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In this issue...

In this issue...

Creating this second issue of Mosfear - Twisted Dragon’s e-mag has been a frustrating one. Simple things like school exams and paying work messed around some of our contributors for this issue, so the pages might be thinner than expected. Then for some strange reason our main computer died (actually it wasn’t a strange reason, unless you call a file-eating virus strange). For most of last month I have not had a fully functional computer, that only added to the frustration. On the bright side, we have had so many things to smile about; camera and lens upgrades for example. Those upgrades are part of our continued commitment to providing quality work, not to mention they are fun new toys to play with. I would also like to apologize for the lack of a music review and of any sounds with this issue. Again, life got in the way of doing things. I’m going to keep my words to a minimum this time round, so hope you enjoy the second issue of Creative @Mosfear.

- Cape Town Goth Shoot ... 4 - Twisted Chaos ... 6 - Spider Lily Studio Shoot ... 8 - Image of Now ... 10 - Dark Power ... 12 - AAD 08 Ysterplaat ... 14 - Dominatrix Shoot ... 16 3

NOTES THAT NOBODY READS: Director & Editor: Frank Moody Sub-Editors: Miranda Moss & Carol Moody Inhouse Photographers: Frank Moody & Melissa Doherty Marketing: Melissa Doherty Contributers: Tara Moss, Kirsten Whitfield, Rudolf Vavruch, Dominique Anderson. Featured: Lucas Wheeler , Shannon Bowie, Tara Moss, Kirsten Whitfield, Rudolf Vavruch. Disclaimer: The Creative @Mosfear PDF file is free for distribution. Copy and send it around as much as you like. All featured articles are copyright to their respected Authors. Images, text and multimedia belong to their authors and not to @Mosfear or Twisted Dragon. The Members of Mosfear - Twisted Dragon, namely Frank Moody & Melissa Doherty take no responsibility for the articles featured in this Electronic Media, Creative @Mosfear. This PDF file is a collection of independent artist / authors / creators and each independently own the right to their work and take responsibility for allowing Mosfear - Twisted Dragon to publish their works.


n December a Goth theme and models in a great opport interesting ima photographers c and experiment

The venue was on a farm close for the theme. seven photogra interesting...



Melissa (Phot was a great exp look, had a lot some great shot swords, some re Mareli and I end luckily we both do this shoot a through our set, and a rather dis decided to shoo how the cows g as it was quite a

Fatima Choona from being ove I was super sca was... but I pack on site. Not kno type of make up angel saved me, skills and ideas It was one sho comfortable w friendly and the Lauren ‘La Ley

tographer–Twisted Dragon): “It perience and I really love the Gothic t of fun crawling and climbing for ts. We had smoke machines, samurai eflectors and surprisingly a gas mask. ded up doing make up for the models, h came prepared. I’d really love to again... Interrupting cows walking , chickens in the background clucking sturbing smell in the small room we ot in. I’m still wondering to this day got into that room in the first place, a mission getting in ourselves.”

ara ‘FaTiMwAh’ (Model): “...apart er excited for my first Gothic shoot, ared! I didn’t even know what Goth ked all my black clothes and arrived owing what I had to wear or what p was needed, I was stressed until an , hehe, Melissa .... With her make-up s on clothing I was all ready to go. oot I will never forget. I felt really working with them, they’re really e results speak for themselves.” y’ (Model): “I felt very honored to be


Tracey (Model): “The Gothic shoot was set in a scenic environment, quite deserted which added to the Gothic scene. I thought the shoot went very well and the photographers and models were very friendly and helpful in making us feel relaxed, it was great working with all of them. It was a fantastic shoot to be a part of and I would gladly do it again. Unfortunately my make up took quite a while so I didn’t get too many photo’s but I was certainly unique with my red masked make up.” 5


an old burnt down slaughter house e to the middle of nowhere, fitting . When you have five models and aphers, you know that it will be

invited to the Gothic shoot network day by Melissa and Frank, and could not wait for the day of the shoot. I arrived at the venue and was greeted by an array of photographers and models. Everyone was very excited to start shooting and once all the models had donned their dark makeup and Gothic style clothing with a bit of help from some of the ‘togs (Melissa and Mareli) we begun to shoot. Everyone was easy going and very happy to fill up their camera’s memory cards with photo’s from our venue. The models and togs went off in groups of about 3 and showed the camera what they could do in various areas around the site. The afternoon, although rather hot, was highly enjoyable, even when a herd of cows came by to visit and some of the models had to get a bit dirty! Everyone kept an eye out and safety was of utmost importance. I’d just like to thank Melissa for organising such a wonderful event, all the models and photographers who came along and provided many smiles and laughs, and the venue which was so suitably chosen and also inspirational for the images .... certainly some of the best I’ve ever seen! Especially as this was only my 2nd “real shoot” I was amazed at how we all pulled together to produce some great Gothic photographs.”


last year, Twisted Dragon organised ed networking day for photographers the Cape Town area. This day was tunity for models to get new and ages for their portfolios, while the could let loose their creative juices t with new ideas.





s a creative and visual person, I have always wanted to capture moments in time forever. From a young age I remember playing with my father’s camera taking pictures and having them developed, showing them to everyone that would listen and watch my stories unfold in my photos.

