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The ONLY International Boarding High School in Downtown Toronto

TAIE International Institute Toronto : Canada

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02 About TAIE 04 TAIE, in the heart of Toronto Programs at TAIE 08

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)


University Preparation Courses (UPC)


University Preparation Courses [Fast Track]


University Preparation Courses [Elite Program]


English as a Second Language (ESL)


IELTS Preparation Course


CAEL Preparation Course


Academic Counselling

TAIE Counselling Services 16

University Counselling

Preimum resources at the city centre 20

Capmus Resources


My Campus Life – the entire Toronto




Meal Plan


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Student Services


Connecting with Parents

30 Partner Universities 32 Student Testimonials


Angela Philips

On behalf of the faculty and staff - welcome to TAIE International Institute! TAIE is a full-service school that prepares students for college and university entrance in Canada and the United States.

Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we offer

comprehensive programs that include a wide-range of High School Courses as well as beginning ESL to advanced English courses. Our highly qualified and caring teachers are skilled at planning learning activities to help students gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful on their future educational and career paths.

Our administrative and support staff go the extra

mile to ensure a smooth transition into the school. You will find that the students at TAIE are kind, friendly, able and hard-working. They are also highly creative, as demonstrated through their artistic, dramatic and musical talents in student-organized special events. Our fantastic Student Union leaders play an integral role in planning fun outings and activities and in making sure that everyone has an enjoyable school experience. TAIE is a place where individuals are valued for the unique talents and attributes that enrich our school community. We are very proud of our warm and family-like learning and living environment - one that makes students feel they have a 'home away from home'. Thank you for including us in your search for an international school. It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be part of TAIE as principal. Please contact us so that we may tell you more about the excellent program we have to offer. We hope that you will choose TAIE - a great place to learn, and Toronto - a great place to live! Yours sincerely,

Angela Phillips Principal


About TAIE At TAIE International Institute, we are proud to offer students a high-quality education! TAIE International Institute is an international boarding high school, founded in 1998. Situated in downtown Toronto, the main building is located on Church Street, adjacent to the Eaton Centre, Dundas Square and prosperous Yonge Street. Close to this area there are several school districts, the University of Toronto, the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University and Ryerson University. Because of its’ unique geographical location, and transportation system which extends in all directions, and super-convenient living conditions, this makes our school a haven of peace and quiet in the midst of noise and bustle. Students are able to explore many historical sites after their busy schoolwork; they can also visit different modern buildings, and personally enjoy the local Canadian multi culture. TAIE International Institute is an international school which provides English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and University Preparation Courses (UPC). Under the supervision and guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Education, our school has become a model of higher quality education. We are committed to cultivating student leadership, strong character and confidence, and focus on students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and overall mental development. We deeply believe that “Learning Today for Leadership Tomorrow”.

TAIE International Institute Main Campus

02 | About TAIE

Advantages of TAIE International Institute

Located in downtown Toronto Surrounded by well-regarded universities

Comprehensive curriculum and a flexible schedule

Internationally-recognized credit courses

Excellent faculties 100% universities acceptance rate of entering to higher educations

Abundant extracurricular activities and student clubs

Comfortable living environment at TAIE’s student residences

Pathway to high-quality universities and colleges

One-on-one counseling personal study and scholarship application support

Healthy, varied and abundant diet

Dual letter of acceptance without TOEFL or IELTS

Small classes with 1: 8 teacher-student ratios taking care of students’ study and school life

Multicultural, with students from different countries all over the world

One Park Place 学生公寓

School Lobby

Student Recreation Area

About TAIE | 03

TAIE, at the heart of Toronto Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world, has become the destination for more and more elite students. TAIE International Institute is the one and only international boarding school located in downtown Toronto. TAIE campus is situated in the most dynamic area of downtown, adjacent to Ryerson University, a 5-minute walk to Yonge Subway Station, and only 15 minutes away from the University of Toronto. Toronto Centre Island Ferry: 10 minutes Lake Ontario Driving distance: 5 minutes

Manson Tower Student Residence Walking distance: 15 minutes

Ryerson University Walking distance: 2 minutes

Maple Leaf Gardens Parkside Student Residence

TAIE International Institute

Walking distance: 3 minutes

Main Campus

Walking distance: 1 minutes

Eaton Centre Walking distance: 10 minutes

04 | TAIE, in the heart of Toronto

CN Tower Driving distance: 5 minutes

Rogers Centre Driving distance: 5 minutes

Ontario College of Art and Design Toronto City Hall

Walking distance: 20 minutes

Walking distance: 10 minutes

Yonge Street

University of Toronto

Walking distance: 2 minutes

Walking distance: 15 minutes

TAIE, at the heart of Toronto. 达英,在多伦多的最中心 05 TAIE, in the heart of |Toronto

| 05


Programs at TAIE

Programs at TAIE | 07


Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Designed for students who wish to obtain a high school diploma in Canada.

