to compete in the collegiate competition. She came in first place in her category and overall. “I want to be an exceptional leader, a woman of character determined to success in everything I propose in my life.” Said Muñoz. Cdt Carraquillo from University of Turabo currently an MSVI only six month into getting commission as an Army Officer, loved boxing but understood that it wasn’t his passion. Concluding his boxing ambition in 2006 with 22 wins, 0 lost and 2 draws. Month later he came across the sport of Olympic weightlifting. “Watching the athletes train and compete, I felt compelled by the sport and began training in Olympic weightlifting. Later on he joined the ROTC went through LTC 2012 and LDAC 2013. Upon his arrival from LDAC2013 he began training again. " Brought me peace and let’s me have a moments glory and great sense of happiness before I graduate." said Carrasquillo. He came in third place in his category of 155kg in his last competition in November Both cadets are current sport scholarship recipient from their school. Their next competition is in April 2014 in the Collegiate Olympics at Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Did You Know Taino-Warriors? Col. Virgilio Cordero was a professor of military science in UPR-RP but before he was the PMS he was the Battalion Commander of the 31st Infantry Regiment December 8, 1941, when Japanese planes attacked the U.S. military installations in the Philippines. The Bataan Defense Force surrendered on April 9, 1942 and Cordero and his men underwent brutal torture and humiliation during the Bataan Death March and nearly four years of captivity. Cordero was one of nearly 1,600 members of the 31st Infantry who were taken as prisoners. Half of these men perished while prisoners of the Japanese forces. Cordero gained his freedom when the Allied troops defeated the Japanese in 1945, and he returned to the United States. Cordero, who retired with the rank of Brigadier General, wrote about his experiences as a prisoner of war and what he went through during the Bataan Death March. Taino-Warriors News


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Credits Writer & Edit: c/CPT. Olmos, Maria Writer: c/MSG. Carrasquillo, Angel Photos: Cdt. Lugo, Magdiel

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