Photography has always come naturally to me. With no formal training and as much hunger for experience as I can find, I have trained my eye and my camera to work in the ways of photographic beauty. Capturing emotions and performances has become my life passion. As I have always had the dream of becoming a photojournalist I try to enhance my talent with event photography, that being live bands and performing arts had become my niche. Model and fetish photography is my other passion; alternative, grungy and dark, capturing the mood in natural surroundings is a skill I am accruing. My shoot in Tokai Forest is one of my favourites, taking my model, Maxine, to a fresh and bright Forest after a week of winter rain was absolute perfect timing. Using the concept of a girl playing alone in the Forest, almost child like with the natural surroundings of the river and the trees. I tried to keep the shoot natural with alternative feelings, reflecting the beauty of the forest and the beauty of my model, allowing a alternative, slight fetish feel to the beauty.




My skills in the photography world are increasing with every shoot that I do, and every moment I capture. My main aim is for the viewer of my work to live vicariously through my memories of this world, in every light that I can imagine.



aving on definite waking up o uppers didn’t to be modell that we had

So with the Melissa, the were to pran the day turn what they w clear ideas o direction. Ev in midair.


Tara Moss & Kirsten Whitfield

Being new de for us and it photographe Woolworths we’re all rich 8

nly very recently established our super cool fashion label, Spider Lily, this shoot was ely a learning curve for us. Going in we were a wee bit uncertain what to expect and on the morning of the shoot having had only one hour of sleep and not nearly enough t do much to assuage our nerves. Hearing that two of the three girls who were supposed ling our clothes were not going to make it didn’t help much either seeing as it meant to make our debut as models as well as designers.

esigners (and, as it turns out, models) this was a very interesting educational experience t turned out to be really easy and enjoyable. It is also really great to see our clothes ed so beautifully and to see the seamless end product into which so many hours and pies were poured into. So keep your copy of this magazine, because one day, when h and famous, it might be worth a lot. 9


day off to a less than perfect start we headed off to Durbanville where Frank and e photographers, were renting a studio in which we (along with Shannon and Lucas) nce about scantily clad for the next five or six hours. However, despite our whinging, ned out to be quite a lot of fun; largely due to the fact that the photographers knew were doing and were more than capable of telling us what to do in turn. They had very of what they wanted to do and it turned out to be really easy to fit into it under their ven when we had to take part in action shoots in which we were to appear suspended

My Image of Now

Photograph by Frank Moody

This is a crop of one of the first images I’ve taken with my new Camera. This little chameleon was kind enough Although I did capture the moment, sadly the image was too blurred to use. 10

to put on a show for me, changing from black and red to a bright green. He also caught a little fly for a meal. 11

DARK POWER Hardcore Alternative Dance Music



-By Rudolf Vavruch (aka. Krokodil)

ark Power is a bi-monthly gathering held in Cape Town for people who enjoy the harsher side of post-industrial music.Originally conceived out of frustration with the musical fare provided at local clubs, at a Dark Power gathering you are treated to the latest in rhythmic / power noise, power electronics, aggrotek, dark ambient and harsh industrial. Since I have known him, Rolf—the man who started it all—had been despondent about the state of the industrial music scene in Cape Town. “There is so much new music out there but all they ever play is the old stuff!”, was a common complaint he expressed. Rallying against this trend, he chose to hold his November 2006 birthday in Cape Town’s goth / industrial club Gotham with specially chosen DJs playing only the music he wanted to hear. Out of the response to his birthday party, Dark Power was born. Rolf & his wife Jacqui organised the launch party at Gotham on 28th of April 2007. The founding DJ line up comprised of: Ladyfingers (Chris), Hellscreamer (George), Bang Bang Ballerina (Sean) and myself, Krokodil. Since then seven other gatherings have been held, becoming a regular feature in Cape Town’s underground nightlife, held at the beginning of every second month. The DJ line up has changed over the past 16 months, we have had to bid a sad farewell to Ladyfingers, Hellscreamer & Princess Fifi. Luckily we have been able to welcome Syrinx (Niki, one of the few female DJs active in the goth / industrial scene in Cape Town), Holy Shit (Rolf himself) & Terror_binary (Kevin) into the fold. Each DJ brings their style to the table, the Dark Power dancefloor vibrates with a range of harsh rhythms and beats. We have also featured the talents of Alphamanbeast (Christo) who was on holiday in his home town for our 2008 Valentines party, Tough Love. Christo is well known in Cape Town for the power noise parties he has organised and performed at in past. Our Valentines’ party also featured the launch of local artist Axxon’s complex dark album Sanctum. Dark Power is the latest incarnation in a history of harsh dance floor events in Cape Town that stretches back to at least 2002. Readers may recall parties such as High Voltage Lab, Volk, Headcleaner, and The Perversion Of Sound. Christo and Emile (Morkhans) together were responsible for the most prolific power noise parties, including Electro Lounge Sunday afternoon power noise sessions at Marvel.