Program Requirements · Graduates from middle schools ·

current course takers for Grades 10, 11 and 12


(or current course takers in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB), O-level)

Program Introduction These courses are designed for student who have not achieved a high school diploma in their home country. Students who enrols in Ontario High School courses will get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and can also apply to any Canadian or International University. The main Areas of the high school courses include:Sciences,English, Mathematics, Business, Arts, Social Science and Computer Science.

08 | OSSD

In order to complete an OSSD, students must obtain 30 secondary school course credits (which include 18 compulsory courses and 12 optional courses). Students must also complete community involvement hours per year, and successfully pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). International students have the opportunity to have courses from their home high school assessed for equivalent credits. Students who did not graduate from high school, or who cannot apply to universities because they didn’t obtain a high school diploma from their home country, can choose Ontario secondary school courses. At the same time, these courses are also suitable for those students who want to use their TAIE ENG4U grade to substitute for an English Proficiency Test score to get admitted into university.

Program Features ·

Based on the standards of Ontario Ministry of Education, courses which took in their home country can be transferred and receive a credit which is required by the OSSD.

· Courses are a total of 110 hours, and can be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. There is also flexible schedule and start date, which can help students save energy and time. · Students can take 12 credits per year. · Our Academic Guidance Counselor will help students one-on-one and assist them in their personal study plan.

Credit Transfer The school will evaluate international students’ courses which were taken in their home country; one of the necessary requirements for credit transfer is a complete and official transcript. The school will compare the courses students took in their home country with Canadian courses, and evaluate how many equivalent credits the student can be recognized. The following chart shows an estimation of transferred credit for different grades (Note: this chart is only for reference. Final decision will be made when students present their official transcript to the school)

Grade/Level Completed

Foreign Credit Equivalency

Grade Qualified in Ontario


Grade 9

Senior High School year 1 / Form 4


Grade 10

Senior High School year 2 / Form 5


Grade 11

Senior High School year 3 / Form 6


Grade 12

Junior High School / Form 3

List of high school courses Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12





English (ENG)





Literacy Course (OLC)


Writer's Craft (EWC)


Students must earn 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Compulsory Credit ·

4 credits in English (1 credit per grade)


3 credits in mathematics (1 credit in Grade 11 or 12)


2 credits in science


1 credit in Canadian history


1 credit in Canadian geography


1 credit in the arts


1 credit in health and physical education


1 credit in French as a second language


0.5 credit in career studies


0.5 credit in civics


1 credit in ESL /social sciences and the humanities/Canadian and world studies


1 credit in health and physical education/the arts/business studies


1 credit in science (Grade 11 or 12) / computer studies/ technological education

Mathematics Math (MCR/MPM)



Advanced Function (MHF)


Data Management (MDM)


Calculus and Vectors (MCV)


Science Science (SNC)



Physics (SPH)


Chemistry (SCH)


Biology (SBI)


Art & Social Science Music/Drama (AMU/ADA)



Visual Arts (AVI)

· ·

Civics & Career Studies (CHV/GLC)


History (CHA/CHI)




Individuals, Families & Society (HHS)



Canadian Law (CLU)


Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology (HSP)


World Geography (CGU)


Philosphy (HZT)


Healthy Active Living Education (PPL)


Business & Computer Science Business Courses (BTT/BBB)



Economics (CIA)

· ·

Accounting (BAT)

** Some compulsory courses can be substituted by transferred credits


Computer Science (ICS)


Computer Engineering Technology (TEJ)


Communications Technology (TGJ)



* Please visit the school’s website for more selection on the high school courses (www.taie.ca)

OSSD | 09


This course focus on students who have finished their high school diploma, and who wish to

University Preparation Course

upgrade their high school average. Students gain valuable skills and knowledge, which prepare them well for post-secondary studies.

Program Requirements · Students graduated from high school and have already obtained a high school diploma (or graduates from the International Baccalaureate







diploma either from their home country or from Canada. This course aims to students



comprehensive academic ability and English language skills, and ensure sufficient




university. Student choose 6 credit courses for their university application based on their career plans. TAIE International










their specific needs


before they start UPC.





and colleges · Excellent learning environment with one

new cultural environment. Students

on one or small group tutoring;

and the TAIE guidance counselor will work hard together to meet their

· One-on-one academic counselling, help


students fully prepare for university

The majority of graduates from our school







University of Toronto, University of Alberta,



Can apply for conditional letter of acceptance to TAIE partner universities

can become more adapted to a brand


Able to complete the six UPC courses within 4-6 months

improve their English levels. Students


Flexible curriculum schedule, students can take different courses according to

university, but also UPC can help them

UPC is a program for international



determine their own English level. Our

their average marks before applying to

Program Introduction who

to take an English placement test to

UPC students can not only increase

(IB), O-level)


Program Features

Before entering UPC, all students need

· Students can get their TOEFL and IELTS


waived by presenting their marks from

Western University, York University and

grade 12 English (ENG4U) as their proof

McMaster University.

of English proficiency. (*Only for TAIE partner universities)

students with comprehensive courses in order to meet their interest level and meet




university programs.

