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Glance on the Economic Development In Yangtze River Delta Text / Reporter Zhou Xiang


ince the State Council approved and

culture of scientific teaching, its development

density of the world’s other cities groups is

implemented the planning of Yangtze

basis is the best in the whole country, the

much thicker than that of the Yangtze River

River Delta Regional Zone, its entire pattern

system environment is optimal, it is the region

Delta. We can say that the Yangtze River Delta

and strategic position within the coastal and

with the strongest competitiveness overall and

is has one of the highest innovation ability in

Yangtze River areas, as well as the entire

of very strategic importance for the construction

the whole country. But it is still necessary to

inland region has become very clear: to

of the Chinese general arrangements.

keep on strengthening the overall ability of this

become an important international door facing

According to the speaker of the Shanghai

area, especially the innovation ability of high-

to Asian and Pacific, a center of modern

Development Reform Commission, the

end products and other core technologies. The

service industry and advanced manufacturing

Yangtze River delta area just makes up some

influential power of world-class cities groups is

in the world and a cities group with relatively

2.1% of the country’s whole area, about 11% of

great, such as New York, Tokyo, London and

strong international competition power; until

the population, creates 21.7 per cent of Chinas

other central cities and they all are international

2015, to go ahead and realize the establishing

GDP, 24.5% of Chinas revenues and 47.2%

financial centres. In comparison, the influence

of a wealthy society in an all-around way; until

of its imports and exports. Therefore it seems

of Yangtze River Delta region on the world is

2020, to realize a fundamental modernization;

reasonable that China puts the emphasis of

far less. So we need to keep on improving the

to become “the head” of Chinese reforms and

developing an international Asian-Pacific portal

quality of urban development in the Yangtze

innovations facing to the world; to become

region on large cities in the Yangtze River

River Delta.

the champion of the Yangtze River Delta,

Delta Zone like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing,

On the one hand, there is a huge potential for

Zhu River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Ningbo. In the future global competition means

further development in the modern service and

Golden Triangle which are leading the Chinese

competition between cities groups. That

financial sectors and international financial

economic development; become “the sixth

means the development of China’s cities group

institutions have to be strengthened.

cities group of the world”.

will decide China’s future. The development

On the other hand, the number of multinational

Admittedly, comparing Chinas cities group with

of national power does not depend on the

companies in China are still few, and their

the world’s cities groups, there is still a gap. The

competition of a single city, but the competition

headquarters are not in Shanghai, so a

other five cities groups are: the Atlantic coastal

of cities groups. Urban agglomeration is the

stronger gathering of industry and multinational

cities group of America’s Northern East, the Five

most effective way to break administrative

companies is needed.

Lakes cities group in North America, the Pacific

divisions. To develop world-class cities groups

Chinese experts agree that China should

coastal cities group in Japan, the cities group

will be the most important foothold in China’s

develop industries which are of strategic

in Western Europe, the British cities group with

overall development strategy. The Delta cities’

importance like those with green and low

London as its middle point. While the centre of

development is still based on industry and the

carbon characteristics in the Yangtze River

the cities group of Yangtze River Delta Zone

orientation on export.

Delta, using high-tech techniques to upgrade

is Shanghai including eight cities in Jiangsu

Look back to 2009, the GDP of Jiangsu,

traditional industries and reduce their energy

Province and 7 cities in Zhejiang Province,

Zhejiang and Shanghai reached to 7,179.4

consumption. To develop a modern service

they are defined as 16 cities with an area of

billion Yuan, which made up 21.4% of China’s

sector with modern logistics, financial services,

210.700 square kilometers. Its geographical

GDP. The Yangtze River Delta’s cities group

shipping, productive services, information

conditions are advantageous, the natural assets

has a superiority referring to the population

service and to create an industrial structure

are very good, there is a solid economic basis,

and labor cost advantages. Although the area’s

with the service sector as a main factor,

a relatively developed system, a perfect system

population density is very high, yet it still has

let China achieve the aim of reaching an

between city and local authorities, a developed

more space and capacities. The population

international advanced level.



