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pop back into shape UK ARTIST TORIE MAKES A COME BACK take a look behind the scenes at london fashion week


the LUXE life: contents : FASHION 4. LFW - The latest trends from London Fashion Week 9. SPOTTED - This seasons got-to-have 15. VINTAGE LOVE - A LUXE Family trip to Camden Market 20-22. STYLE FIX

MUSIC 6-8. TORIE - On Music, CRUSH & Fashion 18. GIRLS ON TOP - The Best of British Female Talent

LIFESTYLE 12. TRAVEL GUIDE - Soak up the Culture in & around the UK 14. BLOG ON - How to make a living online 23. ON A BUDGET - Student living


editors note :

Welcome to Issue Three of Britain’s ever growing Fashion Magazine. This month, we bring you the best of our recommended labels and fashion-finds on the high street. Myself and the rest of the LUXE team got the privilege to go on set of TORIE’s brand new music video, catching a glimpse of her new style and sound. I am delighted to share with you all, the latest LUXEury and gossip this month. We give you an insight of the most outrageous vintage shops at Camden Market and find that faux fur coat everyone is dreaming about. Forget the rain and the wind, we’ve got everything to look glamourous out and about in the next few months. A/W 2013 has never looked so good! Enjoy. (EDITOR IN-CHIEF) 11. Fashion V Religion 27. Writing can change your life

Taimar Askew x

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, an unlucky year for some, but certainly not for the success of this A/W London Fashion Week Every year, the British Fashion Council without fail, outstands its buyers from around the globe. Along with a few famous faces in the crowd, the week manages to sell out to the public in just under a few days. The high-end glamour worn by the models and also the celebrities helps to maintain that upper-class stigma attached to London Fashion Week- how very swarve! This season, Chanel and Burberry brought back the one trend everyone was gasping for…yes, Tartan is back. The seasonal fabric has hit the stores just in time for the Christmas period! We praise the Fashion God’s looking down on us. How could we not forget that the main reason some of us participate with the fashion week is because of the flawless Cara Delevingne? The fresh-faced model has made such a large impact on fashion this year that almost every company wants her as their no.1 promoter. Without doubt the triplethreat sensation (models, acts AND sings!) will be used in catwalk shows towards the near future.

“London Fashion Week is a dazzling showcase of great British talent. Its significance has been growing over the last few years, with strong attendance by press and buyers from around the world” Behind the scenes, LUXE got an insight of the trends before they hit the catwalk. For those fashion-fanatics out there, most of us know what to expect at a Vivienne Westwood show. She may paint the models’ faces like Picasso, and backcomb their hair so that it’s practically wider than the runway, but take away all that fuss and the clothes are some-what wearable and feminine. We certainly loved it this season.


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You’ve been tweeting, gram-ming; and we’ve chosen our favourite pics to feature in this month’s issue:

#yoursay Ombre is back and bolder than ever! Thank you L’Oreal@EmilyKateDuffy

This fabulous designer drink is low-cal and incredibly chic. Just look at that lace detail!@bethhall96

Disclosure on tour: LUXE fans Emmy and Florence got VIP access to Disclosure’s official album launch. The two brothers Howard & Guy Lawrence gave an exclusive preview of the house album ‘Settle’

A stylist never has too many clothes, especially vintage. The tweed and paisley print are very much up and running this A/W.

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exclusive interview

on set

Luxe Fash-Editor and Stylist Delilah shares a quick moment behind the lens with Artist


Victoria Rose Muir (aka Torie); known to many as the most recent female Artist to top the charts in over 60 countries, tells us her journey on how she transformed from rags to riches.

Hey Torie! Great to see you’ve got yourself back on the music scene Thank you. Yeah, I’ve finally found my mojo. Everything is looking up and I owe it all to my fans here in the UK So let’s begin with CRUSH. You were originally apart of the girl group back in 2004? *Cringes* I knew sooner or later people would find out. We were like an unusual mix of Destiny’s Child and Atomic Kitten... but with six of us Brilliant. Will we be seeing a reunion sooner or later?! Oh dear certainly not. We all decided to go our separate paths and this is where I am now. I’ve never been happier We love your new style and sound. You’ve pretty much got your music career in the bag... No offence to Miley Haha. Miley Cyrus is actually a really genuine girl. I met her way back in October just as her new album was on release. But at first I was a little apprehensive I’ve gotta admit! So no ‘twerking’ will be featured in any of your performances then?