UPC Schedule · Submit IELTS/TOEFL score

· Arrive in Canada, complete English Language Placement test and start ESL courses · Submit university application forms September



ESL Learning -


Next Year January


· Canadian universities start to issue letter of acceptance



Take six 4U courses (6 months)

Life planning university application seminar university application counselling support university representative presentations




Take 2-3 courses

- School submits student’s current course marks to universities - contacts each university and makes sure students’ applications are in process

Enter university September

* Universities outside of Ontario can accept marks before end of July

*Note: The course arrangement and the university application process might be different for each student.

10 | UPC


The pathway for UPC program All

· University of Toronto

· University of Winnipeg



· University of Alberta

· University of Regina


· University of Waterloo

· Lakehead University

· McMaster University

· Trent University

· York University

· Royal Road University

· Western University ···


Direct Entry

Grade 12 English (ENG4U) + five 4U Courses Six University Preparation Courses

ENG 3U Grade 11 English ESL 1 ~ ESL 5 English as a Second Language

High School Graduates

Admission requirements for different programs at university Program



University of Waterloo

Specific Program Admission Requirements English(ENG4U),Function(MHF4U),Calculus(MCV4U),Physic(SPH4U),plus two additional 4U courses


York University

Business (Management) University of Toronto

Education (Arts)

Queen's University

Engineering (Electrical) University of Toronto

Six 4U courses including English (ENG4U)

English(ENG4U), Function(MHF4U), Calculus( MCV4U)


English(ENG4U),Function(MHF4U),Calculus(MCV4U),Physic ( SPH4U), Chemistry (SCH4U)

Fine and Applied Arts

OCAD University


Ryerson University

Six 4U courses including English (ENG4U), plus portfolio

English(ENG4U), Biology(SBI4U),Chemistry (SCH4U), Plus one or more of Function, Calculus and Data (MHF4U/MCV4U/ MDM4U)

Science (Life Science)

University of Toronto

English (ENG4U) ,Calculus (MCV4U),Plus one ore more of Physic (SPH4U) / Chemistry (SCH4U) / Biology (SBI4U)

Social Science

McMaster University

English(ENG4U),Function(MHF4U) and Calculus( MCV4U) are strongly recommended

*This information is based on the admission requirement for the year. Please refer to the university's official website for the requirement of a specific program.


| 11



The Fast-Track program focus is one students who have delayed entering university, and wish to complete UPC in a short time and then apply to Canadian universities.

Program Requirements

Program Introduction

Program Features

· High school graduates

UPC (Fast-track) focus is on students who have delayed entering university for different reasons. This program helps students to successfully complete all ESL and UPCs in six months and allows students to gain admission to their dream university the following September.


Students can get conditional offers from universities before they come aboard (University of Winnipeg, University of Regina, Trent University and Lakehead University)


Students can also choose to submit applications for other universities before come aboard (include University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Western University)

· Receive 85% or higher in recent four semesters of high school · With IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 70 (if students do not meet the required English levels, student can take a placement test)

Student who are accepted into this program will finish all their ESL courses and UPCs within six months and submit their university application for the following September. Students can also use the time to finish a university Advanced Placement course (AP), and build a solid foundation for entering university. Students can gain admission to the school’s partner universities before they come aboard, in order to select a specific university after the UPC program. Students with high course averages may also choose other well-regarded universities in Canada.

· Only need 6 months to complete the ESL course and six UPC courses · Students can take AP course at TAIE to obtain university credits ·

IELTS Preparation Course is offered during the program

· One-on-one academic guidance, and help for students with their university applications

UPC 「Fast-Track」 Schedule · Arrive in Canada, · Submit IELTS/TOEFL score complete placement test and start ESL 5 courses · Canadian universities start to issue letter of acceptance

· Submit university application forms Next Year September





ESL Learning





Take six 4U courses (4 months)

Take one Grade 12 class while taking ESLEO (level 5)




Take 2-3 courses Able to use this semester to retake other Grade 12 courses * Universities outside of Ontario may accept marks before end of July

*Note: The course arrangement and the university application process might be different for each student.

12 | UPC「Fast-Track」

Enter university September


This program focus is for students who wish to apply to top universities in Canada (University of Toronto, Queen’s University. University of Waterloo, University of Alberta, Western University)

「Elite Program」 Program Requirements

Program Introduction

· Grade 11 graduates, Grade 12




Program Features




current course takers, or Grade 12

program for outstanding students with


clear and definite goals.

· Receive 85% or higher in recent four

The program focus is on students wish to be accepted by top universities

semesters of high school


· Obtain IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 70;



(if students do not meet the required English levels, student can take a placement test)










University). After gaining admission to this program, our school will set up unique university application guidance, study










help get

admitted to at least one of these universities after graduating from TAIE. Our









· Students in the program share a clear goal. This definitely builds a favorable learning atmosphere · Students can finish the program in 10 months · Faculties with Phd and Master degree holders ·

Small class size, no more than 20 students in one class

· One-on-one comprehensive guidance counseling helps students with university application ·

Principal supervises students in person, meets students every month to discuss their progress


Extra tutoring sessions from current University students


agreement with students’ parents. If

100% guaranteed universities

the school has education quality issues which make students unable to get

· 100 hour IELTS Preparation Course



Get a chance to visit the five top universities and attend presentations from representatives


Get in touch with parents regularly and receive report on students’ learning progress




universities, our school will return all tuition fees, and will assist students in applying





University for free of charge.

