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Development Project of Xiaobailong National Forest Park

Construction Project of Taihua Shanzhuang, Xishan Scenic Spot

Project Brief: Invested and developed by Yiliang government in 1994, Xiaobailong National Forest Park has general conditions for tourist reception including blacktop connecting Kunming-Shilin Highway, tour road and service & reception facilities. It is proposed to re-plan the layout and construction, as well as develop featured forest tourism such as ecologic tourism, forest healthcare, forest exploration, scientific investigation and education, displaying forest ecologic functions including diversified life and abundant landscape, so as to satisfy the needs of most tourists in material and spiritual culture. Analysis on Initial Economical Benefit: The project is located in KunmingShilin Golden Tourist Line, where there are over 3,000,000 cross-boundary tourists every year. The project is based in Yiliang which received 1,740,000 tourists in 2008. Yangzonghai Tourist Resort is mainly responsible for receiving overseas tourists with a per capita consumption over RMB2000 each day. Investment Estimation: Total RMB1,000,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Jointly investment, leasing, exclusive investment, etc.

Project Brief: Built in 1986 and occupying 11,592 m2, Taihua Shanzhuang has one dining hall, one dancing hall, three conference rooms (the largest is available for 150 people), four living buildings available for 140 tourists, and a multi-storey parking with 250 seats on the side. It is the perfect place for enjoying the sunrise and night view of Kunming. Brief on Natural Condition and Social Economical Situation of Construction Site: With abundant vegetation and 1086 plant species, Xishan Scenic Spot is recognized as “the lung lobe” of Kunming, the spring city. With excellent natural conditions, it is the best place for exercising and climbing, on which, you can overlook the sunset at dusk and enjoy the city view at night, especially the “Moon of Dianchi”, one of the eight beautiful sights in Yuan Dynasty. At deep night, you can hear the sound of pine from the forest and the bell from old temples, while at dawn, the gorgeous sight of sea of clouds and sunrise in Longmen will bring you absolutely wonderful experience. Investment Estimation: Total RMB7,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Joint investment or collaboration


Contact Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Yiliang

Contact Unit: Management Committee of Xishan National Scenic Spot

Contact Person: Gao Chao

Contact Person: Liu Fan

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Project of Annual Output of 1000 ton Polycrystalline

Construction of 10,000 Mu Green Seedlings Industry Base in Middle Yunnan

Silicon and Development of Industry Chain

Project Brief: Possessing various garden green seedlings with over 120 production and sales entities including flower companies, enterprises and associations, Jinning has realized a 38,000 mu of planting area for garden green seedlings and fresh cutting flowers, achieving a total output of 1,714,000,000 seedlings and a total output value of RMB485,000,000. Concerning garden green seedlings and fresh cutting flowers, Jinning has so far been the largest production base county in Kunming area as well as the major planting region in Yunnan province. In accordance with the requirement on the comprehensive governance to Dianchi launched by the committee and government of Kunming, the development of fresh cutting flowers in Jinning has been restricted and influenced since 2008. Therefore, the committee and government of Jinning adjusted in time the developing thoughts and layout in agriculture and introduced vigorously prestigious enterprises in garden green seeding production both domestic and overseas into the county for the further development of such industry. Through a developing mode of “company + association + farmer” and making local garden green seedlings as core products, the government of Jinning has driven vast farmers centered by “the industry park of garden green seedlings under planning and construction”, changing with great effort to develop garden green seeding industry. Construction Content: It is proposed to improve the auxiliary infrastructures of production base, introduce marketable and high-quality green seedlings and promote the level of planting management; Besides, according to the governance requirement to Dianchi, it is required to improve the auxiliary infrastructures of construction site as well as attract and encourage flowers and seeds enterprises to locate in the lake area of Dianchi valley. Investment Estimation: Total RMB12,000,000; Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment, joint investment or shareholding.

Project Brief: As a form of single silicon and direct raw material for single silicon production, polycrystalline silicon is major material for manufacturing integrated circuit and solar battery, and a foundation for the development of information industry and photovoltaic industry. By function, polycrystalline silicon is divided into electronic grade and solar grade, in which, the purity of electronic grade for information industry is required to reach 99.9999999% (9N) with the most purified up to (11N), while that of solar grade for photovoltaic industry is required to reach (6N). Polycrystalline silicon project is in a high investment, high profit, high energy consuming and hi-tech sector, which depends greatly on resources such as silicon, electric power, chlor-alkali and water. Investment Estimation: RMB1,300,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment, joint investment or collaboration

Hi-tech Industry Incubator Base of Fumin Industry Park Project Brief: As a professional incubator specializing in supporting hi-tech enterprises at start-up stage, the project is part of innovation system in Fumin Industry Park. The aim is to provide supporting and auxiliary for the construction and improvement of hi-tech industry chain in the park, to resolve the requirements of some small and middle sized enterprises (land use less than 10 mu) in scientific innovation and industry development, and to meet part of companies the demand in leasing or purchasing ready plants due to factors such as time and capital. Content of Project Construction: It is proposed to use 200 mu of land, building 100,000 m2 standard workshop and 8000m2 auxiliary housing for the purposes of research, test, management and storage. Investment Estimation: Total RMB182,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Jointly investment, collaboration, venture capital, etc.