No way! Tell us a little more about your younger years. Did you dream of becoming an Artist in the music industry back then? Always. My passion just kept growing. I began making a living by busking out in the streets of Newcastle. It wasn’t an ideal amount of money but I loved doing it. From then, I was scouted in a local competition which I was lucky to get. Soon after, it lead on to developing my own sound and working with some of the UK’s finest producers.

“Miley Cyrus is actually a really genuine girl” Have you recently collaborated with any well-known artists? Well I try keeping it on a down-low as I’m wanting my fans to be surprised and excited about my album release. However, rumours that I will be pairing up with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are SO not true. I really don’t think their country-folk sound and my Pop/R&B style go well together *laughs* Continued....



You’ve recently managed to hit number 1 with the song ‘Unheard’. Is there any particular message behind it? Yes, every song I write has an implied meaning. The whole album is based around my childhood and how self-esteem issues took over my life. This was the first one that I produced so that my fans could relate to troubled times like my own. I do try not to be TOO soppy however! Could you say music has transformed your life? Completely. Although sometimes I find myself going a bit ‘Hollywood’. Meaning that I take my job for granted and get a bit washed up in celebrity life. I’ve got to admit that. Is it true that you don’t have a stylist? That’s so unusual for our future pop queen. Yeah and I love it. I feel like I know my body and what I like. Sometimes I even call designers directly because I know what I want; no time for fuss. I look at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas on my clothing, make-up and hair. It’s so fun. I’m like a child at Christmas when it comes to clothes!

“I look at Pinterest & Instagram for ideas on my clothing” How long have you been into fashion? Fashion has been my forte from a very young age. Forget Burberry, I was knitting tartan scarves from the age of 5. I work, I sing and I like fashion, and I read fashion magazines on a daily basis. Hence why I was grinning at the beginning of the interview! Where do you do all of your clothes shopping? I shop online. There’s a UK website that I’ve recently discovered named ‘Oh my love London’ and they’ve asked me to be their host! Beautiful fashion at beautiful prices. PHOTOS BY EVIE ROBERTSON- FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER


catch torie’s album ‘dreamers’ in stores now: FEATURING NO.1 HITS ‘UNHEARD’ & ‘TIME FOR CHANGE’ £8.99 Also available on iTunes



Photography: Olivia Birbeck Model: Kathryn Pearl Gillott Styling: Lauren Crawford





Is Fashion your Religion? Or is Religion seemingly your Fashion? LUXE Columnist Emily Duffy shares her view on ‘Religious Couture’

ashion and Religion haven’t always had the easiest relationship; the combination of the two has caused some offense in the past to certain members of society. However, London Fashion Week this year certainly didn’t care as they flaunted the theme prominently without one given damn. It was Catholicism goes raunchy by Dolce and Gabbana. Recently there has been a rising trend of religious symbols and iconography in the fashion industry. Although this is nothing new, the novelty has become popular within the mainstream crowd. Who’d have thought that one day we’d all be seen symbolising Jesus through a cheap Primark snapback? Sounds pretty absurd, but there’s no real meaning behind it.

“Who’d have thought that one day we’d all be seen symbolising Jesus through a cheap Primark snapback?” The Celebrities are doing it…so why can’t you? Let’s take a look at Lady Gaga, her unique and off-the-wall style influences especially the younger generations of today, so you’d think she’d keep exploitation of faith to a minimum...? In Gaga’s music video for the hit ‘Alejandro’ we see her laced with rosary beads as she portrays herself sexually as a nun. According to the director, it was her ‘desire to take in the holy’. That’s some unusual way of showing it Gaga, but we love you all the same. Similarly the Queen of Pop Madonna gave us the number 1 chart hit ‘Like a Prayer’ in 1989 however represented herself in the video intimately fantasising about a Saint. Some of the most popular celebs in-theknow are promoting clothing that are covered with all sorts of Satanic, Occult, and Illuminate symbols; Gaga being one of them. The increasing trends