Universities for UPC 「Elite Program」

y ersit Univ


ater of W



y ersit Univ


y ersit Univ stern


lbert of A y t i s er Univ

y ersit Univ


ron of To

UPC「Elite Program」

| 13

ESL Courses English as a Second Language Program Requirements · Students will be placed in different levels according to the English proficiency test

Program Introduction The key feature of TAIE International Institute’s ESL program is to teach students how to improve their English language skills. After completing the ESL program, the student will be prepared for their future personal, academic and career life. We have experienced professional teachers who have abundant knowledge on how to use their highly-qualified teaching plan with different students from non-English speaking countries. The small class size aims to make a closer connection between teachers and students, which helps students grasp English skills better. Students with a different educational background and English level will start improving their English abilities, which they can practice effectively after class.

At the same time, this course will also provide students with needed knowledge and skills for the new life in Canada, which helps them get used to their study and living environment. Because of the use of modern English interactive multimedia, every class becomes very lively and interesting. With the teacher, students can join in a city tour, camping activity, movie shows and other extracurricular activities to enrich their after-school life. In addition, students will also do research and present different topics in class by multimedia. TAIE will try its best to provide a great platform for students to showcase their talent and to improve their English.

Program Features · 5 levels from basic to advance, improve student’s English skills step-by-step · Every level is about 4 weeks and has 110 teaching hours · Flexible schedule; One level per month with all levels starting every month · Our ESL program is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is counted as credits in OSSD program

Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD

ESL 1 > ESL 2 > ESL 3 > ESL 4 > ESL 5

University Preparation Courses

English as a Second Language


College or University

CAEL / IELTS / TOEFL Language Test Preparation

Snapshot of a school’s corridor

Group discussion for project

14 | ESL

In class assignment


International English Language Testing System Preparation Course Course Introduction The IELTS Preparation Course helps students prepare for the IELTS test, the results of which can be recognized by all universities and colleges. The IELTS score can prove students’ ability to use English to work and study.

The course emphasis is on different aspects of language skills, which include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our professional teachers help students improve their vocabulary level, writing skills, and enhance reading and listening skills. The course can help students strengthen their preparation for IELTS.

Meeting students with different nationalities

Course Features · Flexible schedule, course is offered in different time in the semester · Students can enter into the program at any time · Help students become familiar with IELTS test and questions · Teach students IELTS knowledge for exams and test-taking techniques · Help students prepare for the most popular English proficiency test in the world

Group discussion in class


Canadian Academic English Language Preparation Course Course Introduction

Why take the CAEL test?

Course Features

CAEL is a standard English proficiency test recognized by all Canadian universities and colleges. Students can take a CAEL preparation course and take the test at TAIE since TAIE are officially registered as a test centre. It can substitute for IELTS or TOEFL when students pass the CAEL test, and it can be the proof of English ability for entering Canadian universities.

CAEL can not only help students get into university, but also can help students prepare for university studies. Our CAEL preparation course includes textbooks and preparation materials which help students prepare for the CAEL test through the practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing. CAEL test results are recognized by most Canadian and U.S. universities and colleges.

· Convenient location; the CAEL Preparation course and the test are both at TAIE International Institute · Students can enter into the program at any time · Helps students become familiar with CAEL test questions by practice with the CAEL · Students can choose to take the CAEL test in our school or in other test centres after they take the course · Helps students to improve their weakness in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills


University Counselling Facing a brand new educational system, and applying for university is a complicated and nerve-wracking thing. In order to help students through the application process, every student at TAIE International Institute can enjoy our school’s unique “University Counseling Program”. Meet with the school’s guidance counsellor for program research and application support. On the first day of school, the assistance begins; the program lets the students get admitted into university successfully by assisting and guiding them at different stages. Our professional guidance for students: • Provides analysis of students’ strengths and weaknesses, letting them know where and how they can improve, and helps students choose the most suitable universities and majors • Explains the difference between different universities and program majors, arises an awareness of all the different choices • Provides information sessions on multiple aspects, to allow students to meet with university representatives, and understand the latest information • Organizes university field trips regularly; to allow students to experience real university life • Helps students apply for university, making sure students go through the process from A to Z, and submit all the needed documents to meet the deadline • Based on students’ interests and program requirement, makes a personal study plan and university application steps for the students

University Application Procedure · The universities and Academic guidance counsellor meet students one-on-one to help students with their study plans and program research · Discuss student’s goals and dreams, and provide appropriate guidance · Arrange university application seminars · Arrange TOEFL, IELTS or CAEL preparation course and tests


November~ December 十一月

九月 October


· At TAIE, students can enter any month of the year · Students come to TAIE to register · Take an ESL placement test · Visit the Ontario University Fair

· · · · Helps students fill in university application forms


~ 十二月 Next Year, January

· School invites different universities to come to TAIE to do a presentation · Students can meet with university representatives one-on-one · The Guidance and university counsellor meets students one-on-one to help them explore options for different universities and majors

* The above schedule is different for each student and will be adjusted based on the student’s study plan.