Despite some critism Dark Power has injected fresh energy into the underground scene. By remaining true to its convictions of playing only new harsh music, Dark Power occupies the position of the most extreme musical element in Cape Town’s goth / industrial scene. Hopefully we are paving the way for future music events even more extreme and experimental. A word of gratitude to the people who attend Dark Power. Your support is what makes Dark Power gatherings the success they are today. Visit the Dark Power website to find out more: Alphamanbeast’s website (featuring his world renowned noise directory): http://alphamanbeast. com/ List of DJ gigs Alphamanbeast has played (essentially a history of Cape Town power noise parties): Axxon’s MySpace page: axxonmusic






African Aerospace & Defence 2008 F

or those of you in Cape Town last month, you would have undoubtedly known of the Airshow at Ysterplaat, and if not, you would have heard the jet turbines teaing up the air. I’m not going to say anything about the airshow, there are plenty of good aviation magazines in this country and all of them would have covered the show. Instead, I’ll just comment on a few of my favorite images from the Saturday I was there. Left Top: Boeing 737-200 and 737-300 in close formation was and amazing sight. When they did a break away, many people flinched. South African Airways must trust their pilots to allow this! Left Bottom: PC-7MkII Astra’s of the Silver Falcons flew for the first time in their new paint job. Their display was as tight as ever. This image I took as they flew “out of the sun”, the lack of “prop disc” is the only thing that upsets me about this photo.



Below: South African designed, and ready to take on the world. The Rooivalk is proof of South Africa’s prowess in design and manufacture. Very few helicopters in the world could even think about matching what this machine can do, let alone consider trying to out-do it.



decided to try something new, a different approach to my photography and decided to try my hand at a dominatrix shoot .With one excited willing male model waiting to be dominated we were on our way, now just to find our willing dominatrix. We went through many models but many failed to come through or decided last minute not to do the shoot. Sadly, all seemed lost in our quest until Micheal phoned to say he had a lovely lady with dark hair and blue eyes willing to be the dominatrix for the day. Any uneasiness disappeared quite quickly once we started shooting and they seemed to be having quite a bit of fun even though at times I felt sorry for Micheal, especially with the high heel impressions he had on his chest. Micheal (Model): The shoot was great fun – I probably had the most fun compared to other shoots I have done in the past. Not bad considering the dominatrix style was a first for me. I would love to do something like this again in the future.


Caitlin (Model): I love the camera.... It was all over-whelming for me because I’ve never done a shoot before, but I had so much fun! It was wild, crazy and sexy all in one! I’d definitely do another…this shoot definitely brought out the real me...



t is a primitive sound. A sound that hisses at the reptilian brain panting in the darkness of your skull. It blasts across your synapses. It is the music of blood, intestines, earth, the chaos at the dawn of thought—the edge of emotion and of the light that pierces through it all. It is not everybody’s cup of tea.


Model: Tracey. Photographer: Frank Moody -

It is music for the sake of sound. In a note accompanying his track for the tribute album to M.S.B.R. (Koji Tano, 1961-2005), Daniel Menche remembers, “There was a strange scene on the video of Koji walking around the empty building alone and picking up concrete chunks and dropping them over and over again creating a big sound echoing throughout this empty building. I don’t know if he knew he was being filmed but it was such a magical sight watching him, and certainly the best part of this video tape.” The biography of his own website reads: “Daniel Menche’s work originates from the idea that there is no restriction to the potential sound sources and especially sonic energy. Any sounds - all sounds are used and exploited to create the music.”

Model: BoneHead. Photographer: Frank Moody -


And what sounds there are! Everything has the potential to create sound. Legions in the Walls is made using a microphone scraped along a cellar wall. That’s one of less interesting sound sources he has used. Sound sources that Aube (Akifumi Nakajima) has obsessively explored—one per release—include glass, water, fluorescent lamps, a Bible and many Creative Photography different aspects of the human body. In an interview with EST he talks about his use of the human body as sound source: Competitive Prices “Some [of] my friends are doctors, and they provide interesting information to me about the human Relaxed Shooting body. They also sometimes help with sound sources. The sounds in the body, like brainwaves, the lungs, heartbeat, blood vessels, these are usually not heard very well. But I have a mysterious image of the body, and what kinds of sound are within.” Masonna (Yamazaki Maso) and Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz) both extensively use processed human 17

For all your hand knitted needs.


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