Lady Gaga regularly promotes Satanic Fashion of anti-crosses and Satan, particularly amongst the alternative groups, are causing a stir. Faith may not be compulsory but it still plays a major part in life for some. The regular use of religious symbols as a fashion trend , is causing outrage within the church communities. A Priest from West-London defined the clothing as “Loathsome” and “A thorough interpretation of Blasphemy”. This is an example of how opinions differ on the trend. Christianity however, isn’t the only Religion that has been used to promote fashionable items. Hinduism is also common. High-street stores Claire’s Accessories and Accesorize regularly sell sticker Bindi’s for everyday wear. Actual believers of this faith have seen this as offensive and outrageous, especially when young girls wear them for the sake of fashion. In the major retaling stores, they are promoting religious clothing to 1. Boost their public image 2. Keep on current trend and 3. Make MONEY.

hot topic However, fashion is seen as an art form. Some may argue that the symbols represented in religion create a cultural feel to art, making it more meaningful to people in that faith. Although the fashion industry has infuriated religious leaders. On the flip side, some have embraced fashion, especially from high-end brands. The Pope was headline in the past for wearing Prada shoes and Gucci sunglasses! As unusual as it sounds, the 21st century sure has changed the way society percieves fashion and religion.

“The Pope was headline in the past for wearing Prada shoes and Gucci sunglasses!” As haute couture designers know, religion arouses passion and causes controversy. It controls and transforms lives and this is exactly what these fashionistas try to achieve. Although designers of Versace went too far by prodcuinig a t-shirt with the slogan “the devil made me do it” on. Almost immediatley they were forced to retire it. Fashion is ever-growing and always pushes boundaries, so there’s no wonder as to why Religion has merged. The high-street stores have made it easy and accessible for the trend to grow by selling symbolic accessories. But we’ve all jumped on thebandwagon- the ‘Jesus Bracelets’, the cross symbolic clothes, the famous Topshop turbans... it doesn’t cross our minds that we’re abusing the meaning of religion. So where has the definition gone? It is certain to say there are many different layers within fashion and religion. But what do you think about it?


your views: topic poll

@alexasimmons: “I agree. In modern society today the meaning of religion seems to have been wiped. Even at Christmas!”

What readers find important. @sammyjo54: “I believe that fash-


ion is art, but people dont complain when art is mixed with religion.”

58% RELIGION 42%

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BLOG ON! The growth of an online journalistic world has increased the way fashion is percieved and marketed by the industry. UK fashion blogger and writer Bryoni-Kate makes a living by reviewing fashion products daily.


“The internet has allowed interactivity to develop beyond the pages of magazines. Publishers post online so they can offer their particular brand through a range of different medias. Such as radio, television and downloads (apps). The journalists and the nonprofessionals are using the same sites to allow their opinions to be exposed, but maybe this is the main reason for our loss in high-end journalism? It’s all about the citizens. Make a solid approach to a topic online and producers of The Guardian will be begging for your article. Remeber though, if you want to make it in journalism dont become the bad-guy by expressing ‘too much’.”



“ logs have the advantages of old and new. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and the content can be as witty, harsh or as formal as you wish to make it. To develop a strong blog, you need to have the skills to appeal to a dynamic range of audiences. It isn’t all about journalism; having a keen eye for photography and sociological knowledge helps you to keep up with current trends and political views. From my own experience, studying Journalism and PR at University has allowed me to develop these skills and pursue my career as a writer. I began blogging at the age of 15 through the website host ‘Blogger’ that Google invested into. My first post was about a Barry M lipgloss that came free in my Girl-Talk magazine! However, from there onwards, my life has blossomed through the fashion industry and I now review products for companies such as Topshop and ASOS

“My life has blossomed through the fashion industry” on a daily basis. Rewind back to the millennium and blogs seemed non-existent. By 2004, the role of blogs became increasingly mainstream but now at present time, as the number of active blogs have grown, so too has their ability to respond to the world around them. My love for blogging is ever-growing, especially when I’m an writer for the two poplular fashion blogs ‘Mimicstyle’ and ‘Call me B’. I want to inspire young women to go out and teach what they’ve learnt. So go on, begin that blog and get typing.” ARTICLE BY BRYONI-KATE ANDERSON



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