16 | 大学申请跟踪计划 University Counseling 16 | University Counselling

次年 一月

二月 March

· The university counsellors help students submit a Personal Statement(PS), and prepare for an interviews and portfolio presentations for specialized programs · The Academic Guidance Counsellors also help students prepare required documents from their home country (e.g. official transcript, diploma, etc.)

Academic Counselling At TAIE International Institute, student not only receive assistance from teachers in class, they also receive academic guidance after class hours. We provide students with one-on-one academic counseling and we help students form study groups. Students will get in touch with more local students, and aside from academic help, will be assimilated into their circle, and to get well prepared for university life. Meanwhile, students can feel free to join in course tutoring sessions offered by tutors in the after school time. We strive our best to make sure students get the biggest improvement in their study. Features of Academic Counseling at TAIE: • Students can receive one-on-one academic counseling and tutoring organized by faculties, TAIE graduates, and current university course takers • Focus is on student’s strengths and weaknesses and the making of a reasonable study plan and goals • Learning strategies is even more important than marks. We help students gain study skills that benefit them for future academic goals • Students can get teacher’s counseling and assistance at any time during or after school time • The team will guide students closely and equip students with correct values and positive attitude of learning

Enroll in university Guides and helps students to submit English Proficiency Test results.

(Most universities have two intakes, September and January. The majority of TAIE students enter into university in September)

Guides and helps students submit relative documents from their home country. TAIE starts submitting students’ marks to Canadian universities

Students who apply to Ontario universities · The Guidance and university Counsellors help students who receive offers to decide which university and program would meet their individual goals and interests April

六月 ~ 七月 五月

June ~ July




· Students start receiving university offers · School submits mid-term marks for that specific semester


Students who do not apply for Ontario universities


· Guides students in registering for university, residence or going through any other procedure

· School submits students’ last semester marks to Canadian universities · Helps students who receive offers from universities to decide which university and program are best for students

Academic Counselling | 17


Background: View from TAIE

Campus Resources

Campus Resources | 19

Bathurst St.

Bathurst St.

Ossington Ave.

Ossington Ave. Carlton St.

College St.

Bloor St. W

Spadina Ave.

Spadina Ave.

Bathurst St.

College St.

Bathurst St.

Bloor St. W

Carlton St.

China Town Dundas St. W.

China Town 唐人街

Ossington Ave.

Ossington Ave.

Dundas St. W.

Queen St. W.

Bathurst St.

Bathurst St.

Queen St. W.

Life Enrichment


· 1. Mattamy Athletic Centre (Indoor Hockey Ring)

· 1. Loblaws supermarket

· 2. Regent Park Aquatic Centre

· 2. Fresh Co. supermarket

· 3. Outdoor soccer and basketball fields

· 3. CIBC Bank

· 4. Allan Gardens Conservatory

· 4. RBC Bank

· 5. Harbourfront Centre

· 5. TTC Subway stations (Carlton Station)

20 | 城市中央位置,顶级资源配套 Premium resources at the city center 20 | Campus Resources

University Ave.

Little Italy 小意大利

Jarvis St.

Church St.

Jarvis St.

Church St.

Greek Town

Only a school located in the heart of the city can claim all of these advantages!

TAIE TAIE 达英国际学院主校区 Main Campus

Carlton St.

Dundas St. E.

Parliament St.

Parliament St.

Bay St.

Carlton St.

Dundas St. E.

Dundas St. E.

Queen St. E.

Queen St. E.

Dundas St. E.

Yonge St.

Yonge St.

Greek Town 希腊城

Students at TAIE International Institute are blessed with the abundant city resources, which can expand the horizon of the students in their study and daily life. Let students enjoy a rich study abroad experience together with TAIE.

TAIE’s Campus and Residences · 1. TAIE Main Campus · 2. Manson Tower Student Residence · 3. One Park Place Student Residence · 4. Parkside Student Residence · 5. Common Student Residence



· 1. University of Toronto

· 1. Toronto Eaton Centre

· 2. Ryerson University

· 2. Toronto Theatre District

· 3. Royal Ontario Museum

· 3. Air Canada Centre

· 4. Art Gallery of Ontario

· 4. CN Tower and Rogers Centre

· 5. Ontario College of Art and Design

· 5. Distillery District

· 6. Ryerson University Library

Premium resources at the city center 城市中央位置,顶级资源配套 | 21 Campus Resources | 21

My Campus Life - the entire Toronto TAIE International Institute strives its best to maximize the use of downtown resources. “Learning without Boundary” allows TAIE students to have their vision broaden so that students will not just focus on a closed campus. But instead they will enjoy and use all the resources in the whole city. This is a true experience for a multicultural life in Toronto. Through “Learning without Boundary”, students at TAIE International Institute can use their after class time to visit the world-class museums, or to work out in a gym facilities at the historic building of Ryerson University, or to read at the university library which houses millions of books, and the list goes on. The study abroad experience does not just stop in a classroom or in an enclosed school campus, but encompasses a vision this is much bigger.