Contact Unit: Jinning Agriculture Bureau Contact Address: No. 171 Kunyang Street, Kunyang Town, Jinning County Contact Person: Xiao Desheng Tel: 0871-7807751 Fax: 0871-7807751

(Above Left) Contact Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Luquan Yi & Miao Autonomous County Contact Person: Zhang Zongliang Tel: 0871-8999778 Fax: 0871-8999321

Development Project of Yacon Juice Product Project Brief: The annual planting and output of yacon is over 10,000 mu (one mu is about 0.07 hectare) and nearly 40,000 ton respectively in Songming, the largest yacon planting base in China presently. It is proposed to construct a factory focusing on yacon juice processing with an annual production capacity of 10,000 ton. Content of Project Construction: The project will produce 10,000 ton yacon juice per year and occupy 20 mu of land. It is proposed to build 2,500 m2 standard yacon production workshop with a filling line for yacon juice, 2,000 m2 packing and storage workshop for yacon products and 2,000 m2 buildings for office, other production housing and staff’s residence. Investment Estimation: Total RMB37,250,000. Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment or joint investment


(Middle Left) Contact Unit: Management Committee of Fumin Industry Park Contact Person: Huang Gang Tel: 0871-8810600 0871-8810719 Fax: 0871-8810600 E-mail: (Below Left) Project Initiator: Kunming Bio-resources Development & Innovation Office Contact Person: Nie Shiyou Du Caiqiong Tel: 0871-4166053 0871-4160695 Fax: 0871-4166053 Contact Unit: Investment and Economic Promotion Bureau of Songming Contact Person: Xiao Yinbao Tel: 0871-7920687

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Project of Chestnut Series Products Processing Project Brief: It is proposed to construct a chestnut further processing enterprise with an annual sales revenue of RMB20,000,000 in agricultural products processing zone in 2009. Brief on Natural Condition and Social Economical Situation of Construction Site: The project is Located in agricultural products processing zone in Yiliang Industry Park, with a subtropical plateau monsoon climate featuring warm in winter & cool in summer as well as spring all year round. The traffic in the zoon was very convenient, extending in all directions. Chestnut planting area has reached 120,000 mu and annual output is more than 10,000 ton. As for up-scale industries in Yiliang Industry Park, main operations income and added value in 2008 are RMB203,000,000 and RMB586,500,000 respectively, concerning tax paid and fixed assets investment on industry projects of the park, the amounts are RMB80,780,000 and RMB474,670,000 separately. Investment Estimation: Total RMB50,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment, joint investment or collaboration

Project of Planting and Processing

Industry Park

Industry Park for Healthy Anticancer

Project Brief: Occupying 1000 mu of land and with an investment estimation of RMB1,500,000,000, the project will produce according to specific mode in compliance with the rule of sustainable development, as well as apply agricultural products to produce safe, high-quality and nutritious food, to construct a producing base including the production and processing of green healthcare products. Content of Project Construction: In compliance with the rule of sustainable development, the project will produce according to specific mode, as well as apply agricultural products to produce safe, highquality and nutritious food, to construct a producing base including the production and processing of green healthcare products. Investment Estimation: Total RMB1,500,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment

Chinese Medicinal Herb

Contact Unit: Management Committee of

Contact Unit: Management Committee of Shilin

Yiliang Industry Park

Eco-industrial Park

Contact Person: Zhang Ling Zhang Yafan

Contact Person: Yang Hongfen

Tel: 0871-7515087

Tel: 0871-7787811

Fax: 0871-7515166

Fax: 0871-7787811

Project Brief: In application of patterns such as controlling, share purchase, BT, BOT, BO, exclusive investment and joint investment, the project will introduce through diversified channels and modes large enterprise groups both domestic and overseas to make large-scale and professional development or investment in the infrastructures of the park or conduct independent constructions, so as to realize the new pattern of park development and construction featuring “park in a zone and park in a park”. Content of Project Construction: It is proposed to construct a planting and processing industry park for healthy anticancer Chinese medicinal herb with an area of 500 mu. Investment Estimation: Total RMB42,500,000 C o o p e r a t i o n M o d e : J o i n t i nve s t m e n t , collaboration, venture capital, etc. Contact Unit: Management Committee of Fumin Industry Park Contact Person: Yang Jian Tel: 0871-8810600


Fax: 0871-8810600 E-mail:

Processing and Comprehensive Utilization

Project of Warehouse Logistics Center

Wine Estate

of Phosphogypsum

P ro j e c t B r i e f : I n h i g h l i g h t o f t h e “integration advantage” and aiming at satisfying diversified needs in logistics service from target customers (within the Economic Circle around Yunnan), the project will integrate dispersed kinds of logistics service into “one-stop” logistics service including agent, transaction, supplier management and virtual commerce, so as to meet customers’ demand. The layout structure will consist of one axis, one belt and five zones. One axis: main road for goods delivery throughout the park and the 30 m2 belt green zones on both sides. One belt: a landscape belt throughout all buildings in the whole park to enrich the scenery and coordinate function of the zone. Five zones: packing checking functional zone, warehouse functional zone, transactional goods transportation functional zone, auxiliary service functional zone and logistics information platform functional zone. Investment Estimation: Proposaed total RMB250,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment

Project Brief: In combination of the climate character of spring all year round and traffic advantage of extending in all directions in Shilin, it is proposed to construct a grape planting base (for planting fresh-eat grape and wine-grape), a SPA hotel, a processing workshop, an experience zone for sight-seeing and pastime as well as an accommodation zone with top quality and low density. Brief on Processing Technology Scheme: Advanced equipments, technologies and auxiliary materials both in China and abroad are introduced, meanwhile new inorganic filtration technology and spiral-wound cross filtration device, a global leading Hi-tech and environmental equipment, are applied in the project to reduce the energy consuming of grape wine in processing and enhance its quality furthermore. Supply of Main Raw Materials, Fuels and Other Materials for Project: The organic fertilizer required for grape planting is sufficient and grape planting has certain scale to meet project demand. Investment Estimation and Financing: Proposed to invest USD10,000,000 Cooperation Mode: Exclusive investment

Project Brief: As the main production region in phosphorus chemical industry in our country, Second Street area, the project site, has many production enterprises in the industry providing a great deal of phosphogypsum for the project, while most of which doesn’t play its desired role presently, thus it is proposed to attract business for the project. Content of Project Construction: Rational Development and Utilization of Phosphogypsum Investment Estimation: Total RMB100,000,000 C o o p e r a t i o n M o d e : J o i n t l y i nve s t m e n t , collaboration, exclusive investment or other modes

Contact Unit: Management Committee of Jinning Industry Park Contact Person: Director Yang Tel: 0871-7808946 Fax: 0871-7808946 Contact Unit: Shilin Pioneering Zone of Taiwan Farmers in Kunming, Yunnan province Contact Person: Huang Zhixing Tel: 0871-7747848 7792300 Fax: 0871-7792500


Project of Green Healthcare


Concern in Depth Golf course construction projects of

Project of Successive Production of Environmental Light Wall Material

Zhuanlong tourist town

Utilizing Industrial Wastes

Project Description: Zhuanlong tourist town, only way which must be passed for a trip to Jiaozi snow mountain, is located the provincial-level scenic spots at the foot of snow mountains, away from Jiaozi snow mountain 26 km, as base camp and cantonment of Jiaozi snow mountain, according to the planning of Zhuanlong tourist town ", to plan area in Zhuanlong tourist town (behind Bomukacun village, the foot of Hongqi mountain), creating a new 36-hole golf resort features terraces, covering an area of the project about 15 hectares, developing the high-end resort-style cabin with nationalistic style, making Jiaozi snow mountain to be international eco-tourism benchmarking. Construction Content: golf facilities, golf courses and static transport system, the high-end resort-style cabin, supply and drainage water engineering, power engineering, tourism service facilities and other projects. Construction scale: one million people in annual tourists Investment estimation: 123 million yuan Cooperation: single proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation

Project Brief: The project will apply phosphogypsum and industrial wastes to produce new wall material and cement retarders, so as to enhance resource utilization rate, improve environment and promote the development of cycling economy. It is proposed to build large and middle-sized factories specializing in producing new wall material utilizing industrial wastes, creating the production industry of new wall material. Content of Project Construction: Annual output of 2,000,000 m2 new light environmental non-bearing interior partition board; annual output of 3000 new light exterior-wall-tile; annual output of 120,000 ton phosphogypsum powder for construction; annual output of 50,000 ton cement retarders. Brief on Processing Technology Scheme: In respect raw materials, various industrial wastes are used as main materials, accounting for 70%, while phosphogypsum powder, cement and micro chemical materials occupy the other 30%. After uniform mechanical mixture and stirring, the raw materials, with own activity, produce a reaction under the function of auxiliary, creating compounds with hydraulic cementing performance, and then the final product will be obtained through vibrating and grinding. Investment Estimation: RMB86,500,000 Cooperation Mode: Collaborations in manners such as attracting business and investment as well as market development

Contact: Cultural and Physical Broadcast and TV Tourism

Contact Unit: Kunming Dongchuan Xinguang Construction Material Co., Ltd.

Administration of Luquan Yi and Miao nationality Autonomous County

Contact Person: Hong Guang

Contact: Zhao Ming (The director) Tel : 0871-8999198

Tel: 0871-2162846

LI Fu-ping (The deputy director) Tel :0871-8999188

Fax: 0871-2162846



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