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Presentations +  Workshops     Finding  Your  Brilliant  Zone:  Connecting  the   Dots  Between  Passion  +  Prosperity     •

A simple  yet  powerful  approach  to  conquering  four   things  that  keeps  most  service-­‐based  entrepreneurs   struggling  to  build  a  profitable  business.  

Bankable  Brilliance:  Eight  Ways  to  Monetize   Your  Expertise   •

Six-­‐figure coaches  have  mastered  two  things:  creating  a   signature  program  and  having  information  products   they  can  sell  online  and  from  the  stage.  Participants  will   learn  8  different  ways  to  turn  what  they  know  into  a   product  they  can  sell.  

Don’t  A.S.K.  Don’t  Sell:  How  to  Create   Profitable  Products  +  Programs   •

Great content  is  worthless  without  an  audience  to   share  it  with.  Participants  will  learn  how  to  tap  into  the   minds  of  their  ideal  clients  so  they  know  exactly  what   kind  of  product  they  are  willing  to  invest  in,  before  they   build  it.  

Additional Topics   • •    

Marketing Your  Message  Without  Selling  Your  Soul   How  to  Be  Brilliant  Online:  Using  Content  Marketing  to   Build  Your  Brand  

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Speaker +  Author  +   Brilliance  Catalyst   “Reach  more  people,  change  more  lives,   and  grow  your  wealth.”  That’s  the  message   Tai  Goodwin,  M.Ed.,  shares  from  her  heart.    

Testimonials “Tai  Goodwin  is  the  most  resourceful  business  coach  I   have  ever  met.  She  is  a  master  at  helping  subject  matter   experts  turn  their  content  into  courses  and  workbooks.”     Melinda  Emerson,  The  Small  Biz  Lady  +  New  York  Times   Blogger     “Tai  is  a  true  social  media  expert.  She  has  given   presentations  for  our  members  and  the  evaluations  have   been  stellar.  One  participant  said  it  changed  her  world   because  she  finally  "gets"  how  to  incorporate  social  media   into  her  marketing.”   Teresa  Thomas,  Director  of  MN  Women  In  Networking     “Most  people  just  tell  you  to  package  what  you  know;  Tai   encourages  to  you  think  of  your  audience  first  and  figure   out  what  they  want  to  buy  and  how  they  want  to  buy  it.  If   you  are  going  to  put  in  the  effort  to  create  an  info-­‐product,   learn  from  Tai  so  you  can  have  a  profitable  one.”   Deb  Brown,  WowClientsNow     “I’m  a  numbers  person  so  marketing  is  NOT  intuitive  for   me.  When  trying  to  work  through  my  marketing   campaigns  I  used  to  get  so  frustrated.  Then  I  was  in  a   session  w ith  Tai,  she  was  walking  us  through  the  mindset   of  our  top  avatar  when  they  first  visit  our  website.   Suddenly  I  GOT  IT.  It  was  as  if  Tai  leaned  over  and  flipped   the  switch  illuminating  the  entire  room.”   Nicole  Fende,  The  Numbers  Whisperer      

Clients and  audiences  alike  sing  Tai’s  praises   for  her  ability  to  insightfully  deliver  her   unique  brand  of  inspiration  and  instruction.   Possessing  an  exceptional  gift  for  balancing   passion  with  practical  action,  Tai  gives  her   audience  exactly  what  they  need  to  go  from   stuck  to  started  to  thriving.   A  former  teacher,  Tai  is  an  award-­‐winning   instructional  designer,  certified  in  human   performance  improvement.  She  has  over  19   years  of  experience  in  training  &   development.   Tai’s  articles  have  been  featured  on  The   Huffington  Post,,  and  CAREER   Magazine.  Watch  for  her  upcoming  book:   Reclaim  Your  Brilliance:  7  Steps  to  SHIFT   from  Pain  to  Purpose  to  rocket  to  the  top  of   the  best  sellers’  list  soon.      

Tai Goodwin, Speaker One Sheet  
Tai Goodwin, Speaker One Sheet  

Tai Goodwin is a Speaker, Author, and Brilliance Catalyst. For booking inquiries, contact tai@taigoodwin[dot]com. Available for virtual and...