Regent Park Aquatic Centre

Maple Leaf Gardens Gymnastics Centre

Maple Leaf Gardens Maple Leaf Gardens Gym was built on 1931, more than 20,000 square meters, and the early former base of the Toronto Maple leaf hockey team. It is now reconstructed as a gym in Ryerson University. TAIE International Institute students can enjoy using the gym room, skating rink, and ice hockey facility. A beautiful superstore, Loblaws, is under the gym, and is a good place for Maple Leaf Gardens Ice Hockey Rink

students to visit. Maple Leaf Gardens is located diagonal to TAIE’s campus, which only needs 30 seconds to access.

Ryerson Recreation and Athletics Centre TAIE International Institute students can join a membership and have unlimited use of RAMS, where there is a full-sized basketball hall, volleyball hall, badminton court, squash courts and indoor soccer field, athletics track, and swimming pool. TAIE students can also join sports training, yoga, swordplay, and first aid classes held by university students. Ryerson Recreation and Athletics Centre

22 | My Campus Life - the entire Toronto

Sample Student Timetables Monday to Friday Students with evening class


Students without evening class

08:30 ~ 09:00 Breakfast

08:30 ~ 09:00 Breakfast

09:00 ~ 10:30 First Period

09:00 ~ 12:10 Free time (Tutoring session)

10:40 ~ 12:10 Second Period 12:10 ~ 12:50 Lunch

12:10 ~ 12:30 Lunch

12:50 ~ 14:30 Third Period

12:50 ~ 16:30 IELTS / CAEL Preparation courses Activities organized by school

14:40 ~ 16:00 Forth Period 16:30 ~ 17:00 Dinner

12:50 ~ 16:30 Toastmaster Club (Practice your English)

16:30 ~ 18:30 Dinner

16:30 ~ 18:30 Dinner

18:30 ~ 21:00 Self-study / Exercise / Activities organized by school

18:30 ~ 21:00 Free time

17:00 ~ 18:30 Fifth Period 18:40 ~ 20:10 Sixth Period


22:00 ~ 22:30 Room check by residence’s staff

22:00 ~ 22:30 Room check by residence’s staff

22:30 Bed time

22:30 Bed time

Academic Guidance Area

School Assembly Hall

Small-sized classes

Broad hallway & resting area


My Campus Life - the entire Toronto | 23


A home away from home We aim to provide our students with the best accommodation possible, so TAIE International Institute offers students with many options for accommodation. Students are able to stay in the downtown area, and enjoy a stylish yet affordable life style. At TAIE, we offer a variety of residence options, including a school residence, off-campus housing and home-stay. All of which are managed by the school administration where student satisfaction and security are of paramount importance.

Features of TAIE Accommodation · Student Residence Coordinators: Will be available for students 24 hours and make sure students will be taken good care of · Attendance Notification: Provide morning call service. If the teacher does not see the student in class on time, the student residence coordinator will visit the student in their room · Wifi Control: For some students who get addicted to the internet and gaming, wifi control will be in action · Self-discipline guidance: The school pays high attention to students’ development of their self-disciplined life. The school will check students’ rooms regularly and teach them to develop a regular and healthy lifestyle · Healthcare: The school will accompany students to the clinic or hospital if necessary · Abundant Residency Life: The staffs at the residence and the students will work together and coordinate activities in the residence. These activities helps students get connected and they can learn the different cultures from their roommates too ·

Supervision of Living Expenses: Parents can deposit their child’s living expenses to the school in the student’s account. The school will transfer the money to the students on a regular basis. This is a good lesson for money management

Student residence at TAIE

Students’ life at residence

Recreation area at residence

Rooms at student residence

Lobby at student residence

24 | Accommodation

Security system at student residence

5 ways to feel like homes

Unit Type Room Type Facilities

Manson Tower Student Residence

One Park Place Student Residence

Two bedrooms or

One bedroom or Two

Three bedrooms


Single or Double

Single or Double

Gym / Study Lounge / Study Lounge / Indoor Basketball / Multimedia room / Table Table Tennis / Pool Tennis / Roof Garden Table

Parkside Student Residence Two bedrooms

Student Common Student Residence Two bedrooms or Three bedrooms

Homestay House


Single or Double


Gym / Study Lounge / Table Tennis / Pool Table


Depending on the homestay family


No (Students use the cafeteria at Manson Tower) Once per week



No (Students use the cafeteria at Manson Tower)

Cleaning Service

Once per week

Once per week

Once per week

No (Meals are provided by Homestay family) No




Yes (Shared)









24 hours Security





15 minutes walking

15 minutes walking

3 minutes walking

5 minutes walking

20-30 minutes of





public transportation

Distance from TAIE main Campus

Manson Tower Student Residence

Parkside Student Residence

Supervised by Homestay family

One Park Place Studenr Residence

Student Common Student Residence


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Meal Plan

Deliciousness right at your door Health and Safety, Well balanced nutrition Our school’s restaurant is located on the first floor of Manson Tower Student Residence, which is a modern-design restaurant under the supervision of the Public Health Department in the City of Toronto. The restaurant provides students breakfast, lunch and evening meals in 7 days a week. The meals are elaborately designed and cooked by professional chefs and the ingredients are fresh and healthy. We promise to parents that all the students can enjoy a variety of tasty and healthy food.