The First Yellow River Delta Economic and Trade Fair was Held Successfully in June in Dongying

Singing Efficient Ecological Economy of the Yellow River Delta in Six cities of Shandong Province Text / Reporter Candy Correspondent Jiang Yanlin


he Economic and Trade Fair of the First

departments and the community's efforts,

Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological

Development and construction of the Yellow

Economy and Economic Zone, referred to as

River Delta will be able to create broad market.

the Yellow River Delta Economic and Trade

The provincial government will definitely create

Fair, was held in the morning of June 24 in

a good environment for enterprise development,

Dongying. The totaling people more than 2000

hoping that all entrepreneurs to seize the

attended the Economic and Trade Fair by The

opportunity, seizing the commanding heights in

relevant ministries and commissions of the

the development, to get the maximum benefit and

state, the major financial institutions and the

achieve win-win development in construction and

responsible comrades of related departments

development of the Yellow River Delta.

in Shandong Province and the investors at

Holding the project promotion and Centralized

home and abroad, and personages of various

ceremony in the afternoon of June 24th, the

circles of society. Singing Efficient Ecological

Constructional Office of Conform in Shandong

Economy of the Yellow River Delta in Six cities

Province has done the expatiation for Efficient

of Shandong Province

Ecological Economic Eone Development the

It is said that the first Yellow River Delta Economic

Planning of the First Yellow River Delta and

Delta on November 23, 2009, , developing

and Trade Fair hosted by the People's Government

preferential policies. Six Cities of the Yellow River

and constructing of the Yellow River in

of Shandong Province, the Constructional Office

Delta has introduced Respective advantages of

the national strategic level, , brings great

of the Yellow River Delta in Shandong Province,

development and Major projects. It was signed

historical opportunity for the six cities in

Department of Commerce in Shandong Province,

the contract 48 projects, and the total investment

Shandong Province.

CCPIT of Shandong Province, Dongying City,

amount of Contracts and agreements to 212.25

The host of the Economic and Trade Fair of

Binzhou City, Weifang City, Dezhou City, Zibo

billion yuan, including 12 contract items and

the First Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological

City, The People's Government of Yantai City, with

planning the total investment quota 56.3 billion

Economy and Economic Zone is Dongying

the theme of Marching hand in hand , Exploiting

yuan. It has great significance which these

--the center city of the Yellow River Delta. It

the future, regarding planning, policy, project,

projects in accordance with industrial policies,

was established in October 1983, an area of

introduction of product’s exhibitions and Economic

according with the demands of Efficient Ecological

8243 square kilometers, 1.85 million population.

and Trade talks, contracting project, high-level

Economic Eone Development the Planning of the

The Yellow River, the mother river of Chinese

discussion as the main contents.

First Yellow River Delta, Conforming the requests

nation, enters the sea from here. Shengli

Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial

to energy saving and environmental protection

Oilfield, China's second largest oilfield raises

Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor

and the green low-carbon fully reflecting the high

here. Sun Wu, the ancient Chinese famous

Wang Renyuan said, the Economic and Trade

ecological and economic characteristics , for the

military strategist was born here. The place has

Fair of the First Yellow River Delta Efficient

implementation of scientific development of the

superior location, with rich in resources, and

Ecological Economy and Economic Zone

Yellow River Delta region , to transfer mode and

environmental quality, having huge potential for

is a major event of the economic and social

adjusting the structure, to achieve sound and


development in Shandong this year, attaching

rapid growth.

It is reported that it will be hold the Yellow River

great significance by the provincial party

The State Council approved Efficient

Delta Economic and Trade Fair of Shandong

committee and government. Business and

Ecological Economic Eone Development

Province once a year, to host from Dongying city,

financial sector market players and all levels,

the Planning of the First Yellow River

Weifang city, and Binzhou city in turn.

 he opening ceremony live of the first Yellow T River Delta Economic and Trade Fair


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