Multiple diet options, Healthy and Delicious The restaurant provides different kinds of Western and Asian food. We also provide special meals to students such as vegetarian meal and other dietary requirements of different religions. We aim to guarantee safe and good-tasting meals for students. For every meal, we provide both a Western and Asian menu, balancing both meat and vegetables in each diet with varied recipes according to different seasons.

Homestyle Cooking ¡ Special breakfast Sample menu: Cereal and milk, hash browns, toast and jam, omelet, pasta with ham, sausage, sandwiches, porridge ¡ Lunch and Dinner Provide multiple menu option with both Western and Asian food with a combination of meat and vegetables

*Meals in Homestay will be provided by the homestay family *Meals in Parkside residence will be provided by the cafeteria in the residence building

26 | Meal Plan

Sports, Arts and Cultural Activities Build a healthy body and cultivate the arts and cultural interest of students The school offers a variety of activities to enhance school experience and student life. TAIE International Institute organizes multiple sports and cultural activities, and encourages students to take part in them. Students will base choices on their own interests and choose the most suitable activities. Our Activity coordinator arranges many special events and day trips to interesting destinations to enrich the Canadian experience for our foreign students.

Sport activities at TAIE


Table Tennis


Ice Hockey







Art and Culture Students have different talents; we encourage students to organize different clubs in school. Our teachers will also give their support and encouragement. Through participation in varies clubs and activities, students have a chance to share their special talents and appreciate those of others.

Toastmaster English Club

Debate Club

Gardening Club

Music Club

Student Council

Drama Club

Media Club

Dance Club

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Student Services Student is our priority

Guidance before coming abroad


Introduce to students about the life in Canada, information about the City of Toronto and Ontario’s education system.


Inform students how to prepare before coming abroad.

Pick-up Service


Pick up students at the airport.


Provide students with a telephone and a phone card and assist students in calling their parents once they arrive.

Accommodation / Homestay settlement


School staff settles students and their luggage to the dorm or homestay.


Introduce new roommates and residence staffs to students.


Help students to register for medical insurance.


Help students handle everyday matters, e.g., bank accounts, library card, bus pass and cell phone SIM card.


Help students purchase textbooks for classes.


Meet students regularly and to understand their living and study concerns.


Provide students’ grade report cards to parents regularly.


Provide students with help on their study, course enrollment and university applications.

Takes comprehensive care of students

Supervision and guidance

Visa Extension

University Counselling

Follow up after graduation

28 | Student Services

· Help parents to supervise students’ pocket money. Implement money management to avoid overspending. ·

Help students to take care of their valuable belongings and passport and avoid property loss.


Accompany students to the clinic or hospital when students are sick.


Assist students with their visa extension and provide a documents checklist from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


One-on-one career and life planning.


Guide students when applying for university, which includes preparing for the interview, essays and personal statement.


Assist with the university scholarship application process.


Provides guidance on course prerequisites for university majors and programs.


Provide consultant contact for immigration and work permit after graduation.

Connecting with Parents Distance is no longer a headache A successful student should be accompanied by the school and his or her parents. TAIE International Institute wishes to build and maintain good connections and ongoing communication by regularly providing student card and information to their parents. We will let parents from the other side of the world know about the life of their kids in Canada. And we, together with paretns, will give students the best support and encouragement.

Connecting with parents ·

The school will report student achievement to parents on a regular basis. Parents can e-mail or call the school at any time


Parents can access students’ course performance,

course grades and teachers’ comments

by using an online platform (Student Tracking System) · The principal meets regularly with students and may contact with parents by email. Telephone or in a video call if needed ·

The school encourages parents to visit students in Canada; the school will assist with an invitation letter, pick up, accommodation and other traveling arrangements

Connecting with parents


in different languages · ·

Regular phone calls

Visit students in Toronto


Supervision and guidance from teachers and staffs ·

Meeting with guidance counselor regularly ·

Student performance report in every semester ·

24 hours emergency support







Knows the students’ performance from Online Student Tracking System


Reports sent to parents


Contact from principal and staffs from Canada

Connecting with Parents | 29

Partner Universities

University of Winnipeg

Lakehead University

The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) is a public university that offers undergraduate faculties of art, business and economics, education, science and kinesiology and applied health as well as graduate programs. Maclean's magazine and the Globe and Mail newspaper consistently rank the university in the top fifteen of all Canadian universities whose primary focus is undergraduate education in the category of student satisfaction.

Lakehead University is a public research university with campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario. Lakehead University, is non-denominational and provincially supported. It has undergraduate programs, graduate programs, the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, and is home to the western campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The school has more than 45,000 alumni. The main campus in Thunder Bay has more than 7,900 students.

Category: Primarily Undergraduate Founded in year 1967

University of Regina The University of Regina is well-reputed for having a focus on experiential learning and offers internships, professional placements and practicums in addition to cooperative education placements in 41 programs. In 2016, the University of Regina was ranked as one of the top 150 universities under 50 years old world-wide in the Times Higher Education world university rankings. Category: Comprehensive Founded in year 1974

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba

For TAIE Students • Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE • Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL

Scholarship • Average of 80% - 85.9%: $800 • Average of 86% - 89.9%: $1100 • Average of 90% - 94.9%: $1750 • Average of 95% and above: $2250

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan

For TAIE Students • Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE • Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL

Trent University

Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Category: Primarily Undergraduate

• Presidential Scholarships • Entrance Scholarships

Founded in year 1964 Located in Peterborough, Ontario

For TAIE Students • Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE • Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL

Scholarship • Average of 80% - 84.9%: $1000

• Average of 80% - 90%: $500

• Average of 85% - 89.9%: $1500 • Average of 90% - 94.9%: $2500 • Average of 95% and above: $3000

30 | Partner Universities

Founded in year 1946

Trent University is a mid-sized liberal arts and science-oriented university. Close to 6,800 undergraduate students and nearly 500 graduate students are enrolled at the Peterborough campus. Trent University also ranked #1 in Ontario in Maclean's University Ranking in the Primarily Undergraduate Category and #2 in Canada.

Scholarship • Average of 90% and above: $1000

Category: Primarily Undergraduate

For TAIE Students • Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE • Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL


Royal Roads University Royal Roads University offers applied and professional programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, focusing on graduate level career development. The programs are primarily offered in a cohort model as a blended format, combining periodic on campus residencies for face to face intensive sessions with on line courses. Based on the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Royal Roads University was ranked 1st public institution for an active and collaborative learning experience and for level of academic challenge Category: Primarily Undergraduate Founded in year 1940 Located in Victoria, British Columbia

For TAIE Students

Centennial College

Cambrian College

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a diploma and degree granting college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario. Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Almost 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus. It offers more than 150 programs including: bachelor's degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs, across 40 fields of study.

Cambrian works in partnership with school boards, training institutes, universities, and other institutions locally, nationally and internationally - in order to provide additional educational opportunities and to share expertise and resources. It has over 4,400 full-time students and close to 90 full-time programs. An additional 9,000 registrations are taken annually for part-time personal, professional and human resources development courses, workshops and seminars. Delivery methods include classroom learning, independent learning, distance education and the Internet. Category: College

Category: College Founded in year 1966 Located in Toronto, Ontario

Confederation College

Founded in year 1967

Located in Sudbury, Ontario Confederation College is a provincially funded college of applied arts and technology For TAIE Students located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was established in • Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies 1967. It is one of two colleges to TAIE servicing Northwestern Ontario. The college offers a full range of • Use English course at TAIE to programs and educational replace IELTS/TOEFL services throughout the region, which includes full-time post-secondary programs, part-time credit and non-credit courses, specialty programs for business and industry, pre-employment and skills training programs, apprenticeship programs and cooperative/workplace training programs. Category: College Founded in year 1967 Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario

For TAIE Students

• Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE

• Provide a conditional letter of acceptance when student applies to TAIE

• Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL

• Use English course at TAIE to replace IELTS/TOEFL

Trent University | Peterborough, Ontario

Partner Universities | 31

Student Testimonials

32 | Student Testimonials

Tang, Zhiqiang (Jack) Admitted to Queen’s University

I like TAIE's location: it is not too far from Lake Ontario,

Nwude, Michelle Admitted to Georgian College

I like the good relationships

The Toronto Public Library,


and the Aquatic Centre. So it

students and staff at TAIE. It



is a good place to study and

makes students feel they are

enjoy Toronto life.

a part of a big family. I had very good teachers at TAIE who were so willing to help us through the course and with our university applications.

Jeon, Seo Yu (Jennifer) Admitted to Western University

I like meeting new friends at here at TAIE and studying in English with good teachers who are very friendly and kind. TAIE's English courses are very helpful. I improved my essay writing skills and reading skills. If you want to meet friends globally, TAIE is really good place.

Mostakim, Golam Admitted to Niagara College

The thing I like the most in TAIE is the atmosphere for the international students. I would recommend if any student has any kind of problem, he/she should talk to





principal at TAIE, they are very helpful.

Trang, Vinh Hoa (Torres)

Tam, Cheuk Ying (Cherry)

Admitted to University of Guelph

Admitted to University of Manitoba

I believe that all the courses

I like the monthly activities

at TAIE are very important

they are really interesting

to every student. Personally,

and I enjoy participating in

I enjoy the English3U course

them a lot.

because my English

help us a lot, they equip us

Our teachers

improved a lot after I

with a necessary skillset so

finished this course.







university level in the future.


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